Saturday, January 30, 2016

Clinton Spokesman Who Once Called Anita Hill a Slut Attacks Sanders on Race.

If the Clinton campaign is trying to  write the handbook for how to lose votes and alienate people by taking cheap political shots and going into the political gutter while making themselves look stupid, they are doing a good job.  Maybe they can title the book "It Takes a Village Idiot".
The Clinton campaign is starting to show on a number of fronts they are willing to get into the political gutter to attack Bernie Sanders and do it dishonestly as Clinton, in apparent early desperation  has started to launch the kind of dishonest political attacks against Sanders that Republicans have launched against her in the past and against other Democratic candidates. And she is doing it because she is losing.
The latest village idiot is of all people, David Brock, the former right wing mud slinger who was part of the vast right wing conspiracy that actually did exist against Bill Clinton and financed by Richard Mellon Scaife. 

It was Brock who wrote the first article in the American Spectator about Bill Clinton and Paula Jones when he was governor of Arkansas which was the opening salvo for all subsequent  attacks on Bill Clinton. It was Brock who did the opposition research and ferreted out the story of Clinton and Paula Jones, wrote the story and convinced her to make accusations against Clinton for political purposes which spilled over into the Lewinsky media frenzy.

That Clinton is even willing to accept Brock as a political ally says a lot about how the Clinton campaign will do anything to win. No matter how dirty it gets. Except against Sanders  it is not likely to work.
This is the same David Brock who went on to write a book attacking Anita Hill  and her accusations  of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas during Thomas' confirmation hearings. Brock referred to Hill at the time as  "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty".
This is who is slinging mud on behalf of  the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders' TV commercial "America"  by saying that "black lives really don't matter to Bernie Sanders" because, according to Brock, Sanders didn't have enough black faces in the commercial.
It seems to prove that while you can take the political hack out of the gutter you cant take the gutter out of the hack, but what makes it so stupid and exposes it as nothing more than a low class political smear trying to use race to attack Sanders and support the Clinton candidacy, isnt just the tone deaf reality of who is making the attack -- Brock --it is that the Sanders commercial shows Sanders in an embrace with a young black girl, and a shot showing black supporters at a Sanders rally.  It also,  incredibly, ignores the fact that Sanders' press secretary is an African American woman. 

It's like it just doesn't matter what the truth is  to the Clinton campaign and they are willing to say anything to win even when its preposterously and obviously  untrue. It's desperation that shows. About the last quality anyone would want in a president. 
If one wants to make a racial issue out of the Sanders commercial based on the number of black Iowa faces in the commercial,  even though Iowa is not known as a must go to destination for African Americans, there are more African Americans in Sanders' TV spot than there are African American actors nominated for an Oscar.
This is clearly an attempt by the Clinton campaign to lay the groundwork for future attacks against Sanders in what the Clinton campaign believes is its " southern firewall"  and their belief that her continued  pandering to African Americans by effusively praising Obama despite his failed and dishonest policies will win her South Carolina which has the largest African American voting bloc in the country and other southern states with large African American populations. 
But the irony of having the man who called Anita Hill a slut attack Sanders dishonestly about race may not be lost on African American voters in the south.
And assuming African Americans like everyone else are going to vote on what is best for them and their own self interest, from the economy , income inequality and especially healthcare with the mammoth  failure of Obamacare that Clinton ignores and still  supports, Sanders has a great chance of winning South Carolina and "Berning" through the Clinton firewall.  

This is going to be especially true in a month or two when everyone who doesn't have health insurance, African Americans and everyone else, are going to find out when they do their taxes that they're going to be socked with a $700 penalty mandated by Obamacare for not buying the junk insurance policies that Obamacare tried to force on them through the insurance companies.
That $700 is going to be deducted from their tax refunds if they have any or assessed against future refunds if they don't. That is $700 that people who couldn't afford health insurance to begin with are going to have to pay right now,  and its going to hurt. 

That is $700 everyone, African American and otherwise, were counting on to use to pay bills or maybe even have a little fun. And yet Clinton has the gall to attack Sanders on his single payer plan because it will raise taxes so people won't have to pay thousands in insurance premiums? What does Clinton think that $700 penalty is? It's a $700 tax but only against those who can least afford it, thanks to the stupidity of  Obamacare which has failed on its face and fallen on it too. Only its actually worse than a tax because the people who will pay it got nothing for it in return.
No matter what nonsense or mud David Brock or anyone else in the Clinton campaign tries to sling Sanders way reality is going to set in. And attacking a man whose integrity is  beyond question after 25 years in congress when there is nothing to back it up is going to backfire.  

Brock tried another tactic recently trying to accuse the Sanders campaign of bussing in young voters to Iowa to vote for him in the caucuses, something that would be clearly illegal and would require each person to commit perjury since voters have to sign a paper declaring they are a citizen of Iowa. Sanders exploded at the accusation and Brock and everyone in the Clinton campaign yelled " incoming" and ducked.
 Its the kind of lie and smear tactic often used by Republicans and smacks of Karl Rove. That the Clinton campaign is willing to use these lies against Sanders is alienating voters and will continue to alienate voters.
When you try that against a candidate with Sanders' integrity, it's called spitting in the wind. And if they keep it up the only thing that is going to help David Brock, or anyone else trying the same is a box of tissues.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Analysis ! Thank you for doing all this time-consuming research. It's too bad that the Democratic Party continues to stoop to using such tactics. Clinton should refuse to participate. It's also too bad Bernie couldn't run as the Independent he is and still get to participate in debates. That's a real problem with the two-party system and the media.