Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama's next two years.

The Obama presidency has proved to be every bit the disaster for Democrats, independents,liberals and moderates that his primary campaign for the nomination and then subsequent presidential campaign foretold.

No presidential candidate in memory and certainly none since Richard Nixon was as provably deceitful, dishonest, duplicitous,and had a record of serial lying as did Barrack Obama, all of which was overlooked in the name of electing "the first black president" which in and of itself was a lie since the truth is he is mixed race which for some reason wasn't good enough for those promoting his candidacy. The difference between Obama and Nixon was that Nixon's deceit was about getting even, Obama's about getting ahead.

Unfortunately its taken two years and having to actually drink the bottle of Obama's snake oil to see there was nothing in it, for those who thought 50% of Obama's racial make up was a good reason to vote for him in spite of his long track record of serial lying, reneging on promises, non-accomplishment,and political pandering.

For this reason, regardless of the outcome of the mid term elections Obama's next two years will be virtually identical to the first, the sole difference being that he may very well lurch to the right in order to boost his approval ratings to politically justify a run for a second term since he has all but lost liberal and moderate Democrats and independents. His only untapped resource will be conservatives so don't be surprised to see him try to curry favor with the right for no other reason than for what he hopes will be his own political viability in 2012, a viability that as of this writing is non-existent thanks to his underhanded selling out of the public option on healthcare,a proposition 72% of Americans said they wanted in June of 2009, and his other tepid, weak,and bumbling handling of everything else from the Gulf spill to the economy and unemployment.

Obama's real concern over the next two years is going to be not only whether he can get re-elected but whether he can even get his own party's nomination. The possibility of a credible primary challenge is growing, especially if it looks like Obama is unelectable.

The only segment of society giving Obama a positive approval rating are African Americans. Obama's overall job approval rating is 47%.And according to the poll this includes 88% of African Americans approving of the way Obama has done his job with only 39% of whites approving. Unless you believe that somehow African Americans have developed a monopoly on wisdom and insight over everyone else, their approval is based purely on Obama's having had a black father, showing that African Americans also haven't learned the values Martin Luther King preached any more than the press and cocktail party liberals (as opposed to real liberals) did when they turned a blind eye to Obama's deep character flaws and lack of accomplishment during his presidential campaign for the nomination. And unlike 2008 when Obama and his supporters made, not the content of his character but the color of his skin the issue, ( Democrats opposing his candidacy had to deal with charges of racism from Obama's supporters), in 2012, race as a reason to vote for him is going to fall on very deaf and very chastened ears in terms of the general population. In 2012 most people are going to judge Obama on the content of his character and accomplishment or lack thereof, and not the color of his skin. And that will no doubt put Obama in a lot of trouble. It will also put him in campaign mode the next two years which means pandering to whoever he feels he has to ( except liberals, the constituency he feels he can take for granted). Which means that nothing substantial will be accomplished.

Yesterday, Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Rhode Island learned that Obama was not going to endorse him ( Caprio should be thankful) and instead will endorse Lincoln Chaffee, an independent and former Republican. When Caprio found out he said Obama can take his endorsement "and shove it". Telling Obama to "shove it" is something a majority of Democrats are already doing and it might just be a matter of time before the whole party as well as the country tells him to shove it in 2012. Which will have Obama focused on legislation and policies not designed to save the country but to save himself.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Marc.

Cyn said...

Spot on. I shudder to think what the next 2 years will be like.

Anonymous said...

And he would use the race card again when the 2012 election cycle begins as he used it during the 2008 election cycle. Maybe he would try to repeal the amendment limiting the president to a 2 year term so he could run again on the 2020 election cycle.

In my opinion, that is how ambitious he is. Have anybody noticed the pattern on how he won the elective seats he had?

Let me refresh dimming memories:

1996 Illinois State Senate
-he eliminated the competition until he ran unopposed.1

2005 US Senate

-2003- Obama begins running for US Senate; the leading Democratic candidate will withdraw in 2004 due to a sex scandal that Obama's campaign urged the Chicago Tribune to report.2

-2004, Jun- Obama's Republican opponent withdraws due to sex scandal2

1. http://attackmachine.com/blog/2008/08/20/how-did-obama-win-his-first-election/

And thus, you could glean his overwhelming desire to do everything in order to win.

And because this desire has been ingrained in him since he began to question his race since grade school in Ponahue, it totally suffused his personality and his dealings w/ the outside world.

Mark my word: He will do everything to win the US election of 2012 and maybe try to repeal the amendment limiting him to 2 terms.

Dimocrats said...

Yes, 88% is still way too high a number among the AA community to stick with Obama. However, I'm willing to bet that much of the AAs surveyed are tepid supporters at best, who still place faith in Obama because of his skin color, but are nonetheless disappointed in his performance. The AA community is suffering tremendously. Astronomical unemployment numbers for that demographic, and Obama hasn't done a damn thing for them. It's sad to see so many still hoping that he will prove the naysayers wrong. Here is a video from Al Jazeera and it sure seems like a lot of blacks in this particular Chicago neighborhood are not satisfied with Obama's performance. The problem with these opinion surveys is that 88% is not able to separate the pride blacks have in their first (half) black POTUS and their disappointment. It's why many blacks stayed home this election cycle.

Dimocrats said...

The video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys93BcIfZhw