Monday, August 25, 2008


Obama, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi seem to have a big envy problem. And their problem seems to be that Democrats simply aren't Republicans. And wont shut up and act like them. They wish they would because you can almost hear them thinking that's the way to win a Presidential election since Republicans win most of them. But that has more to do with Democratic Party ineptitude at the top, massive miscalculation and incompetence and not really knowing what it takes to win as well as being afraid to just trust being honest. Just what we are seeing again. And, as Einstein has pointed out in his definition of insanity, it will surely bring the same results.

Only this time there is something of a revolt going on with more than half the party. And Obama, Dean, Pelosi, and Fowler can't understand it. They think just because you're a Democrat you're supposed to shut up and go along.But like everything else they think and do, they are being proved wrong.

For almost 8 years George W Bush not only initiated policies and judgements that visited the worst collection of man made catastrophe's ever visited on the United States by one President, (yes including Katrina which was made much worse because of the Bush administration's ineptitude) he also violated every conservative and Republican principle they have espoused for the last 150 years. And Republicans, for the most part ( with a few exceptions) kept their mouths shut.In fact Rush Limbaugh confessed after the Republicans lost congress that he was relieved because he didn't have to carry water for the Republicans anymore.

They were guilty of the worst thing a member of a political party can be guilty of -- putting their party ahead of their country. And 8 years of the Bush administration's policies shows how dangerous and destructive that can be.

That is exactly what the leadership of the Democratic party now wants from the party's majority who do not support Barack Obama. And they don't ( or won't) understand that those who refuse to support Obama are doing so because they are putting country and principle ahead of party and will refuse to sanction the subversion of Democratic principles that were the driving force behind the nominating process both during the primaries and, seemingly, at the convention.

But what Howard Dean,Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and other DNC leaders wish is that those not supporting Obama would be more like Republicans. Just keep your mouths shut and fall in line even if you believe that the candidate they pushed is easily the worst candidate for President in the history of the Democratic party, the weakest based on the primary results, the most incompetent, underhanded, divisive and the most dishonest, that the Democratic Party has ever offered.

And they expect ( or is it hope?) that more than 18 million people will just forget all that and fall in line simply because they are Democrats. Did they really expect that their incomprehensibly bad judgement which chose Obama to be the nominee despite the outcome of the primaries would be ratified just because they say so?

That events have proved the majority of Democrats who voted against Obama right ( his serial lying, his reneging on pledges, reversing positions and the triteness and shallowness of his mind put on display by his phony Presidential seal not to mention his being landslided in the 13 biggest states in the country) may or may not affect super delegates who will actually decide the nomination on August 27. But if Obama is in fact the nominee, the biggest thing Howard Dean and Obama will have to worry about now is not the Republcians, but Democrats are not going to act like Republicans. They are not going to support a candidate they not only don't believe in but absolutely detest.

You don't support a candidate that you detest and have contempt for because of his lack of scruples,honesty and integrity, and who you think would be a disaster for the country just because the party hierarchy wants you to. That is the stuff of the Politburo not the party of Jefferson.

The Democratic leadership ( a term which has become an oxymoron) still thinks that for Clinton supporters it's sour grapes because their candidate wasn't chosen by the party hierarchy to be the nominee. But maybe that's because Clinton supporters have the quaint idea that it's who gets the most votes and demonstrates who is the stronger candidate that ought to determine who is the nominee.

Dean and the rest of the leadership at the convention after are going to have to face facts.

First, no one is going to buy that Senator Clinton after a grueling primary campaign that lasted 7 months, didn't want the nomination so there is no scenario in which she would release her delegates that will be believed as having not been pressured by the party to do so for the worst possible reasons. Remember, she goes into the convention only 49 pledged delegates behind Obama and the popular vote winner. Secondly, if it is perceived, as it is now, that Senator Clinton does not have an equal opportunity to win the nomination and that the vote will in fact be "symbolic' with delegates being instructed on how to vote and the outcome preordained, the Democratic Party will probably face the worst defeat in its history. Because more than half the party isn't going to simply shut up and take it.

