Friday, June 20, 2008


Howard Dean,Nancy Pelosi, the press and super delegates supporting Obama never seemed to understand that running for the Presidency of the United states isn't the same as having open mic night at the DNC.

In the last two weeks alone Barack Obama's candidacy has had a lot more in common with amateur night at the Comedy Store than anything resembling a serious candidate for President

But a funny thing has happened to Obama on his way to Denver. No one is laughing. Obama's act is bombing. And even Howard Dean, Pelosi, Obama's supporters and the super delegates sitting in the audience are looking grim. And for good reason. Obama's act isn't funny. Except to those who didn't vote for him.

In less than two weeks Obama, the candidate who said he was ready to be President on day one, has had Jim Johnson, the person he put in charge to vet Vice Presidential candidates resign within days of his appointment because of questions over shady loans, he angered Muslims, probably all over the world but especially in the US because he removed two Muslim women who were sitting directly behind him because he didn't want them to be seen, then Mr. Agent of Change reversed himself and broke his pledge to have his campaign publicly financed showing for the millionth time his word means absolutely nothing, and last but certainly not least, he told an audience of 7,000 Jews that he completely supported an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and then 24 hours later after the Palestinians went ballistic, reversed himself again trying, almost hilariously, to say that he didn't make himself clear about what he meant by "undivided".

What he managed to do within a 24 hour time span, was completely shred his credibility with both Israelis' and Palestinians on the most important and difficult foreign policy question in the Middle East.

It looks like Obama is going to have to find another introduction to his act by Howard Dean, his possible MC, who is not going to be able to introduce him as "Mr. Words Matter," or "The Change Candidate". Some people are saying Obama sounds like a loose cannon, but given his campaign slogan maybe from now on he'll be referred to as "loose change".

It hasn't taken Obama long to show what more than half the Democratic party saw throughout the primary. There is no talent or skill there other than for lying and deception and duping the easily duped, and he is leaving no one laughing. Least of all the DNC. Jerry Seinfeld would make a better President.At least he would leave them laughing.

But for the DNC and the Democrats chances in the fall its no laughing matter. Before he has even become the official nominee ( and if the Democrats have an open and honest convention with Clinton's name on the ballot and a roll call vote anything can happen) he has had the person charged with vetting his Vice Presidential candidates resign, he has destroyed his credibility with both Israelis and Palestinians, he has insulted Muslims which can do us no good whatsoever in the war on terror, he has alienated those who believe in campaign finance reform, including the editorial boards who supported him for his position on that, but one thing he has done -- he has miraculously unified Israelis, Palestinians and Muslims who all now collectively agree that he is an idiot.

This should come as no surprise. Obama has lied, backtracked and changed his story repeatedly throughout the campaign, most evident in the Wright episode displaying the same lack of credibility and character we have come to expect. He did the same during the Florida and Michigan controversy, running on a campaign slogan that "voices must be heard" then doing everything he could to keep the voices in Florida and Michgian from counting simply to furhter his own personal ambitions. The press chose to ignore all this rank dishonesty and instead of holding his feet to the fire, acted like it was nothing.

The press actually praised his attempt to wriggle out from under the lies he was caught telling in the Wright episdoe with his Philadelphia speech, the "I am not a crook" moment which the same editorial writers who praised Bush's reasons for going to war in Iraq called his "Lincoln Moment".

Following his "Lincoln Moment", Obama lied to the people of Ohio about his position on NAFTA, misrepresented his position on Iraq which was revealed by one of his former foreign policy advisors and after the Wright episode where he lied repeatedly about his relationship to him and his church,what he knew, when he knew it, and majestically said he couldn't disown Wright or his church, any more than he could disown his own grandmother or the entire black community disowned both Wright and his church when it became to his political advantage to do so..We are still waiting news on his grandmother. And probably so is his grandmother.

Then we had this great line from Obama's Memorial Day speech, something Im sure even Seinfeld envied.

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors it's unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience today..."

