Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tea Party Constitution: We the Crackpots of the United States...

So what are Christine O'Donnell's ads going to say? "Send a crook and a witch to the US Senate"? Does the Tea Party think she has a magic potion to eliminate the deficit?

The revelations courtesy of Bill Maher's film clips which show O'Donnell admitting she dabbled in witchcraft back in the 1990's actually reveals more about the Tea Party who backed her, and the lunatics in the Republican party who voted for her than it does about O'Donnell who even before the witchcraft problems was being investigated for campaign fraud for using campaign money to pay her rent and other personal items when she wasn't even running for anything.

Then you have the Tea Party backed candidate and current governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, and her claim about "hundreds of headless bodies" in the Arizona desert, none of which have ever been found and of which she now refuses to talk about. One can only imagine how Brewer and O'Donnell would handle immigration and the economy if they ever got together. Maybe O'Donnell thinks the energy problems can be solved by issuing broomsticks to everyone instead of cars.

And its not just O'Donnell and Brewer. The crack pot label can easily be pinned on other mainstream Republican right wingers like Newt Gingrich who recently demanded Nancy Pelosi resign after she said the CIA had misled her. Gingrich shut up and slinked away when Leon Panetta said Pelosi was right.

So now Democrats who have been on the run have been handed headless bodies, and a senate candidate being investigated for campaign fraud and who dabbled in witchcraft to go with the Hitler signs and swastikas of the town hall meetings on healthcare. Is there a Democratic political strategist out there with two cents for a brain who realizes they have enough ammunition to destroy Tea Party candidates all over the country and discredit, not only their candidates but the entire movement as being led by nothing but a bunch of partisan right wing crackpots?

If the shoe were on the other foot there would be Republican strategists who would bury the Democrats and Democratic candidates with revelations like this. Marco Rubio for example would be forced to either repudiate the Tea Party and their judgments with candidates like O'Donnell or embrace the party that backs both him and O'Donnell. ( "Mr. Rubio, are you now or have you even been a warlock"?)

Mainstream Republicans were worried enough about O'Donnell before this. There are legitimate questions to be asked as to whether a party that would nominate people as whacko as O'Donnell for as serious a job as United States senator or back someone who makes the preposterous claims that Brewer did can really be trusted to walk a dog much less handle the country's problems.

With their rented Revolutionary War costumes, fringe speakers like Tom Tancredo, and their Hitler signs and swastikas comparing healthcare reform to Nazis Germany, not to mention that none of them from Dick Armey the Tea Party organizer to any of the people showing up at rallies with their misspelled and illiterate signs, uttered a word of protest about the deficit when it mattered -- when Bush and the Republicans were blowing the budget to pieces. What they have always shown is that most have been nothing more than a collection of right wing partisan crackpots who still harbor the same old resentments and hatred of liberals and Democrats for anything that moves the country forward. Or anything that keeps them from trying to force their agenda and beliefs, many of which are medieval, down the throats of people who dont want it.

What the Democrats have to really worry about now is not so much the crackpots in the Tea Party but the crackpots in their own party, otherwise known as political strategists who for 15 years have been making great money showing Democrats how to lose elections and who have been for 15 years, handed the easiest political targets in history with the Republicans and haven't known what to do with it.

Now's their chance. And if they cant do anything with this, they deserve to be called crackpots too.


Anonymous said...

The Tea Partiers are playing by the rules and winning. The current crop of Democrats don't have the answer.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a mistake to believe that tea artiers are really outside Republican mainstream. I live in Colorado. We have Tancredo, Bruce, Buck, Maes, etc. All hold pretty important sway within the Republican Party. We like to think they are outliers, because they seem soooo out of touch. But they are just out of touch with us. There are a lot of people in this seemingly sane state who are not too far off that idealogy, or they would not vote for their dangerous and destructive initiatives.

I believe they show the true face of the Republicans. And it is ugly. But I've always felt Republicans were pretty ugly. I do however wish a few Democrats would get that fire-in-the-belly mad at the way our own so-called leaders have betrayed us. Tea Partiers are willing to throw the bastards out. Democrats need the same commitment to our ideals. Me, I'm going green. I refuse to vote for Bennett.

Anonymous said...

These are just part of the growth of a movement destined to become a 3rd party later on. It is to be expected that fringe groups would attach itself to a movement but that does not neccessarily mean that the views of the Tea Party movement are the same as these fringe groups.

These groups will just wither away later on as the views of the majority of the Tea Party movement(the common people) coalesce into a single view w/c is fiscal discipline. Mark my word.