Thursday, October 2, 2008


Politics makes strange bedfellows. But one fellow most Democrats know they don't want to be in bed with is Barack Obama. The other choice, John McCain, doesn't sound too appealing to many Democrats either. The third choice is, as Sarah Palin would no doubt support, is abstinence. But the argument some make is that abstinence is the same as voting for John McCain. And it is.

Many Democrats seem to be going through a period of conflict over this election. They see Obama for what he is, a dishonest, snake oil salesman, unfit and unqualified to be President, throwing out one sweet talking lie after another at the political Mr. Goodbar, trying to pick up as many votes as he can get. And while most reject him, they also are recoiling over the idea of having a one night stand with a Republican, any Republican, though the guilty pleasure of having Obama lose and cheating on the cheater is too good to resist.But what they worry about the most is , how will they feel in the morning?

Many of these are Clinton supporters who very much wanted to see Hillary Clinton get the nomination for a variety of reasons, including the historic ones. And while many supported Clinton for the breakthroughs she represented to women, the real reason Clinton was the superior candidate had nothing to do with gender. She was simply the superior and more qualified candidate. And Obama clearly unqualified and from a character point of view, unfit.

And so what would make a Clinton supporter who viewed Obama as the clearly inferior candidate even consider voting for him now for President? the only reason seems to be either guilt over voting for a Republican, or a sense of not cheating on the Democratic Party, a party that this year cheated on them and violated every rule, procedure and principle of democracy in order to have to a nominee that the majority of the party voted against.

There is also the ongoing belief that a Democrat, any Democrat, would be better than a Republican in the White House. And in most cases that would be true. But not this year.

The truth is, there are more good reasons to defeat Obama and the Obamacrats than to elect him, even for the staunchest of Democrats.

For those who actually think Barack Obama is qualified to be President,no amount of truth, logic or reason is going to change their minds. To do so means having to admit they were taken in and made fools of, and as any cop will tell you, most con men get away with their con because their marks are so embarrassed to admit they were taken they just keep quiet.

Obama is simply unfit to be President in any way. Whether it was his serial lying about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright and what he knew and when he knew it, and the fact that he was more than willing to tolerate Wright's views of 911, and his views on race and never felt offended enough to walk out, to his lying to the people of Ohio about NAFTA and his other reversals and broken pledges on everything from public financing of campaigns to FISA, he is simply not someone you want to take home to the White House.

Aside from his dishonesty, clinical narcissism and almost pathological lack of conscience,.he has no ability to do the job he is seeking and has never in his life ever exhibited even the smallest evidence that he could do it. On the basis of integrity, there is nothing to consider. Obama has no integrity and as far as we can see from his past, never did..

McCain on the other hand, though one can disagree with some of his policies, has in fact demonstrated that he is willing to stand up for what he believes, and more importantly, stand up to Republicans which, based on some of Obama's policy statements makes Obama sound more Republican than McCain.

Yes McCain has agreed with Bush on a lot of things but Obama has actually agreed with Bush on more and based on his public pronouncements, its Obama that sounds more like a Bush 3rd term than McCain.. Obama has endorsed Bush's faith based initiatives which are clearly unconstitutional, endorsed Bush's position on Iraq ( let the commanders on the ground decide), now says he supported the surge, reversed himself on off shore drilling so his position is now more Republican, reversed himself on the DC gun ban, and has said that the Republican Party is the party of ideas.

So for those Democrats are have been reluctant to vote for a Republican or see a Republican win on ideological grounds, what is it that they think they are getting with Obama?.

McCain on the other hand has broken with Republicans when his conscience told him too, incurred the wrath of Rush Limbaugh and conservatives over his position on illegal immigration, daring to take a more humane approach, and before that, incurred the wrath of many in his party with the McCain Feingold bill in which McCain joined forces with one of the Senates most liberal Democrats to pass campaign finance reform. And sticking to that philosophy is campaigning using public financing, while Obama who pledged to use public financing reneged on it as soon as he became the nominee leaving MoveOn, Maureen Dowd, and editors across the country feeling used and with tears on their pillows.

Like it or not, the record shows McCain is the real reformer and the real deal, while Obama is what most of the 18 million Democrats who voted against him know him to be -- a snake oil salesman who has managed to bamboozle a lot of dumb, and impressionable people hanging out and the Democratic Mr. Goodbar, especially the dumb media blonds like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and almost everyone at Newsweek, the NY times and CNN who he has eating out of hand.