Okay now that was funny.But not if your Howard Dean, the DNC or super delegates supporting him. And not if you were a Democrat hoping to take back the White House which is looking more and more remote every day as long as Obama is the nominee. But maybe now super delegates are starting to see why the majority of the party voted against him in the first place. And why Clinton supporters kept using the term "drinking the Kool-Aid".

But there is still something that can be done and Howard Dean needs to do it. He needs to insure the Democratic Convention in August is an open convention not a coronation. And not the open mic night Obama's candidacy has become.

There is a better act waiting in the wings. Hillary Clinton has not withdrawn her name as a candidate. She hasn't released her delegates. Her campaign is suspended, not over. Obama's actual pledged delegate lead over Clinton is only 1% -- a lead of only 77 delegates not counting the 55 disputed delegates he didn't win and didn't earn in the Michigan compromise that the Clinton campaign said they would take to the credentials committee.And lets not forget that Hillary Clinton is the winner of the popular vote.

Howard Dean and the DNC need to have an open convention with Hillary Clinton's name on the ballot which is what should happen in any case. They must have a roll call vote as the democratic process dictates, so that delegates for Clinton, duly elected have their voices heard and the votes recorded and also so that super delegates can do what they were supposed to do in the first place -- use their judgment to pick the best nominee -- not the judgement of someone with a lower job approval rating than George Bush which is what Nancy Pelosi has, and not Dean's judgement, but their own. It is the only sensible thing to do, and the only thing that can give the Democratic Party time to ensure the best candidate is the nominee.

Obama as the Democratic Presidential candidate has already become the bad joke a lot people thought he would be. And it should be obvious by now that he is not going to leave anyone laughing. Instead the time may be coming for Obama to simply flick the ash off his cigar and say, "Say goodnight Michelle". And if he doesnt, the Democrats still have that cane.

NOTE: THE DENVER GROUP is a new PAC that will be seeking to insure that Howard Dean and the DNC have an open convention and that Clinton's name will be on the ballot and that there will be a roll call vote which the democratic process demands. The PAC should be up and running by Tues and ready to accept contributions.


Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. Hillary is toast. Accept it.

Anonymous said...

If this whole presidential election wasn't so enormously vital to the US's and the world's well-being, I could just sit back in my big, comfortable tv chair with my glass of iced tea, and watch the whole thing in place of all the repeats and crummy summer replacement shows, and be enormously entertained! This guy is a one-team, comedy vaiety show!

But it is desperately important!.

Please, we all need to wake up and smell the Obama before it is too late.

Make that Denver convention count, and replace Obama with the far superior candidate: Hillary Clinton!

Anonymous said...

Can You smell what Barack is cooking???

Anonymous said...

this man is one-way train wreck headed towards a pitfall. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

It's not just a contest of who wins and loses. It's about who's best for the job. Didya hear? Obama backs the new FISA bill giving telecommunication companies immunity. He says, as President, he will "monitor" the program. Note he does not say he will overturn it.

He gives the same reasons Bush gave. Terrorism and national security.

ZOE said...

Great summary of the craziness that has been the start of Obama's presumptuous nomination.

I've got a new blog and have just added you to the blogroll.

waiting4HRC said...

Marc, your writing is masterful. You always make a serious argument with such wit that I look forward to each article e.g. Seinfeld... unified the muslims,Israelis & Palestinians who now think he's an idiot... we're still waiting for the grandmother! LOL
Obama can be the head clown for all 57 states. Hillary should be President of the United States.

18Million+1 said...

Well said as always Marc. Your writings are always a breath of fresh air.

The Denver Group Is sounding great too!

Anonymous said...

With the "selection" of Obama as the Democratic nominee, the Democrats seem intent in "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory". The Democratic party is toast!

Jill L said...

Hey Marc... as usual you have hit the coffin nail on the head. Keep on keeping on, a couple more good exposé pieces and we just might get than coffin nailed shut by August!!!
You're da man!! ~


mm said...

This is my first visit to your site having been directed here by someone on Riverdaughter. What a well written summary of where we are with the presumptuous nominee. Can't wait to see the denvergroup up and running. Will support their efforts in making sure that the convention is democratic even if the party no longer seems to be.

