Sunday, August 10, 2008


After corrupting Democratic rules and procedures to try and force a dishonest, inept, and clownish candidate down the throats of the majority of the Democratic Party who have rejected him, the leadership of the Democratic Party (an oxymoron if there ever was one) have expected Hillary Clinton to put her own credibility on the line as well as give up her own legitimate candidacy for President to clean up the mess the DNC has made of the entire selection process, the impending disaster waiting at the convention, and Democratic chances in the fall, which, if Clinton does not have her name put in nomination, are nil.

They've been expecting Clinton to drum up support from her voters for a bogus and unelectable candidate who had no business being presented as the nominee in the first place based on Democratic rules and reality, and now the time has come for Clinton, for the sake of the party and her own credibility, to tell them enough is enough.

Corrupt is not too strong a word to use to describe what is going on among the leadership of the DNC, and their sycophants in the press (like the absurd op ed of August 10 in the New York Times by Michelle Cottle which shows, like most of her colleagues, she is either badly out of touch with reality or in Obama's pocket).

A glaring example of this unvarnished and what can only be called shameless corruption, is Bill Richardson who sounds more and more like someone stealing hub caps than someone who is the governor of a state. When he was asked by Jake Tapper in a recent interview about Clinton's name being placed in nomination and having a roll call vote this is what he said:

"I do not believe we should have a roll call vote but just get behind Barack Obama as our nominee and this is happening. We will be united at the convention therefore there is no need for a vote.

This is the corrupt politician Richardson has become. Call it the Obama Effect, Richardson is like a dog taking on the characteristics of his or her owner. Richardson is now ready to throw 18 million voters under the bus and pretend they don't exist in the name of faking party unity. This is the kind of lunacy that makes one think that Obama supporters like Richardson need to be on Prozac before they end up on parole for even greater corruption.

Even for those as stupid as Richardson who were taken in by Obama or corrupted by him from the beginning, his recent appeal to the credentials committee to allow the full seating of Florida and Michigan strips him of the 55 delegates he was awarded in the Michigan compromise which means that even including the bogus super delegate declarations that officially don't count, Obama does not now have the 2/3 needed to be the nominee and neither he, Richardson, nor the DNC have any right to call him the nominee.

That it continues is just further proof that Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Fowler and sycophants like Richardson are willing to corrupt the process, the party and the rules to push a dishonest and false candidate. Given the choice between saving the Democratic Party or saving their face, they seem to be choosing to save their face.

As for Clinton and her charade of support for Obama, the Democratic leadership has expected Clinton to support Obama even while she was running against him, which is part of the reason the playing field was so slanted on his behalf. The press and their own corrupt bias made it worse.

Even so she won 8 of the last 11 primaries and Obama limped to the finish line like a punch drunk fighter. Then, as everyone knows, Dean and Pelosi browbeat a bunch of spineless super delegates into making symbolic declarations that didn't count for anything just so they could declare they had a candidate when according to party rules and processes they didn't.

Clinton has dutifully gone along with this charade long enough. She has been loudly supporting Obama even though a village idiot knows she is only doing what the Democratic Party is asking. But it has to stop. It has done no good. And it never will. People simply aren't as stupid as Dean, Pelosi and Brazile want to think they are. And, not too put too fine a point on it, unlike Pelosi, the people she is trying to persuade do not have a 9% job approval rating like she does, which is another reason nothing she says will go anywhere with the majority of the party.

Obama is an unelectable candidate. From the very beginning he's had all the earmarks of a con artist—a snake oil salesman with no moral compass, no principles, no ideas, nothing of any value to anyone except his own, arrogance, stupidity and ambition. He managed to get as far as he has because Dean and Pelosi corrupted the process and because Obama could impress the easily impressed and easily duped, which includes many of the water buffalo known as the news media most of whom would rather shoot a puppy than have to stand up on their own and tell the truth.

Richard Cohen, an early Obama supporter is a good example. He recently wrote:

He has been for and against gun control, against and for the recent domestic surveillance legislation and, in almost a single day, for a united Jerusalem under Israeli control and then, when apprised of U.S. policy and Palestinian chagrin, against it. He is an accomplished pol — a statement of both admiration and a bit of regret.

Cohen even now, in trying to see Obama for what he is, doesn't want to face the truth. Obama is not an accomplished pol -- he is an accomplished liar and there is a big difference. Cohen still doesn't want to face that he was taken in when tens of millions of other people weren't. Which is typical of people who have been conned. Ask anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you the single biggest reason con artists get away with their con is that people are too embarrassed to admit they were fooled and would rather not report it then face embarrassment. Add Richard Cohen to that list.

