Saturday, June 28, 2008


There was no rain, no thunder and no lightning crackling across the sky. There was no foreboding mansion with creaky doors and broken windows as a stand in for Democratic National Committee headquarters in Chicago. But there just as well could have been.

What the DNC was trying to bill as a show of unity both Thursday night at the Mayflower Hotel and in Unity New Hampshire on Friday was an ongoing horror show produced by those masters of Democratic horror, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

Hillary Clinton showed up playing the kidnapped heroine and appeared on stage in New Hampshire with Barack Obama and you could almost feel members of the audience gasping and wanting to shout " No! Don't do it! Watch your back! Get away!" as if they were expecting Jeremiah Wright to leap out from behind a tree any minute.

Clinton read her lines from the prepared script and talked about electing Obama the next President and her supporters cringed in horror. Everyone knew the kidnapped heroine was doing everything that Dean and the DNC and Obama wanted her to do because that's what kidnapped heroine's do, and she played her part to the hilt.

It was ironic because after causing more disunity than the party has ever seen in it's history, Dean, Pelosi and Obama now wanted Hillary Clinton to try and save the day because they know they can't win in November without her.

As Clinton praised Obama and the figurative lightning and thunder crackled overhead, you could sense that most Clinton supporters were watching through their fingers and biting their lower lips at the hard to take parts, like what a wonderful, dashing and decisive commander-in-chief Obama would make. The audience probably bit their lips in solidarity thinking that Clinton was doing the same thing.

When Obama spoke, he talked about his grandmother in Hawaii and how she expressed sympathy for Clinton during the campaign and you could feel the audience suck in their breath, wanting to chant "I told you so". "She was rooting for her grandson," Obama said, adding that she also had complained that Clinton was being treated unfairly.

This little line must have sent more waves of horror through the crowd. Imagine. His own grandmother felt Hillary Clinton was getting unfair treatment. It certainly wasn't a line that is going to inspire a lot of unity with Clinton voters. Having him acknowledge it now after the damage has been done is probably going to evoke more horror for the DNC in the future.

The show had its premiere a few nights ago at the Mayflower Hotel to similarly bad reviews. According to most reports from the Clinton donors invited to the preview, it bombed.

In a brief Q&A that took place Obama was asked if he supported having Clinton's name on the ballot and a roll call vote at the convention. His answer was "I'm not here to negotiate the convention". You could almost hear the major chord from a gothic organ.

The answer was telling. The one who is really scared to death by all this is Obama. He knows he can't win without her if he is the nominee. But he also knows that if he is able to get Dean and the DNC to throw democratic principles over the side and keep her off the ballot in Denver he will alienate her 18 million voters. Given his last two weeks of his own Obama horror show with breaking his campaign pledge on public financing, his reversal on Jerusalem, his embrace of the telecom immunity bill, and the Johnson fiasco, ( not to mention his famous seal) he probably wakes up nights in a cold sweat worrying about a roll call vote.

He was afraid of her in the primaries, he was afraid to debate after getting roughed up at the ABC debate which is why he backed out of the last two, and he is now afraid of what might happen if Clinton's name is on the ballot and super delegates get to vote without pressure from Vampirella herself, Nancy Pelosi.

In the interim, this phony show of unity isn't fooling anyone. Clinton voters see through it, even if they are seeing through it through their fingers. Everyone knows she is playing the role she's been asked to play, doing what she was asked to do.

But in spite of the DNC's best efforts, The Unity Show is laying an egg with audiences -- especially Clinton donors and supporters, the very people for whom it is aimed.

