Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday's news that Senator Clinton was going to have her name placed in nomination (as it should have been in the first place) was completely undermined by a degree of political stupidity by Obama and the DNC so stupefying that one would think it was beyond even the most inept politician.

A few hours after the announcement that Senator Clinton's name would be placed in nomination, someone in the Obama campaign or the DNC, at the behest of the Obama campaign, put out a statement saying that Clinton's name in nomination and the subsequent roll call vote will be " a symbolic gesture" reducing it to something as fake as Obama's ill fated Presidential seal.

By stupidly claiming that Clinton's name in nomination and the ensuing roll call vote will only be a "symbolic gesture", the continuing idiocy of the Obama campaign and the DNC has reached new heights. Or depths.

One would have thought they had learned their lesson but apparently not. It seems once a snake oil salesman always a snake oil salesman and Obama just can't help himself, practically reversing all the good that was accomplished by the earlier statement.

Unless someone at the DNC is able to restore faith that the roll call vote will be authentic, they are on the road now to ensuring themselves of a very ugly convention if people perceive this as a rigged process.

Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic Monthly implied that the vote will be rigged in Obama's favor by making the comment that despite the roll call vote, "Clinton has no chance" at actually getting the nomination. That means either Ambinder has factual information that supports this or he is simply offering a political opinion that flies in the face of every piece of public information available. Since this is a year when a generic Democrat beats a generic Republican by 10 points and Obama can't get out of a tie with John McCain it should be no surprise that all the metrics always favored Clinton as the stronger candidate to begin with.

The only way Clinton would really have "no chance" as Ambinder claims would be if the roll call vote is rigged in Obama's favor with pressure being put on Clinton's pledged delegates to flip or have their credentials stripped, or other such unsavory and underhanded tactics. Otherwise, if one believes the survey conducted by a few days ago ( and apparently Ambinder doesn't) the super delegate tally as of now is Obama 271, Clinton 268 and 160 undecided. That doesn't sound like "no chance" to me.

Maybe it was Obama's megalomania that has caused him and the DNC to try and spin it publicly as a "symbolic gesture". In reality as Heidi Li Feldman has pointed out on her blog, a vote is a vote regardless of how you want to spin it before hand. There is no such thing as a "symbolic vote". Unless, that is, you are rigging the outcome. And rigging the outcome means things like threatening Clinton delegates with being stripped of their credentials, or attempting to intimidate them if they don't vote for Obama. The problem with this is that eventually someone would speak out and if that proved to be the case the Democratic Party would end up the same shambles it is heading towards unless it conducts its business honestly.

I'm not saying they are rigging the outcome. But calling it a "symbolic gesture" starts to call into question the legitimacy of the entire process. A process whose legitimacy was called into a question a long time ago. And now what they have managed to do, like everything else Obama and the DNC has managed to do throughout this entire campaign, is create a public relations and political nightmare over something that at first, had everyone feeling a lot better.

But to show how inept Obama and the DNC really are, and how his megalomania causes problems even for himself, let's say it was true. Let's say they are working behind the scenes to ensure that the vote will go to Obama or that have a head count that is vastly different from Politico's and he is certain a roll call vote will result in his winning. How stupid is it then to make a public statement that the vote will only be "symbolic", making Clinton supporters, the very people he can't possibly win without, even angrier than they were before since no one will accept a "symbolic" vote that is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Not to mention how patronizing it is to 18 million voters.

Unless someone at the DNC wakes up and is able to undo the damage, they have managed to create a situation that could end up actually being worse than it was had they done nothing. Now they have to assure everyone that this vote will be a genuine roll call vote and an equal opportunity for super delegates to cast legitimate votes for either candidate with an outcome not preordained.

That they were capable of undoing all the good that came about by doing what they should have in the first place shows a degree of political stupidity and incompetence that one would think is not possible. Obama and the DNC seem to be trying to reduce the single most important process the country engages in as a whole, to the level of the kind of bait and switch tactics used by unscrupulous used car salesmen.