But with Clinton going along with this charade because it's what the Democratic leadership is asking, there is the danger of Clinton's own credibility being damaged by continuing to show support for a candidate who by the party’s own rules, is not the official candidate, who does not have the support of the majority of the Democratic Party, who has collapsing poll numbers and who he is now at a point where his own megalomania and serial lying has disintegrated into looking absolutely clownish.

Not only that, but there is evidence staring everyone right in the face that Obama is clearly afraid he will lose if Senator Clinton's name is in nomination.And the press seems to be blind to it.

I made this point today to an editor who was doing a follow up interview with me and I pointed out that if Obama really felt he had this nomination sewed up he would be the first one to place Clinton's name in nomination to win over her voters. If he were sure he had the super delegates he needed to win, it would be politically stupid for him not to. He can't possibly win a general election without her voters and conservatively right now I'd say he will lose a lot more than half. He cant win losing 10 million votes. So why is he so against putting her name in nomination?

In a recent interview he was asked about Clinton's name being put in nomination. He said her role was being worked out. The interviewer said, " so then you don't object to Senator Clinton's name being placed in nomination". His answer was, " I didn't say that".

It should be clear to anyone in the press or anyone with even a shred of political acumen that Obama doesn't want her name in nomination because he is afraid he will lose. There is no doubt that head counting going on within the Obama campaign ,just the way there is on Capitol Hill when a controversial bill is to be brought to the floor to see if the bill will pass and if there aren't the votes, the bill isn't brought up.

There is no doubt that Obama is realizing the votes may not be there, that he cant count on all of the 438 super delegate declarations he thought he could. And he is counting on Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi to do what they can to corrupt the process to make sure that cant happen. They'd rather corrupt democracy than have an honest but contentious convention where at least whoever emerged as the nominee could actually claim to be the legitimate nominee.

The time has come for Clinton to say to Howard Dean, " this is your mess not mine, you did it, not me and it's not for me to clean up. If you had played by Democratic Party rules in the first place, if you hadn't been so politically stupid, you wouldn't have this brewing disaster on your hands. Stop putting it on my shoulders. It's not my responsibility to make this clown an electable candidate when he isn't."

The only thing that can save the Democratic Party now is acknowledging that by their own rules they simply don't have an official nominee and wont till the roll call vote. They have to let party procedures play out and then let whoever wins win. And it has to be honest. Any hint of a backroom deal or pressure on Clinton to be anything other than a legitimate candidate with a legitimate chance, and the party will go completely down the drain in November and take all the down ticket Democrats with them. And they will deserve it.

Obama, and people like Richardson, Dean, Pelosi and Brazile have corrupted the party and its processes and Clinton can't in good conscience be a party to that anymore.

Including Florida and Michigan which Obama now acknowledges should count as per their original results, Democratic primary season ended with this result:

Obama, 1,711 pledged delegates, Clinton, 1,662, giving Obama a paltry 49 delegate lead out of more than 4000. Clinton won the popular vote with a 175,000 vote lead.

This is the result that caused the leadership of the Democratic Party and the sycophants in the press to declare Obama the winner over Clinton even though neither candidate had the 2/3 majority and no super delegate vote had been officially cast. These are the results that led Bill Richardson to say we shouldn't have a roll call vote, that Obama is the nominee and that the party should unite behind him.

And they are telling Clinton voters to get over it?

Right now, by any standard including HBO's Comedy Night, Obama as the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee is a joke. And unless there is a fair and open convention the Democratic Party will deserve to get wiped out in November which they most surely will, and then Clinton's voters can say " get over it."

At the risk of being redundant, Clinton didn't make this mess, they did. She didn't try and slant the playing field in Obama's favor, they did. She didn't usurp and trash Democratic Party rules and procedures when they just should have been allowed to play out, they did. And she didn't force Obama to display a phony Presidential seal, renege on every promise he made during the primary season, bribe people with food and a free concert to fake a big turnout at his speeches and prove himself to be a serial liar, he did all that on his own. It's not her responsibility that Obama cant get out of a tie with John McCain when almost any Democratic candidate would be up by double digits. Any candidate but Barack Obama.

It's their mess and its not Clinton's job to help clean it up. And its not up to her supporters to clean up the mess either.

No one doubts that Clinton feels she is the better candidate both for the Democratic Party and for the country. And obviously so do the 18 million who voted for her and saw through Obama's clownish facade from the beginning. The best thing Clinton can do for the country and the party now is to stop making these unequivocal statements of support on behalf of Obama. No one believes them anyway and they are not doing anyone any good. Obama's numbers are getting worse every day because of Obama not because Clinton isn't doing enough.

