Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Denver group received notification today from Act Blue, the Democratic fundraising site, that, effective immediately, they are de-listed and can no longer have a fundraising page or accept contributions through Act Blue.This came today after the Denver Group's first post convention ad ran in Michigan.

The ad heavily criticized the DNC and accused them of corruption in the way they handled the entire primary process including the rigging of the roll call vote..

The reasons given by an Act Blue spokesman named Nate Thames ( for those who'd like to drop him a line but who claims that he wasn't the one making the decision), was the Denver Group's anti-Obama ad and no doubt the fact that the ad had the audacity to hold the Democratic leadership's feet to the fire over their dishonest handling of the nominating process.

The decision shows just how insidious those elements inside the Democratic Party have become and how more than ever, have become elements worth opposing. Oppose Obamadont tow the party line and they pull the plug. About as an egregious case of censorship and an attempt to violate free speech within the Democratic Party as anyone can remember.

Not that its going to matter. The Denver Group can still take in contributions from Pay Pal as well as by check as it did in the beginning. But this shows the lengths some in the Party are willing to go to stifle dissent.

But what this may do is inspire people even further to oppose those elements in the Democratic Party who have been trying to turn it into the Politburo. They did it by trying to silence Florida and Michigan, they did it by rigging the roll call vote and now they are trying to interfere with the fundraising for any group opposing the party line.

It will probably backfire. It will probably result in even more contributions which in turn will result in even more ads hitting the DNC and Obama, taking them to task for what they are and showing them to be something less than desirable for the country in November. But it also shows to what extent people who claim they are for freedom will go to try and stifle it.

Act Blue called it de-listing. Joe McCarthy might have called it another kind of list.


susan h said...

I have spent part of today trying to make some Obama supporters at work understand why I cannot vote for him even though I am a lifelong democrat. Every time I told them that he "STOLE" the election, caucuses were fraudulent, there was no honest roll call, etc. etc. etc., they did not believe me. I sent them Dr. Lynette Long's web-site link re: caucus fraud to back up the story but still they down-played it. They kept saying that Hillary just lost. It is very hard to keep talking truth while others are denying it and trying to make you into an idiot in the process. Thank you Marc, for your continued speaking of the truth, for continually letting us know what is going on in the former "democratic" party. I will also continue to attempt to let others know even through the tears. Thank you for doing the same.

justsaynotoBO said...

You might take it as a good sign: your ads are making an impact. But I agree with Susan h who commented that, nearly across the board, people truly believe that Hillary lost fair and square and that she lost because she mismanaged her campaign, etc. That’s how thoroughly the MSM has painted their version of events and how powerful their influence (and the DNC’s) has been.

Anonymous said...

Mighty strange things are happening around the nomination and potential election of Obama. In my 60+ years I've never seen anything remotely close to this behavior. Every attempt is being made to stifle dissent; ban dissenters; disrupt discussions; destroy blog communities...the strangest however, is what or who has taken over the Democratic party? This is positively erie!

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The fascists are truly scared.

We must simply press them until they squeal--and then press some more.

This has been a street fight for a long time, but Repubs and conservatives have not wanted to acknowledge that.

We cannot forget that. That and the obvious fact that the Demockacrats, liberals and leftists simply do not understand or will not engage in civil discourse.

And with their hearts and souls so filled with hatred and venom, they quite literally may do anything.

democraticjack said...

This is validation for the purpose of the Denver Group. What a bunch of idiots! Do they honestly think this will go away by throwing gas on a burning fire? I laugh at them. And I am emailing Nate and asking for my tips back!

Anonymous said...

DNC needs to hit bottom in order for reform to get in. I'm a democrat voting for McCain.

Sarah Singh said...

my reply to Gloria Steinem...


mark and heidi,
i am so sorry that your hard work is being made harder.
what was said last week at the DNC convention by bill clinton rings off the hook...
"power of example not example of power...."

waiting4hrc said...

If this is how they are operating before the election, it is a sign of how dangerous it will be if they win. The U.S.A. will become a fascist state under Obama (the puppet leader).

We need the voice of the Denver Group now more than ever. Gov. Palin is awesome. I thought Marc Rubin wrote her speech! I supported HRC and now I am happy to support McCain/Palin.

BJinChicago said...

