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The candidate who said he was different from all other candidates, who said he was going to change Washington, that he was rejecting the politics of the past and represented a new hope, then showed it by reneging on a written promise to use public financing if he was the nominee, broke his pledge to vote against the FISA bill if it contained retroactive immunity and spent $3 million in campaign contributions so he could give a 20 minute acceptance in a football stadium when the Pepsi Center would have done just as well, is now showing how truly different he is, how he truly soars above the "old" politics by showing that $300 million is simply not enough t make ends meet when Obama runs for President. And so he is trying to raise more money by offering a symbol of hope and change for the ages -- the Obama car magnet. For a donation of $10 or more of course.

Obama has out raised McCain 5-1 but obviously its not enough. In a year when a generic Democrat should be leading a Republican by 30 points Obama's late minute fund raising drive shows he knows he is in a real fight with McCain, and its a fight that is trending against him..\

This is a copy of the recent Obama fundraising email sent to a friend.
"I can tell you right now who's going to win this election — the campaign that steps up its ground game in the final days.

The race is deadlocked in a number of crucial battleground states, including Ohio, Missouri, and Indiana. And we're neck-and-neck in Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada.We have to make our final, tough decisions about where to fight and how strong we can make our team. And those choices will depend on the financial resources we have tomorrow at midnight. If you make a donation of $10 or more before the deadline, you'll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet."
Its enough to give anyone looking for a new hope and change real chills isn't it? Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann must be swooning like a couple of thirteen year olds at a Hanna Montana concert.

Obviously, in spite of the usual nonsense put out by the mass media, the Obama camp is worried. So worried that they want even more money to run even more commercials because $300 million hasn't been enough.

So this is what its come down to for the DNC, rigged roll call votes, dishonest media and the candidate who says vote your hopes not your fears except when it comes to Roe v Wade -- the Obama-Biden car magnet for a ten bucks.

All that money flowing in from well heeled donors and corporations ( you know, the money Obama condemned Clinton for taking) as well as the potentially illegal campaign contributions that has been flowing into the Obama campaign, just hasn't been enough.

What is really unbelievable is, that for at least the last 60 years most Americans tended to trust the Democrats more than the Republicans when it came to the economy. Now with the economy in its biggest crisis, since the Depression, the latest Rassmussen poll shows a majority believe McCain is better suited to handle the economy than Obama.

This is what Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC and Obama have wrought.And if that poll is true, who can blame them? When you have a candidate who finds $300 million isn't enough to run for President against a candidate who took public financing and has only $89 million to spend, it seems like Obama could be headed for a real Lincoln Moment. The one where Lincoln said you cant fool all of the people all of the time.

And now with this last minute offering of hope, the Obama car magnet, ( I mean, is this guy the candidate of ideas or what?) and with his campaign at this late date looking for ten bucks anywhere they can get it, it seems that Obama has become, not the candidate of change, but after spending $300 million, the candidate of loose change.
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Anonymous said...

It is good to see you back on RCP. I've always have enjoyed your peices, I have never seen anything inflamatory in your and hope to come across more your posts in the here in future.

Keep up the good work.

November 2, 2008 7:19 AM

Marc Rubin said...

Anonymous said...
It is good to see you back on RCP. "I've always have enjoyed your peices, I have never seen anything inflamatory in your and hope to come across more your posts in the here in future."

Keep up the good work.

RCP pulled the post 5 mintues after I put it up. I may repost it.

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Anonymous said...
You can't blame the peopl for thinking Mccain is better with the economy. Obama lost PA to Hillary after out spending her 10-1, and he is in dead heat with McCain now even with that obscene spending. would you trust that guy with your money? I wouldn't.

November 2, 2008 7:25 AM

Unknown said...

A used car magnet, to be sure. very well said. The fund raising is crass and the spending obscene.
Especially in these troubling times. Especially since Obama somehow thinks he is "running his campaign" an giving this as his executive experience

Anonymous said...

How much do you have to donate to get the set of steak knives?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think I'll spend my money on that set of "McCain Fine-Gold" jewelry I saw on QVC last night!

TPFKA Nycblue

Anonymous said...