Maybe someday it will become a cult classic with Obama supporters having midnight showings, wearing Pelosi and Dean masks and squealing with delight as he throws Wright, the Trinity Church and his seal under the bus, but for now the show gets another performance at the Mayflower on Sunday night. And after the kidnapped heroine makes her entrance, reads her lines, and the show is over, its going to be obvious that it's not Clinton who needs saving but the Democratic Party. And if Obama, Dean and Pelosi should somehow rub their hands together and think they can save it by throwing democratic principles into a vat of acid, and hold a convention without Clinton's name on the ballot and no roll call vote, the next horror show will be at the Democratic Convention in Denver. And that one will be rocky.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

From the Democrat Party, which is not just a party of illusion but which might actually be an illusion itself, what more should any of us have expected than the second-rate theater they produced?

With respects to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," it, just as President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and speech at Cooper Union, are so far above Barack Obama's and the Democrats' class, creativity and message that the unity coverup in Unity will long be forgotten when the movie and Mr. Lincoln's words are still actively part of history.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching all week for this latest. As always, great review of this past week's game play. Ha!--either closing inference, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "Rocky" works. Terrific.

Independent Democrat

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to cut thru the crap to an existential truth. Remember reality, as it were! To my mind, she can do no wrong, he can do no right! Also, my impression is that 'winning' is more important to him than being president. It's like becoming president of the Harvard Law Review, it was something to do! He hasn't got a clue about governing. He's one dangerous dude. Bad news thru and thru. Any time I go below the surface of the mirky Obama waters I know I can't vote for him. If I stay on the surface I'm also completely sure that the media is no friend of mine!

PUMA sympathizer
Independent Democrat

NYSmike said...

You know what is so ironic? That the media is so hell bent on "reporting" that Bill and Hillary MUST DO all this sucking up in order to save their legacies. That's crap! History is already done. America prospered during 92 to 99 and Bill has his foundation that has helped so many around the world. Hillary, as first lady, senator and presidential candidate has done more for us than the selected democratic nominee ever has. There are reasons why we supported Hillary and not Obama. Hillary joining the Obama bandwagon is something she feels she must do to prevent a republican president and getting shafted from the dnc so that she can effectively work for the interests of her state and nation. But, as voters, and I'm not female, we don't want a far right agenda or a far left agenda, especially when we live in a nation that is basically down the middle. So, at this point, no, I will not stay home in November, I will not write in Hillary in November, I WILL vote McCain! With a dem increase in House and Senate, McCain will be forced to work across the aisle in order to get things done. And as far as RvW and SCOTUS picks, well, if the dems are so unified, let them actually BLOCK nominees. Remember, they helped allow John Roberts and Samuel Alito to be on the bench! What were THEY thinking?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting the "unity show". I didn't watch it and don't need to. We know the truth and purpose. Though I hope the SDs saw it and understood what is in their hands.

mm said...

The question Marc is how to get the DNC to embrace the paradox. If they proceed as Obama wants them to by denying Hillary a place on the ballot, then they get loud demonstrations showing party dis-unity. However, if they go against Obama's instincts (fears) and put Hillary's name on the ballot, they can be seen to be fair and just in the nomination process. The big "but" for the DNC is that to do the latter does risk that their favored son is not the eventual nominee - that they actually see democracy at work in real time at the convention. This probably feels like a catch 22 for them -damned if they do and damned if they don't. Their decision wil tell us a lot about the DNC - are they robust in their belief that the democratic process will produce the "right" result, or are they so frightened to go against their annointed candidate, that they will throw over their own principles to ensure his nomination?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch more than 5 minutes of the Unity show. It made me recoil in horror. Do they think we're stupid children that can be manipulated this easily after five months of abuse?

The idea of forcing her to get up on stage and promote him was awful. They are making it worse than it already is. If this is what they think is going to bring us together, then they really do have a surprise coming: The Attack of the Puma People.

There will be no coming together. It would take more talent than Dr. Frankenstein to sew the various cast off parts of the Democratic party corpse back together again and bring it to life.

Great post. Please make RSS available so I can subscribe to your blog.

democraticjack said...

Wonderfully written. How many times have we seen the protagonist enter the door into a room with no lights? As long as we have people like you willing to light up the dark rooms we will endure.

MDR said...

The question Marc is how to get the DNC to embrace the paradox.