The other thing to keep in mind about McCain is that he is rated last by conservative groups in supporting conservative legislation. His voting record is ranked 49th among Republican Senators by conservative watch dog groups which is why a lot of conservatives cant stand him. In other words, disaffected liberal Democrats who cant possibly in good conscience vote for Obama could do a lot worse than bringing McCain home to mother.

How absurd is the idea of Obama as President? Think about Obama being put in charge of the country's nuclear codes. I know. It almost makes you laugh out loud. Do I think that Obama would actually do something stupid with those codes? No. I bring it up to point out the true absurdity of Obama being elected President, and to put a fine point on the realities of and the enormity of the job and its responsibilities and how woefully and laughably inadequate Barack Obama is to those responsibilities.

The final argument people try to use on Democrats who don't support Obama is Roe v.Wade and that a McCain presidency would put that in danger. That is utter nonsense and fear mongering and the people trying to use it to scare people know it.

First, regardless of McCain's personal opinions there is no indication that overturning Roe is in any way a priority or even a desire for him. Secondly, no President has been more outspoken against Roe and has made his preferences more clearly known than Bush and even with two conservative Supreme Court appointees it didn't happen, has never come close to happening, and wouldn't happen under McCain. And for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that even Scalia has expressed a great reluctance to overturn long standing precedent,especially that which would cause great social upheaval unless there were great, immediate and pressing concerns.And then there is always the issue of who would have standing to bring a direct challenge to Roe and the answer is practically no one or it would have happened already.

Roe is no concern in a McCain presidency.

Aside from Obama's unfitness for the job ( which is reason enough) the other compelling reason for an Obama defeat is to reform and fumigate the Democratic Party which Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Chuck Schumer and others has turned into the Obamacratic Party which becomes more and more of an embarrassment every day as Pelosi's disastrous performance with the bailout bill proved.

Obama is the nominee because of a dishonest primary in which these same people, along with the press did everything possible to sell Obama as the nominee and do it dishonestly as they knew how including rigging the roll call vote violating every Democratic Party rule and procedure in the process.

Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Fowler and every member of the DNC who engineered and went along with fixing the process needs to go. Those who wont resign ( though I think many will after an Obama defeat) need to have their power and their base removed, so the that the Democratic Party can air itself out. And the only way that can happen is with an Obama loss. And the bigger the better.

And with McCain promising that he will only serve one term, that becomes even more attractive. In 2012 there will be two new candidates running even if McCain wins

Twenty-five years ago the Republican Party got through Watergate. This year the Democratic Party has to go through Fumigate and it can start with a big Obama loss. And on the morning of November 5th, with a McCain victory, the majority of Democrats can wake up, open the windows and let in the fresh air. And they can feel good about the night before and McCain winning. Even if its only a one night stand.

NOTE: Democrats For Principle Before Party has one commercial finished and two more in the works opposing Obama to be run in battleground states like Pa, Ohio, Florida and Michigan. The first one can be seen directly under this post. You can contribute to the airing of these commercials by clicking on the "donate" button below.


Cyn said...

I didn't think you could improve upon the greatness of your prior post, but you have succeeded!

Excellent read and one that I am going to share. Thanks, Mark, for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Clear, concise, true! Thank you!

In my very liberal neck of the woods, north of San Francisco, I have noticed a conspicuous dearth of lawn signs and bumper stickers for either candidate. In a 30 block radius I have seen one O lawn sign. At the local Whole Foods parking lot I have seen two O bumper stickers in two weeks!

I believe most here will be voting for McCain but don't want to advertise it for fear of being labeled with either "r" word. If people feel intimidated they keep their cards closer to their chest.

I have and will not be telling lifelong friends or business associates who I intend to vote for -- simply too contentious.

This stifling atmosphere is not democratic. I am looking forward to the morning after and the riddance of these cultic bullies.

Shainzona said...

My dd (darling daughter!) and I were hashing it out this morning and I said about the same thing.

BUT now you've given my speech and raised me 1,000,000. GREAT POST.

I am printing it out and will speak it again and again to whomever I can get to listen to me.

NObama - EVER

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT post, Marc, thank you!

Anonymous said...