There is still one other nagging question to be dealt with. Today a freind of mine received as part of a mass emailing from Clinton, an email whose subject was "See you in Denver". In the email she extolled the virtures of Barack Obama and her support for him. I know there are things going on behind the scenes. I know there are "pressures" and negotiations. But Senator Clinton has every right to have her name placed in nomination and so do her supporters and voters. Neither she nor they need Obama's or Howard Dean's permission to do so. It is now past the point where publicly supporting Obama is being a good Democrat. It is becoming damaging to her and the process.

If she really believes and supports Obama then she herself should simply give up anything that could fall under the heading of a charade, release her delegates, withdraw her name from nomination and support Obama. She can also ask her voters to support Obama as much as she likes though it ought to be clear by now that that will never happen.

As long as she retains her delegates she is giving everyone the impression that she has not had some ephiphany where she woke up and realized Obama is the better candidate. That being said she is an adult. No one can make her do anything. She has to realize that Obama and Howard Dean are hardly the Democratic Party. They do not even represent the majority. They are just passing through. She has to tell them straight out that she has every right to have her name placed in nomination, so do her supporters and that she intends to go to that convention as a legitimate candidate for the nomination. If Obama and Dean and some others in the DNC don't like it, well that is just too bad. It isn't for them to like.

It should be plain by now that only the smallest portion of her voters will vote for Obama. There is nothing she can say or do to make it otherwise. It is an indpendent choice of all of her voters and its going to stay that way. So if Senator Clinton has had a change of heart about her desire to be President she needs to say so, she needs to release her delegates which would make it plain she supports Obama, and everyone can stop a charade which is fooling no one and which is only going to make things worse.

On the other hand if this is part of some seedy deal Obama and Dean have put on the table that she felt she had to go along with , maybe that has to be reconsidered and ended, since she doesnt need a deal to have her name placed in nomination and going along with one for whatever reason isn't doing anyone any good. This is not only about Clinton. This is about the entire integrity of the process and the Democratic Party which is either going to be honest or the Democrats will have to deal with their worst and most complete defeat in history. And deservedly so.

There is still the chance that the roll call vote will be authentic since nothing can really stop super delegates from voting their conscience ( except those who are spineless in the face of intimidation). But someone is going to have to clarify what is meant by "symbolic". Symbolic votes are what they have in Iran. It is what they used to do in the old Soviet Union. It is what they do now in China. It is not what we do in America.

The DNC needs to know that a symbolic vote is not good enough and that any individual or political party showing such little respect for how America goes about its business doesn't deserve to be in a position of authority anywhere. What they do deserve is a candidate who hides behind a phony Presidential seal, reneges on promises, lies about everything, has no moral compass or a single legitimate idea and had a 17 year relationship with a pastor who said America got what it deserved on Sept.11th. And everything that will come with it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Marc for your comments. I wish it made me feel more confident but I am afraid that lately I do feel like my vote is meaningless.
I don't trust Obama saying that he wants MI & FL delegates seated at 100%. By doing that, that clearly increases Clinton's delegates and would Obama do that?
The only reason I can figure is that he has done his head count. But I also suspect that the head count involved money and strong arming. We all read about Sacha Millstone this week. And then there was Debra Barstovich (I don't think I got her name right) who was stripped of her delegation.
I have grown so jaded during this primary season I hardly recognize myself anymore.
But after the outrageous posturing on May 31st when the RBC, in a back room deal blatantly stole 4 delegates from Clinton to award them to a clown who voluntarily took his name off the ballot... I no longer have faith in this party.
I hope I am wrong. I hope this party buckles up and really starts playing by the written rules, perhaps my faith will be restored.
But I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

If the vote is secret, how can anyone know ahead of time that it will be a symbolic gesture? To say so now seems like whistling in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Marc, the way this comes across to me is that the DNC and Obama, et al, must really think that the democrat voters are pretty dumb and ignorant to be happy with a symbolic vote.