I'm still having a hard time making up my mind who to vote for. I was a Republican and voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 but after the Iraq Fiasco and Katrina I voted for the Dems in 2006. I'm not to happy about Obama though because here in Pennsylvania the economy isn't doing too good and higher taxes will just destroy it. On the other hand, McCain seems clueless and I'm not sure if Palin is qualified to be VP. So, now I have to decide by Tuesday who I dislike the least. So, if anyone could name me the 3 biggest knocks against Obama (lack of experience, etc.) and also the the 3 biggest knocks against McCain (erratic behavior, etc.) I would be eternally grateful. As it is I think I may just flip a coin to decide who I'll vote for.

Anonymous said...


obama isn't qualified to be president!

Palin is a true Washington outsider, while obama is the epitome of politics as usual. Remember, he rose to power very quickly with the help of the corrupt Daley political machine which has controlled Chicago politics for decades. No one gets the backing of Daley who is in it for the people.

Palin has a proven record of reform and taking on corruption. obama has never taken a couragenous political stand, taken on his party, and has gotten a ton of mileage for a speech he gave in 2002 against the war. After that, we never heard from obama again regarding his opposition to the war -- not one editorial, not one bit of legislation and not one speech in the senate opposing the war. That speaks volumes about him and his character.

obama's state senate records are no where to be found. Don't you think that's strange for a man who claims to be all about transparency and being above politics as usual?

George Soros and Zbigniew Brezinski, both men who believe in a "one world government", have been totally behind the obama candidacy since 2004. Why would these two men of great power and influence be interested in a virgual unknown, with no record of political accomplishment to speak of? Ask yourself why in obama's district of south chicago the people still live in a ghetto? If obama couldn't help the people he represented in Chicago, why do you think he will help the people of America?

McCain/Palin have a record that proves they are not just talking the talk. They have walked the walk and I believe them when they say they are going to washington to shake things up and take on the corruption.

BTW, I was an ardent Hillary supporter, and I saw what obama and the DNC did to steal the nomination away from Hillary. That, alone, made me leave the democratic party!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought RCP was a moderate-right place. It's amazing how Obamanation has totally taken control of nearly every media outlet to squash any dissent.

Obamanation is a corrupt business. He has come up with a ton of commercial merchandise to raise millions. The teeny boppers and their wannabe cool parents of Whole Foods Nation love these products because it allows them to display the fact that they really aren't racists.

It's amazing that after outspending McCain 5-1, that he still needs the media to help drag him across the finish line. Like Bush, he will declare a mandate if he is elected by 1 or 2 percentage points.

I thought the bullshit would end with Bush but it seems like the media will continue with the same narrative, possibly for the next 4-8 years if Obama is elected. The only difference is that it is now the Democratic Party who has become the new Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Wow I got that mailman too as a democrat in name only but I still voted for McCain/Palin and waited 45 minutes in an early voting line to do it. It felt really good sending money to the Pennsylvania GOP and GOP trust to run Reverand Wright ads as well. One year ago I'd rather be dead then send money to the GOP.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (undecided in PA)

You guys in PA had your head on straight in voting for the best candidate of all in the primaries-Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Obama/DNC stole her votes (FLA & Michigan) and rigged the roll call to deny 18+ million people their democratic choice.
I will not support corruption & thwarting of the will of the people.

I trust McCain as a person even tho' I don't agree with many of his policies. Also, I figure if McCain wins it will open the door for Hillary to run in 2012.

Good luck with your decision.

Anonymous said...

If Obama were not such a glutton he would have more than enough money with supposedly $150,000,000 from Sept. alone. I think the DNC and DSCC are almost bankrupt due to the fact that Obama is taking all the money otherwise ear-marked for those groups and using it for his own pleasure. All the requests for last minute money from various democratic groups I find outrageous. In the primaries, Obama outspent Hillary by as much as 5-1 in some states and still lost. I don't see him "redistributing the wealth" around to help McCain, or asking his "OBOTS" to give to charities or the homeless who need money more than him. He has yet to tell us the truth about anything. If he wins this, I am officially naming Nov. 5 as a day of mourning for this country. P.S. To the one who says they are still undecided, and need 3 reasons why not to vote for Obama, 1. Bill Ayers; 2. Rev. Wright. 3. Louis Farakhan. Do you want these 3 people in the White House or helping Obama make decisions about our country? Instead of Wright's comment, God D__ America, I will replace that with God, help America!

