Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dow had its best Sept. since 1939.So will the Democrats blow the best news they've had all year?

The latest figures show that the 8.6% increase in the Dow during the month of September was the best September showing, a month where the Dow usually is in the doldrums, since 1939.

Its news that any Democratic candidate and strategist could use to put a hammer lock on Republicans and turn the Democrats fortunes around. But so far Democrats have not shown that anyone except for Al Franken, Alan Grayson, Anthony Weiner and a few others know how to get tough, tell the truth, and stand up against both Obama and the Republicans which is what Democratic candidates need to do to get elected.

So here are a few tips to help Democratic candidates and strategists:

1. Beg Obama to shut up. Every time he opens his mouth he reminds people, especially independent voters who are turning against him, of all the promises he's reneged on, all the lying about what he claims he's accomplished, all his bait and switch tactics (healthcare reform became health insurance reform when he dropped the public option) half way measures on financial reform, the stimulus and everything else. The political reality is Obama has the credibility of a junk bond salesman and its about time Democrats realized it.

2. Do what Republicans do to win elections. Run on fear. Now that the stock market is showing strength and gathering momentum and the economy is at least growing albeit slowly, instill in voters the fear that the Republicans would derail the recovery and cause another economic train wreck.

3. Remind people again that Republicans are the source of the all the economic problems in the first place. Admit the unemployment problems are taking longer to fix than it should but blame the slow recovery on Obama's capitulation to Republicans, making the stimulus too small but point out that if Obama's capitulation to Republicans slowed the unemployment picture imagine what the problems would be if the Republicans were making policy.

4. Make the point that like the 1930's, the recovery of the market pointed to better times ahead and the fact that this September was the best since 1939 has both real and symbolic significance. Then ask the country if they want to let the Republicans undo the progress that's been made the way they undid all the economic progress of the Clinton years when they came to power in 2000, destroyed the balanced budget, blew a $5 1/2 trillion surplus and ground a booming economy to a halt.

5. Acknowledge Obama's failures and that while unemployment is still an issue a Democratic congress aware of Obama's mistakes will take the reins and do what is necessary to get people back to work.

6. Beg Obama to shut up.

7. Beg Obama to shut up.


brad4d said...

brad4d said...

(check-out my first archive page) I started my blog with the first two paragraphs of Common Sense hoping to inspire the Masonic idealism that creative perception could get past the taxation of law-making and enforcement...

Anonymous said...

As much as we would like to see an upward stock market, as indicative of a better economy, there's no evidence that's the case with the best September since 1939. We know this is not a broad based optimism from investors because the volume is below what one would expect in a bullish market.

It's not unusual to see these kind of upward movement near the end of a quarter. Mutual funds like to do their window dressing for their quarterly reports.

Marc Rubin said...

"It's not unusual to see these kind of upward movement near the end of a quarter"

My understanding is its very unusual to see it in September even in a good economy. Either way the Democrats could use it to make a case for themselves since most of what Republicans argue is false to begin with.