A symbolic vote? Huh?

Obama has got a tight grip on this whole process, and if you look at how he climbed the political ladder in Chicago (i.e., throwing Alice Palmer under the bus, etc.) it's no surprise at what he's doing here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marc - I read the news in the paper this morning & then heard the talking heads on TV - I continue to be completely baffled by this whole process but I do know this - there is no way in hell that I will ever ever vote for Nobama & am beginning to feel the same way towards all democrats running this fall - I am so hoping the whole democratic party implodes and we PUMAS can begin to put it back together - thanks also to you & Heidi for The Denver Group

Anonymous said...

I HAVE A DREAM, that Obama will come back from his Hawaii vacation and ask to make a speech to the American people. In that speech he thanks everyone for their support but has come to realize he is not qualified to be president (while in Hawaii he finally realized that the gig is up, he has been found out, the public now has factual information on his birth, citizenship, various names, radical associations, etc. etc. which disqualify him as a candidate for president). He doesn't mention any of this, however, only that he decides for the good of the party (and country) he will give ALL of his delegates to Hillary Clinton, who is uniquely qualified to be our next president and he will do everything he can to ensure she wins in November.


Anonymous said...

thank you Marc.

I would like to know the link if you have it for Politico.

Also, I heard that the DNC will not award the Florida and Michigan full delegates until after Hillary Clinton concedes and gives up her delegates.

Have you heard anything about this?

I think this is a shocking way to distort democracy

Edgeoforever said...

Thank you. These comments about "symbolism" reveal the fact that the entire primary was just as symbolic - as the outcome was also predetermined by the DNC.
At the very least, I hope this truth becomes known by all

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

How much more evidence is needed to show that the DNC and party leadership, including in Congress, and the SoetorObama camp and its leader are fascists?

"Symbolic vote"? Is that like African or Middle Eastern dictators/tyrants--remember Saddam Hussein--getting essentially 100 percent of the vote?

Truly, the DNC and SoetorObama and his minions have redefined arrogance and stupidity.

Unknown said...

Nice article but I think you mean the Obama National Committee formerly known as the DNC.

Also I would like to know do these ONC people really think I am so dumb as to accept BO as a defender of women's rights and issues when he and his cohorts have continually demanded that Hillary, a popular and qualified woman candidate should sit down and shut up because her success might embarrass him?!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing the DNC and Obama can do to win back those Clinton supporters who have decided not to support Obama. Everyone knows the primary was rigged, and the convention is rigged. Hopefully the actions of Obama and the DNC leaders will convince 'on the fence' Dems not to support Obama. Even without the latter, only selecting Hillary as our Nominee will result in a Democrat win in November.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith Marc and Heidi along with Puma are doing a remarkable to job to make sure we have a fair and just convention It is tough sometime when you continually hear the biased media who do not have a clue about the political process and the roll call vote and the purpose of it. But hey, how long has Obama and his campaign been announcing along with the biased media that he is the nominee of the Democratic Party. Pelosi, Dean, Reid and the others who are selecting Obama as the nominee do not care about the American people who put them into office It is all about self. That is why we much keep the faith and do whatever we can to make sure the roll call becomes an example of democracy in action and if they try back room deals or threats to the delegates our voices will be loud and clear in November NO DEAL
My real concern is that they will force Hillary to give her delegates over to Obama to unite the party and if she doesn't blame her for not unifiying the party.
Keep the faith. Hillary and her supporters must prevail.

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds said...

The extraordinary egotism of Barack Obama and his surrogates is what is destroying the unity in the Democratic Party. And it will bring down the party if it isn't checked soon.

Halli Casser-Jayne

Anonymous said...

So by calling the act of placing Hillary's name in nomination "symbolic", Obama, the media, and the DNC, are telling us that the "fix" is in. WE kind of figures that out already, what with superdelegates, Lieberman, and book authors receiving threats. Why bother with a convention or even an alection, lets just proclaim Obama the one true Messiah. Halleluia!