They are not going to vote for Obama, and they may not vote for many of the Democratic candidates for Congress who supported Obama and went along with the corruption of the system, especially those from districts whose consituents voted for Clinton but who supported Obama after receiving cash bribes.

Instead of trying to get Democrats to behave like Republicans ( maybe it's because this is the candidate who said it was the Republicans who were the party of ideas) it might be best for them to remember the words of Will Rodgers who said, " I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat".

Maybe it's too late for Howard Dean to start acting like a true Democrat. Or Nancy Pelosi or any of the super delegates supporting Obama. But it's not too late for the 18 million voters who rejected Obama and who the Democratic Party can't win without.

The great irony may be that those 18 million will send a message to the party leadership that Democrats aren't Republicans by getting a Republican elected which should make the message sink in like nothing else. And also remind those who wish that Democrats would act more like Republicans of the old adage: be careful what you wish for.


untilthelastdogdies said...

Another wonderfully articulated post Mr. Rubin!

No, we aren't going to keep our mouths shut.

I hope you'll join me outside the DNC offices come November 5th.

There will be a reckoning. The day will come when once again, Democrats will act like Democrats and not like Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Republicans will continue to be in office. Thanks for keeping up all the fuss about two candidates with the same view points. We really appreciate it. Just so that you know Hilliary did not get the popular vote either but let's just say she did so that McCain can win :) and the democratic party will never come together until Clinton is out of the picture. If Obama loses she gets the blame and if she then tries to run in 2012 who in that broken party is going to vote for her? Ha Ha. You all have too much nonsense going on in your party. I'll be laughing at your expense all the way to the voting booth. Dumbocrats are funny.

Anonymous said...

I told my repub family members the same thing back in Feb when they kept whining about how Hillary wouldn't just give up already. "why is she still in it?" they would ask, "because the democratic party doesn't pick its nominee the way that you GOP sheep do." i would say. I also told them that McCain would be their nominee no matter how bad things looked for him in the beginning. it was the quid pro quo for taking his beating like a good little oliver north in 2000. and moving up the FL vote was engineered by the FL state GOP to knock Rudi out of the race early (MI losing 1/2 its delegates was to kill Mitt). no one on the GOP side bothered to go out and vote that day cause they knew the party had already decided that their vote wasn't going to count unless they voted for the state sanctioned candidate. keeping Hillary down in the delegate count was just gravy for them.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. Thank you as always.

I hope your right and Obama loses in November. In truth I fear massive voter fraud by the Obama camp. They've already done it in caucus races, and they are getting caught trying to register dead people and their dogs. I expect it to get worse particularly since Obama counts as his supporters those very same electronic voting machine makers who likely cheated for Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is my first foray into the PUMA blogs. You guys are delusional - yes, Hillary has 49 delegates less than Obama. That means she lost. In a primary, you CAN'T COUNT popular votes - unless you just leave out all the caucus states....?? In Michigan, she "won" on an EMPTY BALLOT, and in Florida she campaigned alone. In both of these states, she gave her word that she would not campaign in those primaries and BROKE her word. Spare me the platitudes about how tough she is, and that somehow cheating is okay as long as you win.

And, I REALLY don't understand all the vitriol against Obama; I can't say he was my first choice either, but DAMN, if you really are a democrat, you CANNOT vote for McCain.

I simply don't believe any of you. I think you're either right-wing trolls, or stubborn old-school racists that don't want to admit it. I can't explain your intense hatred for Obama any other way.

Your candidate lost an election - period. Give it up for chrissakes!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom, as much as I admire your photo of the dems following Pelosi and Dean in this fiasco, I think that a picture of a lemming might be more appropriate.

Marc Rubin said...