Check out the Denver Group web site and thats how we do it. We let them know they have no choice.

Edgeoforever said...

I didn't see the show through my fingers. I saw it through your post - great piece of writing - spot on! Hillary cannot fix what they broke. Theyr smoke and mirror show will not bring voters to the polls. Not anymore than insulting us - calling us stupid and racist will make us vote for their selected nominee

Anonymous said...

In Nov. Hillary will be singig the same song Shaq was singing.

"Barack can't win without me"!!! "Tell me how my A _ _ Taste" The DNC is a joke!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Just read the posts and loved each one. The interview with the BO supporter was classic and perfectlly on target. I have asked the same question. "Sen BO can unite the country" Okay, WTF does that mean? I have not as of yet gotten a real answer.

I have unsubscribed from the DNC and the affilliate sites. I also e-mailed about 20 people your blog's name.

d stewart in iowa

minty said...

Hillary and Bill Clinton cannot fix stupid

BJinChicago said...

Mourn the end of Roosevelt’s DNC, come to terms with the fact that its lamp was extinguished from within by those who crave power, bury it and bid adieu. Its corpse rots in the summer sun for anyone with eyes to see. It is denied a proper funeral by party leaders and Obama supporters who hope their calls for unity will touch the na├»ve hearts of those who deny themselves the truth.

Chicago-style politics instead of the will of the people have decided the outcome of the party’s election process. Clinton victories include AR, AZ, CA, FL, MI, NH, NV, NJ, NY, MA, PA, PR,SD,TN and WV, but the neo-Dems have forced the end of her campaign and hooked their wagon to the unvetted Obama star. Clinton won the popular vote and earned more primary votes for President than any Democratic candidate in this country’s history, but the new DNC will have none of it. Before its Denver convention, it has decided to consolidate its party machinery with Obama’s campaign and move its operations from Washington DC to Chicago. Thus, the convention is nothing more than a celebration not of the party but of Barack Hussein Obama and whatever he believes.

This is about much more than Hillary Clinton; it is about country, principles and beliefs, and what will happen to that we hold most dear if this nation elects another untested incompetent to the highest office in the land. This is about the role of our leaders and their responsibility to citizens in a democracy.

I am writing it down lest we forget the actions and words of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse of FDR’s Democratic Party- Kennedy, Kerry, Dean and Brazile- who were once trusted keepers of the flame and who used that trust to foist an inexperienced, untested candidate on the American people in these serious times:

Donna Brazile:"My momma taught me to play by the rules and respect those rules. My mother taught me, and I'm sure your mother taught you, that when you decide to change the rules, middle of the game, end of the game, that is referred to as cheatin’.” (

Howard Dean:“I need them to say who they’re for starting now. They really do need to do that. We cannot give up two or three months of active campaigning and healing time. We‘ve got to know who are nominee is. There’s no reason not to know after the last primary on June 3rd.” (

John Kerry: "Barack Obama can be, will be and should be the next president of the United States…. I believe more than anyone else, Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America moving by uniting and ending the division we have faced…. Some have suggested in this campaign that Barack is guilty of raising 'false hopes.'... My friends, the only charge that rings false is the one that tells you not to hope for a better tomorrow.” (

Ted Kennedy: “I feel change in the air…. I believe there is one candidate who has extraordinary gifts of leadership and character, matched to the extraordinary demands of this moment in history. I am proud to stand here today and offer my help, my voice, my energy and my commitment to make Barack Obama the next President of the United States…. With Barack Obama, we will turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion. With Barack Obama, we will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender, ethnic group against ethnic group, and straight against gay….I know that he’s ready to be President on day one….”

Remember in November these keepers of the flame and all the others we foolishly trusted; never forget that the untimely death of FDR’s DNC was deliberate and orchestrated. Democratic leaders worked together to circumvent the will of the people and empower an inexperienced candidate with questionable friends and associates. It must be remembered that others in high position allowed it, did nothing to stop it, and by their silence condoned it. We must be diligent and never forget that there are forces that want to dilute or even dissipate our collective power.