Anonymous said...

What is a symbolic vote???

Does everyone present adore me??? Those who don't please leave the room so we can vote.

I'll bake some banana bread right now!

Anonymous said...

I have not written here before, but always find these writings to be so well-thought out and filled with new information.

Prior to coming here today, I watched a part of the Olympics. I began to make an analogy of the Olympics to what was the Democratic Party. Was--because I am not sure any longer what the Democratic Party is. I reflected on the Democratic Party and the Olympics with both having a long history in our society/culture. Both once had rules to play by to win the game. Those who entered the competition for either event (Olympics/POTUS) knew that the rules would not change in the middle of the games. The person with the best score and/or the best competitor always came out as the winner. There was, and to an extent still is with the Olympics,the expectation that you would have a high degree of integrity and represent your country honorably--not so with the Democratic Party.

As I looked at Swimmer Phelps, I kept thinking how hard this young man (who I believe was labeled as ADHD as a child) had worked to get where he is--nothing was handed to him; he learned to master/use the gift he had been given through hard work and determination (What has BHO done to earn the presumptive nominee position?) Phelps looked so patriotic every time he stood--placing his hand over his heart--for the national anthem after each win.

How great it would be if the Democratic Party could appear as sterling as the Olympics and its athletes?

How great would it be if we could have a presidential candidate who looks and acts as presidential as McCain and Phelps? (You need to read about Obama's last day in Hawaii today--this guy is about photo ops only. This day is similar on a smaller scale to his Berlin episode). Phelps has had lots of photo ops, but has done something to earn them).

I got the same mass mailing from Senator Clinton referenced in this writing. I still want Senator Clinton to be our candidate, but as an African American female who has had to do some battles to get to where I am in my career, Senator Clinton came across in this e-mail as a woman who is just kowtowing to the demands of Obama, Dean and Pelosi--not one of them can touch her in terms of skills, intellect, and bravado.

How sad the Democratic Party has become? Can it ever rise to Olympic status again? Seems doubtful under current control.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Clinton's email to Dear ...

"I cannot wait for the lights to come up and the cameras to roll at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. When I join Democrats from across the country who are unified and ready to get to work to elect Barack Obama, I want you there.

I hope you will take this chance to come and cheer us on!"

Fairly clear message.


Anonymous said...

The fix has been in since before the primary. Obama, Pelosi, Dean and Brazile do think we are all stupid, unfortunately many voters are. The Dem's have really shown that they are in need of the same house cleaning the Repub's just had! Just call me a non partisan voter.

Anonymous said...

The more I think about the content of Senator Clinton's e-mail that came in today, the more disappointed I am with her. The most good she can do for our country and her supporters is to tell the voters what a sham the Democratic Party has become and how it is in collusion with the corporate media. She has the proof should she care to use it. There would be consequences for her but the consequences for our country will be more severe and for a longer time if she is an active participant in the unity charade.

This has been the opportune time for true Democrats to fight against the political machine but too many have caved. We all know who the exceptions are and to them I send my most sincere and heartfelt appreciation.

A sad day for this long-time Hillary admirer, fan, and supporter. I truly thought it would be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I love your column. The one awhile back where you "interviewed" an obama supporter made me laugh the next day thinking about it again.

But here in the present, if Politico is correct and the superD's are split and 160 are unsure then Axelrod must be wearing depends 24/7 as not to shit his pants. It is truly scary that some in the DNC and Democratic party would rather see Obama losse and the party run through a meat grinder than have Clinton be the nominee. Burning down the house to make dinner.....Auntie Em... I'm frightended again.

RayRay said...