The only course of action for the Democratic Party now is to put an end to this charade, have Dean and Pelosi swallow what is left of their pride, have an open roll call vote with both candidates' names in nomination and let the super delegates do what they are supposed to do -- vote for either nominee. Let them take responsibility for their votes and the outcome of their votes, and let whoever gets the most votes wins. Which is the way it should have been in the first place.

Then let Dean, Pelosi, Obama and Brazile grab a mop and a broom and some window cleaner and when the convention is over, do their own cleaning up.

NOTE: I received a copy of this email reply to a Clinton supporter from the Mayor of Albuquerque NM, home of Obama sycophant and political water boy Bill Richardson. He didnt tell the supporter to do windows but he did tell her to get lost. His email address along with his reply is published here. I think he will be suprised about who represents what and what he thinks he knows. And how this attitude, if something doesnt radically change, is going to bring down Obama if he is the Democratic nominee and every Democratic candidate for office that supports him.

From: mailto:martychavez%40gmail.comDate: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:20:45 -0600To: "________" Subject: Re: Hillary in Nomination

First, you may have supported Senator Clinton but neither you nor Puma represent the people that voted for her. Only she does. Second, you have no place telling me how to do my job. Third, remove me from your e-mail list. Fourth, get lost.


Anonymous said...

Richardson, I thought he was going by a different name now.

Your article is quite good.


Anonymous said...

Right on!!!!!!!!!!

If Hillary's name is not put into nomination and if there is not a roll call vote it will be the first time since 1964 (LBJ after JFK assassination) that did not occur. And I have not checked it out, but with that one exception, it may be the only time all candidates do not get their name put into nomination with speeches and cheering, etc.

The final insult by Obama and the DNC to Hillary.

Bert on Ohio

minty said...

You noticed the Clinton "campaign memos" were leaked...Couldn't be that the Obama folks somehow wanted to insinuate that Hillary Clinton shouldn't be the nominee.

Obama is digging himself deeper and when all else fails..."It's Hillary's Fault". I think Hillary should just stay out of it and take a long vacation until November. Someone needs to tell Barack that Hillary isn't his mother. Senator Clinton cannot give or breathe substance into Barack Obama.

Diamond Tiger said...

If The DNC continues this folly, the Dem Party will go down in complete and total flames in November and at this point, the people involved; Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile, to only name a few, should be considered traitors to this country and treated as such for the death of democracy that they initiated and made happen. No legitimate nomination vote in Denver will be the last nail in the Dem's coffin.

Thanks for an absolutely awesome post! I know people who are actually angry at Clinton for not standing up and telling this pack of dogs to take a hike. I hope she does....we will be behind her and everyone that supports her, otherwise, I feel sorry for those Dems that are siding with Obama during re-election time.

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally well-written. Not holding my breath that the Dems will discover what "integrity" means, later this month in Denver, but one never knows. Should they fail to honor Clinton and her 18 million supporters (I'm one of them), my time, effort and cash will go to McCain.

bethtopaz said...

"Dreams of Myself: How To Successfully Live In Denial" by Barack Obama:

(CNN) — Barack Obama said Thursday that the controversy over how whether Hillary Clinton’s delegates would be able to vote for her at the Democratic convention in Denver was a media creation — and that he hopes his upcoming vacation helps cure any “Obama fatigue” among voters.

Watch: Obama on the Clintons

“There hasn't been controversy other than what you guys are projecting right now,” he told reporters. Obama described conversations between the two campaigns over convention planning as “seamless.” “It has not been a problem,” he said.

Asked whether he would be content if Clinton’s name were placed into nomination at the convention, he responded “I didn't say that. I said they are working it out, guys.”

Anonymous said...

Marc , terrific article. It's significant that you, someone who has worked so hard for an open convention, is saying all this now .

The only course of action for the Democratic Party now is to put an end to this charade, have Dean and Pelosi swallow what is left of their pride, have an open roll call vote with both candidates' names in nomination and let the super delegates do what they are supposed to do -- vote for either nominee. Let them take responsibility for their votes and the outcome of their votes, and let whoever gets the most votes wins. Which is the way it should have been in the first place.

I hope they heed this wise advice....but won't hold my breath. I think Dean and Nancy are certifiable at this point.

I hope Hillary heeds your advice as well and hops off this runaway locomotive to Helltown.

NYSmike said...

This threatening statement from Gary Hart says it all...