The neo-Dems think we’re fools who will eventually do their bidding. Remember in autumn the events of June 3rd and the voters of both Michigan and Florida, administer tough love, and remind the neo-Dems that actions have consequences.

The neo-Dems do not deserve nor have they earned both Congress and the Office of the Presidency. Like the Republicans, they cannot be trusted. We must have a President who will ensure the checks and balances of power that are founders valued.

Remember in November; it is time to take our country back.

waiting4hrc said...

Dear Marc,

I watch the ongoing horror, not through my fingers, but through my tears. I want our kidnapped heroine back. I know the Denver Group will be instrumental in the rescue mission because of your bold, incisive writing. Our 'King' is in check.... but not checkmate!

susan h said...

Dear All:

How long will a competent, talented, even brilliant woman have to stand on the sidelines making a less than competent man look good, stroking his ego and pretending he is better than he is, watching your dreams fade away while making sure his are realized. My heart goes out to Hillary Clinton as she has to travel with him, stand on stage with him, endorse him and pretend to feel good about this candidate of no substance and convince others to want to vote for him. She is one tough lady! She keeps her word which is more than Obama would have done had the tables been turned. Her speech was sincere, on point and made sense; his was glib, filled with slogans and basically insincere. His final comment at Unity, "we are not going to just change America but change the world" left my blood boiling. That kind of stupid rhetoric is not going to win over Hillary supporters, but he doesn't worry too much, he can always blame Bill and Hillary and kick them around a few more times if he doesn't win the general election...

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Barack Obama. When people ask me why? I tell them for the exact same reason Republicans should not have voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004: unqualified and inexperienced. Look where that has gotten us.

I will have no part of the Titanic that is Obama.

Diamond Tiger said...

Great post, thank you! I have not yet been able to watch that speech - my skin crawls too much every time I see Barky. I'm betting that Hillary looked very presidential and BO looked really unprofessional.

As for the DNC, I almost feel sorry for these jokers. They really do think this is business as usual and we will fall in line this time. hahahaha

There is a revolution happening. grrrrrr


Anonymous said...

I hope visitors here will take the time to write to the media - the Editor's in Chief - and to the advertisers - to voice their complete disapproval of the biased coverage of OB over ALL other candidates. We're not in Kansas anymore it seems and the weather is looking pretty scary indeed. Write to their legal depts. and their finance depts. if you want to get more attention. Let them know you will not support a corporation that chooses greed and bias over reality. And tell the advertisers you will not buy their products if they continue to advertise in biased media.

Anonymous said...

Does the nation not get it, it is about the preservation of Democracy that is at stake here. The Democratic Party, the Party of the People, has betrayed us, and "we will not go silently into the night", we will roar. not forget our name, we will wake up America!!!

navyvet48 said...

Marc- Great post. The only reality is that the Democratic Party needs to be fixed from without. As a new Democrat because of Hillary, I am disappointed in the behavior of all....Dean etal.

Anonymous said...

I see the Democratic Party as a composite picture in its paradoxical complexity. its frivolity and inglorious choice in selecting a weaker presidential candidate Barack Obama over a stronger and experienced candidate Hillary Clinton with a record breaking 18 million votes.

The paroxysm of elemental rage has not subsided over the reportorial maelstrom perpetrated by the Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and delegate Donna Brazile plus the liberal media bias orchestrated by the DNC and Obama campaign.

No impenetrable combine such as the DNC Chairman or select committee members/delegates could foist arbitrarily a weaker candidate Barrack Obama upon the majority of voters whom voted for Hillary Clinton. We watched fascinated the debasement of principles of our Democratic Party by leadership and worn out delegates----- the unprecedented atmosphere of controlled power. The DNC leadership stultifying a negation of all that democracy ought to mean was witnessed by millions of viewers, in the U.S and around the world.