Although I have never posted on this site, I feel the need to clarify what the Obama campaign means by symbolic. The agreement between the two camps is that Sen. Clinton be placed in nomination BUT prior to the actual vote she is to decline the nod and release her delegates to Obama. She will make a minor floor speech thanking Obama and the DNC for the 'symbolic' gesture and will also state her reasoning as her belief that Obama is the most capable of winning the White House. Obama and the DNC have no intention of allowing the roll call vote to fruition. It is merely a symbolic gesture orchestrated in the hope that Clinton's supporters will become teary eyed and tingly all over and realize that they must support Obama as that is what Clinton wants. Sorry to burst everyones buble as I to would be proud to recognize Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton but the sad fact is we again by Obama have been fleeced.

Anonymous said...

"means by symbolic. The agreement between the two camps is that Sen. Clinton be placed in nomination BUT prior to the actual vote she is to decline the nod and release her delegates to Obama."

that will never happen. Im afraid you are badly misinformed and published reports say exactly the opposite. Clinton would never be so stupid as to accept a deal like that that she doesnt have to make. Obama has absolutely no control and nothing to say about her name going into nomination. Its not his decision and if she wanted to tell him to take a flying leap she could do it so she doesnt need to make any deals and the only reason she does is so she is not accused later of being divisive. Her delegates would get up and walk out if she ever made a deal like that and the rest of the convention would be a disaster and the entire Democratic Party would go down to defeat in the fall. Of course if Obama is the nominee that will happen anyway but the insane deal you talk about would insure it and the rest of the convention would be in shambles.

Logistics Monster said...

Completely off topic but this is for Marc...

Anonymous said...

If Hillary was planning to "play Ball" with The One We've been waiting On, why would she not have withdrawn or conceded prior to this point?? I am really confused and hope Hillary has not given up. Another reason to think she is still in the fight is the stiff arming going on to replace Hillary delegates with The Precious One's delegates State by State.
Hope and pray that time is on our side and by the actual Convention, The Anointed One will do more talking and swaggering

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Marc. And I don't understand Hillary Clinton's latest e-mail, I have to hope that Senator Clinton is still "playing the game" and hopes to pull a rabbit out of her hat (sorry to mix metaphors).

Personally, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that Hillary Clinton will release her delegates because of what happened in the past few days -- the assassination of Chairman Gwatney in Arkansas. Gwatney was one of her friends, and was still a young and vital man and a Hillary Clinton superdelegate; there's no way she'll refuse to go to Denver with that happening. And whether she was going to go to Denver or not to "symbolically" give up her delegates before Gwatney was murdered is immaterial; the fact is, Gwatney was murdered and no one knows why.

I'm also convinced that Senator Clinton and President Clinton are enraged by the way Senator Clinton's delegates and supporters have been treated throughout, and that they will not fail us. Because if she'd not wanted our help, she had plenty of chances to disavow us -- and she never has, and I'm betting she never, ever will.

I don't really get why she'd send out that e-mail, but I do know this; it upset a lot of her supporters, who will now work even harder to make sure she gets her opportunity in Denver to have all her delegates be counted in a fair and open manner.

Thank you for your blog, Marc; it is always illuminating.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Marc. Obama has a tin ear for nuance and he and his supporters continues to act like thugs. "Here's your nomination, but don't get the idea we're really giving you anything." How in the world is he going to function on the international front where nuance and tact are key to successful negotiations?

I also heard what RayRay did, that Hillary will have her name placed in nomination, but will vote for Obama herself and ask her delegates to do the same. Hope this is just spin. Or is there an ad coming out that will address this issue?

P.S.: I give the ads great credit for getting us this far. Don't mean to denigrate anyone else's efforts, all have been important and played a part. But full page ads cost big bucks which equal big support. Congratulations to you and Heidi.

Anonymous said...

First thanks for all you do. I've said before on other sites...Hillary had stated more than once tht this is OUR campaign, so having said that those delegates are OUR delegates...and I ma not ready to conceade and just hand everything over to him and the rest of his ilk. It is my hope that she remembers this, and that soon very soon she publicly says so...for if she continues to go down this road with these idiots it will most certainly have an adverse effect on her reputation.

