Thursday, June 12, 2008


Is the DNC preparing for 1968?

No one knows if Howard Dean and the DNC are taking seriously the threat of massive demonstrations against the strong arm tactics of the DNC this year but it seems that the city of Denver is taking it seriously.

A report on Fox News indicates that the city of Denver might be preparing some controversial methods of crowd control against demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention in August. Denver has refused to release information on the kinds of security equipment it purchased with a $50 million grant to be spent on security measures for the Democratic national convention and the ACLU has filed suit to make them public, so far unsuccessfully.

But this something that the Howard Dean-Nancy Pelosi wing of the DNC brought completely on themselves.

First there was the miscalculation Dean made in creating the Florida and Michigan mess which laid the groundwork for the claims that the democratic process was subverted ( which it certainly was) that will be motivating many of the demonstrations. Secondly, there is the fact that the powers that be tied Clinton's hands when she tried to hit back at Obama's attacks which resulted in the feelings of many that there was not a level playing field. And last but not least there was the rush to judgment by Dean and Pelosi insisting that they have a nominee now and pressuring super delegates to make their choices within days of the last primary and not wait till August.

Between Dean's wrecking ball to swat a fly decision to ban the delegates of Florida and Michigan and Pelosi making the statement that super delegates had an obligation to declare according to whoever had the delegate lead in an attempt to pressure the vote in favor of Obama, (if that were the case there would be no need for super delegates in the first place, the DNC Rules would just be whoever had the most delegates wins) the majority feels the whole process was manipulated to achieve a preconceived result.

Super delegates following Pelosi's lead then made their decisions and declared for the popular vote loser. And not just the popular vote loser but the loser of every metric used to gauge the strength of a political candidate. The rationale was that Obama had the most pledged delegates, a 77 delegate lead out of more than 4000 and a lead created solely by victories in outmoded caucuses where the process heavily favored Obama's demographic, not to mention the reports of widespread cheating by Obama supporters at these caucuses ( I myself was contacted by a Clinton delegate who told me about cheating by Obama supporters that she witnessed at a caucus site).

Given all this, what did Dean and the DNC expect? That no one would notice? Or just that people would follow like sheep?

Right now the only people on their way to slaughter is the Democratic Party, first in August, then in November. They have a hornet's nest brewing of their own making and unless they take steps between now and August to fix it they are facing a convention where more than half the party is going to stand against their nominee. They can expect speeches of protest from pro Clinton speakers, demonstrations outside the convention hall against Obama, Dean, Pelosi and the way the process was manipulated, and protests against the same from inside the convention hall.

But they still have time to fix it. And it's simple. The way to fix it is to have Hillary Clinton's name on the ballot at the convention. You know, like an election. And let the convention function the way it's supposed to and for its stated purpose -- to choose a nominee.

Let both sides make their arguments and speeches in support for their respective candidates. Then let super delegates, given the Democrats bizarre nominating system, do what they are supposed to do -- cast their votes for who they believe is the candidate that is both the will of the majority of the Democratic Party and who also has the best chance of winning in November.

Neither Dean nor Pelosi will like that remedy because it will make them look foolish. But given the fact that more than half the party thinks they should both resign, they already look worse than foolish.

Putting Clinton's name on the ballot and letting the process play out will fix some of the damage done by Dean and Pelosi. It's the best they can do now. And it will give a platform to the majority of the party who feel the whole process was manipulated in favor of an agenda to push a questionable candidate with no credentials, no accomplishements and a lot of political baggage, just to fulfill a false set of expectations created by a biased news media, Obama supporters and the Obama campaign itself.

The majority of the party will get their platform. It's up to Dean and the DNC to decide where it will take place. Either inside the convention hall where it belongs as part of the democratic process or on the streets of Denver. It will be up to Dean and the DNC to decide whether they will let the convention choose the nominee by having Clinton's name on the ballot. If they do, it will keep 1968 where it belongs. In the history books.

NOTE: Life imitates art. The information circulating in the last hour is that Dean is moving DNC operations to Chicago to be closer to Obama's home base. So it may really be Chicago 1968 even before they get to the convention.


A.M. said...
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A.M. said...

Yes, telling the superdelegates they must follow the lead of the delegates, of whom at least 100 caucus delegates should be Clinton delegates and not Obama delegates, pretty much defeated the purpose of the superdelegate. The caucus fraud delegates can help ensure that Obama is selected in Denver, unless they are brought to justice.

Sadly, after Pelosi and Dean got involved after the primaries were done, many superdelegates voted for they thought would win, rather than who they WANTED to win, which is the WORST thing they could do.

There are serious, serious, long term consequences if a flawed and fraudlent caucus vote is allowed to let stand. I am exploring these consequences on my blogs.

Not Hillary related but I think the articles are interesting anyways,

Anonymous said...

Great article but why wouldn't her name be on the ballot? That is what is supposed to happen at conventions. The only reason they wouldn't have her on the ballot is to manipulate the process some more. Why bother having a convention? Well for that matter, I am not sure why we bothered to have primaries when the party bosses decided to go against the will of the people.