From your mouth to God's ear Marc and I am sending this link to all the democrats I know that feel like they have to support the party.
And to my GOP friends to send to their democratic friends and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that convinced that Rove v Wade is safe with either of them. Bush had to appoint 3 justices to get the deciding vote. He got them 2/3 of the way there. The only problem I have is deciding which one of them is going to use it as a litmus test for nomination. McSame has said he will and OSame has not made any public statement that I know of. I empathize with your argument but I'm not sure it really makes my decision any easier. The whole bending to the will of the fundamentalists has me pulling my hair out. I can't believe that the DNC didn't seize this golden opportunity to slam that door shut forever. No matter what happens in November we have to put up with at least 4 more years of the crazies and their wingnut policies that are ruining this country and making the electorate into one-issue, drooling automatons.

Anonymous said...

It is getting more and more impossible every day. Now there is evident of massive voter fraud in early voting precincts in Ohio. The Dem. Sec. of State changed the laws so you can register and get an absentee ballot on the same day, with no picture I.D. needed. The democratic party has gone off the deep end. I fear all have gone mad in their attempt to win/steal/cheat their way into the White House at any costs. Democrats have become Republicans! Then the constant race-baiting and playing of the race card by Obama-maniacs. I cannot reward these people who clearly have lost all perspective and support this unqualified, unfit, empty man in a suit. He has less experience and certainly less integrity than Sarah Palin. I am still trying to get the word out there on "Who is the Real Barack Obama" but am meeting resistance from staunch dems. My new favorite line to them is: "I know you plan on voting for him, but I think you should at least know what you are getting." It is so frustrating. Thanks Marc for your wonderful posts, which help keep me reasonably sane, knowing there are others out there who also see through Obama and have not been fooled by him at all. I wish there were more of us.

Anonymous said...


You're entitled to your opinions but let's please deal in facts.

Please review Mr. McCain's website before making comments like he has no interest in overturning Roe v Wade:

Overturning Roe v. Wade

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.

I am no constitutional scholar but this sounds like he's taken a pretty strong stand on the issue. Your writing is entertaining but please be sure to deal in reality rather than simply posting false anti-Obama and pro-McCain rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

It is a very difficult time to be a principled democrat and even more so if one happens to be a black person like me.

I am honestly torn apart about not voting for Obama. On the one hand, Obama represents a historical first and for many he embodies the hopes and dreams of generations of Americans that have struggled for equality. On the other hand, Obama's lack of political accomplishments in either the Illinois senate or the United States senate is frightening. I am also concerned by Obama's inability to stand firm on any progressive issue. Most politicians may dissemble or equivocate on a number of issues but at the end of the day the majority have at least one core non-negotiable principle. What is Obama's non-negotiable principle? I have no idea and strongly believe that there is none. I know of no important issue that Obama has not backtracked or outright lied about--NAFTA, telecom immunity, publicly financed campaigns, lobbyist donations, universal health care, abortion rights, equal rights for gay people and equal pay for woman, hazardous waste disposal, immigration reform, private school vouchers, taxes, foreign policy(Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, the status of Jerusalem), gun control, his personal relationship with his hate-filled and mean-spirited preachers--Reverend Wright and the Catholic Priest Father Phelger, his friends and enablers such as Ayers--an unrepentant violent man and slumlord/convicted felon Rezko.

I am ashamed that given the historical nature of his candidacy, Obama is not a political figure one can honestly be proud of. The extraordinary hypocrisy Obama often exhibits by constantly asserting his moral superiority against other politicians, reminds me so much of George W. Bush--who also ignores his own obvious moral failings while highlighting that of others--remember Bush was supposed to be a uniter not a divider plus I am still waiting for Bush to bring back honor and dignity to the white house!

However, not voting for Obama does not readily translate into a vote for McCain and Palin. For me, as a woman of color, John McCain's history on civil rights--gender equality, choice and race relations, has been less than admirable. While I appreciate the apology McCain made during his speech at the NAACP forum earlier this summer for some of his questionable votes on the King holiday and the confederate flag controversy, I am still uncomfortable about where McCain and Palin will take this country with their conservative fiscal policies and the Republican parties history of demonizing minorities and lack of empathy for the poor and disadvantaged.

I know that I can not in good conscience vote for Barack Obama--he is simply a more academically gifted version of George W. Bush but let us not kid ourselves that McCain's virtue is any greater.

At this moment, I am leaning towards McCain/Palin only because of the sexism and hate that has been unleashed against Sarah Palin by the media, the DNC and other Obama supporters. No human being deserves the disrespect and filth leveled at Sarah Palin and her family. It is immoral and the only way I can protest such conduct is by voting for Palin as vice president to spite her detractors.