"Your candidate lost an election.."

your candidate won a rigged election and the only thing that is going to get given up is the Democrats chance to win the White House which is now history. By the way since the roll call vote is Wed and you are admitting that Clinton has already lost unless you have enough brains or evidence to prove that Obama officially won the nomination when the primaries ended youre admitting what everyone knows..the result of him winning is completely rigged and thats why you and your candidate is toast in November...he loses 10 million Democratic votes before he even gets started and the Democtratic candidate needed to hold everyone in 2004 and add a state..this is going to be Reagan Mondale all over get over it.

democraticjack said...

Another classic post, Marc. It goes hand and hand with your earlier post explaining why an Obama presidency would be a third term for Bush.
For the cowardly vitriolic "anonymous" commenters; Hillary did indeed win the popular vote and Barack Obama was the one who ran television ads in Florida, not Hillary. Obama also held a presser which was against the beknighted "roolz". Of course, we now know those roolz only applied to Hillary Clinton.

Marc Rubin said...

Wow. This is my first foray into the PUMA blogs. You guys are delusional - yes, Hillary has 49 delegates less than Obama. That means she lost.

this is how pathetically dumb stupid delusional and gullible Obama supporters doesnt mean he won and if you had a clue as to Democratic Party rules and how it works you would have known he hadnt won but you dont. His 49 delegate lead was not enough to win. Neither he nor Clinton won enough to win which is why it was supposed to be settled Wed night when super delegate votes would decide it. and nothing super delegates have to say counts for anything until they cast the votes..which is why the DNC is rigging it so that wont happen. So if you knew even 1/10th of what you think you, you would have known the 49 delegate lead he had was not enough to win, not now, not in June, not at anytime until Wed night..which once again shows that you know that the whole process was rigged and the Democratic Party will pay the price for it in November.

Marc Rubin said...

"I told my repub family members the same thing back in Feb when.."

you have a Republican family? you mean its genetic? You were all born that way? Well that explains a lot.

Marc Rubin said...

I hope your right and Obama loses in November. In truth I fear massive voter fraud by the Obama camp.

there's already been massive voter fraud in the Obama camp. How do you think he is getting the nomination? But when you lose as bad as Reagan beat Mondale and get landslided in almost every state in the country voter fraud cant turn the tide.

Susan said...

The Republicans who enabled Obama to cheat to "win" the nomination have NO intention at ALL of supporting him in November.

I am looking at a 50-state loss for the Democrats and them being shut out of the White House for at least 12 more years.

suef4hil said...

Only two people have articulated my thoughts with such eloquence until I began to read you.
The first- David Bumbaugh, Unitarian Universalist Minister, The second (although she has fallen into a kool-aide coma so she no longer counts)- Anna Quindlan.
And now- Marc Rubin. I am left speechless each time I read your new posts.
But I think the rest of the country is finally waking up. And I look forward to the spin how the democrats were somehow able to blow it again this year...
Be safe in Denver

Anonymous said...

Well said.
The Dem's lost when they back BO.
He is so not ready to lead.
Dem, veteran, doctor, mom, wife, sister, human being.

bjw1951 said...

and they identify themselves as anonymous...hey, anonymous who says this is his/her first foray into the PUMA've been taking Obot lying lessons. Go away little troll. Great post, Tom. For those of us who have been paying attention, we understand where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Mark - off topic. You're too good to be true. Are you married?
I'm not watching the convention - I can't, but I hoped against hope you'd post today...and you did.
You are always such a pleasure to read...and I meant it about the married thing.

BJinChicago said...

Tom, I will remember in November. It is time to take our country back. Character before marketing; country before party. McCain 2008; Clinton 2012!

Marc Rubin said...

Mark - off topic. You're too good to be true. Are you married?
I'm not watching the convention - I can't, but I hoped against hope you'd post today...and you did.
You are always such a pleasure to read...and I meant it about the married thing..."

Flattery will get you everywhere.
thank you for the compliment.And no Im not married. who would put up with me? "Honey can you take out the garbage"? "I cant right now Im saving the country".

