Saturday, June 13, 2009


According to a new book on the Obama campaign, written with his cooperation, its reported that Obama during the primary battle with Hillary Clinton, called Bill Clinton a "bald faced liar".

That is somewhat amusing considering that if anyone checks Obama's record during the primary one would come to the inescapable conclusion that Obama was probably the most blatantly dishonest candidate to run for President since Richard Nixon.

Candidate Obama was caught in more lies during his primary campaign than any candidate in memory but the press simply chose to let him get away with it because they had an agenda and no amount of truth was going to interfere with their agenda. In fact it became so ludicrous Saturday Night Live did a satire on it.

For those who don't remember, Obama was caught red handed lying to the people of Ohio when he told them that, if elected, he would get rid of NAFTA. while at the same time sending an emissary from his economic team to the Canadian Embassy in Chicago to tell them to ignore what he was saying publicly, that it was all political posturing. The notes of that meeting were leaked to the Associated Press and became public and Obama and his campaign invented story after story, each proving false about who that emissary was and what he was doing there until facts made any more lying about it impossible. Had there not been an obvious cause celebre among the media to elect Obama, that would have been enough to sink most candidacies. As it was he lost Ohio to Clinton in a landslide.

Obama was also caught lying every day for seven straight days about his relationship with Reverend Wright when news of Wrights anti-American sermons first broke. Something even more relevant now given Wrights recent anti-Semitic tirade about Obama "being controlled by the Jews". Obama lied consistently about what he knew about Wrights anti-American anti-white sermons until,as each fact became public, he had to change his story which he did by some accounts as many as seven times.

But, like Billy Mays, he wasn't done. During the primaries, Obama also publicly promised he would filibuster and vote against the FISA bill if it contained retroactive immunity for the telecoms who had illegally given information about their customers to the Bush Administration. Obama reneged on both promises, first not filibustering the bill and then actually voting for the bill he promised to vote against. Not surprisingly telecoms helped pay for renting out Invesco Field for his acceptance speech.

Obama also made a public pledge in an interview with a group of the country's newspaper editors in a round table interview, to use public financing if he were the Democratic nominee. To underscore the point even made the pledge in writing and signed it. He reneged as soon as he had the nomination.

So what would cause someone with a track record like Obama's to call a former President a bald faced liar? It was Obama's assertion that his opposition to the Iraq invasion proved he had superior judgement that Clinton called a "fairy tale" that seems to have gotten under Obama's skin the most. Probably because Clinton was absolutely right and Obama was angry about the possibility of exposing one of his cornerstone campaign points as fraudulent.

Obama's assertion was based on the fact that when he was a state senator he publicly opposed the Iraq invasion. But the problem with his position is that his reasoning had nothing to do with questioning the intelligence that turned out to be false. There were many good reasons to question the validity of the intelligence that Bush used as a justification to invade, especially considering the source -- George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But Obama never questioned the validity of the intelligence. Instead he opposed the invasion on the grounds that it would create hostility towards America from Muslim countries.

The problem with that assessment is that had the intelligence been correct, that would have been the worst reason in the world not to invade Iraq. You don't compromise the national security of the United States because other countries wont like what you do.

The other reason that Obama's assertion was completely bogus was that at the time of the vote he was not in the US Senate, he was not exposed to any of the classified national security briefings given other Senators, many of which turned out to be bogus, (and which need to be investigated by this Congress) that indicated Sadaam was a threat to the United States. Obama was 1000 miles away, like a football fan watching it all on TV and making his calls from his arm chair without any relevant information.

Bush and Rice were telling the American people that we couldn't wait for the UN weapons inspectors to finish their work because we couldn't take the chance that "the smoking gun could come in the form of a mushroom cloud". That was completely bogus but none of this factored into Obama's position on why we shouldn't invade Iraq.

Obama's assertion that he had the judgement to oppose the war and that events proved him right, is every bit the fairy tale that Clinton said it was. When Obama did get to the Senate he voted for every war resolution sent to the Senate when he could have voted against it as some did.

There were 13 Democratic Senators like Carl Levin who voted against the original war resolution who can claim they had the judgement to know from the beginning the invasion was not justified and was a mistake. Barrack Obama was not one of them.

Obama calling Clinton a bald faced liar may simply be what many psychiatrists call projection, when a person feels on the defensive after a truth they are in denial about gets exposed and then projects the flaw in their own character onto other people.