Marc Rubin said...

"You're entitled to your opinions but let's please deal in facts.

Please review Mr. McCain's website before making comments like he has no interest in overturning Roe v Wade"

I deal in common sense.No one was more committed to getting Roe overtuned than Bush and Reagan was just as committed and nothing happend in 16 years of both administrations. What's on McCain's website is just political fodder for the right. Show me in all of McCain's years in the Senate any efforts he has made to over turn Roe or any challenges to the law in the state of Arizona.

The fact is no President has the power to overturn any law no matter how much they want it done. If they could Bush would have tried. The other thing to keep in mind is that unlike Bush who opposes Roe on moral and religious grounds, McCain's web site cites "wrongly decided" as his reasons which is his way of pacifying the right while avoiding the moral and religious aspect of the argument. If all you can show is a statement on his website in the middle of a Presidential campagign without any evidence in 24 years in the Senate that this is some kind of priority for him I stand by everything I said.

Marc Rubin said...

"I know that I can not in good conscience vote for Barack Obama--he is simply a more academically gifted version of George W. Bush but let us not kid ourselves that McCain's virtue is any greater."

No one believes the choices presented are good ones. If Obama was simply unprepared and ill-equipped I still might have supported him if he was honest. If he was honest he might admit to himself he is unprepared and do what he could to surround himself with people who could help. But humnility isnt in Obama's deck of card. And neither is honesty. Which makes him doubly dangerous.
I also dont believe for one minute that he has given a second's thought to the fact that he is carrying the fullfillment of a dream of equality. I think Obama only thinks of himself and his own ambitions.

Given these two choices, neither of which has anyone jumping for joy, I just see McCain as being the least painful and the fact that he has promised not to run for re-election gives the Democratic Party four years to remember what it used to stand for.

Anonymous said...


It's always been clear that you pick and choose what to believe and it's great that you have a website where you can do that but again, you are not dealing in reality.

Roe v Wade is far from the biggest issue in this election but look at the facts: W appointed 2 judges who want to overturn the decision and McCain voted to confirm both of them. Is there a clearer picture of his intent than (1) the plain statement on his website and (2) his votes in favor of those judges? This is a Supreme Court fix not a legislative one and he has done all that is in his power to get judges who will vote that way.

I find your posts entertaining but morally reprehensible but think it would be best if you demonstrated your competence and reviewed facts before merely posting your opinions.

Marc Rubin said...

"It's always been clear that you pick and choose what to believe's great that you have a website where you can do that but again, you are not dealing in reality.

Roe v Wade is far from the biggest issue in this election but look at the facts: W appointed 2 judges who want to overturn the decision and McCain voted to confirm both of them."

the one thing I always found amusing about Obama and his supporters is projection, that psychological device that people in denial use to project their own failings onto others.Its your statement that is picking and choosing facts and fear mongering about Roe. When it comes to McCain voting for both judges, you dont mention the pro- choice Democrats who voted to confirm both but you single out McCain. That is either picking and choosing your facts or not knowing them. you also seem to be completely unaware of how cases get to the Supreme Court and what it would it take for a case that could overturn Roe to even get to the courts. If all it took was appointing conservative judges and a President committed to overturning it why didnt it happen during the Bush administration?

When you can answer those questions and explain the pro choice Democrats that voted to confirm both choices then you can at least start posing an argument that has at least some foundation in logic. Right now it doesnt and the facts dont bear out anything you are proposing. It is all just your own personal speculation full of hypothetical "what ifs" with no facts or events to back it up and that falls into the category of fear mongering

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Marc. I've had the discussions with myself about "can I really vote Republican?" Yet, with what the DNC, Dean, Brazile, Pelosi and the rest have done I don't see how I cannot.

I have made the decision that McCain/Palin get my vote in November. I can only hope common sense prevails around the country but with economic issues becoming the main concern I'm afraid Obama comes out ahead unless there is an enormous gaffe on his part.

Anonymous said...

As the day of Obamas rising nears and the actions to kill the americans where they breath and sleep and work becomes the accepted politik, it is with deepest satisfaction that Obama has succeeded in the great split of american pride, will and determination, as americas final breath is, ironically, Obamas first.

OBAMA 08 - the year america finally dies

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Also: Obama is not a democrat.

Anonymous said...


I truly appreciate the running dialogue and that you are willing to post and respond to posts that disagree with your positions.