Anonymous said...


Could you vote for a third party? Greens, Constitution Party, Libertarians (Bob Barr), or (ulp), Nader? I'm telling friends who are TRULY undecided--like my friend Lori who shouted, "What should I do, I hate both these jackwads!!")-- to vote Green. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

undecided: voting for a third Party is a wasted vote in this "horse race".
My husband and I have both been registered Dems for over 30 yrs and two weeks ago, sent in our ballot--voting in protest to the DNC and their candidate, Obama. We voted for McCain/Palin'08.

If you need research and facts, there are plenty of good sites besides this one.
I invite you to go to www pumapac org. PUMAs are tenacious and proven truth finders.
--from one Proud PUMA and American, Oregon

Anonymous said...

UNDECIDED: Here's just one of today's PUMA blogs submitted by one of our best, named "Grizzly".
After reading this RE: Obama's "redistribution of weatlh" comments, it should make it very easy to vote for McCain/Palin, Americans and proven defenders of our Constitution.

Obama’s Redistribution is not equality.

Redistribution is not equality. The concept of redistribution necessitates first the seizure of the subject of the redistribution by the state and second the reapportionment of that subject as the state deems fit. In effect, taking property or rights belonging to one group to grant to another at the whim of those in charge of the effort.

And when you redistribute resources, you block the creation of new resources.

The Constitution recognizes that all are created as equals, and possess inalienable rights such as life liberty and the right to pursue a way of life that brings them happiness. The duty of government is thus to insure a level playing field that allows all to pursue their dreams without government interference.

By Obama’s own admission, the Constitution remains an impediment to his dream. The Constitution, in Obama’s own words is fundamentally flawed:

Barack Obama complains that the Constitution is a “charter of negative liberties”. That’s because the Constitution was intended as a limiting document, to curtail the power of the federal government vis-a-vis the states and the individual. The founders intended at the time to limit the reach of the federal government, and built the Constitution accordingly. Government was structured so as not to limit the rights of the people, but to protect them.

Again, the mere hint of “redistribution” necessitates taking from one to give to another. It goes well beyond the bounds of simple socialism, and treads firmly in the territory of communism. “From each according to his abilities, and to each according to his needs”. Karl Marx.

There is no question that Obama’s remarks were in the context of advocating socialism. To lament the failure of the judicial system in not being the vehicle to effect wealth redistribution coupled with identifying the “failures” of the Constitution in this regard reveals a candidate that blows past socialism. Obama is advocating unabashed Marxism.

There is a contemporary example of wealth redistribution we can all take a look at. Zimbabwe. The seizure of property owned by “white” citizens transferred to the “black” majority has, in 8 years, led to an inflation rate of over 1 trillion percent. The system of redistribution is, in and of itself, inherently corrupt. It breeds corruption. Zimbabwe has gone form one of the most stable economies in the world with the title “the breadbasket of Africa” to a ruined country dependent on UN food aid.

Redistribution dictates the elimination of civil liberties - no more property rights. It turns the Constitution on its head; it shreds it to pieces. Rather than limiting government power, redistribution empowers government. The government no longer is an entity of the people, by the people or for the people - government becomes the omnipotent purveyor of all. Citizens become subjects of the government and exist for the benefit of the government. Independence becomes dependence. The government no longer serves the people; the people now serve the government.

So how will a President Obama pursue that agenda? In two parts, first, he will defund the military :

Second, he will create a civilian Security force, “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military forces:

With a weakened and stretched military stretched across the globe, Obama’s Civilian Security Force will be free to enforce his priorities here, in the name of “security”.

Our Country is at a critical crossroads. And we will be deciding our future fate on Tuesday. Our forefathers
also faced momentus issues during their lifetimes. It was their principled stand, their unwillingness to negotiate away their basic human rights, that gave birth to this great nation. We will decide whether we too are men and women of principle; men and women who choose not to waver in the face of distressing times or peril; men and women who believe freedom is not negotiable.

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”
Benjamin Franklin

Stand by your principles. And remember the sacrifice of all those who have gone before you - the men and women who were willing to give all for the freedoms we enjoy in our United States.

--Proud PUMA

Anonymous said...

Obama would make a good President... of Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Obama will make a good President.