Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is the first commercial opposing Obama from Democrats For Principle Before Party.With enough contributions it will be run, along with others in battleground states. Click on the button below to contribute to the running of the commercial. To what extent and how often the commercial will run will depend, as always, on contributions.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Although I have voted Democratic almost exclusively, this year I will not be voting for the Democratic candidate for President. And I fully expect the accusations to fly as to why. So I have decided to preempt the attacks that are surely coming by openly making the admission. I am a competentist.

It's hard to admit these days but Im sure to be outed anyway so I might as well do it myself. I am a competentist. I believe in the superiority of competence above all else. I know this is going to get me in a world of trouble. I know its going to anger a lot of people. I know Keith Olbermann is liable to make me the worst person in the world. But what can I do?

I realize that in this electoral climate to admit you are for competence is really asking for it. Incompetents everywhere are going to be screaming for my head. They are going to accuse me of prejudice. they are going to accuse me of intolerance.They are even going to accuse me of not wanting to be in the same room with incompetents. And they are going to be right.

Incompetents have made great strides in the last ten or 15 years and now occupy positions of power in politics, the mass media and news as they never have before. And I already know that incompetents everywhere are going to want to string me up.They are going to accuse me of wanting to turn back the clock to a time when incompetents could not occupy the same positions of responsibility that competent people did. They are going to accuse me of being divisive. And I suppose to some extent it's true.

I know that in some quarters even making the distinction between competent and incompetent people will upset a lot of people. But I want to be clear -- I'm not trying to take away their rights. I'm not trying to get them fired from customer service and tech support jobs, or working for John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi, or anything else,although I have to admit it would be nice. It's simply because I think competent people are better than incompetents. Not necessarily better people.

I have to admit I've always been a competentist. Some will say its a choice I made and that its my own doing and to borrow a phrase from a Presidential candidate, I can change if I want to. People will say it;s not something I can blame on my background or upbringing, though evangelicals will disagree and say I was born that way. Personally I just don't know. All I do know is competence is just too ingrained in me. In fact I cant think of a day when I wasn't competent.

Growing up, competence was all around me. I had competent parents. I had competent teachers. Everywhere I looked there was competence.. Although many will find this hard to believe, I didn't know incompetence even existed when I was growing up. It was a foreign idea. I led a sheltered life. Every once in awhile I'd run into an incompetent person and use the "J" word and say things like, "boy what a jerk", but it was rare.

I started my work life in the advertising business and everyone I knew was competent.The partners in the ad agency where I started were extremely competent. Competence was a way of life. We even had meetings at night, after everyone else had gone home where we discussed how to be more competent.

Maybe that added to my intolerance. Incompetents made me angry. I didn't want to be around them. II didn't want to work with them. I just wouldn't have anything to do with them. But is just the way it was and, I admit, how it still is.

For much of my adult life in terms of friends and co-workers, competence was the norm.We were all competent. It just became a part of day to day life. Incompetents look back on those days as the bad old days. And its true. If you were incompetent back then you had very a hard time .It must have seemed like the whole world was against them and they didn't have a chance. Incompetents felt they were shut out of things.They wanted the same opportunities as competents. They wanted to be doctors. They wanted to be lawyers. They wanted to be air traffic controllers. They even wanted to grow up to be Vice President. But society said no.

But times have changed.Incompetents have taken their place in the world, most prominently in the area of journalism. Some say its progress. I don't know.

Today incompetent have the right to vote and to vote for whomever they please, And as we saw during the primary season they have done exactly that. we've also seen incompetents rise to positions of authority in the Democratic National Committee. One is the Chairman of the committee. One has become Speaker of the House. And one is running for President.Yes, we live in historic times.

And I believe they should be allowed the same rights as competent people. But I admit I just don't like being around them. They make me nervous.

Yes Its been a historic time. In June super delegates in the Democratic Party were asked to use their best judgement in determining the strongest candidate for President of the United States. They looked at the results of a 6 month primary season and saw that one candidate landslided the other in the 13 biggest states in the country. And they chose the loser. They picked the candidate who lost by a landslide in every big state in the northeast, the industrial midwest, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, the entire southwest from Oklahoma to Nevada and the state of California.