In this case, though, I can see no reason to point to pro-choice Dems who voted to confirm Alito and Roberts. We are talking about John McCain and his policies, right? I'm pointing out the fact that in his position in the Senate, he has done what he is constitutionally able to do to overturn Roe and he has made it clear on his website that he intends to do the same if elected president. Of course we can suggest that he could have introduced legislation each year to overturn the decision or argue about whether other Rs or Ds had greater influence but the fact remains that he has strongly supported the overturn of that decision.

As to your claims that I am clueless when it comes to how a case reaches the Court, we need only to look back to 2003, when Congress passed the Partial Birth Ban, which was upheld in Carhart in 2006 - that's only 3 years. This is a federal law and my analysis doesn't take into account the potential for state legislatures to pass other restrictions and then work those through the courts.

In short, Marc, of course there is some hypothetical involved here as we don't know precisely what the future holds but in looking at Mr. McCain's record and his stated goals and combining that with the contentious topic that is abortion and how quickly those cases can make it to the Supreme Court, I believe that this is a legitimate topic for conversation and not something to be dismissed as you have done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break into this little debate party, but in my opinion, the question of Roe v. Wade is small indeed compared to who our president is as a person. Do we want someone who can lead us, who has shown patriotism and love of country in a real way, stands up for what he believes in, going against his own party many times(in my estimation that is John McCain), or do we want someone many of us do not trust, because from the beginning of this campaign he has repeatedly lied lied lied about everything (Obama). The list of his lies is so long there is not room for all of them here. He has just now posted on his web-site that he was a citizen of Kenya in his younger years (that comes only after a lawsuit has been filed in PA asking for documentation from Obama to prove he is in fact eligible under the Constitution to be president). This lie is only the tip of the ice-berg of lies and deceipts and deceptions this man has perpetrated upon the American public. The American public is brain-dead where Obama is concerned. With his ties to radical palestinians, radical terrorists, people who mentored him on a spiritual basis who hate America, and so much more, Obama poses much more of a threat than does overturning Roe v. Wade. In my opinion, America will survive a conservative agenda if we get one from McCain/Palin, but may not survive the hate of the Obamas and their "friends and mentors" towards America.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Marc you did it again. After Biden/ Palin debate you just double my optimism in this process. I'm willing to have a "one night stand" with McCain.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Charles Krauthammer's columnn today praising Obama's "first class temperament" and almost comparing his character to that of FDR?

Anonymous said...


I love it!!!!!!

Where's my canister???

Unknown said...

"The independent label sticks to John McCain because he antagonizes fellow Republicans and likes to work with Democrats.

But a different label applies to his actual record: conservative.

The likely Republican presidential nominee is much more conservative than voters appear to realize. McCain leans to the right on issue after issue, not just on the Iraq war but also on abortion, gay rights, gun control and other issues that matter to his party's social conservatives."

Unknown said...

Stunning. Great work. It's hard getting everything into one article but you come close! And time and again you hit the nail right. On. The. Head.


Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama is an embarrasment to America.

When I think that this man, who has no authentic qualifications nor accomplishments for the position of the CEO of a company, let alone the President of the United States of America, is the Democratic Nominee, it literally makes me feel ashamed for our country.

John F. Kennedy, who Barack Hussein Obama so fondly likes to compare himself with, would be shocked to find that this pseudo "leader", this make-believe nominee is this close to being the leader of the Free World.

I'm sure that the John F. Kennedy who loved his country and hated communism, would be appalled to discover that a communist like Obama was mascarading around as a presidential nominee.

No Experience.
No qualifications.
No character.
No loyalty or love for this country.
No Obama.
No way.
No how.

Anonymous said...

I disagree entirely with the premise of this article for the following three reasons.

1. When McCain (or Palin) uses their newfound Bush-Cheney powers of the unitary Presidency to issue their executive orders, change legislation at will, and flaunt subpoenas… does anyone actually believe it will benefit Democrats?

2. When McCain-Palin are elected they will also bring more Repubs into Congress.

3. Palin who is truly a blank slate so to speak "mentally" (just as was W) is being nurtured to be another brainless puppet of our masters. She scares me far more than Obama.

Democrats who truly wish to vote their conscience should vote for McKinney or Nader. Voting for McCain and Biden is a vote for 4 more years of Bush and one more step towards fascism.

Anonymous said...