Susan said...

Not only should Hillary Clinton's name be on the ballot at the convention, but other possibilities should be floated as well.

Obama CANNOT be allowed to be the nominee going into the fall. It will be a bloodbath and will hurt Democrats downticket.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and true. Obama is the biggest trainwreck the DNC has ever shoved on us! Hillary 08!

Anonymous said...

We must turn every stone to let the DNC admit that they made a mistake in selecting this noname nominee for POTUS. The will of the people must prevail, not the will of those koolaid elitss. Please count me in! God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Summary.

Stop the Fraud. Join the coalition of millions.

suef said...

Thank you for your great writing, I come here to get a sense of clarity.
Although it has appeared that the MSM is finally catching on too.
Did you have any remark on the preposterous gimmick of the "presidential seal" he used this past week?

MR said...

"Did you have any remark on the preposterous gimmick of the "presidential seal" he used this past week?"

Yes Im going to suggest to the Obama campaign that they replace the words at the bottom of the seal with the words "arrogance and stupidity". said...

Dear TominPaine,

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I think this should be in every paper across the country! The world and especially the DNC need to read this. I truly believe sometimes that they actually have convinced themselves that 18 million people will 'come around' after Hillary speaks for BO this weekend.
Hillary is doing what she promised she would do, she is keeping her word to endorse the nominee.
What BO doesnt seem to get is that he is only the 'presumptive nominee' and after this last week, I am sure the DNC has had to do some hard thinking about what they have done.
What they have done is hand the White House over to another republican. They must see this by now.
What they have done is disrespected a former First Lady, who happens to be the only candidate with the credentials to become president. Hillary has 36 years of experience, her knowledge on the issues is unmatched, her character never in question, and she does not hold racist beliefs nor has she ever attended a racist church, not for a minute let alone twenty years! Why they would let the best candidate fall by the wayside is beyond me and 18 million other voters.
There must be an end to this corruption, the American people are supposed to choose the next president, not the DNC, Pelosi, Dean, or Brazile. That job our forefathers left to us, and for a very good reason, to ensure that there is no corruption. We must take back the democratic process, what is democratic about the DNC, when they don't even follow their own bylaws? What is democratic about telling 18 million people that their votes don't matter?
BO has torn this party apart, and I wont for one second watch him point the finger at Hillary.
BO played the race card time and again, he even had those Muslim women removed from behind his pulpit! He's black when he speaks to blacks. He's white when he speaks to whites. When he spoke to the holocaust survivors, one of his uncles was the first to go into Auswitch to free the Jews. This was later proven to be just one of his lies.
Nobody can be everything to everyone, but he tries real hard at it. He is a wolf, and he wants the sheep to follow the DNC, Gore, Pelosi,Brazile,Dean, etc.
We will still demand justice, and BO will still be the most unqualified presidential candidate this country has ever seen.
Puma Democrat
People United Means Action

Anonymous said...

I'm all in for what the Denver Group is proposing.

You know Howard Dean said to me once about 5 years back that "if you want a fair process you have to get rid of the caucus!" "get out there and do what you can to replace the caucus in your state with a primary!" This last campaign, just might do that. What a farse.

I really hope that all of these groups that have sprung up will get together and support one another on this lofty goal. If you don't to many will be calmmering for the same prize and it'll fizzle. So all of you need to conferance and link and work together. HILLARY FOR POTUS!

Jen the Michigander said...

Count me in as another supporter of the Denver Group's goals. It amazes me how so many Hillary supporters have organized so quickly since she "got suspended". It also amazes me how, in that same time frame, Obama has made so many bonehead mistakes. The man is NOT fit to be president. However, I am more concerned with the way the DNC has compromised our democracy. We have to fight this.

Anonymous said...

I can not even imagine the "boneheaded" mistakes he'd make if he was elected. We could all be glowing green in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Please get Hillary's name on the ballot and put her on the Democratic ticket in November. She's the only one who can beat McCain and rescue our country from the Republicans.