Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hillary Clinton supporters' Christmas message: We told you so.

After the worst two years any Democratic president has ever had, with Democrats, liberals, and moderates fed up with him and knowing there is nothing but coal in their political and policy stockings, and after Obama did to the Democratic Party in 2 years what it took George W Bush to do to the Republicans in 8, Hillary Clinton supporters Christmas message to all those responsible for the mess of a presidency that is Obama is undoubtedly " we told you so".

And it's not like it wasn't obvious from the beginning. Obama had displayed his entire political life, but especially during the Democratic primaries, that he was the most underhanded, unscrupulous, dishonest, untrustworthy politician since Richard Nixon. But with none of Nixon's grasp on real politics, how government works, foreign policy and certainly none of Nixon's toughness.

So why all of Obama's supporters are complaining now is hard to understand. There was nothing, absolutely nothing from day one, to recommend Obama on any level or suggest to anyone that Obama had any business being president, from his flagrant political dishonesty on display daily during the primaries and continuing into his presidency, his complete lack of conscience when it came to anything except his own political fortunes and his lack of ability evidenced in the fact that he had accomplished exactly nothing -- zero -- in 13 years as an elected official. Democrats can now add to Obama's resume that he absolutely wasted the biggest congressional majority any president has had in 50 years

But his father was born in Kenya, and because of a lot of misguided people who unfortunately now pass for liberals he was fawned over simply because of the color of his skin. The press turn a blind eye to his rank dishonesty, reneging on pledges, his empty speeches, the throngs of college students at his rallies bribed by free rock concerts and free food, ( which the press did not report) and his history of doing nothing and having no accomplishments.And the DNC, spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Donna Brazille did everything they could to rig the process to give Obama the nomination, aided and abetted by a dishonest news media.

This isn't speculation or hyperbole. I had personally been contacted by Hillary Clinton delegates at the convention who told me that they were being threatened with having their credentials stripped by the DNC if they didn't change their votes to Obama in clear violation of DNC nominating procedure rules because the DNC wanted to avoid an open convention where there could be an old fashioned political floor fight. Instead they preferred the facade of phony party unity.

And there was a lot more going on. But the aim of the DNC in a year when any Democratic candidate with the possible exception of James Trafficante, would have beaten any Republican, was to insure that Obama got the nomination, pretend the entire party was behind him, and in so doing forced Obama down the throats of the majority of the Democrats who voted against him during the primaries. And even with the dishonest playing field created by Obama, the DNC and the press, still neither Clinton nor Obama finished the primaries with the 2/3 needed to secure the nomination with Obama only 63 delegates ahead of Clinton.

If the Democrats had used the same system in their primaries that's used in electing the president instead of a bizarre apportionment system based on the results of the 2004 presidential election, Clinton would have beaten Obama by more than 1,000 delegates. Michael Barone in US News did an analysis and based on the metrics wrote that Clinton would have beaten McCain by an even wider margin than Obama. So what the basis was for rigging the game for Obama is hard to say beyond race. Or even possibly fear that if Obama was not the nominee the African American vote would desert the Democrats and they would lose which was a theme spread freely by Obama supporters at the convention.

So amazingly, even in a year and in an election where it was virtually impossible for the Democrats to lose, the leadership of the Democratic party found a way to lose. It took two years and Obama botching everything from healthcare to the stimulus to the Bush tax cuts,but the defeat of the Democrats in the last election solely because of Obama's failures was breathtaking in its scope.

Geraldine Ferraro was absolutely right even though she was torched by a knee jerk news media for saying it, that if Obama had been white he would have been a joke as a presidential candidate. Now Obama is president but the only ones laughing are Republicans while liberals, moderates and independents keep trying to figure out what went wrong. And the answer still is, nothing went wrong. Obama has been exactly the same duplicituous politician he was during the primaries and in his prior political career as he has been as president.

That Hillary Clinton was clearly the most qualified candidate was obvious then and more painfully obvious now. But those at MoveOn and the Huffington Post, and NY Times and the Nation and all those who turned a blind eye to Obama's lack of qualification and character flaws because they wanted to support a black candidate for president, ironically had to take everything Martin Luther King lived for and took a bullet for -- the idea that people should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin -- and threw it in a dumpster in order to do it.