Andy said...

Marc thank you very much for another excellent post. This is my first time commenting although I always read your thoughtful and poignant posts.

I wanted to ask your reaction to Lanny Davis comments reported on ABC :


Longtime Hillary Clinton friend Lanny Davis applauded the news and said Clinton intends to vote for Obama when her name is called, and will move to nominate Obama by acclamation.

"I think it's a perfect solution," said Davis, who went to Yale Law School with the Clintons and was a special counsel to former President Clinton.

"We are absolutely committed to electing Barack Obama and this is the best way to do it so let people have their moment," Davis said. "Sen. Clinton will assure that nothing will occur that will hinder Sen. Obama 's chances but even more will help him by when it comes time for her vote, by voting for him and by moving at the convention to nominate Sen. Obama by acclamation."

Davis said Clinton will have "no sympathy" for some of her supporters who pledge to continue to try to get her nominated at the convention.

"It's a free country and some of the more passionate and less, say, constructive of her supporters are a very, very small minority, might try to do something like that," he said. "No one can be associated with more loyalty and dedication than I towards Sen. Clinton and I will and many of us will be very critical of anybody on the convention floor to do anything that undermines Sen. Obama."

"If that happened, if someone who hogs the microphone or tries to demagogue or tries to be negative, there will no sympathy from Hillary Clinton or loyalists such as myself," Davis said.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Heidi for all that you do. Now more than ever, we need you to keep up the pressure if only so some of us can keep the faith.

Perhaps you and Heidi have seen this "memo" to Hillary. It essentially tells her to back Barack Obama, or else. The article is being promulgated online.

Excerpt: "With too many of your supporters, donors and advisors undermining Obama and threatening to mar the Democratic convention -- and with you and President Clinton still permitting doubt to linger about your own enthusiasm for the presumptive nominee -- such talk merely sets you up to be blamed for his defeat in November. Should Obama fall in an environment poisoned by post-primary malice, his supporters will not be quick to forgive -- and the most unflattering caricature of your own motives and character will prevail.

The inevitable retaliation would inflict fatal damage on any prospect of a future presidential candidacy for you or of your someday winning the Senate majority leadership. Rather than making history as the first serious female contender for the presidency, you would be remembered and resented for ruining the chances of the Democratic Party's first black presidential nominee."

Marc Rubin said...

. "Sen. Clinton will assure that nothing will occur that will hinder Sen. Obama 's chances but even more will help him by when it comes time for her vote, by voting for him and by moving at the convention to nominate Sen. Obama by acclamation."

if any of this is true ( and I doubt it but if it is) it would not only insure the entire democratic party going down to defeat it will absolutely eliminate any chance Clinton would have in 2012 if Obama is the nominee and goes down. Its hard to
believe that her political judgment could be that bad. I didn't hear anything from Clinton that she is going to vote for Obama and ask that he be nominated by acclimation but if she does it it wont do any good for her, the party and it certainly wont do a thing for Obama. It will create a pool of disaffected Democrats large than the party itself. There will be mass resignations and the Democratic Party will have to rebuild from the bottom up which will take years but if thats what it takes to punish them for acting more like Iran, the Soveit Union and China than America then it will be good for everybody.

Marc Rubin said...

"Perhaps you and Heidi have seen this "memo" to Hillary. It essentially tells her to back Barack Obama, or else. The article is being promulgated online."

I went to the link you left and got a 404 message that the page had been removed. but if the memo is authentic the author of the memo displays the kind of political incompetence and stupidity that shows why Democrats lose presidential elections. The author of the memo is not just a political idiot he or she sounds like someone out of the KGB. If you can find out who wrote the memo Id love to know.

Andy said...