Though I haven't read the entire book,based on some excerpts the book sounds more like something you'd get from a vanity press. It was supposedly written with Obama's cooperation attempting to emulate the Theodore White book "The Making of the President" about JFK. But if anyone decides to write a completely honest account of the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, in the end it might end up being seen as "The Unmaking of the President".


Roz in NJ/NYC said...

A superb documentation of the bald-faced liar Obama was during the primary season. Projection or not, his calling Bill Clinton a "bald-faced liar" is the height of chutzpah.

Furthermore, he has not changed his ways since entering the White House. Perhaps you will write another post detailing the lies since then. It's a very long list. In fact, other than his vow to expand the war in Afghanistan (not exactly a good thing), I can't think of a single other promise Obama made during the campaign that he has not broken. The man cannot be trusted.

Btw, the author of "The Making of the President" series was not Ted Sorenson but Theodore White.

Marc Rubin said...

"Btw, the author of "The Making of the President" series was not Ted Sorenson but Theodore White."

Thanks for the correction. It's been made.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness someone remembers the facts. I hope that writers like you will write the history of this era and not revisionists like Wolffe (sp?).

Unknown said...

During the primary I stumbled on a video made by the Obama campaign about Obama's 'most important decision' and after watching it, I was convinced that it was a strategy of the campaign to present Obama as one of the senators who voted against the Iraq War Resolution, signed in Oct 2002.

Bill's 'fairy tale' comment was about Obama's subterfuge. He was trying to convey, without calling him a liar, that Obama never took part of the decision, which means he never had to commit *his decision* with a vote, which of course, has consequences.

It was then that Obama's team accused Bill Clinton of racism. Once Obama secured the black vote, the DNC could justify giving him the nomination.

Obama 'won' because he banked on ignorance and division. That worked really well for him! And, not surprisingly, he continues to bank on it.

On another note, Bill's famous bald-face lie "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" was, technically, true.

Thanks Marc.

Perry Logan said...

You're right on the money about projection.

During the primaries, the hardcore Obama boosters constantly--and falsely--accused Hillary Clinton and her campaign of doing precisely what they were doing. They said Hillary's campaign used racism, when it was they who used racism. They said Hillary was ruthless, when it was they who brought the Democratic Party to a new low. Most PUMAs and PUMA-minded readers know this. I'm still not sure if it was their idea of a brilliant strategy, or if Obama supporters are really crazier than wingnuts.

Next topic: Are the Obamites extinct, or is this wishful thinking?

Marc Rubin said...

"Next topic: Are the Obamites extinct, or is this wishful thinking?"

They are not extinct. Keith Olbermann actually credited Obama's speech with having instant results with Hezbollah's defeat in the recent elections in Lebanon. I wonder what his excuse is going to be about Iran?

sue said...

Thank you for the time line- when you lay it out like that- it is astounding that the MSM has allowed this to happen- they have played a role in allowing his lies to go on unchecked.
I knew it from the primaries- those of us who followed closely- saw it happen and we were dumbfounded that it was out in broad day light!
I actually spoke to more than one person that believe Obama voted against the war- they didn't even realize that he wasn't a U.S. senator at the time-
Perhaps Elizabeth Cady Stanton was right- perhaps you need a certain amount of education to get the right to vote- we watched an ill-informed electorate hand this guy the presidency. Lord help us

Anonymous said...

Here's how you can tell when Obama is lying:

His lips are moving

DancingOpossum said...

The real clue to Obama's lying is any sentence that begins with him saying "I have always said..." The minute you hear that opener, you know that every word that follows is going to be a humdinger of extraordinary proportions.

Thinker said...

Obama is jealous of Bill Clinton.

It really is as simple and pathetic as that.

Obama is the most dishonest politician to ever become elected.

He has been caught it one lie after another, lies that affect the lives of American voters.

There's something wrong with him. But we can't really know for sure because we can't see his medical records.

soupcity said...

Good post.
You notice too how O never speaks about Bill's admin. as the Clinton admin.
If he ever refers to it he just says "in the nineties".
Too insecure to even speak his name.

susan h said...

Dear myiq2xu: Thanks for the chuckle. I hope you don't mind, I am using your little quote in emails to others. It is very good.

P.S. Rachel Maddow and others seem to be so surprised Obama is disappointing when he says one thing and does another, like in regard to Gay Rights. I am surprised it is taking them so long to wake up from the Kool-Aid.