You don't have to wonder how different things would have been had the DNC and the press did nothing more than simply be honest. If the process had played out honestly Clinton most likely would have been the nominee since there would have been no disenfranchising of 1,600.000 voters in Florida and Michigan who voted for Clinton over Obama in landslide numbers (which is the real reason for the Florida and Michigan fiasco), and the entire set of expectations, fueled by the press, would have been different.

So for those who supported Obama during the primaries because they turned a blind eye to who and what he was politically and are now wondering what went wrong, they can spend the holiday season reflecting and ruminating on the fact that there would have been real healthcare reform that included a public option instead of Obama's selling out and pushing a health care bill that Howard Dean said should be junked. There would have been real financial reform, and there would have been tax cuts for the middle class without adding $700 billion to the deficit to give tax cuts to the upper 2% of income earners., And Democrats would still be handily in control of both houses of congress. There would have also been a much better use of the stimulus instead of Obama's now famous admission that, $800 billion later, he miscalculated what "shovel ready projects" really meant. And of course there wouldn't be the constant lying and reneging on a daily basis.

So Clinton's supporters Christmas message this year for the DNC and others is undoubtedly "We told you so". And while politically for the Democrats both in and out of congress it doesn't look like its going to be much of a happy new year, they still have time to get their house back in order and start looking for a 2012 nominee who can actually win and do some good. Unless they want to hear "we told you so" all over again in 2012.


Anonymous said...

It might be too late for the Centrists(those workers who works 2 jobs to make ends meet) in the Democratic Party to undo what BO has wrought.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by reactionaries who wants to go back to the time when being in debt is a sign of affluence from the person itself all the way to the government.

And this same government has been exhorting its citizens to spend the money earned and nowhere in this exhortation that some of our earnings must be saved, too.

To me, only Hillary could mount a challenge to BO's nomination bid and also has a decent chance to win the Presidential election. Otherwise, BO would be nominated and the reactionaries will be jumping for joy.

Then the US will become saddled with so much debt that people will be on the lookout for a charismatic and strong personality to dictate to them, as what happened during the 1970s when developing and underdeveloped countries borrowed money in the billions has become debt ridden and thus has difficulty in paying it. Most of those countries elected leaders that became dictators because of the circumstances.

And the United States is threading on the same path.

Silent Kate said...

You said a lot and you said it well. I still think it is interesting how the media is still pushing Obama at us. I heard Chris Matthews once again talking about Obama and how clever he is, etc. blah, blah, blah. His poll numbers are going up and blah, blah, blah. I find it interesting that Obama destroys the party and they still try selling him to us. I am convinced he was picked by Rove to fulfill the Bush presidency. It's like a third term of W, same old wars, same old policies, same old crazy vacations!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Perry Logan said...

Well, we certainly tried to tell them so--and in very clear and polite terms, if I recall. That's when we found out today's progressives are not such good listeners.

Anonymous said...

Well, we tried to warn as many people as we could about the reality of Obama, providing actual information and facts. In return for that effort, we were labeled "racists," Republicans, and liars. Now those same name-calling Obama supporters are dazed and confused: how could this Messiah have turned out to be such a liar, sleaze and incompetent boob to boot? Well, as you have noted, Marc, we tried to tell them but they covered their eyes and ears and screamed, "la-la-la-la-la-la,: so they wouldn't be able to hear our warnings.

The only trouble with enjoying our "I told you so" moment is that we are suffering just as much as those who did believe Obama's swill, even though we never did. His policies and actions are harming us, this country and even other countries -- and he's got at least two years to do more damage.

We could have had Hillary with all her talents, skills, expertise and political experience but instead we got this grinning, teleprompter-reading, over-praised, Reagan-loving monster.

Marc Rubin said...

"Well, we certainly tried to tell them so--and in very clear and polite terms..."

It never should have been polite.

Anonymous said...

IMO, 'they' knew what BO was, that was why he was "selected" just like Bu$h. We were telling them what they already knew and approved.
I will never understand why there was not a total - take it to the streets - reaction from what the D party did to it's majority of supporters. My rage was over whelming. Starting with the obnoxious D. Brazile - we traded many BB messages early on. She sounded insane to me. I was a 30 year Democrat - I am an "I" now, since 5/30/08. I still have my D issues - no party represents me now.