"She has a future in the party," Hart said. "She has very little interest, nor does her husband, in wrecking Obama's chances because it will be held against them very, very strongly. She has a lot of reasons to pull an oar, and I think she will."

Some party! Thank you Obama for helping me see my way to become an Independent. You lost my vote when you called Bill Clinton a racist!

Jen the Michigander said...

Another great article, Mark!

Now that the Clinton campaign memos have been leaked and it's fairly certain that the Obama campaign is responsible, Hillary should most certainly throw this party unity charade under her very own bus.

Think about it... Here's Hillary, giving speeches at all these unity events in support of Obama and trying to do what the DNC asks of her, despite the way they all treated her. Meanwhile, Obama's people are leaking her campaign memos to the media??? In my book, this gives her the perfect excuse to unsuspend her campaign and push aggressively for the nomination. She did her best for party unity, but now that Obama has stabbed her in the back, all bets are off.

CognitiveDissonance said...

Great article, Marc. I agree - it's time Hillary told Obama and the DNC to iron their own damn shirts!

jbjd said...

The emperor has officially been stripped of any notion, he has clothes.

Thank you so much.

samanthasmom said...

After Senator Clinton's lunchtime chat with her supporters last week, I stopped donating to her retire the debt fund. She has stopped fighting for me. She did not answer any of the important questions that she was asked, and those answers that she did give were canned Obama drivel. The excuse that she has been stumping for Obama to make sure that the things that are important to her and to us make it into the platform is no longer valid given the weak platform that the Democrats are adopting. If she un-suspends her campaign and fights to get the nomination on the floor, I'm with her all the way. Otherwise, I'll be using my campaign donation money for yarn to be knitting on election day. She has disappointed me.

ladypuma2 said...

Fantastic rant-and I mean that as a compliment.
I'm spreading it around. You are so so right!

glennmcgahee said...

I was over reading Atlas Shruggs today and they have a letter from the FEC about donations from the palestinian brothers to Obama. The one that state they are from the fictitional town of Rafah, Georgia. The letter is a warning and concludes that the donations were not only over the limit, but broke the law being froma foriegn country. It is alarming and looks official. The letter was sent to the campaign in May '08. It leads to questions about his other "small donors".

glennmcgahee said...

Here is the link:

Edgeoforever said...

Hell, yeah!!! beautifully said!
It's time Hillary remembers her voters and represents their interests.
Abetting a selections doesn't help her, us or the party.

Anonymous said...

How many times will you continue to write the same exact thing for every post? Marc has said all of this dozens of times before, and when the same "facts" are being used constantly and to no avail, you're fighting for a lost cause.

MR said...

"How many times will you continue to write the same exact thing for every post? Marc has said all of this dozens of times before, and when the same "facts" are being used constantly and to no avail, you're fighting for a lost cause."

Are you sure your site shouldnt be renamed If its such a lost cause why are you and your candidate so afraid of having her name in nomination? And why do Obama supporters always seem to suffer from psychological projection? The lost cause is Obama as President and there is not a thing that can be done about it since if even half her voters dont vote for him he will not win one state in the electoral college.

How is that for a fact?

and it must to be some avail because youre worried about it and so is Obama and its now a topic of conversation in the mass media. Did you ever hear of the expression, "whistling past the graveyard"?

suef4hil said...

Marc- fantastic post as usual.

Only one point I must argue, I don't think Pelosi nor Dean have a shred of dignity left.

I for one have no hopes for this failure of a party. I too am now an Independent and am quite embarrassed that I was a member of their company for as long as I was. I kept hoping it would change.

And I agree, HRC needs to tell them to stick it, just as they did to her and Bill months ago. I can't wit to hear the Big Dog speak out against this travesty on November 4th.

sandipuma said...

I think your letter was great. We are strong in our convictions and will stand behind them with out a clothe and spray bottle in our hands.The Undemocratic Party needs to wake up before it is to late and they lose the White House again.We want Fair Democracy. Enough of the DNC's corrupt games.I for one will work for Mccain if Senator Clinton does not get the NOD.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad on so many fronts:
1) Obama, 1,711 pledged delegates, Clinton, 1,662 - this is the reason most people say get over it regardless of the 2/3 majority
2) Personally she should get the a nomination. Superdelegates who go back on their declarations in either direction can explain their actions to the leaders at that time. Of course, watch out for the (convention) recount procedures biting us in the rear.
2) I voted for Hillary but this bitter vitriol against Obama, Pelosi et al will surely doom the Ds - that what you want, damn the consquences? Frankly you appear to be a Rove plant
Sad indeed

truthisgold said...