Tit for Tat

Senator John McCain graciously sent Barack Obama a letter congratulating him on his nomination and its historic significance. His message includes this revealing line: "How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day." Yes, of course, it was perfect, if you believe the convention serendipitously included the anniversary date of DR King’s iconic American Dream speech.

It’s more likely, it was too perfect and that McCain, the seasoned politician who survived the Bush campaigns, sees it for what it is: the “perfect” piece of an orchestrated, ethically corrupt, marketing campaign. The fact that the convention dates included the anniversary of DR King’s speech only gives further credence to the idea that the DNC picked its candidate early on and that much of what transpired during the primary and the convention was a sham.

Mourn the end of Roosevelt’s DNC. Its lamp was extinguished from within by once-trusted keepers of the flame, who plotted its demise. FDR’s Party, the party of the people, is gone; it was the victim of a Chicago hit carried out brazenly on cable news for the entire nation to view. The neo-Dem mob used the lethal weapons of misogyny, ageism, race-baiting, and classism for the slaughter. The evil cabal of suspects include Dean, Brazile, Axelrod, Pelosi, and every other elitist party official who thumbed his/her nose at the people’s vote. There are forces within this country that want to dilute or even dissipate our collective power, and unfortunately they stretch within the neo-Democratic Party.

The sadness that many of us have experienced this election is about much more than Hillary Clinton; it is about country, principles and beliefs. It is about the role of our leaders and their responsibility to citizens in a democracy. It is about the sanctity of our vote in a democratic society. Eighteen million Americans have been cheated of their presidential candidate’s vision, knowledge and experience, and neo-Dem Party elitists have allowed their personal thirst for power to take precedence over the needs of the people they were elected to serve.

The neo-Dems have played Chicago-style politics, and therefore, we must react in kind. It must be this for that, tit for tat, or we will never reestablish our power as voters within that party. They must be reminded that actions have consequences. Like it or not, those who do not stand against them are their enablers.

Any child, who has ever gone toe to toe with a bully in a city playground and won, understands the underlying truth about the way Chicago politics is played. We have been civil. We have called, emailed, and written letters. We have politely protested. Civility has not worked. We must fight, or we are vanquished. They must feel our pain, or we have relinquished our place in the sun.

Obama hopes that the likable Biden will win him working class voters who he offended early on with his elitist San Francisco comments. It must not happen; the disenfranchisement must be remembered. I know I will remember in November.

Like the neo-Con Republicans, the neo-Dems cannot be trusted. We must elect a President who will ensure the checks and balances of power that are founders valued. A Democratic Congress with a Republican President will keep them all on their toes, because with that vote we will have nullified the elitists of both parties. We’ve done enough of the heavy lifting; let us put our national elected leaders on notice in a very public way.

I will remember, but who else will remember in November that it is time to take our country back? I will vote McCain, because there is no other viable option for our country. With McCain as POTUS and a Democratic Congress, the two branches can spend the next two years repeatedly checking each other if they cannot work together for the good of the country.

As a result of losing what was to be a "sure thing" this year, the neo-Dems will be cast off (especially, Brazile, Dean, Axelrod, Pelosi, and their sycophants). Thus, the Clintons should be able to seize the leadership during the next Congressional election and reestablish FDR party principles with Hillary running in 2012.

Personally, I will have no problem voting for Senator John McCain; because I believe him to be an honorable man, and I yearn to respect my President again. McCain knows the pangs of war; he will be a good commander in chief. Kerry wanted McCain for his Vice-President in 2004, but McCain refused. Despite neo-Dem comments to the contrary, if Johnny Mac was good enough to lead then; he is good enough now. In addition, McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as VP will make a Republican win in November even sweeter revenge, since it will be a one-two punch and force some reflective “we should have/could have” moments on Democrats.

For me, Senator John McCain has proven that he is the best candidate by his VP choice, because actions do speak louder than words. As others have pointed out, he put his dream of the presidency on the line; and he put his faith in a woman. The actions of the neo-Dems, on the other hand, prove that they are not progressive when it comes to women, since we have witnessed a huge disconnect between what they do and what they say.