Incompentents everywhere and in the news media were inspired by a candidate who spoke of change and hope but who could never say change to what or hope for what.Just change and hope. They were inspired by a candidate who said he couldn't disown his controversial pastor of 17 years anymore than he could disown a member of his own family until he disowned him and called him despicable. The press called him another Lincoln.

He went to Berlin and drew huge crowds by offering free food and a free rock concert and the press called him anther JFK. Actually they called him another JFK before that but after he broke his pledge to use public financing, reneged on voting against the FISA bill, reversed his stance on gun control and off shore drilling and said he would continue Bush's policies on faith based initiatives that many think violate the Constitution.

But right from the beginning incompetents in the Democratic Party found hope in a Democratic candidate who said Republicans were the party of ideas.

I know I am asking for trouble. We live in a different age and a different time. We are supposed to be more tolerant. We live in a time where Nancy Pelois the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader have managed to achieve through hard work, a lower job approval rating than George W. Bush. This gives heart to people everywhere who have a 9% job approval rating. With this accomplishment on the record they made their choice for nominee known and many in the Democratic Party followed.It was Pelosi who said her choice for President had the judgement to be President. And many Democrats followed.
Those who didn't have been called divisive.

Incompetents of all ages, races, and gender have made great strides in the Democratic Party this year and have sent out a candidate that represents their hopes for even greater power. But, I just cant go along. I know the Democratic Party made history this year. For the first time in political history the candidate with most votes lost. It was a historic moment. And incompetents everywhere rejoiced.

Incompetents at Stanford University and the Associated Press conducted a poll last week. They put out the story that, according to the poll the Democratic candidate for President could lose based on race because, they say the poll shows that 40% of Democrats have reservations about voting for a black man and that race could impact negatively on his candidacy. Of course, being incompetents, they never did bother to explain how a black man became the nominee of the Democratic Party in the first place if that were true.One assumes they are still scratching their heads over that one. On second thought, maybe they're not.

For those who want to strike a blow against incompetence click the donate button and make a contribution to Democrats For Principle Before Party, an offshoot of the Denver Group who will be running ads and commercials in battleground states to defeat Obama and return competence to the DNC and Democratic Party.

Friday, September 19, 2008


The best thing that can happen for the country and the Democratic Party this November is a massive defeat of Barack Obama.

While Obama is arguably the most unfit, unqualified, dishonest,dishonorable, deceitful and underhanded candidate ever to run for the Presidency on the Democratic ticket, a snake oil salesman who talks out of both sides of his mouth and will lie to anyone about anything, its also no secret that he wouldn't even be the candidate had the Democratic Party leadership not corrupted, devalued, and rigged the system in order to produce him.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and all those in the DNC and the Democratic Party who went along with this fiasco corrupted the party during the primaries in ways that hadn't been seen since the days of Boss Tweed. And they topped it off with a brazenly rigged roll call vote that violated every rule and procedure in the Democratic Party, throwing away 18 million votes, disenfranchising almost 1700 delegates, and disregarding the 800 super delegates who Democratic rules said were supposed to decide the nominee. And they did all this to produce a candidate that is the most unfit the party has ever put forward. This is why this is election will be studied in the years to come, not by political scientists, but by psychiatrists.

Not only is Obama completely unqualified to be President and on that basis alone should be defeated, but for those Democrats who have never wanted to see a Republican elected over a Democrat, they should be reminded that it was Obama who said earlier this year that the Republicans were the party of ideas. He has reversed himself on so many positions that now are aligned with Republican positions so he can pander to Republican voters in the general election ( FISA, gun control, off shore drilling) that John McCain is actually more at odds with the Republican Party than Obama. Another tid bit psychiatrists will find fascinating to study in the year to come.