Thank you very much for your reply to Lanny Davis's reported comments to ABC. I don't known what's going on
with her "backers"... making these kind of comments. I understand being worried about "ouside" agitators at the convention that could embarrass HRC but the acclamation comment is hard to justify given she has always maintain her campaign belongs to her voters and hence the pledged delegates's independent and free vote should be sacred not pressured upon. I do think that HRC is under enormous pressure and the memo that "diana" above posted --if true-- seems more like a threat by the DNC leadership or someone with power over her Senate seat... I think something very ugly has been played against the Clintons and HRC in particular that implicitely (or explicitely) is threatening them with having and rallying the AA community against her on any future election (courtesy of some of its leaders).
Michael Nutter (Philadelphia) for example has/is(?) suffering enoug for his principled support of HRC...

Andy said...


I could enter with no problem the link that "diane" (above) left. It's hit piece by joe conason at salon

Anonymous said...

I think they started using the word" symbolic" after the press laughed at Barry for "giving in ' To Hillary. Barry is bewtween the Hillary voters and the Press....not a great place to be . It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

Marc, excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Sen. Clinton will assure that nothing will occur that will hinder Sen. Obama 's chances but even more will help him by when it comes time for her vote, by voting for him and by moving at the convention to nominate Sen. Obama by acclamation."

This soooo reminds me of the June 3rd lie " Hillary is conceding!" Every so often during the primary there would be rumors that Hillary is giving up!! and the lie from last week? Hillary won't be voted on! every turn the BS shoots out and it's always about sapping Hillary's support .

Unknown said...

"If she really believes and supports Obama then she herself should simply give up anything that could fall under the heading of a charade, release her delegates, withdraw her name from nomination and support Obama."

You're so right. I believe the fight is on and it's happening covertly and she wants to win the roll call vote. If that happens, I don't see her ceding to him. If the roll call vote is close and he doesn't pick her as VP, how can he claim to be the "great unifier"?

The best time and place to debut the real disunity that exists between the camps is at the convention. The last thing Hillary wants is to allow Obama and the mainstream media to pen a narrative demonizing her intentions before the convention. Let them write it after Denver. In the meantime Hillary should continue riding the unity pony with as much faked sincerity she can muster.

Here is a woman who prides herself on working within the system. What happens when the system works against her and her ideals? Will the real Hillary please stand up!

I can't wait.

I hope that this new post works it's way into another Denver Group ad.

Thank you for your work Marc.

Anonymous said...

Contact the DNC / Dem. convention at this address:

and send this message:

Your website only mentions Obama’s acceptance speech. Where will Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech be held if she is nominated? When will this be posted? Thanks for any information!!

Also, ask the Denver news media where Hillary’s acceptance speech will be.

tilbrutus said...

I heard is the roll call vote will not be secret. I'm guessing this is another caucus maneuver to identify and pressure delegates. This also will be the means of establishing whose loyal to Obama.

Hillary is marked. She needs to have the AA and Liberal vote in any future run (senate or presidency) and she won't get it with Obama in charge of the party, whether or not he's president.

If you want to know BO's MO (sic); ask Alice.

Anonymous said...

To emca: Someone should make a YouTube ad with the song from Jefferson Airplane, "Go Ask Alice" playing in the background and the story of how BO got rid of Alice Palmer and that other politician, so he could run unopposed.

Obama: Just another corrupt Chicago-style pol.

kneec29 said...

They say great minds think alike but in this case I think it's just irate democrats because it doesn't take a great mind to see what Howard Dean and the DNC have done. Every voter in this country should be upset about this election. It's the beginning ogf the downfall of our democracy. We have young men and women dying right now fighting on foreign soil to give those people what is being taken away from us. "Symbolic vote"
what is that supposed to mean? I know the answer to that one. "shut up and go away." Does Dean think that is really going to happen?
In my searches I came upon the DNC Charter which Art.5, Sec.4 states the national Chairperson shall exercise impartiallity etc. between Presidential candidates and campaigns and ensuring the nat'l officers and staff do the same during the nominating process.Dean violated that article when he asked Senator Clinton to step aside for the good of the party. Pelosi and Reid violated the same. It looks like to me there should be something we can do about that. If we could get them out of the picture before the convention we might stand a chance at an honest election. I've never heard of anyone else speak of this Charter.
Hillary was shocked by them asking her to step down and let Obama have the nomination, said she never heard of such a thing.
If she doesn't accept the nomination this country will never recover.