Over 300,000 more Americans supported Hillary than Obama. She won more votes than any other candidate in primary history in either party.

No one complained when Jesse Jackson's name was on the ballot. No one complained when Ted Kennedy took his candidacy through the convention in 1980 against a sitting democratic President. He was over 700 delegates behind at the time. And by the way, he never campaigned for Carter during the General. Is it that the DNC can't stand to see a woman come that far? I think the answer is obvious. Their actions speak volumes.


NewHampster said...

Who needs a convention?

There’s a rumor circulating that team Obama and Howard Dean are negotiating the cancellation of the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver.

The logic makes sense. Since the nominee has already been selected, the party can cancel the expensive 4 day event and put the budgeted monies towards the fall campaign. As part of the deal, all delegates and State funded delegations must deposit their budgeted cost of plane fare and hotel rooms into the Obama for America account. Deposits must be made before September 1, 2008. The party will lose a deposit placed with the Denver convention authority.

Senator Obama is well aware that the people need to see and hear him formally accept the nomination therefore a prime time event is to be scheduled on the evening of what would have been the final day of the convention. This event, with a series of speeches leading up to the big moment, will be held at Chicago’s very own Soldiers Field. It is expected that close to 100,000 adoring fans will be present to hear him accept the nomination of the Democratic Party and to say those awe inspiring words, “I love you back”.

Republican Party officials are quite upset that the Democrats have found a way to save millions of dollars and still hold a unifying event.

MDR said...

Great article but why wouldn't her name be on the ballot?

Because Dean and the DNC do not want her name on the ballot and as far as I know it wont be. That is one thing worth pressuring the DNC to do -- keep her name on the ballot. Then anything can happen since she has not released her delegates.

Anonymous said...

The Undemocratic Party is a shame. The result was rigged. The race was fixed. Now they want to silent HRC and her supporters.

Soon HRC will be under house arrest like Aung San Su Kyi to stop her supporters from protesting. Welcome to Burma.

Jackie said...

Look here...there was nothing brave or noble about the 1968 convention. It was ugly and dangerous and accomplished nothing. On the other hand protesting an injustice was and continues to be a "higher calling" to right wrongs and call attention to outrages.

Hillary Clinton is a brave and noble person. I think riots at the convention would not be her preference. The emphasis should be on peaceful protest.

The recent move to incorporate all the Hillary voters...or as many as possible is the only thing that will keep the coalition together and make it a viable force for the people it represents.

The truth of the matter is that Obama's campaign has core members of Dr Deans campaign from 2004. He may well know what's going on, but he will be the first one to try and silence the voices of delegates and work the media to portray any oppisition as "wild eyed crazies".

We need to speak as ONE voice and we need to get organized enough to have legal follow-up to the caucus and other frauds.

Not contributing to the DNC and Obama won't make much difference . Retiring Senator Clinton's debt will make all the difference.

I feel that my party has left me. Unless Hillary is on the ticket I will not vote for Obama.

I would suggest though that it is very important to stay together and to make sure Hillary knows we are together. At the very least we would form a very strong political action committee that could benefit her in the future.

I have no confidence that Dean or Pelosi will back down. We need to solidify all efforts to get an idea how many of us there are and what direction we are going in.

I prefer that we go in the direction that would most benefit Hillary....except for the fact that I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama.

The problem is that with 2 candidates (Ron Paul and Barr) splitting the ticket I am concerned that McCain wwill be impacted. The only good thing about the situation is that many Ron Paul supporters appear to be lapsed Democrats.

mdr said...

"Hillary Clinton is a brave and noble person. I think riots at the convention would not be her preference.

No one is suggesting riots. The demonstrators in Chicago in 1968 were peaceful. It was the police who rioted not the demonstrators and that was the official conclusion of the Attorney General in the official investigation as to what happened: it was a police riot.And it was instigated by Mayor Daly.

the comparisons are two fold. One is that there are going to be demonstrations against Obama and the DNC in Denver. The allusion to 1968 is will the DNC try to stifle these protests? If they do that is what could cause conflict and confrontation. It all comes down to how the DNC handles these protests.

Linda C said...

The other issue is that "recreate '68 group has been around a bit longer and threatening protest if Obama wasn't selected from the get go. I think Dean and Pelosi were more afraid of them than a bunch of old feminist and gun totin' bible clingin' rednecks who they totally believed would silently fall in line.

They are not going to cancel the convention. However, to give Senator Clinton the most leverage, she needs some assistance to pay off her campaign debt quickly. So get the word out and help Senator Clinton. Let's help her take her delegates to the convention and she won't be owned by anyone and can fully represent our interests. Make Change Happen Folks

Canadian said...

I am Canadian and am utterly shocked at the subversion of democracy that is taking place in the U.S.(the champion of democracy in the world)! Media control, sham elections & intimidation at polling stations belong to many corrupt countries and America is joining them thanks to the DNC, Obama & media barons. I hope you(the American people) INSIST on your will being honored for the sake of freedom, democracy and your standing in the world.

