Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The roll call vote tonight is shaping up to be what the DNC wanted all along -- a show as fake and as rigged as a Fifties quiz show, where there will be no chance for an honest vote and no chance or an honest result and where the pre-scripted outcome has been rigged before hand. The question is will Clinton's delegates go along with the script? No one really knows except the delegates themselves.

The news is that Clinton has agreed to release her delegates prior to the vote but that Maggie Williams, her campaign manager told them they were free to vote their conscience. To show the depths that the Obama campaign, the DNC and the media have sunk, when news of this leaked it was interpreted and characterized by some in the Obama camp and the media as Clinton potentially trying to sabotage Obama. Think about that.The DNC, Obama and the news media have now gotten to a point where someone voting their conscience is considered "sabotage". Which makes the DNC have a lot more in common with the old soviet Politburo in 1968 than Philadelphia in 1789

If the news of Clinton's decision to release her delegates with instructions to vote for Obama is true, there is always the possibility that Clinton is doing this knowing her delegates will vote for her, at the same time allowing her to avoid criticism from party leadership.

The wisdom of doing that is questionable both politically and otherwise to say the least since had Clinton been willing to stand up to the party leadership on the grounds that it was corrupting the process and was being dishonest she would have had the backing of more than half the party and probably more than half the country. Yesterday

But Clinton's decision if true will change nothing for two reasons: first the Party belongs to its members not the leadership. If the members who support it stop contributing and stop supporting the leadership and the candidates they put forth, the Democratic Party leaders will have to go and in the future there will be a new leadership and a new set of candidates.

And for those concerned about the corruption of principles by the Democratic Party leadership headed by Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi as well those super delegates whose constituents voted for Clinton but who declared for Obama after taking cash bribes, they can punish those responsible the best way possible -- with their vote.

This is no longer about Hillary Clinton who is free to make her own choices and has to live with them. This election will be about the Democratic Party as an institution and what it stands for and whether a dishonest unqualified candidate with no principles promoted by people with no principles aided by a dishonest inept media with no principles, triumphs or whether they will be dealt an enormous defeat as punishment for their attempts at corrupting the process..That as a matter of what the country stands for as well as the party is as important as any issue facing America.As important as health care is, the country has survived 220 years without it. It would not have survived a day under the kind of corruption we've witnessed by the DNC during this primary season by the DNC.

for the first time in anyone's memory and for the majority of democrats the presidential election will not be about ideology. Its not going to be about health care, or Iraq or the economy or the respective qualifications of the candidates since the Democratic candidate, assuming its Barack Obama, doesn't have any and nothing he says about anything can be trusted anyway.

Its going to be about whether 18 million Democrats who rejected Barack Obama will sanction a corrupt process that sold out Democratic values and principles in their desperate desire to win, while in the process choosing the candidate that was clearly the weakest, the least qualified and certainly the most dishonest candidate to come along in anyone's memory and is most likely to lose, but who fit the agenda of a few.

This is also going to be about one other important idea Its going to be about country ahead of party and principle ahead of party.

This is not something we've seen the last 8 years from Republicans who went along with the most inept divisive, incompetent President in history and let him wreck havoc on the country and kept silent for party unity. Party unity is a Republican idea. its not a Democratic idea. It is also the hall mark of other political systems that are antithetic to democracy.It was Democrats who turned on a Democratic president over Vietnam. and it will be Democrats who will turn against a party that staged a rigged convention that never had an honest moment.

Handing the Democrats a resounding loss in a year that was supposed to be a cakewalk, like a mother forcing a sick child to take its medicine, could be the best thing that could happen for the Democratic Party in the long run. It will make a statement and help ensure that in the future what was seen during this entire process will never be tolerated or seen again and a huge defeat will purge the party of the people responsible.

What these people need to learn is that most Democrats think for themselves and put the country ahead of the party and cant be whipped into line. There will never be unity behind a corrupt system. The fact that Joe Biden said that Obama was ready to be President and lead on day one, shows the depths a politician is willing to sink for the sake of his own ambitions and that of "the party".

The degree to which the majority of Democrats can also punish those in the news media for not only aiding and abetting the corruption of the democratic process will depend on each individual. Nothing makes more of a statement than simply boycotting not only those media outlets who showed themselves to be journalistically corrupt but the advertisers they rely on. If the pressure and boycotts are real they will have no choice but to get rid of the editors and journalists that were willing to corrupt journalistic principles as readily as the DNC were willing to corrupt democratic ones.

