Friday, May 10, 2013

Republican charges in Benghazi hearings ignores Bush gross negligence in 911 attacks.


 In many ways it serves the Democrats right. The Republicans are going after a Democratic administration tooth and nail over  Benghazi where four Americans were killed and while the loss of any American life is tragic, the same people now trying to make political points at the expense of those four deaths were silent when in the aftermath of the attacks of Sept.11, 2001,  the 911 Commission hearings  exposed nothing less than the worst case of incompetence, gross negligence and even criminal negligence by a president and his administration related to national security in American history thanks to the Bush Administration from day one,  ignoring and dismissing all warnings and threats of an impending attack by Al-Qaeda.  And Democrats at the time said nothing.

The evidence exposed by the 911 Commission was that the attacks could have and should have been prevented.  The evidence at the 911 Commission hearing was that Bush,  Rice and Cheney dismissed terrorism as a real national security threat  in the nine months leading up to the attacks, despite warnings by every government official in a position to know that Al-Qaeda was the single biggest threat to U.S. national security in the world. Bush demoted Richard Clarke, dissolved the Principals Meeting on sharing terror related intelligence, and  did nothing in August of 2001  when intercepts of Al-Qaeda chatter reached the highest in the 20 years Richard Clarke had been White House anti-terrorism chief  and the evidence was that an attack was imminent.

Bush was even given intelligence in his August 6,2001 Presidential Daily Briefing that an attack by Al-Qaeda within the United States was going to involve the hijacking of US airliners, and that Al-Qaeda cells had been seen putting office buildings in New York under surveillance. Bush and Rice and Cheney still did nothing. Richard Clarke testified that with the intelligence they had, both he and George Tenant in August of 2001, certain a large scale terrorist attack was imminent,  were "running around the White House like men with their hair on fire" trying to get a meeting with Bush to tell him of the imminent threat and to get him to act. He refused both to see them and to act. As did Rice.

The disdain of the Bush Administration for the threat of a terrorist attack was so complete that the assistant director of the FBI testified he was told in a face to face meeting with then attorney general John Ashcroft, to "never bring me anything again related to terrorism".

Given all this damning evidence and testimony of gross negligence by the Bush Administration in the Sept 11 ,2001 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans, Democrats hid under a rock and acted out the Three Monkeys. Of course Republicans did also, proving that their bellowing about national security is as phony a political talking point as was pulling the plug on grandma.

Had Democrats insisted on holding George W. Bush and his administration accountable for what was the worst case of gross negligence regarding the national security of the United States in history the course of history would have been different. Bush might have even been impeached or forced to resign.

Instead Democrats hid in a corner,  afraid Republicans would call them "unpatriotic" in the face of an attack on America, never mind that the attack was successful only because of the gross negligence of a Republican president and his advisors.

Democrats, as they have in the past, showed not an inch of backbone after the 911 Commission Hearings uncovered the most stupefying,  damaging,gross negligence and incompetence of any administration in history. Democrats said and did nothing. And they said nothing when Bush announced he would refuse to cooperate with the commission unless there was a promise that the 911 Commission wouldnt attempt to lay blame or determine accoutability for who was responsible for the attacks but only report on what could be done better to prevent an attack next time.  The press was no better proving once again they could be counted on to fold when reporting the truth matters most.

In the face of all the damning evidence,  Democrats kept their mouths shut, including John Kerry when he ran for president in ,2004, not only never mentioning the evidence uncovered by the  commission on 911 and holding Bush accountable for the 911 attacks, but  never said a word about Iraq either.

And now Democrats are having to deal with Republican attacks over Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans by the same group of Republicans like Lindsay Graham to name one,  who papered over the negligence of the Bush administration in attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, killed 3000, damaged the Pentagon and changed much about the way America goes about its business.

