Thursday, June 26, 2008


Since so much of what Barack Obama has had to say has sounded like nonsense and snake oil to so many people and since many people consider him to be an underhanded and dishonest politician that cant be trusted , and given that he has recently made news by reversing himself and breaking his pledge on public financing, embracing the anti-civil liberties telecom immunity bill and making statements about Jerusalem that has angered both sides, I decided the best way to find out what it was about Obama that attracted his supporters was to ask one.

MR: So tell me, what has Senator Obama ever accomplished
that qualifies him to be President of the United States?

OS: There you go again playing the old politics of the past.

MR: So accomplishment is the old politics of the past?

OS: Yes.

MR: So the new politics, the one Senator Obama and you
support and represent is that you don't have to
actually have done anything to be President.

OS: Senator Obama represents hope.

MR: Hope for what?

OS: Hope.

MR: Hope for hope?

OS: Yes.

MR: I see.

OS: And Senator Obama represents change.

MR: What kind of change? from what to what?

OS: Just change.

MR: But it has to be change from something to something.That's
what change is.

OS: Senator Obama stands for a new change in Washington
and a new change in politics, ejecting the old
politics of the past.

MR: The old politics where you had to actually
accomplish something

OS: Yes.And hope and change.

MR: But you cant say what kind of hope and change

OS: Not yet.

MR: Why not?

OS; He hasn't told us yet.

MR: Do you expect him to?

OS: I don't know.

MR: What kind of change are we talking about?

OS: A new beginning.

MR: Wouldn't anyone represent a new beginning after 8 years
of Bush?

OS: Not this kind of beginning.

MR: And what kind of beginning is that?

OS: A beginning of hope and change.

MR: If Senator Obama represents change from the old
politics why did he use an old Washington insider to
vet his vice- presidential candidates and then have
to dump him because he was involved in shady loans deals?

OS: You're using that as a distraction.

MR: What's it distracting from?

OS: Senator Obama's message.

MR: And what message is that?

OS: Hope and change.

MR: Senator Obama broke his pledge to finance
his campaign with public money, something he
promised during the primary. He went back on
his word.

OS: Sometimes you have to.


OS: To fight against the old politics of the past so he
can do what the country needs.

MR: And what's that?

OS: Bring hope and change.

MR: Hope and change for what?

OS: For what matters.

MR: What matters?

OS: Hope and change
MR: Okay so what would be the single biggest change
Senator Obama would accomplish if he were elected?

OS: He's African American.

MR: That's not an accomplishment that's genetics.

OS: You're being divisive. That would be a big change.

MR: But when the country elects the first black President
shouldn't it be because he or she is the best candidate
and the fact that they are black be totally besides the

OS: No. It's about hope and change.

MR: Is it hope for change or hope and change

OS: Either one. its up to you.Its all good.

MR: So it doesn't matter.

OS: No.And he can unify people and bring them together.Help
us over come the divisions that divide us.

MR: Then why is the Democratic Party the most divided in
it's history with almost half the party against him and
most refusing to vote for him?

OS: Uneducated racist Clinton voters.

MR: What flavor Kool-Aid is that?

OS: Cherry.


Anonymous said...

Yup, that about sums it up alright. Well done Marc.

Anonymous said...

You should post more often. It cheers me up, especially now that General J.C. Christian is no longer funny.

It occurred to me while reading Monday's post on the Great Seal that Obama reminds me of Fawn Brodie's picture of Joseph Smith in No Man Knows My History. Check it out if you haven't already.

NYSmike said...

That truly does say it ALL!
Excellent...and very SAD!

Nancy said...

Love it! Brilliant, Marc. Thank you for the laugh and the truth!

Anonymous said...

Really nice thank you. And you've actually captured the reasoning of every Obama supporter.

No Blood for Hubris said...


Anonymous said...

Marc, BRAVO!!!!

YET another home run!!!!

And now the flip flops are coming with increasing regularity...a rare talent of sorts.