Putting the country before party is going to be the next step in this process. For those people who cannot and will not support Obama or any Democratic candidate who supported the corruption of the process, there will be an alternative to supporting an unsupportable candidate and those in the party who in turn supported his candidacy. And that is simply don't for vote for him. That is the way to defeat the corruption that infected the process this year and even if McCain is President, the party could rehabilitate itself in two years and control the Congress.

The fiasco that has been the nominating process this year and the fiasco that is shaping up for the roll call vote has made a mockery of the party of Jefferson,Roosevelt, JFK or RFK. Listening to the tortured comparisons being made about Obama reminds everyone that he has more in common with Eddie Haskell than JFK .

The Denver Group is going to have something to say about this and an announcement will be made soon about the next step and the plan to hold those in the Democratic Party accountable, and to try and effect the kind of change in the Democratic Party that's really needed.

Then Obama will have finally helped to usher in a change people can believe in. Just not in the way he ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this was just exceptional! With permission, I would like to cross-post this - with all credit to you - at another web site ( Your comments today deserve the widest possible readership, and I do hope our votes get you onto the "most voted" page. Thank you.

prabhata said...

Hillary could have fought and maybe win, but if she won, it would be a Pyrrhic victory. Hillary would lose a significant percentage of the AA vote in the general election and any future political campaign. Obama and the Democratic leadership knows that Hillary has no choice but to submit to the rools that change from moment to moment. Hillary wants to continue her work as an elected politician, and she is putting that goal ahead of whatever the gang makes her do right now. But we can change the game by defeating Obama.

Marc Rubin said...

"...With permission, I would like to cross-post this"

Permission granted.

Anonymous said...

I could not have expressed my sentiments any better. You've said it all with the kind of passion I would have employed. Yes, the offending media pundits can be made to account for their offenses against sensibility and truth and fairness by boycotting the advertisers advertising in their media outlets. Make that a worldwide movement, let's start with advertisers in CNN and Time and Newsweek Magazines. These are the media which have everything to do with mesmerizing the world with lies.

Anonymous said...

HEAR!!!! HEAR!!!!!!

Excellent. But then all your posrs are.

I wait to hear what the next move will be to purge the Democratic Party of the far left authoritarian fools who brought is the disaster that is barak Obama. Count me in.

Columbus, Ohio

suef4hil said...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!

What more can I say?

Thank you Marc, again!

untilthelastdogdies said...


In the pure truth-of-the-matter department,
it is a toss-up between your latest post and the wonderfully inspirational comments made by DNC delegate Anne Price-Mills. The idealist in the Democratic Party are still alive and kicking!

Like a forest fire brought on by thunderbolt, sometimes renewal must be achieved thru raging flames.

If it is a purge the leadership wanted then a purge there shall be, just not the one they envisioned.


bethtopaz said...

Marc, you are a gifted writer.

Your blog demonstrates that "the pen is mightier than the sword."

“True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword.
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the C├Žsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!”

by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play "Richelieu"

bornagaindem said...

Hear! Hear!

So the next move is to defeat Obama

Anonymous said...


A zillion bravos!!!!!


Posted link to your bulls-eye
post at

Also for anyone who missed it...

A must-see interview on CNN with
delegate Anne Price-Mills

(mentioned in above comments by untilthelastdogdies)

Anonymous said...

great post wow you said it!

soona said...

The fight against the democratic party should start as soon as possible. People should be made aware of how undemocratic and corrupt the party become. agreat ad will be be (it is the party stupid) really Obama would not have done without the party and msm. hit them hard in their bottom line and start as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The process is corrupt, and I refuse to support it with my vote.

Anonymous said...

It's especially difficult to watch respected political leaders like the Clintons support this dog and pony show. A person who is unqualified in March, April etc can't be qualified in August. Yet these Democrats who have given Bush whatever he wanted, and who have ignored their promises, and our wishes, expect us to put party before Country and elect yet another liar. I haven't felt this betrayed since the Supreme Court violated our Democracy in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree "The fight against the democratic=communist party should start as soon as possible" RIGHT NOW! Elect McCain to defeat BO and DNC

Hillary 012 - run as an independent - it is the only way!! Run for the country and the people!!

Anonymous said...