For the sake of our country, for its children, and its children’s children, remind the neo-Dems that the people’s democratic vote must be respected. Many have fought to safeguard these voting rights for us. As I write there are soldiers in Iraq defending the right of that country’s people to live in a democratic society, it is indefensible that a national political party has used fascist tactics to deny fellow citizens these rights in our own land, and it is disgraceful that party leaders who have acted as watch guards of democracy elsewhere ignored what happened here. Yet, the Democratic Party has done just that in joining with Obama’s ethically corrupt campaign to guarantee him victory.

I will remember in November, but will I be the only one? Will American voters, especially Clinton Democrats and Independents, remember? Or will some of us stay home or vote Obama out of some misplaced loyalty to the past?

Any Chicagoan knows the adage “you gotta do what you gotta do.” In that mind frame, McCain’s mother gave sage advice for this election to those progressives who are on the fence: "Hold your nose, and vote McCain."

Actions speak louder than words; I will remember in November. Will you?

gerard nedich said...

keep up the great work Marc!


Five days after Obama said families are off limits, Michelle Obama feels it necessary to tell us all that the Obama’s will not have anymore kids because the “presidential race is enough additional responsibility”.

The Obama campaign is telling us that Sarah Palin is unfit to run for VP because she has too many young children. The Obama campaign is afferming and endorsing the sexism that has polluted the MSM, the blogs and the rhetoric of the democratic primary.

This announcement tells America that the Obama campaign has nothing left to stand on, nothing left to offer the voters and that they are truly desperate.

More importantly, it also finally unmasks the true origins of the smears spread about Palin’s daughter, the disgusting lies about Palin’s newly born son and the appalling sexism Americans have had to endure over the last year as nothing more than Obama campaign talking points.

Now we just have to wait for Obama to say, “That is not the Michelle I knew”.

a. hillary
b. mccain

america first!

sharmajee said...

This is a terrible move on the part of Act Blue, I sent them a strong note of protest, and demanded refund of the tips. To think that Jonathan Zucker has to the gall to beg me for donations, going so far as to suggest that I give $10 per month to help Act Blue. I told him to go ask the candidate with 300+ millions to throw a few bucks toward Act Blue, lol.

All this just motivates me to go click on that paypal button ;>)

Anonymous said...

And they don't see how this sort of thing is destroying them. The pettiness of The Obama National Committee knows no bounds.

suef4hil said...

Thanks Marc, glad to see your new post up, missed your wit.
Ideas on Palin?
I for one hate to say this and it is with a heavy heart- I am proud of the Republicans for bashing the media for the blatant sexism of Palin.
I am no Republican- never will be but I am also no longer in the democratic party, I believe in the platform but I will not support the corrupt "leaders" that have gotten us into this mess.
I will not reinforce negative behavior, I will vote McCain and hope that the DNC gets their act together after a bruising loss in NOvember.

waiting4hrc said...

Your comment is thoughtful, articulate, intelligent and passionate.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Marc! McCarthyism in reverse has been at work this entire election season (the extreme left seeing an 'extreme right wingnut'...gasp...'republican' around every corner in every remark daring to question or not support the 'selected' nominee), using fascist tactics to silence free speech, free press and to trample the principles and processes of democracy. After what Act Blue has done to The Denver Group, I believe we should boycott every web site that uses Act Blue to gather donations. Can you recommend (or write and post) a good summary article describing the fraudulent, strong-arm tactics the DNC, Party elders and Obama and camp used throughout the state caucuses, state primaries and national convention to steal the nomination, showing clearly that the 'selected One' absolutely DID NOT win the nomination 'fair and square'? While people familiar with JSND and your blogspot know what happened, there are many voters who don't. I feel such heartfelt kinship with susan h in describing her frustration trying to explain the corruption, fraud, bullying and physical threats that were used. I'm mailing another contribution to The Denver Group this week. Thank you, thank you to you and Heidi Li Feldman for all you continue to do to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the principles and processes of our democracy. CK

Anonymous said...

bjinchicago: Absolutely beautiful post! Should be disseminated widely. Thank you! CK

Anonymous said...

Susan H - you're not alone. I am rather well known in my small community and word is traveling among the democrats here that I'm still "vocal". The truth is, Hillary is loved here, but all these sheep are lining up behind Obama.
I'm thinking of skipping our annual picnic. I don't want to hear it.
But you're not alone. We're all in this together.

Alessandro Machi said...

2016 and every article you write is you stabbing Hillary Clinton in the back. What puffery.