Obama splits with Supreme Court on rape executions

Obama speaks to reporters in Chicago on Wednesday.
CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN)
— Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he disagrees with a Supreme Court decision striking down the death penalty for child rapists, telling reporters Wednesday that states should be able to execute people for "heinous" crimes.
"I think that the rape of small child, 6 or 8 years old, is a heinous crime," the Illinois senator said. "And if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that does not violate our Constitution."
The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that capital punishment can be applied only to murderers, striking down a death sentence for a Louisiana man convicted of sexually assaulting his 8-year-old stepdaughter.
Like's a very emotional issue...and his support for death penalty for rapitsts...appears to be popular with bloggers (even self-described liberals)...but seems to me...he is demonstrating that in his hunger for appeal to the middle...he's DAILY throwing basic humanitarian/ progressive principles under the bus.

What's next?

Hint...what did he say in a private/secret meeting with evangelical ministers to win their support?
I'm being restrained. I know this is the minority opinion. But I find the death penalty barbaric! And goes against principles associated with Christianity (which Obama presents as a reason for vote for him).

But what about redemption and opposed to retribution.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really anonymous...I just am not good at remembering passwords.

You are so smart and funny.

Thank you for the interview with the Obama supporter. I think it's either my nephew or his roommate. I can tell their platitudes anywhere.

waiting4HRC said...

Dear Marc,
I got brain fog from the interview. People in cults speak like OS. Frightening.

I am always delighted by the creative graphic that accompanies each of your articles (e.g. the seal). My favourite was Lola's high heel stepping on her opponent's back.

ex-pat said...

Wonderful! Absent only the obligatory "Obama did not vote for the war" mantra,(must be repeated three times), this is reminiscent of every conversation I have had with Obama supporters. I think the interviewee is the person who kidnapped Taylor Marsh.

Anonymous said...

Here in Massachusetts Obama won the lowest percentage of AA votes of any state (37 %) and lost the primary to Clinton. I don't have a poll on this but I think it has to do with the endorsement of Ted Kennedy right before the primary and the total fabrication this idea of change is, especially in light of the endorsement of a Senator who has been in DC for 45 years. To me it stuck out like a sore thumb, and maybe to a majority of voters in this state.

Anonymous said...

brainwashing is what he has done. By sublimially (spelling)repeating that mantra over and over again. Lke John McCain wants to keep us at war for 100 years. The more he says things over again it gets into these kids hads and sticks. They look at him as a rock star figure and he uses marketing to get into their heads and it is working. He even has a Obama for kids website that encourages kids to make Obama placards and talk to their parents about him. check it out it will make you mad if you think about it. This Obama campaign wants to win no matter what the costs. This the idea of this is disturbing. He uses the media to pull us in mentally and emotionally. Kids to not have the mental ability (maturity)to no the difference. Their brains do not fully develope until the age of 25.

Anonymous said...

So its a heinous crime to rape an 7 or 8 year old child, but ok to kill a baby who was aborted alive. This guy is an ass. Remember he thinks that a baby is a punishment. So he also believes that abortion can and should be used as a means of birth control. Really sad, considering the vast amounts of birth control available these days. I am pro-choice by the way. Just do not believe in late term abortion.

Smile...because "you" can! said...

What a great article. Loved it. Truly inspiring to see 'why' they actually are voting for obama.
Go McCain!

Anonymous said...

Love all your articles. Thank you.

Obama will not only go to prisons to get felons to vote for him, he will no doubt visit morgues and get corpses as well.

Anonymous said...

Obama's brainwashing technique is working on those whose brains are empty and eager to be filled. Filled with what? CHANGE... Unidentifiable change. And hope? Hope for HELL ON EARTH I guess. What else could putting a man into the white house who has been meeting with terrorists, befriending them, and hiding his Muslim upbringing BRING to our country... Obama incessantly repeats the two words "hope" and "change" and his gaga eyed minions get more of a glaze in their druken eyes and pat more fiercely. It is like crack to them. HOPE CHANGE HOPE HOPE CHANGE. That is all these driveling empty idiots need to hear. The grand deceiver has them all in his claws... ready to devour.

Anonymous said...