Your post has me in tears because you've said so clearly what I've been trying to say throughout this campaign. The overriding concern in this election for me, and I believe for millions like me, is the survival of our democratic principles and processes, indeed, the survival of our democratic republic as we know it. I've donated to The Denver Group despite my very limited means, but your post has convinced me to keep on donating no matter what I must sacrifice. The work that you and Heidi Li are doing to uphold the principles of individual freedom on which our nation was founded must go on. I truly hope that every single JSND coalition member reads your post and takes it in. Please cross post it wherever you can. There should be no 'second chances' given to the DNC, Party leaders or their coronated candidate. Their final chance to redeem themselves after their abhorrent, fascist behavior throughout the campaign was to have a full, honest, meaningful, open roll call vote on the convention floor with states called in alphabetical order. They blew this final chance with more of the same fascist behavior that has now become their trademark. They proved that this Democratic Party, with its current leadership, is no longer the party of democracy. They proved that this party has no place in a nation in which 'the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.' The DNC, Party leaders and Obama may have stolen my party, but I will never let them steal my country or my freedoms. I will use my vote to show them the exit sign. Thank you again. CK

Marc Rubin said...

"..The overriding concern in this election for me, and I believe for millions like me, is the survival of our democratic principles and processes,..."

I agree and rallying people against rewarding the Democratic Party for their subversion and corrupting of democratic principles is our next step. Thanks for your comment. I found it particularly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marc. I've been so disheartened. I went to Denver at my own expense, like so many other JSND and PUMA people, trying to lend my support in any way I could. I did an interview for Minnesota Public Radio with Bob Collins, not because I wanted '15 minutes of fame,' but because I feel so passionately about what's at stake in this election, and because I seemed to be the only person available at the time, with the key spokespeople already tied up doing interviews, etc. The comments have been brutal. I've been attacked in every conceivable way, including being accused of being a Republican 'plant' and not using my own name. So, your saying that you found my comment 'particularly inspiring' means so much to me. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Republican Party. Shades of reverse McCarthyism! When did love of this country become antithetical to the Democratic Party and its membership? I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat and feminist activist, but the ridiculous flack I'm taking for standing up for the processes and principles of democracy has confirmed my resolve to vote a straight Republican ticket this year for the first time in my life. If the Democratic leaders place belief in a vapid, 'American Idol' demagogue above belief in the founding principles of this country, it's way past time to vote them out. Thanks again to you and Heidi Li for all your wonderful work. Please keep going. CK

waiting4hrc said...

When I read your post, I felt I could breathe again. The bare truth is so refreshing.

The Dem. Party has become decayed and rotting. It needs a thorough cleansing & renewal. A devastating loss in Nov. could precipitate this. I am so glad that the Denver Group will keep educating the public. I'm sure many are not aware that the roll call vote was rigged by cutting short the counting with an early, pre-arranged announced by HRC to make it 'unanimous' to hide division in the party or ,God- forbid, a loss for the schoolboy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!! To know that the Denver Group will fight for us gives me hope. PUMA (Darragh Murphy),Riverdaughter, Will Bower,Heidi Lui and The Denver Group will certainly show the world and Democrats how a grassroots movement can restore democracy to our stunted Democrat Party. The purge of the DNC 'leadership' begins. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marc, for this insightful post.

I am disgusted by the DNC's atrocious behavior and will not support it, or their selected, elitist candidate, with a vote or money or anything else, ever again -- not until they're all out of there (Dean, Pelosi, Daughtry, Alexis Herman, Fowler -- all who stood in the way of fair reflection and the true will of the voters).

But I am glad you're continuing to fight. So am I.

We must fight this process. We must fight it with everything we have.

I cannot vote McCain, but I will never vote Obama. Hillary Clinton is my candidate; the DNC has forced her from the field, and I will never forget that, but I know what she stands for and I know exactly who she is and exactly how she'd govern.

As I say so often (it's part of my signature at Alegre's Corner), the DNC should be ashamed. This is wrong. We must fight it.

Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do.

Patrick Burns said...

I'm a conservative Republican and I agree with almost everything you have said here, especially your conclusion in the last paragraph. Bravo, Marc!

Anonymous said...

carpetride said...

remember in november that there are some other races that are equally important to support:
namely those who are running against pelosi and kerry.

Anonymous said...

anastasiabeuvenhouser said...

-Loyal Fan

Anonymous said...

Where is this Economic experience of Obama's from???
I just want to know - how come Obama owns the "economic" side of the
where did he get all this economic knowledge over McCain???????? This
be questioned don't you think? If I were McCain I would ask Obama
question if I got the chance. I think this needs to be highlighted
because I dont know where the hell obama got his background.
melk txs