Ooops correction last sentence above. McCain-Palin, not McCain Biden.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton has recently said that the words of politicians do have real meaning. He said (to paraphrase) the words of Obama sound much better to me than the words of McCain.

As cynical as we may be about politicians and their words, they do have significance and they sometimes will come back to bite them as in "Mission Accomplished"

Words mean priorities and as an example Biden mentioned "middle class" 13 times in the debate, while Palin only mentioned it ONE time. But Palen did mention Israel 8 times so obviously her priority is not middle class America. BTW Biden mentioned Israel 5 times.

Anonymous said...

To annonymous who wrote,

"It is a very difficult time to be a principled democrat and even more so if one happens to be a black person like me.

I am honestly torn apart about not voting for Obama. On the one hand, Obama represents a historical first and for many he embodies the hopes and dreams of generations of Americans that have struggled for equality."

I am white and want you to know...I deeply deeply deeply deeply! share your feelings.

Plus I'm VERY relieved to find someone similarly anguished as I am. (I have been feeling alone.)

But for ALL the reasons you shared...cannot bring myself to vote for Obama. But it's a VERY! painful decision. You said it perfectly..."it tears me apart."

When I check out various blogs...most Democrats not suppporting Obama seem pretty comfortable with their decision. But I am not!

I am voting Green Party.

(I shared values with John Edwards even more...but couldn't vote for him...because of a gut feeling.

(Just imagine how his presidency would have blown up...before it got started...once his affair became public.) gut reaction to Obama is that he's a dangerous choice...for ALL the reasons you so eloquently state.

And what kind of progressive supports EXPANDING the death penality (which he does to apply to rape.)

And as someone with grandparents who escaped progroms and can I be encouraged (on a primal level) by his capacity for whipping up mass hysteria...not only in the USA...but in Germany!

And the list goes on and on and on. (I'm sure people posting here know the list of ways he's acted in opposition to his stated values.)

Bait and switch is how I see his campaign.
THANK YOU MARC for so eloquently (again) responding to the fear mongering by fellow dems to bully us into voting against our conscience.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To previous poster I agree 100% but next time don't mince your words.

For the highly disappointed and apparently vindictive Hillary supporters who would sell out their Party (although at this point is it Democratic or Republican?) before accepting another candidate, I'd like to offer an opinion for consideration.

Hillary is very capable, smart and shrewd and may have made a good VP choice. However as a NY Senator she was and is joined at the hip with the bad boys. These are the greedy Wall Street money changers who are at the root of our current financial crisis that has put the country into such a precarious position.

The Democratic Party is fortunate she is not their candidate, because it would have watered down their economic case that Democrats are outsiders in this current financial crisis.

Hillary is an insider and has major baggage that Obama does not have, such as Bill Clinton's signing of Phil Gramm's banking deregulation act in 1999 and the Commodities deregulation act in 2000 just before Bush was inaugurated. It would have been difficult to say that Hillary wasn't as deep into the problem as Republicans.

Hillary and Bill both carried water for Wall St if only as New Yorkers, just as does Schumer, and Rangel and many others.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Marc. Great arguments to be used in talking people into voting for McCain. I don't think Roe is in any danger with the Dem congress so it should be safe to elect McCain. McCain may not be perfect but compared to Obama, he looks like a saint!

Anonymous said...

An exceptional post, sir. We should love our country before political party . . . and I fail to understand how anyone who loves America can vote for Barack Obama. “Snake Oil Salesman” is the polite way of saying it, but the analogy is a good one. I used it myself yesterday.

Semper Fi

Wayne said...

Could "anonymous" be Senator Obama or maybe Mrs. Obama??
"Anonymous said...
Here is a balanced view: fuck the cocksucker ass-wipe Republicans - they are the dipshit big business coddlers asleep at the wheel who allowed the fucking mess we see the last 2 weeks. You call it - unregulated toxic lending bringing down the big financial institutions, Mid-East quagmire killing the sons/daughters of poor people, environmental laws strip-mined, out of control deficit dooming my kids future, stripping basic services for disabled - fuck those shithead bastards! Fuck those butt-fuckers and the mule they rode in on! All those fucktard assholes have done for the past 8 years is squat down and take a big steaming dump of shit right on the head of the little guy."

Anonymous said...

Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis
Sign the Petition : 177 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

nanc said...

wow wayne! where'd you get your communication's degree? you will know them by their pottymouths.

dear blogowner: i have taken the liberty of linking this most informative plea/essay/sensible post here.

Ronsonic said...

