Sunday, June 5, 2016

If the FBI Doesn't End Clinton's Candidacy Obamacare Could.

From the beginning Obamacare otherwise known as the ACA was the most unprincipled dishonest sell out of a government policy - the public option -  to a special interest group - the health insurance industry - in U.S. history. It wiped out the Democrats in the House in 2010 and again in 2014 in the senate. And  Hillary Clinton's loud, carnival barker-like support would, if  super delegates are dumb enough to rig the nomination for her, finish her in a general election.

In 2009 with Democrats holding the biggest congressional majority of any party in 60 years including a 60-40 filibuster proof senate, and with Obama and Democrats having promised a government run public option as the centerpiece of healthcare reform, passing it was thought to be a formality.

Healthcare reform with the public option was legislation that would have done more good for more people and would have done more to level the playing field on a basic human right - healthcare - than anything since the Civil Rights Act in 1964. And even though Obama had the votes to pass it he caved in to the health insurance lobby and directed Harry Reid to remove it from the senate version of the healthcare reform bill  after it had passed the House and instead let the insurance companies themselves write the part of the law that dealt with the insurance exchanges, what people would pay for coverage and what they would get. It was like letting the plantation owners write the Emancipation Proclamation,all the more ironic since the public option was sold down the river by a black president.

Not only would the public option have done more to create equality in the area of healthcare it would have been a boon to the economy since it would have put money for health insurance premiums back into the pockets of workers and employers who chose the government public option.

Instead Obama pulled a  bait and switch to satisfy the insurance companies and it's been a miserable failure on every level for everyone. Even the insurance companies it was meant to satisfy.

In 2008 the last year of the Bush administration 12.1% of Americans, about 35 million people had no health insurance and no coverage. In 2016, 3 years after the implementation of the ACA, the uninsured rate is 9.1%.

Three years of a health care reform bill that was supposed to do two things: provide health coverage for the 35 million who didn't have it and bring down the obscene cost of health care for those who did. Obamacare is a major failure on both counts.

The drop in uninsured has been a measly 3%. Meaning 97% of those without health care coverage before Obamacare because they couldn't afford it are still without healthcare coverage.

As for bringing down the cost of health care, it has done nothing but go up. And its going to spike again to levels so high that if super delegates are dumb enough to rig the nomination for Hillary Clinton, Obamacare alone and Trump's pledge to replace it will be enough to defeat her.Because  insurance companies are going to be announcing these premium hikes for 2017 in October only weeks before the election.

The reason for the coming increases are that most of the 3% who did sign up were the older, sicker and most desperate, people who would have been covered anyway with a public option. The younger, healthier uninsured looked at the garbage the insurance companies were offering through Obamacare - little coverage, very few medical facilities and doctors willing to accept the low end insurance and high premiums, (as high as $600 a month in some markets) $6,000 deductibles and 40% co-pays - and no government subsidies to single people making over $40,000 a year, said no thanks.

The fraud the White House,Hillary Clinton and other Democrats have tried to present as Obamacare success is based on lies,distortions and smokescreens happily parroted by the press much like the lies Ben Rhodes successfully sold to ignorant members of the media on the Iran deal. Obamacare was no different. Despite constant White House lies, repeated by Hillary Clinton and Democrats and parroted by the news media there are no 16 million people who bought health insurance  through Obamacare who never had it before. It is a total and easily provable lie. That number is a product of Obama counting the same people two and three times. Do the math, as they say. If 16 million uninsured have coverage due to Obamacare, the uninsured rate would have dropped almost 50% from 35 million to 19 million. The actual drop is 3%.

In fact Obamacare enrollments have been so low the Inspector General reported 22 of the 23 state exchanges are folding because they've lost so much money they cant continue. Insurers are losing even more since they have to cover the older sicker insured and those with pre-existing conditions ( all whom would have had coverage under the government public option) while the younger and healthier have wisely decided they'd rather take their chances than waste their money on policies that, incredulously, even the White House  admitted to the New York Times were "substandard".

Expensive, substandard,ineffective and Clinton touts Obamacare as having made health care "affordable" sounding more like Marie Antoinette than FDR or LBJ. Or Bernie Sanders. 

The bottom line to all this aside from the fact that people who needed health coverage and couldnt afford still can't afford it, is that health insurance premiums for everybody are going to be skyrocketing in 2017.

Texas insurers, the 3rd largest in the country have applied for a 60% increase in premiums in 2017. That's right, 60%. In other parts of the country the increases will range from 5% for the lucky ones to 19% or more in other states. Those hardest hit will be in rural areas. United Healthcare, the country's largest insurer said they are pulling out of the ACA exchanges in 2017 because they have lost hundreds of millions through Obamacare. In other words no one is happy and Obama's bait and switch and needless sell out has been a disaster for everyone.

The big rise in premiums is something Trump would obviously use against a Clinton candidacy but unlike Republicans who previously just wanted to get rid of it Trump has said he wants to replace it (without, to no one's surprise saying with what). But the reality is only Sanders and his universal health care plan can save Democrats from getting clobbered again on Obamacare. And with Clinton as the nominee they will get clobbered.