Damn it, Marc, the coffee's coming out of my nose!

Anonymous said...

I see you have a background in advertising. I'm not surprised by your deft deconstruction of hope and change. How about a negative ad inspired by those TV twits "Hope and Faith"?

Anonymous said...

ex-pat, correct! I call that the "I was right on Tuesday" ergo I should be president argument.
Kitty (also poster of above)

Anonymous said...



The unfortunate thing is, I had a nearly identical conversation with an Obama delegate while at the Washington State Democratic Convention a few weeks ago.

We are in some deep doo-doo, folks.
Let's keep working out there in the trenches, for Hillary. She is the one!!

Anonymous said...

Sad and devastated. Hopeless...

christopherlee said...

"And you've actually captured the reasoning of every Obama supporter."....
ALL-ness, the tactics of discount and dismissal

Chevalier said...

The scary part is, this is how an O-borg usually talks. This is their script.
"Yes, We Can!"
And on topic, an old video but one that makes me laugh every single time....

Anne from Savannah said...

Hey Marc,

I hope this stuff is true. I didn't want to hate Obama, but he sure makes it easy. My relatives and frineds in Illinois say he's the most useless politician they've had in years. And, they've had some real winners - I know; I lived there for half of my life. It's a disgusting situation with this man. IBy the way, is everyone looking forward to the rioting in the streets regardless of the outcome?

Is there much snow in Vancouver?
I need to know...

Anonymous said...

This IS scary! Not so much the interview... But that all you ridiculous dumb ass's think that just because you read one thing that supports what your pastors and preachers tell you in church it "Sums it all up." EVERYONE above me that left a comment is what is REALLY scary about this. YOUR pure ignorance and christian based beliefs that are running our country to hell... Ohhhh noooo! I said HELL! Look, Im not knocking religion, i think its a great way for people with simple minds to get the answers they're to stupid to find on their own... What i DO have a problem with is when religion is brought into politics and brought into decision making for the masses. Just because it says so in the garsh darned bible, doesn't make it SO! Expand your outlook, realize that there is more then just America in this world. You southern football crazies can appreciate this simple saying... "there is no 'I' in team"... Can you relate that the the world? I bet if you think REAL hard you can! Any team (IE AMERICA) that believes they can do everything on their own will eventually fail. Case in point... We are NOT #1 anymore people. Our economy is slowing going down in the shitter, we are pissing off more and more countries by the day, and although we have a strong military (that is uselessly stationed across the seas, fighting 'terrorists' leaving us at home DEFENSELESS against an attack)... Our military is not strong enough against the multiple countries/enemies we are making. Open your eyes you ignorant, ridiculous RIGHTIES! ITS 2008!!!! We need to unite and fight for understanding an knowledge... Stop sitting in front of your idiot boxes and go out and get the REAL facts... FOX IS NOT NEWS, ITS PROPAGANDA, and why do i know this, cause you dumb-ass's will recite everything your hear word for word... YOU ARE BRAINWASHED! HAHAHA! Whats the number 1 phrase uttered by people who have been brainwashed? "Amen".

Oh, and terrorists is a funny term: anyone know the definition of a terrorist? Didn't think so, let me teach you:
"One who utilizes the systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve political objectives"
Hmmm... So what does that make us in relation to them? I know, i know, its hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes, its called empathy, and right-wing Christians tend to have a hard time with it. But the answer is... In their eyes, based on what we are doing and how and why we are doing it... To them WE are terrorists!

So who is right? We are because we are christian!


Nobody. And everybody.

We need to focus on us, before we try to focus on anyone else, because lets be honest, i mean REALLY be honest. WE ARE NOT PERFECT! WE ARE FAR FROM PERFECT!

God* bless us all

*Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Zeus... Whatever you believe... I sure hope they are looking over ALL (not just America) of us!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny,d funny and also sad, because it's so true of so many Obama supporters. Of course, one of my own (ex)friends said that the real reason she supports Obama is because she just wants to see a Black man in the White House before she dies.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that was an interesting public display of masturbation.