Anonymous said...

One of the big things driving the media and others was the idea that one of nights of the August Democratic convention would be the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Once Obama, Tim Russert and others realized this connection, they were all in dreamland thinking somehow Obama delivering his acceptance speech that same night would be "prophetic" or fabulous or historic and then decided to do anything that was necessary (even stealing a primary) to make sure this happened. MLK's speech 40 years ago said that when that day arrived, we should vote based on someone's character and not based on the color of someone's skin. So people who picked Obama based on the fact that he is "black" totally misread, misused and misrepresented the entire speech and by selecting Obama, not based on qualifications, character, experience, but only on his color make a mockery of all that MLK sought to achieve.

No to B.O.= Body Odor & B. Obama said...

You do know why they are so hell-bent on pulling an “Alice Palmer in Chicago” on Hillary at the convention and keeping her name off, right? Why are they so afraid to let Hillary’s pledged delegates actually vote for her as the people voted, or trying dramatically to replace all pledged delegates with rabid Obama supporters? If party unity really was the cause, why not get rid of all other candidates’ names on the ballot too, including Kucinich, Edwards, etc.? Because those guys don’t have a chance, but Hillary does.

Because what the media refuses to let you know is that:
1) Superdelegates vote by SECRET-BALLOT!!! They are thus immune to Obama’s threats and disgusting tactics since they can pledge undying support for Obama, then go and mark Hillary on the ballot and NO ONE will ever know! Immune to the pressures of Dean, Pelosi, Reid, et al - as the writers of the DNC Constitution intended, as this is the only way they can truly vote their conscience and for the best of the party, by not being under duress. Given that 200 uncommitted superdelegates held out until the end, and seeing that Hillary needs just about 200 supers to give her the majority, they know the convention could still give the vote to Hillary, especially once the whitey tape comes out or Obama is indicted for the Rezko case. People will surely see then how truly unelectable Obama is and will vote secretly for Hillary - they know a popular presidential candidate can dramatically help down-ballot candidates like them - and if there’s one thing they know, it’s self-preservation.

2) After the first ballot, ALL (this includes pledged) delegates are released of their bind to who their state elected and are free to vote for whomever they want - this means Obama won delegates in certain states, especially red states, can choose to vote for Hillary and vice versa. This is why Obama is hell-bent on making sure ALL pledged delegates are his rabid supporters, and has been systematically kicking delegates who support Clinton out even if they were elected in their district by others who worked feverishly in this campaign season for democrats. This was what Wager and Ausman were debating about over email - and why Wag threatened Ausman, who wanted to keep the delegates as chosen, but Wag wanted them replaced by die-hard Obama supporters, so they wouldn’t flip in case the first ballot didn’t give a majority to anyone.

And this is why Hillary must fight to keep her name on the ballot and we must support her. They are attempting to play Chicago ballot games at the DNC convention. Do you respect Democracy? Do you still believe in the words of our founding fathers? Do you still believe in the Constitution? If so, do everything you can to make sure Obama does not cheat his way into the nomination. Keep democracy alive!

onevoicezsa said...

well if you think they put hillary on the ticket to get him elected you are fools, as he will use the rfk remark and set something up to fire her...but he will have won now wouldnt he? so keep pushing for hillary and destroy our country while doing have to think like his criminal friends and the dems do, they set up the selection, they set up the sweetheart deals with countryside, they have made the economy go south since they took control 18 mos ago..all part of their plan, just like the al gore global warming scheme that has made him rich , and his environmental cults rich, while he goes around the world saying americas messing it up..30 thousand scientists say hes lying,,but he refuses to debate them..we know why,,hes on a gravy train,,the dems are having a blast at americas expense, and i have respect for hillary telling us about obama, but have lost it, as she cares more about the party then the american people...and no surprise as bill clinton was an adulter who lied about it, he did nothing when our troops were being attacked overseas so that he could get reelected, social security ruined during his presidency, he was a draft dodger who smoked pot, he let the men who took the towers down into our country for years to go to our schools...and learn how to fly our sorry im independent, im voting for MCCain at least he wont sell us out! im also voting straight republican after listening and seeing the socialism that the dems love...

onevoicezsa said...

if you vote for hillary the vote will go for obamam,,,if you vote for hillary or put her on the ticket that will help that what you want? are you more concerned about hillary or the dnc, or are you for america? dont you realize that they all knew what this guy was and is, his connections, and they put him in the senate and now nominee including hillary! shes backing him for the party...its disgusting! she can stand up and say no no dont vote for him...but she chooses to support him...and dont forget how the bo supporters used the rfk , thing over and over, he will set it up to look like someone did something to him..he is very cunning, and will look for the sympathy...and he will rise and say its a miracle, these things unfolding are written, the pope who betrays, and many other things

Anonymous said...

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June 30th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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Ms Bluegrass said...

Marc, Thanks to you and Heidi for the great ad and for this article. Senator Clinton has always said she has the grass roots support of the people. We are proving her correct again! That grass is looking more and more green!