What will happen in the California primary remains to be seen. Some polls show it tied which usually means a Sanders victory and others (NBC)  show Sanders destroying Clinton among Independents and Democrats by landslide numbers. And you can't put it past Clinton and the DNC to commit fraud with the vote to try and save Clintons candidacy. A loss would be more than an embarrassment and a big loss which some polls are showing would pull the rug out from under any argument Clinton has.

If Sanders wins California and 4 out of 5 primaries and super delegates still nominate Clinton (something we wont know for sure till the 2nd ballot at the convention) it will reek of rigging and dirty back room deals and  will ensure Sanders voters will probably make Philadelphia look like Chicago 1968 without the police riot, and assure  Democratic defeat in November. Any idea that Clinton would attract Sanders voters by adding to the rigging and dishonesty that's been obvious from the beginning is so preposterous it's not worth discussing. And forget Sanders campaigning for Clinton. Clinton and her supporters would do well to stop using the word "unity". There isn't going to be any with Sanders voters if they are robbed by Clinton and the DNC. Clinton, Debby Wassermann-Schultz and many other Democrats have created so much had blood with their lies and underhanded fraud and dirty politics and attacks on Sanders, if Clinton were handed the nomination but can't win without Sanders voters she ain't winning. She will never get Sanders voters and if she ever won, it will be with less than 50% of the vote if there are 3rd party candidates.

There are already early polls showing a virtual tie between Clinton and Trump and a case can be made that a tie with Trump is evidence of how preposterous a Clinton candidacy is.She and Democrats would have to hope that Trump implodes which is not out of the question but his promise to end Obamacare and replace it is going to have a profound effect on tens of millions of disgusted voters without healthcare coverage because of Obamacare. 

Will Democrats see it? No one misses warning signs like Democrats. They have been driving through "Bridge Out" signs since 2000 and are still trying to pull people out of the water  from the debacles in 2010 and 2014.

Now there are  "Bridge Out" signs for Democrats everywhere except in one place, Bernie Sanders. 

If they still don't see it the one thing that might save them from themselves and their own corrupt nomination process is the FBI investigation of Clinton.

Democrats seem to be doing a lot of whistling past the graveyard,pretending there is nothing to worry about  regarding the FBI and accepting assurances from the person who told everyone her server was "approved" and ignoring that Bryan Pagliano who set up Clinton's private email server in her home pled 5th amendment protection on advice of his lawyer who obviously believes, based on what Pagiliano told him, that Pagliano committed a crime. If Pagliano did, Clinton did since everything he did was at Clinton's direction. An exercise in 2+2= that is too hard for Democrats and the news media to add up.Or maybe too scary.

Pagliano has been given immunity by the FBI and is talking.And it bears repeating. If Pagliano committed crimes so did Clinton. 

If the FBI decides they have enough evidence that Clinton broke the law that will change her status from witness to target. By law the FBI has to notify Clinton that she is a target since that would allow her to refuse to be interviewed.

There is a good chance Clinton has not yet been interviewed because the FBI is discussing among themselves and their lawyers whether to inform Clinton she is a target. It is a huge decision and the FBI is no doubt applying standards that go beyond the usual thresholds of any other case. If they recommend indictments they have to be 100% certain of a conviction. 

 The FBI knows what's at stake and so its unlikely they are going to wait till the convention. The decision will be made before then. If they notify Clinton she is a target and not a witness that will end her candidacy then and there.It means indictments are going to be recommended.

And if Democrats can't see that coming along with the spike in healthcare premiums and its affect on the election then they deserve to get wiped out like they did in 2010 and 2014. And with Clinton as their nominee, its just as inevitable. Unless super delegates wake up and end her candidacy with a vote. Or hope the FBI does.


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Dream on. Stick with writing about Joe Paterno.

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You stupid fucking retard. I schooled you on this the first time you wrote this nonsense. The difference between 12% and 9% is not 3%, it's 25%. I'm dropping you from Daily PUMA for being so fucking stupid AND more importantly, purposely lying about numbers.

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It's sad and pathetic that someone can't express themselves any better than Commenter Alessandro Machi. A psychologist would say naming-calling is a coping technique (a poor one) used by someone who has low self-esteem.

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"I schooled you on this the first time you wrote this nonsense. " And youve been shown up enough times here as an ignorant Clinton troll, a fool, humiliated constantly here by your own ignorance and fantasies so often you must be some kind of a masochist to continually come back for more and expose yourself to all that ridicule.

Your reaction is typical of people with psychological problems when the facade they have erected is burst. The other commenter has nailed you as well as I could and they probably havent seen all your other nonsense. The only reason I leave it up is because my policy is never to censor unless its spam. Though you insist on continuing to advertise yourself pathetically as an uninformed idiot. Youve been exposed before as a Clinton troll. You couldnt school a gold fish on how to swim. But your infantile and ignorant temper tantrums can be amusing.

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Given your "dream on" comment you probably didnt have enough reading comprehension to get through the whole article or understand it and went to the Paterno line instead.The irony is I was proved right about Paterno just as Im right about this. So dream on.