Marc, as always, your commentary is brilliant and straightforward.

It is truly frightening to see the last shred of our illusion of open convention, free election and democratic principles torn asunder by the very party that most espoused these principles.

Our only hope lies in speaking out, speaking the truth, and refusing to be shut down with mob style thuggery, voter suppression and disenfranchisement. Main stream media's collusion is attempting to close the deal, and, unlike Obama's inability to do so, is dangerously close to success unless we continue to band together, speak the truth and demand to be heard.

Thanking you in multitude--hope to see you in Denver.

Hope to see you in Denver!

Anonymous said...

I just have to keep asking myself the question. Who made him the presumptive nominee? No one ever said, yep, BO, you're the nominee. BO said he was the nominee and the DNC just said nothing, just went along with it. Did anyone else ever notice that? Dean didn't come out and say it, Nancy didn't come out and say it, Reid didn't come out and say it. So who's suppose to say it, the candidate? I don't think so.

democraticjack said...

Brilliant Marc. Just next time don't hold back. LOL.

Part of me wants this to play out just as it is, as that is the only clear path to reconstructing the Democratic party. A resounding flop in November would be motivation to get rid of the dead wood which has taken over the party.

untilthelastdogdies said...

Well Marc, I've about run out of superlatives for these post...


Have you noticed that whenever one puts forth a coherent argument against Obama, a predominant talking point invariably appears:

An accusation that one MUST be a Republican operative!

It's as sure as night follows day...

Sorry...gotta go... Karl is text-messaging his next set of instructions!

minty said...

"The bitter vitriol" against those that caused this mess.
Next time let's us not cry out against the criminal, but turn on the victim for complaining a crime has been committed.

I just love the logic of some folks.

Hillary Clinton cannot do this. She cannot win this for Obama and she need not carry him to the white house on her back. Hillary Clinton cannot change reality. The more Senator Clinton tries to change reality, the more evidence there is of the widening gulf between reality and the Obmaland of denial. His responses to the current Russian/Georgia crisis are superficial and naive. Senator Clinton has simply nothing to work with.

suef4hil said...

Marc- I missed you on Cavuto, anyway to post the link here?
Also, hope you are planning a nice little essay on Mr John the skunk Edwards.

Carolyn Mann said...

Saw you on Fox News this morning making the case. Nicely done. And congrats on all the increased media exposure for The Denver Group.

Anonymous said...

A very good summary of the injustice and corruptness.
Thank you for writing it.


Stray Yellar Dawg said...

It's a fabulous article. Except for one thing. It represents a very masculine approach to the problem. "Just stand up and say Dean made this mess, not Hillary" etc.

Good idea. And, if Hillary was... say Ted Kennedy..... that's what she could do. And let the chips fall where they may.

BUT.... Hillary is not Ted. She is a *she* and the misogynistic DNC, along with it's locker room buddies in the MSM, will be oh so happy to return to the name calling.... "see, she really is a conniving, cackling, fucking whore." And worse.

What would, perhaps, be seen as courage if Hillary were a man. Will be branded as hysteria... because she is not.

Hillary is walking on eggshells right now. She cannot appear to be behind this move to have her name placed in nomination. Already CNN is accusing her of being at the PUMA helm. Even while she says "vote Obama" until I am sure she wants to puke. Very crafty move on the part of the Obie camp, BTW. To make it look (via the MSM) as if it's all coming from her... not us.

THIS IS OUR ROLE NOW!!! We must make it clear to everyone who will listen that Hillary did not stoke our dissent. She tried to brrng us over to Obama. But *we* are not children who can be easily led. And we know what we have seen......

We are standing on our own 36 million feet!

PS. I have been reading your blog for some time, Tom. Just never posted before. Thanks for all you are doing for Hillary... and for us REAL democrats.

Odysseus said...

I'm a conservative Republican and the thought of a Hillary presidency terrified me, until I imagined an Obama presidency. That's why I crossed over and voted for Hillary in the Democratic primary.

What gets me most is the hew and cry from the Democrats when Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but not the electoral college. Somehow, it's OK with these same people that while Hillary won the popular vote, Obama is getting the nomination.

Mirlo said...

wmtriviwOn the one hand, it makes me feel good to read what so many of us want to shout out to Hillary: "why are you going along with all this?"

On the other hand, we only know fragments of what's really going on. I do trust Hillary and her judgment. So this gives me a good oportunity to put my trust in her to test; when I have no plausible explanation and I can't see behind her reasons is exactly when trusting her becomes real.

MR said...