It is quite impossible to rig an election for one candidate Barrack Obama in a democracy against a stronger candidate Hillary Clinton selected by over 18 million primary voters nationwide as qualified to become our next Commander in Chief and get away with it without consequences. The DNC Chairman Howard Dean and selected committee members/delegates did, the spectacle that history will record is that our voices and 18 million votes had no value.

Now the DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Barack Obama et al sends a clarion call for "unity" for all democrats to unite to support his candidate Barrack Obama. No man has the power to direct another to vote this way or that , it is reminiscent of tactics used by 'benevolent dictators' in third world countries. Chairman Howard Dean needs to resign his position at the DNC.

We who elected Hillary Clinton as our presidential candidate in the primaries remain a civilizing influence in the midst of a brutalizing political process. We know our worth and power, and owning the power to control our own destiny.

"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her self .' ” - Susan B. Anthony, 1872


Anonymous said...

This site is amazing. You are all either Repubs trying to serve up some votes for your Old Boy, or, if you are truly Democrats, shame on you! I've read all your posts. For the most part, YOU ARE RACISTS WHINERS. And by the way, "Andre dude" becoming the Law Review Editor at Harvard...not "just something to do." Law Review Editors are the best of the best. The fact that someone who wasn't white, wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth and didn't go to ivy league prep schools became Editor is amazing. Your snide "murky" comments attest to the simple fact that you are a RACIST! If anyone would do anything to win it is the Clintons. SHE LOST FAIR AND SQUARE FOLKS. Maybe she should have run a better campaign? Maybe she shouldn't have hired Mark Penn (whose mentor is Dick Morris--ratbag Repub pundit and strategist who visited with whores during his "work" for the Clintons during Clinton's presidency.) Maybe she should have had women run her campaign instead of having their names on her campaign staff but using men to run the campaign? And, for all of you who talk about how Obama's policies are weak, nothing etc. Have you read his policy statements? Without exception, they're almost verbatim to your heroine's! I smell Republican bull in this room? Or, do I smell RACIST white men pissed off because for once you're not going to win?

Anonymous said...

"For the most part, YOU ARE RACISTS WHINERS."

When confronted with the truth both Barack and his followers have this to statement fall back on. It's lame, and it's getting more than a little moldy.

I am a lifelong democrat. I will NOT vote for Obama. Not because "he happens to be black" (his words, by the way). But because he is utterly UNQUALIFIED.

I should read his policy statements??? Which ones? The ones on NAFTA, Public Campaign Financing, the SCOTUS decision on handguns, or the latest on increasing the tax dollars going to support BUSH'S Faith-Based initiatives. Obama changes positions more than a flag in the wind. Oh, the flag pin thing... another flip-flop.

Grow up. And get used to hearing the phrase "President-Elect John McCain."

Marc said...

"Great post.Please make RSS available so I can subscribe to your blog."

It took me a few days but the RSS feed is now up and running.

FOH-FanOfHillary said...

To Anonymous Obama is true that Barack's policy statements are verbatim to Hillary's. It has always annoyed me that he has copied all his positions from Hillary. He probably once copied his school work from classmates.

suef4hil said...

I can't stop laughing at this one, Marc, you write so brilliantly!

But to the Obamabot that accuses us of being Republicans, no we are democrats. You know, democracy- one person, one vote? Remember that concept? And we are fighting like hell to take this country back from the inept leadership of the DNC who have done NOTHING to promote unity.

I would expect to hear some backlash from you now that Barry has flip-flopped on about 6 major issues since becoming the PRESUMPTIVE nominee.

Anonymous said...

By far the most important election of any of our lifetimes and you folks spew your vitriolic and oh so myopic keyhole vision of life on planet earth.

You people are nuts. Go start your own country on another planet and quit putting mine in peril. Or here's an idea. Go read some Tom Paine.

I'm going to go very quickly to another website before I change my mind and do something useful - make a contribution to help eliminate Hillary's debt.