The convention is shaping up to be a totally dishonest dog and pony show reflecting the dishonesty of the entire process. The only real drama will be if Clinton delegates revolt and refuse to go along with the party line and turn the roll call vote into something where people actually vote according to the rules.

Anonymous said...

Marc, you were great last night on My Two Cents.


DancingOpossum said...

Marc, thanks for yet another brilliant post. And remember that I asked you to marry me long before these other jonny-come latelies.

The only grim bit of satisfaction I get from this rigged convention is watching the Clintons remain the fixed center of everyone's attention. There's a tacit admission that the whole thing has been a pathetic snoozefest and that even The One's speech will be anticlimactic after Hillary and Bill storm the stage.

Still, I hope this is their last hurrah of Obama-endorsement. I think Hillary's done enough, and Obama and his fanboys need to "move on," "get over it," and win without her. Or her supporters. And Bill doesn't even have to pretend to play nice, the way she does.

Yes, I held out one final, ragged hope that the DNC would actually allow a real vote, but I've lost that hope now. The jig is clearly up, and the only thing left is to watch this thing spiral into disaster.

1950democrat said...

Flattery will get you everywhere.
thank you for the compliment.And no Im not married. who would put up with me? "Honey can you take out the garbage"? "I cant right now Im saving the country".


You forgot "Not tonight, dear, I have a modem."

Anonymous said...


Maybe after November the Dems and news media will read your post again. (Save it for a repost)

If they don't get the real message here we have no chance they can learn from this debacle. The repub will now bring out all the stuff they have been saving for the right time. I heard an Obama supporter blame Hillary for saying things that the repub can now use against him. Nuts! They don't need anything said by Hillary. Obama gave them more than enough already.

The Joe Biden spot about Obama not being ready yet,that the Presidency is not an on the job learning position in the debates is rich.
Biden is his own vp choice. Was no one supposed to answer a question from the press that would bring any Obama's shortcomings into focus? The Obots act like any question of Obama is racist. These delusionals will blame everything and everyone. Yes we will be called racist and much more. I don't care. I only hope the repugs also learn that if any of them had backbone we would not have this enormous mess. Maybe the Independents will learn that just going along--remenber school?--can be very dangerous indeed.


Hal Turner said...

A high class analytical piece — thank you! He has put himself in a box and can’t get out.

Have you all seen this article in:

They have money, media, and even about half of the Dem party with most of the party elites in their pocket but the candidate himself is faulty — much hype about nothing!

- Hal Turner

Chris R said...

I hope that Elizabeth Joyce, who spoke to Larry King about the PUMA cause, will not get plastered by the same trollers like David for being brave enough to go on national television and speak before the country about how Obama expects Hillary voters to just fall in line like the Waffen-SS on parade. Hillary made poingant points about how Obama's healthcare coverage does not go far enough, and how his plan to extricate forces from Iraq is only generalized, and does not go into specifics of drawing down units in an organized fashion during her campaign, yet Obama has not changed his position a single whit. I voted for Hillary in the New York primary primarily because I saw in her a way to change America that is smooth, and that is effective. Obama, as he has shown in victory over Clinton, just expects his positions to be set in stone from the first day he started campaigning, and tramples over the democratic process of the primaries to win a somewhat brokered election. McCain is a joke of a candidate, and completely out of touch with what America has become in the past 8 years, and thinks that old ladies and men who are hard pressed financially to pay their healthcare bills do not need or want Social Security, or that people want to have affordable healthcare. Yet, McCain's incompetence doesn't automatically compel me to vote for Obama, who has his own problems that he has to iron out within his platform and his campaign, and he must do so to gain my vote.

waiting4hrc said...

Marc, I have been thinking of you & Heidi while watching the convention. I was so happy that you took time out to write. You're giving us a pulse on what's really going on in Denver. What a fake, grotesque show!

I loved listening to HRC's speech and felt like I was watching the REAL Presidential nominee. I was crying, cheering and trying to listen to her all at once!

p.s.- I thought I was the only one who was musing if you were single!