Saturday, August 23, 2008


I will be in Denver for the week of the convention and while I don't know if I will be posting while there, I'm sure there will be a few things to say when I get back. As for now, the reality has to be considered that this part of the process may be over. It's hard to say for sure and anything can happen but super delegates now would have to take into consideration what the ramifications would be of choosing a candidate different from that which both the media and the DNC has been trying to sell for months. The naming of Biden is obviously a political move designed to try and head off any defections of super delegates to Clinton. It may work. It might no longer be a matter of who is the best candidate or more electable, but how many would be willing to undo the sense of inevitability that's been created.

Yes it would be short sighted. But that has not been in short supply during the entire process. Anything can still happen. There will obviously be protests especially involving the way the DNC handled everything.But at this point it would have to be considered an enormous upset if Clinton were to pull out the nomination because it will require super delegates to think for themselves. But upsets happen. A strong showing by Clinton in the roll call vote will still make a statement. But given the way everything has been handled, if she doesn't pull it out, the shouting could go on for a long time. And a Democratic victory in November would get more unlikely every day.


suef4hil said...

Good luck in Denver Marc, and be safe.
I never expected her to get the nomination but I will tell you, I will work my heart out to see BO defeated and the corrupt DNC can hunker back down in the back room where deals are cut and they can eat their argula salad sipping their lattes and try to figure out where oh where they went wrong.

Jess inWisc said...

You and the Denver Group have done a great service for our democracy, pressing to get Hillary Clinton's name put in nomination at the convention (as she deserves). What the Party, delegates and superdelegates do from here on out will be telling, and will hopefully be TRANSPARENT and RECORDED. I hope all who attend take good notes on how democratic the Democratic Party really is. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, Never give up and don't give in! The Delegates have rights at the Convention and C-Span will be there. Just as we all saw the truth unfold at the 5-31-08 and 8-26-07 DNC RBC meetings. This will be seen and when rules are broken everyone will know. The truth will survive. Be strong and safe!

diana said...

Marc and Heidi,
Regardless of what happens at the convention, you two have shown the true meaning of courage - against all odds. You have provided us with vision and wisdom, and I for one will be forever grateful. We will not forget your tireless efforts, your fabulous ads, the history lessons and valuable perspectives. It is people like you that make this country so very blessed.

Anne said...

Dear Heidi and Marc,
Sincere thanks for all you are doing and will continue to do to see a Democratic Party once again be Democratic.
You have made us aware of the unbelievable and disgraceful tactics which the DNC Dr. Dean and others displayed during the democratic primary and which will probably continue during the convention.
Although the cause may fall short of its complete goal you both have opened up the door to enlighten the voter as to the corruptness of members of the DNC and certainly the fact that we will have a nominee who has accomplished nothing and lacks the experience necessary to lead the country. His running mate agrees said he wasn't ready to be President.
Keep the faith is my motto you never know what can happen.
Let's all keep fighting for Democracy.
Have a great time at the convention and good luck, may all your hard work turn into a successful week!

Senex Ireland said...

A Bounce "for" Obama,but not the one
he is expecting..........

Senator Obama has at this moment lost 21% of Hillary's support, circa %m and another 27% unsure.

A bounce will come to his campaign, but this bounce will be in the form of further increases to the 5m, who are not prepared to support Senator Obama, now that he has consigned Senator Clinton to the waste bin........
A view from an Irish prospective..

Senex, Ireland

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Denver. Though I supported The Denver Group, I knew better. PUMA!

Annie said...


I add my voice in thanking you and Heidi for your wonderful work. You kept alive the memory and knowledge of what a fair process is...we needed that and will need it again

GrandMe said...

We will be with you in spirit. Take care. After the convention I hope you will somehow continue the work as we regroup and move on. I know it's a lot to ask, but even though the nomination process will be over the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party must continue.
Thanks for all your good work.

Anonymous said...

This poorly written play, titled "Howard Dean fucks up a wet dream" is slowly moving to a conclusion. The last painful acts will be when Hillary gives her speech on Tuesday nite, and rather than call for her delgates and those who know in their hearts that Obama cannot win, to rise up and as she unsuspends her campaign; she will instead say nice things about BO with out laughing.

It ends with the roll call. I do not plan to watch. That will be a first since 1968. I watched with my parents.

So we all bide our time, bite our lips, and set the alarm for the spring of 2011. That is when Hillary can re-launch her campaign and in 2012 a democrat will defeat McCain. So friends it has been real, it has been painful, it has been real painful.

I love you all. The true Democrats

david in iowa

waiting4hrc said...

Joe, Mo, Bo -the three Stooges.

I will wait for Hillary to be Madame President, Commander-in-Chief for as short or long as it takes.

Thank you Marc & Heidi for being the voice of integrity and helping to get HRC's name in nomination.

KICK ASS in Denver!

waiting4hrc said...

Joe, Mo, Bo -the three Stooges.

I will wait for Hillary to be Madame President, Commander-in-Chief for as short or long as it takes.

Thank you Marc & Heidi for being the voice of integrity and helping to get HRC's name in nomination.

KICK ASS in Denver!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for trying Marc. I don't think we would have a roll call without the effort of the Denver group. But we must continue after the convention, if Hillary is not nominated, to fight the supression of Democratic principles by the Democratic Party. I hope Denver Group will lead the way. I always thought this convention would be rigged, so didn't contribute to the cause. But if the Denver Group continues to fight back against this travesty: I'm in.

Marc said...

"But we must continue after the convention, if Hillary is not nominated, to fight the supression of Democratic principles by the Democratic Party."

I couldnt agree more and that is exactly what we are going to do with the same approach we used with the Denver Group and we are confident we will get even more financial support from our contributors to do it than we did in our effort to get the DNC and Obama to accept Clinton's name in nomination. Look for an announcement about this soon. both here and on the Denver Group web site.

Sarah Ferguson said...

I'm ready for the third way, a real Independent Party with a viable candidate. We've been on this two party path of least resistance for too long and now the two parties mirror one another. Maybe Hillary is a force to bump us off the track of just settling for whatever we can get. We've got four years. Let's get it on!

Anonymous said...

Having Joe Biden, who chaired the Judicary Committee during the Clarence Thomas hearings as VP, is just the thing to make Hillary's female supporters want to vote for the Obama team.....NO. NoQuarterUSA and several other sites have some interesting remembrances of the Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas hearings. Some say that Biden did everything he could to assure that Thomas would be confirmed. Some bloggers at CounterPunch try to make excuses for him, but somehow the truth comes out.

Mirlo said...

It is wonderful what you have archieved so far. My thoughts and best wishes accompany you and Heidi Li in Denver. I'll stay tuned to the future endeavours you announced. At this point, I don't think we should wish for Hillary to be nominated, because it would be too much upheaval, the party is split either way. But it is of the utmost importance that it is made public, how this selection has been handled, all aspects of it. Only then can we go on and try to do it better next time. Let's not let this go by unnoticed by most, in order to avoid it becoming standard procedure; that's the objective now imo.

Stay safe, everyone.