"...What gets me most is the hew and cry from the Democrats when Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but not the electoral college. Somehow, it's OK with these same people that while Hillary won the popular vote, Obama is getting the nomination."

I agree. The hypocrisy by Dean, Pelosi, Donna Brazile and those willing to go along with this kind of corruption shreds their credibility on everything.

Anonymous said...

Let's say Hillary GETS the nomination in Denver. What will the Media who drank all that Kool-Aid do for the rest of the weeks until November? Will CNN and MSNBC have to put up blank screens because they invested everything in The Chosen One?

Anonymous said...

It's because of this - - HRC delegate in CO threatened,

and this -

"Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (whose HOUND attempt to counteract the burgeoning Puma Movement flopped at the end of June) has instructed Hillary Clinton’s pledged delegates NOT to sign a petition circulating among some delegates to place Clinton’s name in nomination for a roll call vote in Denver. In an email we obtained yesterday, Mary Isenhour, executive director of the state Democratic Party in Pennsylvania, makes it clear that the message from the top is unequivocal: Shut up and don’t make a move until the big shots tell you what to do."

that I sent you a donation today. It's small, but the least I can do.

I was never an HRC supporter, I'm not even Democrat. But if democracy is under attack, all American citizens should take some kind of action, regardless of party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Cafferty's question for the hour on CNN concerns Hillary's nomination and the Denver Group's ad. He's dissing Heidi Li by name.

Go vote and leave a comment.

ea said...

I am a little dubious about that e-mail allegedly from Mayor Chávez in ABQ. He was a strong Clinton supporter. I would expect a address on the response.

Marc Rubin said...

"I am a little dubious about that e-mail allegedly from Mayor Chávez in ABQ. He was a strong Clinton supporter. I would expect a address on the response."

I was sent a 4 email exchange between Chavez and the recipient including a response that acknowledged a mailbox full of mail from PUMA's since the email was circulated. You can always try the email address yourself and if you get a reply from that recipient that confirms your suspicions you can post it here.

Anonymous said...

You have said it EXACTLY how I see it. When is the rest of the democratic party going to wake up?

Mark said...

As friends would say to me when I flew into a rant, "Don't hold back, tell us how your really feel." In this case you have out done even my best rant.

I will only comment on one point. 3/4 through you say this was not Hillary's fault. That is in part true and in part false. Hillary was fighting the last election. She planned her resources based on a conventional nomination process with conventional opponents. She did not see that Obama was the innovator, he leveraged the little states and media support into "momentum" that put him in a position to tie a truly superior candidate. As you note, he did not win, but he would not even have been close if Hillary had either innovated herself (she could have beaten his pants off in the caucus states if she had focused on them early) or responded quickly when she saw Obama had outmaneuvered her. She did not until late in the game when she was playing catch-up. It was indeed Hillary's to lose and she did lose it.

I don't think Hillary can win this time. If she "takes" the nomination from Obama she will lose enough of the youth and black vote to lose her chance of ever being elected. If she allows Obama to run it is win-win. The odds are he will lose and she will be in a very strong position for 2012. If he wins it is likely he will be a total disaster and she will be in a strong position for 2012. She is smart and is playing for the 2012 race now. Keeping her base alive, showing she is loyal to the party and American process, showing she is mature, measured and rational, i.e. “presidential”.

Don’t do windows, see through them into the future. Pushing for Hillary ’08 is hurting Hillary ’12. Support her, encourage her, hold Obama to the high standard she would have set, but do not embarrass her in the process.

Marc Rubin said...

"I will only comment on one point. 3/4 through you say this was not Hillary's fault. That is in part true and in part false. Hillary was fighting the last election..."

what you say is partly true to this extent: Mark Penn was a total disaster as a campaign manager. He was a strategic idiot though I dont see Obama as any kind of innovator just an easily transparent snake oil salesman. But now it is beyond who wins and who loses. The issue now is whether the Democratic Party is going to be honest or not. If they are honest then they accept that Obama does not now nor has he ever had enough delegates to claim the nomination and that both candidates will have the same opportunity to be nominated based on who gets the most votes at the convention. If it is anything less the Democratic Party deserves to get wiped out across the board until they can get some honest leadership at the DNC.

Mark said...

in response to your response to my response..
Yes, perhaps calling Obama an innovator was not warranted (although that snake comment may not have reflected the most sober analysis) but Hillary's (Penn's) effort focused on Super Tuesday and, like Guliani, did not realize the impact of the early states.