A massive defeat of Obama, one of Reagan - Mondale like proportions will not only keep an unqualified and untrustworthy, and certainly undeserving candidate out of the White House, it would have the secondary, longer lasting, and immediate benefit of ridding the party of those who corrupted it in the first place and produced the coming fiasco.

It would not only be a huge defeat for Obama, but the entire Obama wing of the party, starting with Howard Dean and the wicked witches of the west and east, Nancy Pelosi,and Donna Brazile, and all the Munchkins in the Democratic Party who went along and supported this fiasco, from elected Democratic officials to the super delegates of the Lollipop League whose worthless declarations in June helped short circuit the process.

As for Dean, Pelosi, Fowler, Brazile and those in the DNC who sanctioned this dishonest and corrupt exercise in Democratic Party futility, their resignations should be and will be demanded and they will have no choice but to resign after engineering a humiliating defeat in a year the Democrats should have won in a cake walk. That will take the Democratic Party out of the hands of the dishonest brokers and back into the hands of those who respect its principles and processes.

To this end the Denver Group has created an off-shoot effort called Democrats For Principle Before Party, a group aiming at a two pronged attack -- one, running ads in the congressional media holding Dean, Pelosi and the rest of the leadership accountable and demanding their resignations in the face of a Democratic defeat, and secondly, running ads and commercials in battleground states aimed defeating Obama, and bringing about the change that's really needed -- keeping an unqualified candidate out of the White House and reforming the Democratic Party. After 8 years of an incompetent Republican the last thing we need is four years of an incompetent Democrat.

And now with the news yesterday that it will be Obama who will choose the next Chairman of the DNC ( in the best traditions of Boss Tweed and Mao) a massive Obama defeat at the polls is really the only way the Democratic Party can be reformed. Not a close defeat. A massive one.

For those who want to contribute to that end, and who believe a massive Obama defeat is not only necessary but what is best for the country and the party, you can do two things -- withhold your vote for Obama (vote for another candidate or don't vote the Presidential line at all) while voting for down ticket Democrats you feel deserve your vote and secondly, you can contribute to the Denver Group's new off-shoot, Democrats For Principle Before Party by clicking on the "donate" button at the end of this post.

There is really no amount too small. A $5 contribution from a thousand people buys as much advertising as $5,000 from one person and there are a lot more people with $5 to donate than there are with $5,000. Coming from Democrats these ads and commercials will have a lot more credibility and have more of an effect than attack ads coming from the sources you would expect. Secondly, the group will also be targeting Democrats in congress and the DNC to demand resignations and reform after an Obama defeat.

Any amount can help achieve those goals of a massive Obama defeat and restoring the Democratic Party to the kind of institution its supposed to be, run by people who understand what its supposed to be and who will protect its rules,procedures and democratic values. This is how a massive Democratic defeat will turn into a lasting Democratic victory.

Friday, September 12, 2008


In 2000 Al Gore ran for President on the coattails of the best 8 year record any President had since FDR. The country went from record deficits to a zero deficit, a balanced budget, the greatest economic expansion in history, the lowest unemployment in 40 years, two wars in Bosnia and Kosovo overthrowing a brutal dictator while keeping two ethnic factions with hatreds going back centuries apart, and did it without one single US combat casualty. And on top of all that the Clinton Administration left the country with a $5  1/2 trillion budget surplus.

With the politically astute Donna Brazile as his campaign manager, Al Gore, with had a record like that to run on, decided to run a campaign designed to distance himself from the White House. And he succeeded. Permanently. With Donna Brazile running his campaign, a funny thing happened on the way to the election --  he did what most thought politically impossible. With an 8 Clinton Administration record of landmark accomplishment to run on against a one term governor of a state where the legislature meets only twice he year, he lost to George W.Bush, a candidate who didn't know the name of the President of Pakistan.  That year Gore and Donna Brazile and her astute campaign management were the punch line to the joke "How are the Democrats going to blow it this year"?

