Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Own Q & A With Comey, Brennan and Clapper.

With former FBI Director Jim Comey having  testified yet again to another congressional committee, and with former CIA Director  John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper having already testified before congressional committees investigating Russian hacking and interference in the 2016 election no doubt many watching those hearings have moments where they wished they could be the ones asking the questions especially when they feel the obvious is being missed which inevitably leads to teeth gnashing and shouting at the TV screen. So to clear up many unanswered questions relating to the investigation into Russian interference with our democratic process, I had a number of questions to pose to former Directors Comey, Brennan and Clapper. And I present their answers here with a 100% certainty of their accuracy.

Q: We hear the same generalized phrases repeatedly that the Russians interfered with our elections and democratic process and the possibility of collusion. But the primary and specific action the Russians took that is referred to as "interfering with our democratic process" was the hacking into the emails of the DNC and Clinton campaigns, then turning those emails over to Wikileaks who authenticated them and published them. Is that accurate?

Brennan, Clapper & Comey: Yes 

Q: Mr.Brennan, when you stated during your last appearance that Russia gave those emails to WikiLeaks for publication because they wanted to "denigrate" - your word -  Hillary Clinton,  was it the authenticity of what was in the emails, their content and what they showed that was denigrating to Hillary Clinton and her campaign?

Brennan: Yes

Q: Mr. Comey and Mr.Clapper, do you both agree with that assessment?

Comey & Clapper: Yes. 

Q: So just to be clear, when you or Congressman Adam Schiff or Senator Warner  or anyone refers to Russian interference that "denigrated" or was  "damaging to Hillary Clinton" "denigrated and damaging" refers  to exposing to the public what was in those emails is that right?

Brennan Clapper & Comey: Yes

Q: Among the items exposed was a secret recording made during the campaign where we hear Hillary Clinton describe young Bernie Sanders voters as "baristas living in their parents basement". Based on the analysis by the intelligence agencies and those conclusions, was there any evidence that was a Russian agent imitating Hillary Clintons voice?

Brennan, Clapper & Comey : No.

Q: So that was actually Hillary Clinton saying that.

Brennan ,Clapper & Comey: Yes 

Q: There was another leaked recording of a private closed door meeting with Clinton campaign donors where we hear Hillary Clinton's voice refer  to Trump voters as "irredeemable deplorables". Any intelligence that showed that was a Russian agent imitating Hillary Clintons voice?

Brennan, Clapper, Comey: No

Q: So that was really Hillary Clinton saying that?

Brennan Clapper, Comey : Yes

Q: There was a Podesta email published by WikiLeaks,  a fragment of one of Hillary Clinton's closed door speeches to Wall Street,one of the $21 million in paid speeches  she gave that she refused to make public despite calls for her to release them much like the calls for Trump to release his tax returns, and in the speech  she tells Wall Street executives that at times she thinks it's necessary for her to say one thing publicly for political reasons about her policies but privately she would do something else. Did the Russians fabricate that transcript to denigrate or damage Hillary Clinton? 

Brennan, Clapper, Comey: No

Q: So it was genuine.

Brennan Clapper,Comey: Yes 

Q: So Hillary Clinton actually said that to Wall Street executives  in one of her closed door speeches.

Brennan Clapper & Comey: Yes

Q: And the email showing Donna Brazille  while at CNN stole questions for an upcoming CNN presidential debate and gave them to Hillary Clinton in advance was also authentic?

Brennan,Clapper, Comey: Yes

Q: There were DNC and Clinton campaign emails published days before the Democratic nominating  convention that showed extensive collusion between Hillary Clinton, Debby Wasserman-Schultz,  the DNC and many in the news media to undermine and sandbag Bernie Sanders to rig the nomination for Hillary Clinton and that Debby Wasserman-Schultz had been publicly lying about the DNC being impartial and neutral.  Were those emails not only damaging to Hillary Clinton but coming before the nominating convention also beneficial to Bernie Sanders?

Brennan Clapper &amp Comey: Yes 

Q: And all the polls up to that time showed  Bernie Sanders beating Trump by as much as 15 points in a general election while the same polls showed Clinton's lead to be about 6 points.

Brennan Clapper and Comey: Yes.

Q: So based on all those polls is it fair to say Bernie Sanders was the candidate most likely to beat Trump?

Brennan,Clapper & Comey: Yes 

Q: But the intelligence report  written at the behest of president Obama and made public concluded the hacking and exposing of the DNC emails which benefitted Bernie Sanders was because the Russians wanted Trump.

Brennan Clapper & Comey: Yes 

Q: Even though Bernie Sanders was the candidate most likely to beat Trump?

Brennan,Clapper& Comey: Yes 

Q:So the hack of the DNC by the Russians was to the benefit of the candidate who was most likely to beat the candidate the intelligence report said the Russians wanted to win.

Brennan,Clapper, Comey: Yes

Q: My time is short so I only have a few more questions. Were all the documents and emails from the Clinton campaign and DNC published by WikiLeaks that have been called damaging and denigrating to Hillary Clinton authentic?

Brennan Clapper & Comey: Yes 

Q: So nothing was falsified or fabricated by the Russians.

Brennan Clapper & Comey: No 

Q: So what Congressman Adam Schiff, Senator Mark Warner and other Democrats have said denigrated and damaged Hillary Clinton was simply the truth.

Brennan,Clapper,Comey: Yes.

Q: And so far the only hard proof of any collusion during the 2016 presidential election was collusion between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, Democratic party super delegates, Debby Wasserman-Schultz and major print and TV news organizations.

Brennan,Clapper, Comey: Yes.

Q: Finally,Mr, Comey, you recently testified that in 2016 Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered you to stop using the word "investigation" publicly in relation to the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's email and to use the word "matter"  which dovetailed and re-enforced the Clinton campaign's use of the same word when referring to the email investigation. You testified that when you said, "Why would I do that? Its an investigation" Attorney General Lynch replied "just do it". Was that an attempt by the Obama administration and the Attorney General to politicize the FBI by having you use the Clinton campaign word "matter" instead of "investigation" to help the Clinton campaign in the 2016 election? Could that be called Obama and Attorney General Lynch using their power and position and authority to meddle and collude with the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election?

Comey: Yes.

My time is up. Thank you all for clearing up how the Russians and WikiLeaks interfered with our democracy and undermined our democratic process.

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