Anonymous said...

I maxed out to Hillary during this primary season, first time I've ever donated to any candidate. If Hillary doesn't allow the full roll call vote and instead allows her name in nomination and then encourages us to vote for Obama. I am done with the Democratic party after 40 years. What a major disappointment that would be and at that point I will blame Hillary and the DNC.

Anonymous said...

kneec29 said...
In my searches I came upon the DNC Charter which Art.5, Sec.4 states the national Chairperson shall exercise impartiallity etc. between Presidential candidates and campaigns and ensuring the nat'l officers and staff do the same during the nominating process.Dean violated that article when he asked Senator Clinton to step aside for the good of the party. Pelosi and Reid violated the same.

Dean and Pelosi and Reid should be tried for something, I am not sure what but they should all be sent packing. They have disgraced this party, they have cheapened the vote. I think the Chinese and Iranian voters are laughing at us right now.

When I heard those party leaders saying Clinton should step down, I knew then it was over for her. And I kept fighting for her. And I am not just fighting for her but for democracy tool

I agree, every single American should be outraged by the display of hypocrisy b the DNC.

Dean couldn't make it as nominee so now he presides over his little fiefdom. I wonder what he is going to do in NOvember.

Anonymous said...

IF there is a redemption, there must be a time of confusion before hand. As a seasoned politician, Senator Clinton must have some understanding of what made her supporters so determined. She understands that the endgame is out of her hands and that it belongs to the voters now. This is why they are fighting the good fight and when everything is said and done it will be our victory, not hers. She understands that the fight is for and about voter representation, not a win or lose for the candidates. This part of the "why" so many refuse to be part of a facade of "unity". We want the candidates and party leaders to understand that their eventual job is to represent us, not them. We want them to understand that eight years of being told what is good for us is no longer acceptable. If there is will amongst the majority of the people, they will demand satisfaction. They will be heard or not. If a minority (or the candidates themselves)co-opt the process in their favor, the people will turn away. She understands this and 18 million of us have suspected all along that he never will. That is why he continues to try and manipulate the process and she is operating solely on faith now. One of my favorite film moments comes from "Shakespeare in Love" when the promoter of the play repeats the mantra that is fed to him throughout the chaos of the creative process.
Philip Henslowe: Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.
Hugh Fennyman: So what do we do?
Philip Henslowe: Nothing
Strangely enough, it all turns out well.
Hugh Fennyman: How?
Philip Henslowe: I don't know. It's a mystery.
It is in his giving up and acceptance that "all will end well" that he is fully absorbed into the result, whatever it may be. I myself, am trying to keep the faith that democracy will prevail, no matter the result of the convention. It is our responsibility to fight the good fight and not bow to the pressures of corruption and hubris. I have more and more respect for Senator Clinton each time I watch her (and President Clinton) give it up to faith - and the voters - because they know that is the best outcome and the best result.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Hillary needs to stop publicly supporting Obama.
Hillary was told by Rangel that she had to drop out. (All AA superdelegates were abandoning her). If she went publicly for the nomination and stop the unity schtick, she'd upset AAs and lose their vote in November. Hillary is caught between a rock and a hard place. Only the work of "The Denver Group", PUMAs and other Hillary supporters can change the outcome. Not releasing her delegates is all she can do at this point. Hillary needs the AA vote, just like Obama needs Hillary's supporters. Obama made the mistake of losing our vote, Hillary cannot make the mistake of losing Obama's core support. It would be a Pyrrhic victory.

Anonymous said...

Hillary - stuck between Barack and a hard place.