But since we can't start over would a switch to a Clinton or even Clinton Obama ticket work in the long run? I just don't think so. The smartest move is to cede 2008 to Obama. If the vote is held today he would win. All indications are that he would stumble through four years and Hillary will be a strong contender for 2012. But the election is not today. Historically the race tightens as November approaches and Obama's tiny lead will be gone. Good or bad I doubt McCain will be reelected so Hillary will be the candidate in 2012. The only way for Hillary to win in 2008 is for Obama to volunteer to step back on a unity ticket as VP. His ego will not let him do that so the only way to get Hillary nominated is a floor fight which will embitter key voters handing 2008 to McCain and the 2012 nomination to Obama. I am not an Obama supporter if you can't tell but I simply think Hillary is already making her best move. Stay in the spotlight as a mature and loyal Democrat and wait for 2012.

susan h said...

Dear Marc: PLEASE READ TexasDarlin this morning which shows a copy of school registration in Indonesia for Barry Soetoro (Obama) and lists his religion as "Islamic". There is so much information on this web-site to review. Perhaps he was an Indonesian citizen during the period of time he was in school. Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship, so therefore, was he not a U.S. citizen at that time? Did he ever reapply when returning to the U.S. What name(s) did he use on his Law School/Bar application? Did he mention Indonesian citizenship on those applications? It may not matter that he had Islamic studies (many people study various cultures), but it does matter that Obama has repeatedly and consistently lied and covered up who he is, his beliefs, his background to the American people. That alone should disqualify him as a democratic candidate.

DancingOpossum said...

Please, can we get off the phony birth-certificate and other trumped-up conspiracy theories? They've already corrupted some very good anti-Obama sites and I don't want that to happen here on one of the best-written, most incisive blogs around.

Even if it's true it does not matter, it's irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

I am a Clinton supporter and did some volunteer work here in Texas. I started to feel like the "lone Ranger" because for months I've been asking the DNC to stop asking me for money and to take me off their email list. It fell on deaf ears, until I strted to get "nasty" and informed them that I never supported their candidate nor will I vote for him. I even had Mrs. Obama sending me emails I never have emailed Obamas campaign site but somehow they got my email address.
From the begining I never "bought the snake oil" Obama was selling. I live in a College city saturated with Obamabots "youth" of course, naive, easily impressed - yes! Yes even my young nephews & nieces are duped! My family is split because of this man that calls himself the greatest person ever to arrive for Washington. But you know what really bothers me the most, when the rapper Ludicris sang about how the "white house in Washington would get painted black", and how now certain people were fearful of what changes would be happening. No, I am not fearful, nor am I a racist (in fact I am a Hispanic American woman). But what does bother me is the "division" that I have notice among people because of Obama. He is not God and he certainly does not even seem to have a spiritual or christian mind. I personally feel that he could bring more division among all people in our country.
I am so fed up with the DNC and I could care less what they think and want at this time from me. I have a mind of my own and I will not be forced to support a man that I don't believe in. I have been a Democrat all my life and for the first time in my life I do not plan to vote for Obama. If Clinton does get thrown back into the hat, yes, I will change my mind and help get her where she belongs.........the White House Again!!!
The black rapper, DNC, Howard Dean, the bias media you can all go "jump off the bridge", cause I will help get Clinton where she belongs. "No window washing for me"!!

susan h said...

I was so incensed last night, NBC news here in Chicago (Obama land) said Obama made a great concession to Hillary Clinton and will now allow her to have her name placed in nomination at the convention. Of course, he went on to say, that is just a formality. And the two announcers were praising him for being so fair-minded, like he was doing Hillary a favor.

Is it too much to ask that journalists (if they are such) should be more responsible in their reporting and give FACTS to the public rather than FICTION. No mention of the fact that it is part of the Rules to put Hillary's name in nomination since she holds 1900+ delegates, and that Mr. Obama is not the nominee until his name is placed in nomination at the convention and all votes are in.

Thank goodness Hillary is one tough lady, otherwise she could not withstand all of this pretense, sham and charade. Thank you Marc, Heidi and everyone for all you have done to help the democratic process continue in America.

Anonymous said...

I'm changing my party affiliation too. I cant understand why the DNC hate the Clintons so much-worried about Nov & McPlian/Jane tkt
about palin from alaska's pt of view
her quote"Sambo beat the Bitch"
and read below-
An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

From: Marcia A. Pappas, President of NOW NYS

August 28, 2008

Dear Senator Clinton:

You gave a fabulous, eloquent, and dynamic speech at the Democratic Convention. It brought tears to the eyes of the millions of women who worked so hard for you. One phrase in your powerhouse delivery rings on in my ears. In your call for us to back Obama you asked: "Were you in this campaign just for me or were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?"