In 2004 George Bush was up for re-election having gone through the worst 4 years of any President in history. It started with the 911 attacks which the record showed could have and should have been prevented but for Bush's gross negligence. Then there was the debacle in Iraq, which, like 911 resulted in Bush's ignoring warnings from people who actually knew what they were doing,( a pattern which repeated itself for the 3rd time with Katrina), the economy going into near recession, the blowing of the $5 1/2 trillion surplus, destroying a balanced budget and  the country descending into record deficits.

John Kerry decided to ignore all this and ran the second dumbest campaign in the history of Presidential politics, like Gore four years earlier showing a degree of political incompetence that staggered the mind. 

Kerry's decision to go skiing on the day Richard Clarke testified under oath at the 911 Commission Hearings giving evidence of the Bush Administration's gross negligence with regards to ignoring warnings of an impending Al-Qaeda attack against the United States, didn't help( the evidence of Bushs gross negligence as well as the irrefutable evidence that 911 could have and should have been prevented but for Bush's negligence and incompetence will be the subject of a future post). What we do know is Kerry thought he did pretty well finishing second and making it close.

Now after 8 years of Bush, the collective political wisdom of John Kerry, Donna Brazile, Mr. Yee Haw himself, Howard Dean, and Nancy Pelosi, someone with a lower job approval rating than George Bush and the rest of the DNC that went along, have produced another comedy act.

These geniuses of Presidential politics decided it was a good idea to corrupt Democratic Party rules and procedures and substitute their own brilliant political judgment for the votes of 18 million people, 800 super delegates and the rules and procedures of the Democratic Party by rigging the nominating process to produce Mr. Lipstick On a Pig himself,  a snake oil salesman  who during the primary was caught lying more times than Nixon during Watergate.

This was a year when 70% of the country was united in their displeasure of Bush. It was a year when 70% of the country was united in feeling the country was on the wrong track. It was a year when 70% of the country was united in feeling Iraq was a mistake. So naturally the leadership of the DNC decided to field a candidate whose campaign was based on how divided the country was.

But that was only the DNC playing straight man. The best was yet to come. Their candidate of choice first lied about, then tried to do damage control over his 17 year relationship with his spiritual mentor who said America got what it deserved on 911. Not a good thing for someone who wants to be President. But that didn't faze the geniuses in the news media or the DNC. They still wanted that punch line. So after repeatedly lying about his relationship with Wright, he was caught lying to the people of Ohio about getting rid of NAFTA after a memo was leaked where  his emissary told the Canadian government to ignore everything he was saying publicly, that it was just politics. Maybe the first time Obama told the truth to anyone about anything. 

You would have thought after that the DNC and the news media would have started to get a sense of humor about their candidate, but they just sat there deadpan.

As everyone knows Obama ran a campaign with the theme of change though he could never say what kind of change he was talking about.He said he was a new politician rejecting the politics of the past, accusing Clinton of taking corporate money and being in the pocket of lobbyists, then violated his pledge to use public campaign financing and started taking money from corporations and lobbyists. But the media and the DNC kept a straight face. 

He said he was going to reform the old ways of Washington then chose someone almost as old as the Washington Monument to be his VP. Pretty funny stuff .Really.

And the fact that he doesn't have a shred of accomplishment or a single original idea to show he was qualified to have the most important job in the world was pretty funny too, though it left the media and the DNC still not getting the joke.

Obama then played the race card in South Carolina accusing Clinton of diminishing Martin Luther Kings legacy when she said it took LBJ's experience and political arm twisting to get the Civil Rights Act through Congress. But the DNC and the media, playing straight man to Obama accused Clinton of playing the race card by even bringing up civil rights. They obviously have no sense of humor.

And despite running a campaign that featured speeches about how every vote must count and voices must be heard, Obama did everything in his power to stifle the voices of 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan for one very important reason -- because they overwhelmingly voted against him. All you heard during that period of time was the line about how all he was doing was following "the rules" and how important "the rules" were. Which didn't stop him from corrupting every rule and procedure the Democratic Party has when the roll call vote was rigged so he would win.

