Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton's Recipe For Nothing Burgers.

Ever since Hillary Clinton claimed at a Codec conference in California that the investigation into her email server and mishandling of classified information  was " the biggest nothing burger in US history" people have been clamouring for that secret Nothing Burger recipe. Thanks to an anonymous source here it is:

1 private email server kept in a cool dry place (preferably a basement)
2 years of lying 
500 grains of salt 
1/16 oz of prevention
30,000 subpoenaed emails  
1 package of bleach bit 
1 package Anthony Weiners  combined with 1 guilty plea 
10 lbs scape goat cheese, finely crumbled
5 State Department adjudication guidelines for handling classified information broken and scrambled until security clearances are revoked
300 pieces of classified information repeatedly mishandled 
1  State Department Inspector General criminal referral to the FBI

Compound entire mixture, mishandle repeatedly until everything  mushrooms, grill on low heat by the FBI

Serve with your favorite whine 

Wrap leftovers in the New York Times

While many say Hillary's Nothing Burgers don't pass the smell test, all seem to agree, serving Hillary's Nothing Burgers to your guests will have them all saying: Clinton doesn't deserve a break today.

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