As a long term member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I find this post disturbing.

McCain is no conservative. His sole qualification as a "maverick" is his willingness to screw over both conservatives and party loyalists in exchange for the fleeting good will of liberals and the NY Times editorial board.

We do agree that Obama would be a disaster of enormous proportion. So much so that the many conservatives who would normally say, "let the Dems face the next four years of hell and we'll pick up the pieces in 2012" don't dare.

At least we could trust Hillary to have acted from patriotism. Obama, nobody can tell what guides his thought processes.

rocky31 said...

Great job! Too many fingers in the cookie jar thats for sure. Hard to understand how the core Obama supporters can keep it up.
WE need to keep the pressure on to stop this train wreck from happening.

Unknown said...

Roe is unlikely to be overturned, regardless of who is on the bench (and I say that as a traditional Catholic who only supports abortion if the mother's life is in danger, but not for rape or incest). The reason is precedent. The fear of a Roe reversal is largely a boogie man or a fantasy, depending on which side of the fence you live.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, it's important.
Now, if you could only get it on CNN.
ya, right!

Marc Rubin said...

What do you think about Charles Krauthammer's columnn today praising Obama's "first class temperament" and almost comparing his character to that of FDR?

What does a first class temperament mean? That he cleaned up his mess after milk time when he was in the first grade ? What I know about his temperament is that he has a short fuse and he is easy send over the cliff if you know what buttons to push. Chicago reporters have written about his temper for years.

As for FDR, is that the FDR Drive in NYC? its got a lot of potholes. And so does Krauthammers's opinions.I dont see how he is in a position to know any of what he claims to know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fighting censorship Wayne!


"I call bullshit"

Anonymous said...

how can we discount Obamas past associations with unsavory people?

How can we be assured there aren't more lurking in the background?
Very scary.

Anonymous said...

"unsavory"..."very scary"?!? Oooh, he's a 'black radical"! I wish the KKK fucktards spreading this shit would pull their heads out of their asses long enough to listen how stupid that sounds.

truthisgold said...

Marc, you and Heidi ARE the fresh air upon which so many have relied throughout this bitter struggle. There is no air as fresh as the wind that carries truth, and, thanks to you, it flows here and throughout PUMA land in abundance, its gentle zephyrs balm to our souls as we await the cleansing storm.

Anonymous said...

Goldfinger: 'scuse me while I hurl....

Anonymous said...

Obviously you guys are all from the same imbreed political mindset. Interesting though. Wonder how you'll all feel after the majority of Americans who are rational, rationally vet the candidates, and decide based on content, character, ability, and vision, that they want Obama. You'll have to sling your half-witted, thinly vieled bigotry at President Barack Hussein Obama then!!!

rocky31 said...

oh dear anonymous, you and the other obama supporters have fallen under the spell.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to finally find some democrats with and independent and intelligent mind. This has been a struggle for me. I knew nothing about Obama never heard of him so I began to research this thug and what I found was shocking and just down right disguisting.

OBAMA'S Position on Abortion
Obama's Twisted Mind - Obama's sick voting record
Obama VOTED Partial Baby Abortion

Barack Obama Promises to Sign FOCA
Obama & Abortion / The Freedom of Choice Act WATCH WHAT HE IS SAYING HE WILL DO

House Of Lies: How Congress Failed To Protect Our Economy SEE WHO IS TO FAULT Real reason for financial crisis.. (for Obama supporters) The Real Reason for the Financial Crisis BANNED video by OBAMA campaign showing DEMOCRATS GUILTY for the economic crisis we are in. Nancy pelosi, barney frank, meeks, maxine waters fannie mae freddie mac predatory lending practices legislated by the democrats to blame for collapse


Obama's forgotten people

What Obama Left Behind in Chicago

Obama's Former Chicago District in ruins.




Arrogant, Elitist, Obama embarrassed of America MAKING FUN OF AMERICANS
Obama Slips & Slides Again: Caught, Deny, Try To Spin & Then

Obama's Friends


rocky31 said...

here's a little story for any of you still undecided

Anonymous said...

North of San Francisco is intelligent and therefore solidly Obama territory. I understand why madazhel won't tell anyone he or she is a GOP voter! I'd be ashamed too. One look at the crowds supporting McCain and you know they're the ones that got shorted in the IQ department. The McCain website is designed to appeal to the uneducated...he doesn't call them base for nothing. Perhaps madazhell should move to Ohio or West Virginia.