With material like this, Obama is really the funniest candidate to ever run for the Presidency. All you need is to add a laugh track to his speeches to appreciate just how funny he is. And I may do a video that does just that and post it here adding a laugh track to Obama's more humorous speeches. 

But what is almost the funniest thing of all is that this is the candidate the DNC rigged the nominating process to produce thanks to the Three Stooges of Democratic politics -- Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile.

The latest polls, which Democrats don't think are very funny, show McCain taking the lead against Obama in a year when a generic Democrat beats a generic Republican by 10 points. The gap is wider among registered voters.And party identification is now just about even when during the primary season the Democrats led by 10.

Given not just the utter stupidity of Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Fowler and most of the DNC who followed them off the cliff and how are now probably beating each other with rubber chickens, but the utter dishonesty and corruption with which they conducted the primary campaign and convention to produce this slapstick farce, no honest person can say they don't deserve to lose and lose big.

Obama doesn't deserve to be President and the numbers now show he will probably lose maybe even by landslide numbers. Which, when you think about it, is also pretty funny. Though the humor will probably go over the heads of Obama and his supporters. But hopefully in four years, with the DNC having learned its lesson and Dean, Pelosi and Brazile and the Obama wing of the Democratic Party long gone and doing their act somewhere else, the Democrats will nominate someone who will know how to tell a joke. Instead of being one.

NOTE: In his ongoing efforts to continue doing all he can to avoid being a joke, Obama announced that he is canceling his appearance tonight ( Sept.13) on Saturday Night Live.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So Obama does it again. At least we know the lipstick on his feet isnt because anyone was kissing them, but from Obama putting his own foot in his mouth. The more you realize that this is the candidate Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi rigged the convention for, the more you know there is a lot of lipstick going around at the DNC too. Obama and Biden could open a cosmetics counter with the amount of lipstick they use in a week on Obama's candidacy alone. And Donna Brazile must be completely out of lipstick by now.

This is who Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry has been saying has the judgment to be President. And he doesnt even have the judgment to know that red isnt his color.By the time the election is over he will know that blue isnt his color either.

The lesson Obama still hasnt learned (you would have thought he would have learned it after attacking John McCain's military record as not being adequate to be Commander-in-Chief) is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And neither should pigs who wear lipstick

I wonder how many paper ballots are going to get marked for McCain now -- in lipstick.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Whether its Obama's bloggers or media types like Olbermann, Matthews, and especially Mike Barnicle they all seem to share one big problem. They can't seem to stop insisting that Mommy make it all better for Obama.

Mommy of course is Hillary Clinton but also any woman who is a Clinton supporter who they insist help Obama because they know he can't win on his own. So they cry, whine and as anyone who watches the mainstream media and has read pro Obama blogs knows, they throw temper tantrums at any mommy who ignores them and won't give them the change they are whining for. Making one wonder exactly what kind of change they really in need. The more you listen to them the more you realize that instead of supporting Obama, a package of Pampers will do.

The thing that gets them really wailing is that they know that Barack can't get up on his own two feet and actually start walking, or do much of anything except whine and cry. They are watching him crawling through the election season, while Big Daddy McCain is out working and looking like an adult. So they not only want Mommy to make it better and make him win, they demand it. And when mommy ( any mommy) ignores their whining, they throw their temper tantrums,
they refuse to eat their vegetables, and then call them bad names. All you have to do is visit the Obama blogs and you can see their mommy tantrums all over the blogosphere.And just to be on the safe side, they are now trying to point out what a bad mommy Palin is. Maybe even a worse mommy than Clinton.

Watching the news media and Obama bloggers suck their thumbs and throw temper tantrums about Palin as the Republican bad mommy the way they did with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic bad mommy, makes one start to understand even better Obama's appeal to his supporters and those in the mainstream media clamoring for change they can believe in like they all must all have a terrible rash. But when you are an Obama supporter and you know that your candidate is unfit, unqualified and a total fraud and can't admit it, you're like an infant who has lost his or her rattle. So what do you do? You do what anyone who does not yet possess a fully developed brain would do. You regress, you throw a tantrum, and you insist on Mommy making it better.

