Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CNN's pandering vanity promo for GOP presidential debate.

There's not much CNN does right these days. Actually for a lot of days. Like years.  Their lack of any journalistic standards or real objectivity,(see Ferguson)  their fear of offending any demographic group or political persuasion with the truth, their lack of putting up a firewall between themselves and those they cover especially politicians is there for all to see in microcasm in their cosmetic  vanity promo for their GOP presidential debate December 15 . 

The promo which consists of a pounding drum solo that's been used in dozens of commercials from local car dealers to Vegas hotels plays through a series of carefully lit beauty shots of the faces of each Republican candidate. Along with their names in case you forgot.

The progression of shots are of each candidate looking into the camera,  dramatically lit and designed to do one thing --  make them look good. Which doesn't say much for a news organization holding a debate that is supposed to ask tough revealing questions. It doesn't create  a lot of confidence that there is going to be too much that is new or any questions based on anything real. It's a promotional spot for a presidential debate designed to appeal to the vanity of both the candidates and the network, a contrived display by a news organization trying to flatter those they are supposed to cover which gives us insight into CNN's idea of journalism. 

A more honest way of doing it would have been to use candid shots of the same candidates in real settings or previous debates, or making speeches or shots that caught them off guard, something that actually revealed something about them, their character or political views even it didn't flatter them instead of pandering to their already out of control vanity. Which might have  promised a debate that would do the same thing. 

Instead we get a series of contrived pretty pictures (well they try and make them pretty)  of all the GOP candidates  shot expressly for the promo showing them staring  seriously and purposely or demurely into the camera with the hackneyed done to death drum solo on the soundtrack designed  to let you know that, hey kids this is important.

It promises soft ball questions or questions designed to ignite the kind of inflammatory nonsense CNN tries to pass off as journalism. And with Wolf Blitzer moderating, someone who is constantly shilling for CNN, (like promising new information just before a  commercial break to keep you watching then giving news thats 8 hours old on the other side of the break)   dont expect much. A lot will be about Trump and his Muslim comments and asking candidates to condemn them , will they support Trump if he is the nominee and other questions that will be of little use to actual human beings but which may inspire a dog fight.

The shallowness of the promo and its approach tells you a lot about  the shallowness of CNN as a news organization , the people who work there , their thinking and those who make decisions about what they think matters. And more importantly, what they think doesn't.  Which is why CNN continues to be  the Most Rusted Name in News.

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