On Thursday Republican Senator James Inhoff accused Obama of the "the most egregious cover up in American history". This is everything thats wrong with Republicans and their party and why they have no credibility beyone their own small circle.. Inhoff who has distinguished himself previously as someone who thinks global warming is a myth, is to put it bluntly, a moron and a liar who should never invoke "American history" because he doesnt know American history from string theory. The worst and most egregious cover up in American history as everyone knows involved Republican president Richard Nixon and Watergate, and the most egregious security failure in American history was the result of the incompetence of Republican president George W. Bush and his administration in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

While the emails recently uncovered involving the Obama administration's attempt at damage control  throw one more log on the fire of Obama as the most intellectually dishonest as well as inept Democratic president in history,  the attempt by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham and Inhoff laughably calling Benghazi "worse than Watergate" is a joke.  Comparing Nixon's crimes and the obstruction of justice to cover up those crimes and subversion of the constitution  and having a felon in the White House for a President along with almost everyone else in the Nixon Administration who were found guilty of felonies from two attorneys general to the director of the FBI  to whatever happened in Benghazi,  shows how purely political Republicans are and how low they will go not to mention how willing they are to insult the intelligence of their own constiutents. Maybe for good reason. 

What is more than comparable to Benghazi but what Republicans like Grahan and Inhoff continue to cover up and ignore,  is what happened on September 11,2001 not Sept.11 2012,  when a Republican president, after ignoring nine months of warnings of a terrorist attack, after being told by intelligence agencies  that the means of attack was going to be the hijacking  of US commercial airliners, after being told that there was evidence the attack was going to be in New York City and after being told the attack was imminent, ignored it,  did nothing, dismissed it all,  and went on vacation in Crawford.

The result was 3000 Americans killed. And now Republicans and their mouthpeices in and out of the press want to make Benghazi and what happened there a flashpoint of an administration' s negligence over the deaths of four,  ignoring Bush and his catastrophic failure that resulted in the deaths of 3000.

And while once again exposing Obama as being the ordinary, underhanded, disengenuous, garden variety politician he's always been in his administration's attempts at damage control over the truth about Benghazi prior to the 2012 election has some value,  its nothing compared to the Republican silence and whitewash of the catastrophic negligence and failures of the Bush Administration leading up to Sept, 11,2001 and 3,000 dead Americans.

Which proves that Republican attacks over Benghazi are a fraud, and as is often the case with Republicans and conservatives, all about politics, throwing mud and seeing what if anything will stick knowing that for the most part, Democrats won't fight back and that none of them will have the wherewithal to point out the truth about September 11,2001 while Republicans attack over Sept. 11, 2012. And the hot air coming from Republicans like Inhoff will continue to contribute to global warming.




Anonymous said...

Thank you to the host for accepting comments.

I agree wholeheartedly. Not only did Congress ignore the Bush negligence that resulted in 9-11, they (both Ds and Rs) also continue to ignore the astounding but far more serious similarities between the claims about Benghazi, and the much more serious and outrageous attack on the USS Liberty off the coast of Egypt by Israel in 1967.

The egregious USS Liberty attack (MSM calls it an incident) and cover-up killed 34 USN seamen, the wounding of 171 others, and the destruction of a virtually unarmed communications monitoring ship.

LBJ not only refused to respond to pleas from the crew for help, but he pulled back aircraft that had been dispatched directly from the 6th Fleet to assist and defend.

This event was kept under cover by our corrupt government for years. A legitimate board of inquiry was never held by Congress where testimony from the crew was heard. As a result Adm Thomas H. Moorer ret Chairman of the JCS, and other esteemed members of the US military and an Ambassador held an independent commission of inquiry that concluded in 2003 with previous excluded testimony from crew etc. Their report was an indictment against Israel and our own government.

See the BBC documentary "USS Liberty- Dead in the Water" for more insight.

For those who claim that this has been ruled a tragic mistake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. It really makes me sick that Bush and Co. never got or took any blame for 9/11. They are either extremely incompetent or complicit. What about the fighter jets that were not deployed to stop the planes?