And when it doesn't happen you suck your thumb and regroup, and then resume your temper tantrums and focus your attacks on all the women who you see as the inattentive mommy who seems to be ignoring you and who refuses to give in to your tantrums in support of the idiot who has made a fool out of you.

There was a lot of that at the convention among Obama delegates and members of the DNC but especially with the coverage in the news media. What dominated almost every minute was speculation about whether Mommy was going to make a great speech, was she going to kiss his boo-boos and make it all better for Obama.

Would she be a good enough mommy? What would Mommy say? What would Mommy do? Would she tell everyone that they should all be good boys and girls and vote for Obamie like it's eating your spinach? Would she help with the change Obama supporters are whining for and use lotion and baby powder?

Its actually amusing to watch Obama supporters both in the Democratic Party and in the news media sucking their thumbs waiting for mommy to come to the rescue when it comes to Hillary Clinton. A visit to the MSNBC nursery found Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle, crying about needing a change and would Mommy do it.It was even Mommy's duty to do it. Otherwise she would be forever known as an unfit mommy, especially in Mike Barnicle's eyes who whined and threw his rattle more than most.

And so when surrogate mommies put their foot down and say no to the whining that goes on with the DNC, the media and the Obama wing of the Democratic Party, they all get madder because they insist that these surrogate mommies give in to their tantrums and help Obama fix all his boo-boos.

And Obama supporters in the press and blogosphere just cant stop. They think if they are loud enough mommy will listen. So they stomp their feet and refuse to eat their vegetables and then write bad things about any mommy out there who wont help Mr. Ready On Day One.But the tantrums aren't working and neither are the lullabies Howard Dean and DNC surrogates are trying to sing to get all the mommies on board. So Obama bloggers and those in the news media do what you expect from infants chafing from a rash: they keep throwing tantrums, shaking their rattles, yelling at mommy and surrogate mommies and crying for a change.

Which makes the signs you see at every Obama rally crying for change, a little clearer. But with a big Obama loss, which is surely coming if all the mommies ignore the whining, the Democratic Party can start to grow up and act like adults again even if the media can't.

NOTE: apologies to those who left comments on the earlier version of this post. I made some revisions and wanted to change the illustration and in replacing the picture, Blogger deleted the entire post taking all the comments with it, necessitating a reposting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Denver group received notification today from Act Blue, the Democratic fundraising site, that, effective immediately, they are de-listed and can no longer have a fundraising page or accept contributions through Act Blue.This came today after the Denver Group's first post convention ad ran in Michigan.

The ad heavily criticized the DNC and accused them of corruption in the way they handled the entire primary process including the rigging of the roll call vote..

The reasons given by an Act Blue spokesman named Nate Thames ( nate@actblue.com for those who'd like to drop him a line but who claims that he wasn't the one making the decision), was the Denver Group's anti-Obama ad and no doubt the fact that the ad had the audacity to hold the Democratic leadership's feet to the fire over their dishonest handling of the nominating process.

The decision shows just how insidious those elements inside the Democratic Party have become and how more than ever, have become elements worth opposing. Oppose Obamadont tow the party line and they pull the plug. About as an egregious case of censorship and an attempt to violate free speech within the Democratic Party as anyone can remember.

Not that its going to matter. The Denver Group can still take in contributions from Pay Pal as well as by check as it did in the beginning. But this shows the lengths some in the Party are willing to go to stifle dissent.

But what this may do is inspire people even further to oppose those elements in the Democratic Party who have been trying to turn it into the Politburo. They did it by trying to silence Florida and Michigan, they did it by rigging the roll call vote and now they are trying to interfere with the fundraising for any group opposing the party line.

It will probably backfire. It will probably result in even more contributions which in turn will result in even more ads hitting the DNC and Obama, taking them to task for what they are and showing them to be something less than desirable for the country in November. But it also shows to what extent people who claim they are for freedom will go to try and stifle it.

Act Blue called it de-listing. Joe McCarthy might have called it another kind of list.