For some people your question was a turning point. I was one of those people. And I need to answer you, not just because you are my wonderful Senator from New York, but because I want to give you the answer I know many are thinking, but lack the forum to express. You see, my dear Senator, I too sometimes have the occasion to speak for the invisible. In my capacity as President of New York State National Organization for Women, I often speak for the millions of women who are denied reproductive healthcare. I speak for the women who are beaten and abused by their partners, and whom no one believes. I speak for the women who lose their children when corrupt judges award custody to the abusers. I also sometimes speak for the millions of women who feel discrimination in the workplace, and for victims of rape and trafficking.

Then, on a micro scale, I even campaigned for and won a contentious race, backed by supporters who believe I'm a person who speaks truth without fear. I was the person they trusted would work for justice in the lives of women and all oppressed people.

So I know what you wanted to hear, Senator. You wanted to hear people in loud unison declare: "No, we were not just in it for you, Hillary; we were in it for the invisible."But for me, the only answer can be: "Yes, Senator, I was in it for YOU, precisely because YOU were in it for those people who feel invisible, and because YOU were the candidate who saw clearly that over fifty percent of the population was being ignored."

Who are those people? Why they are the poor, the hungry, the underinsured, i.e. women and their children. YOU are the person who addressed the issues of that fifty-plus percent. YOU are the person who worked her entire life for that fifty-plus percent. YOU are the person who, in the face of rife opposition and ridicule, stood firm in favor of health care for the invisible. YOU are the person with a proven record on Emergency Contraception for all women, because YOU understand that without reproductive freedom, women are held hostage to unwanted pregnancies. And it is YOU who has proven, over and over, that you can deliver for the invisible.

YOU were the candidate whose followers felt they knew so well, they could call her by her first name. Little girls yelled "Hillary" because they knew their future was in your hands. Single mothers saw hope for the future, knowing that their struggle would lessen under your leadership. Older women came out in the wintry Iowa Caucuses to finally vote for the first truly possible woman president. They looked into your heart, into your eyes, into your soul, and saw something different. And those of us, who traveled around the country, working for your campaign, watched you emerge as a new kind of politician. We saw YOU.

Today, your popularity endures, bigger perhaps than even you imagined. Why? Because YOU represent the invisible. YOU persist as our symbol of hope, justice and equality. Please don't be afraid of it. Please embrace it. YOU inspired us, brought us to tears, made us laugh, and made us finally feel that we were not voting for the lesser of two evils. There are eighteen million people out here who are, like me, not ashamed, like me, to say: "Yes Hillary I was in it for YOU."

Marcia A. Pappas

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

This whole Obama worship thing has been bothering me. I don't know if I have an answer, but I have a possibility. It springs from Obama's comment when he first became a senator that he would not run for national office because "I believe in knowing what you are doing." For all the sleaziness of the campaign, I think he was serious about that. But he ran anyway. Did he think he was ready?

He made the comment that Iraq was no threat because it was a tiny country. That was a massively stupid comment that he reversed the next day.

He made the comment that we should seek UN Security Council intervention on Georgia. Another moronic statement in light of Russia's veto power that was reversed a couple days later.

He is not a stupid man. He has to know that he is not ready. Someone else is telling him that he should forget his doubts and they would "help him". I just don't see him being blind to his own unpreparedness.

Honestly, I believe that the "powers that be" don't hate the Clintons and don't love Obama. They know they can control Obama and they can't control Hillary. She needed to be neutralized for whomever is behind Obama to control the next administration.

I have read many posts and the things chicanery in the primaries were beyond what Obama and his official Chicago based senior advisores could have pulled off. There is something more going on. It is clever and underhanded like a Rove move, but required massively more money. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this is consistent with a "surrogate presidency". A power broker who is ineligible for election - Perhaps foreign born or with skeletons in his closet - working diligently to bring someone he can control into power (Yes, it is most assuredly a "him).

The press is not stupid. There is a clear bias. It was bad with Hillary and there has been an absolute frenzy once Palin got on the scene. While it could be something subtle like the memo from Murdoch years ago on making sure Bush got a "fair break" from his Newspapers and TV outlets. But the commentary of late is over the top.

It is a tough world. As my son said, "If Obama wins I will not have a choice." I wasn't thinking that far ahead at the time but certainly that is where I find myself now.

The possibility that I am right scares me and I don't intend to take a chance with my vote. We will be back in 2012 and we will be smarter and stronger.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant he said "Iran is a small country" not "Iraq". Yes, I sounded stupid, I guess I won't run for the presidency until I am prepared.