Progressives = R lite = BO = Regun Rethug. Bu$h III as I said early on. This past presidential election will go down in history as the most obvious charade of an election in American history. Even tops Bu$h's SOCTUS appointment and is even worse in legislation than the Bu$h administration. Ole' Smirking Chimpster is still smirking widely.

There is only one tier of American citizens that benefit from the continuous seamless loss of DOJ, regulations for any Corporate entities - the upper 1%. Those wanna be's who aspire to great wealth and supported the impostor BO will suffer along with those who are ignorant and those are apathetic. History tells us what is coming from the unbridled greedy controlling global finances. There is no mystery. Except that so many of us saw through the vaporous candidate BO and there was no revolt. Hillary Clinton stayed in there to the very end for her country and made them expose their true selves.

Yes we told them, their answer was - So? Never be polite when your life is at stake.

petunia_politik said...

You're preaching to the choir. Every informed Hillary supporter knows the veracity of your statements. I'll bet lots of Repubs do, too. The "We told you so's" will get us nowhere since we are still just bitter, sore losers, right?

It's time to deal with the hand in front of us. Hillary will not fracture the party and oppose him. Boy Wonder's ego will not let him go home to __insert where he's from.

He is the incumbent, period. If a strong Repub runs, I'm there, depending on the issues. I would never cast a vote for four more years of this inept phony. Now that he's called in Bill (Clinton), he clearly has lost all human dignity, not caring that the whole country sees him as the ignorant student rather than the teacher.

We're screwed. We were loud. Don't remember?

Marc Rubin said...

"We're screwed. We were loud. Don't remember?"

But not loud enough. And the DNC and Pelosi tried to publicly dismiss criticism of Obama as coming from frustrated malcontents who were angry Clinton supporters.
The fact is the right is much better at making noise and getting attention and unfortunately getting taken seriously.

The Tea Party with its health care lies got more attention and were better organized politically than those trying to point out the lies and dishonesty surrounding Obama. As for being screwed,its not too late to make the DNC aware that there needs to be a new candidate in 2012 or they lose the White House too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marc: I was with you in 2008 and it gives me no pleasure to say "I TOLD YOU SO!" It hurts like h___. We have this incompetent, racist, anti-american, anti-white, anti-semitic, closet muslim president who clearly doesn't know which way to go but back to Hawaii. Hope he stays there.

Unknown said...

"'We're screwed. We were loud. Don't remember?'

But not loud enough."

Marc, it wouldn't have mattered if we had screamed louder. Schumer: “We Democrats in the House and Senate know we’re joined at the hip with the president” The Democratic Party is an extension of Obama. It's how it was in 2008 too.

We've seen the Democratic Party ignore the Democratic voters, not just the Hillary voters, but the fauxgressives too. The corporations and the rich are the constituency of the Demo-Obama Party.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a member of the top 2% that keeps their wealth or he will be when leaving office. Again, he's done what's best for himself and screw the rest of us. He loves that money you know. Plus, he's clean and articulate.

Anonymous said...

maybe the only thing we can do is keep telling the DNC, Pelosi and Schumer that we will vote for ANY republican if Obama is the nominee in 2012. Let the email campaign begin.

Anonymous said...

Bingo. You got that 100% right. Sad isn't it. With all the evidence in front of us from the election to the last two years what's really amazing are the ones still drinking the kool-aid who believe Obama is a political genius. I guess it's the same as the 25% who still think dubya was the greatest president ever.

DandyTiger said...

Nicely said. We've been screaming, and yes, loud enough, from the rooftops. Unfortunately voices of decent were almost always labeled racist and marginalized. It was quite a campaign.

Sadly Obama actually made it pretty clear who he was along the way. He said Social Security would have to be privatized and that cutting it was on the table. He said women's right to chose should be narrowed and that he couldn't say when life began. He surrounded himself with people that said being gay is a lifestyle choice. He admired Ronald Reagan for his transformations. And if you dig a little, I think you'll find most of the crazy amount of money he raised, you know, when no one even knew who he was, came from wall street and the banks.

His real genius wasn't that his followers believed him when he lied, it was that they thought he was lying when he told the truth (to paraphrase one of our FPers).

Anonymous said...

I fear that the corruption seen in 2008 will be nothing compared to what we will see for the 2012 election. Obama now has access to all of the resources of the federal government. The FISA Court is in his hands, which is particularly scary. The media is going to be even more compliant than in 2008, I'm guessing.