Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watching Mitt self-destruct

It had to happen sooner or later. The far right is so far out, so self-deluded, and so at their very core, un-American and anti-American in what they think and believe,  it was only a matter of time until Romney, after embracing Paul Ryan, the darling of the ignorantly named Tea Party,self-destructed.

His comments that 47% of the country, those who are the voters that Obama can count on pay no taxes and are on the government dole permanetly insulted so many people that even Democratic voters disgusted and fed up with Obama's duplicity, dishonesty and constant capitulation, will vote for him to keep the far right lunatics out of the White House.

If Democrats actually had Democratic strategists who knew what they were doing, this would surely be the end of Romney even before the first debate. And if they had a candidate or other congressional Democrats who actually did have a way with words, Romney will never live down his.

At least Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO responded to Romney's remarks by saying they were "spitting in the face of every day people who know what it means to work incredibly hard and still sometimes fail to get by". Trumka showed that at least someone affiliated with Democrats really does have soaring rhetoric and possess the part of the male anatomy James Carville said was missing from Obama.

As if to prove Carville right again, Jay Carney, Obama's press secretary responded to Romney's comments by saying:

" President Obama certainly doesnt think that men and women on Social Security are irresponsible or victims, that students are irresponsible or victims. He certainly doesn't think middle class families are paying too little in taxes".

That's tellin' em isnt it?

While Romney's remarks are pathetic, Obama's response, as usual, is only slightly less pathetic. Of course President Obama doesn't think any of those things because President Obama doessnt think at all as his first four years in office proved.

And where Obama and Carney think that Romney's 47% were all people on social security or students makes Obama's response only slightly less obnoxious than Romney's original remarks.

Romney said Obama voters are people " who pay no taxes" not people paying too little, so even when criticizing one of the most obnoxious comments ever made by a presidential candidate since, well, Barrack Obama, he cant even get his repsonse right. Which is why Obama tried to steal and then botched Elizabeth Warren's original comments about " you didn't build that alone" and said, "you didn't build that".

In spite of Obama's ineptitude and lack of character, Romney and the far right should be virtually finished. Assuming Democrats know how to make him pay dearly.

Romney's self destruction started with choosing Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate. These videos of Romney's comments should just about finished the job.

As distasteful as it might be for most Democrats fed up with Obama's lies, duplicity and incompetence to give Obama another four years, its not as distasteful as having Romney and Ryan and their distasteful ideas in the White House and if there is even one Democratic political strategist in the country who has a clue as to what they are doing, Romney should be history.

The best hope for the country now is a Democratically controlled congress which, again, if there are Democratic political strategists with any idea what they are doing, should be relatively easy to accomplish ( of course if they really knew what they were doing they wouldn't have been routed in 2010 but that's another story). And an easy Obama victory if Democratic strategists and candidates don't insult the intelligence of Democratic voters and focus their campaigns on keeping the Republicans out more than trying to convince people that they should want Obama in. The only real reason to vote for Obama now is for him to fill up the chair in the Oval Office to keep Romney and Ryan and far right conservatives from sitting in it . If they use that strategy they can't lose.

Because with both candidates being pretty distasteful it was Romney after all,  as Trumka pointed out, who spit in the face of half the country. And in spite of Obama's constant failures as a leader, it is a certainty that more than half the country are going to spit back. And hold their nose while doing it and vote for Obama, who. if Democrats play their cards right,  should regain control of congress with Obama riding their coattails. And if that is the case, hopefully the Democrats in Congress won't let Obama forget it and do what they should have done during Obama's first two years and run the country.

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