Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Whether its Obama's bloggers or media types like Olbermann, Matthews, and especially Mike Barnicle they all seem to share one big problem. They can't seem to stop insisting that Mommy make it all better for Obama.

Mommy of course is Hillary Clinton but also any woman who is a Clinton supporter who they insist help Obama because they know he can't win on his own. So they cry, whine and as anyone who watches the mainstream media and has read pro Obama blogs knows, they throw temper tantrums at any mommy who ignores them and won't give them the change they are whining for. Making one wonder exactly what kind of change they really in need. The more you listen to them the more you realize that instead of supporting Obama, a package of Pampers will do.

The thing that gets them really wailing is that they know that Barack can't get up on his own two feet and actually start walking, or do much of anything except whine and cry. They are watching him crawling through the election season, while Big Daddy McCain is out working and looking like an adult. So they not only want Mommy to make it better and make him win, they demand it. And when mommy ( any mommy) ignores their whining, they throw their temper tantrums,
they refuse to eat their vegetables, and then call them bad names. All you have to do is visit the Obama blogs and you can see their mommy tantrums all over the blogosphere.And just to be on the safe side, they are now trying to point out what a bad mommy Palin is. Maybe even a worse mommy than Clinton.

Watching the news media and Obama bloggers suck their thumbs and throw temper tantrums about Palin as the Republican bad mommy the way they did with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic bad mommy, makes one start to understand even better Obama's appeal to his supporters and those in the mainstream media clamoring for change they can believe in like they all must all have a terrible rash. But when you are an Obama supporter and you know that your candidate is unfit, unqualified and a total fraud and can't admit it, you're like an infant who has lost his or her rattle. So what do you do? You do what anyone who does not yet possess a fully developed brain would do. You regress, you throw a tantrum, and you insist on Mommy making it better.

And when it doesn't happen you suck your thumb and regroup, and then resume your temper tantrums and focus your attacks on all the women who you see as the inattentive mommy who seems to be ignoring you and who refuses to give in to your tantrums in support of the idiot who has made a fool out of you.

There was a lot of that at the convention among Obama delegates and members of the DNC but especially with the coverage in the news media. What dominated almost every minute was speculation about whether Mommy was going to make a great speech, was she going to kiss his boo-boos and make it all better for Obama.

Would she be a good enough mommy? What would Mommy say? What would Mommy do? Would she tell everyone that they should all be good boys and girls and vote for Obamie like it's eating your spinach? Would she help with the change Obama supporters are whining for and use lotion and baby powder?

Its actually amusing to watch Obama supporters both in the Democratic Party and in the news media sucking their thumbs waiting for mommy to come to the rescue when it comes to Hillary Clinton. A visit to the MSNBC nursery found Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle, crying about needing a change and would Mommy do it.It was even Mommy's duty to do it. Otherwise she would be forever known as an unfit mommy, especially in Mike Barnicle's eyes who whined and threw his rattle more than most.

And so when surrogate mommies put their foot down and say no to the whining that goes on with the DNC, the media and the Obama wing of the Democratic Party, they all get madder because they insist that these surrogate mommies give in to their tantrums and help Obama fix all his boo-boos.

And Obama supporters in the press and blogosphere just cant stop. They think if they are loud enough mommy will listen. So they stomp their feet and refuse to eat their vegetables and then write bad things about any mommy out there who wont help Mr. Ready On Day One.But the tantrums aren't working and neither are the lullabies Howard Dean and DNC surrogates are trying to sing to get all the mommies on board. So Obama bloggers and those in the news media do what you expect from infants chafing from a rash: they keep throwing tantrums, shaking their rattles, yelling at mommy and surrogate mommies and crying for a change.

Which makes the signs you see at every Obama rally crying for change, a little clearer. But with a big Obama loss, which is surely coming if all the mommies ignore the whining, the Democratic Party can start to grow up and act like adults again even if the media can't.

NOTE: apologies to those who left comments on the earlier version of this post. I made some revisions and wanted to change the illustration and in replacing the picture, Blogger deleted the entire post taking all the comments with it, necessitating a reposting.


Woman Unbound said...

Good work, Marc. You have just made this "Mommy" feel better about not helping The One to win. It's a position I have only begun to consider, since Palin came on the scene. I don't know if I can vote for McCain, but I do know that I cannot vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I ditto what the previous writer said, I don't know if I can vote for McCain, but I do know that I cannot vote for Obama. If they force Hillary out on the campaign trail to speak against Palin, that will be a very tough balancing act for Hillary. Also, Hillary is so genuine and is the real deal, voters in middle America will realize how much they have lost by not having her as their candidate and I wonder if that would really benefit Obama. It will probably help Hillary for 2012 if that scenario comes to pass.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Marc.
You summed up everything that a lot of Hillary supporters have been feeling. She is not Obama's mommy, and Obama needs to stand on his own to crooked feet.

Unknown said...

Who is calling whom a pig!
BO you are going down.
This is a power play and you are missing a man!

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds said...

"Rock a bye baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows
the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks
the cradle will fall,
and down will come Baby Barack
Cradle and all."

Halli Casser-Jayne

Anonymous said...

Disturbing and heartbreaking video:


glennmcgahee said...

Whenever I hear those type of statements about Hillary going out on the stump to support Obama my mind wanders back to the primary night on CNN when Donna Brazille stated that we, who support Clinton were no longer needed. "Obama has a new and better coalition of young, urbanites. I'm an urbanite from a small town. I'm not part of his coalition and will never be. They forgot that many of us are rural at heart.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, "Mommy" Pelosi continues to go in the wrong direction...the same one she like Obama to go in....

Maybe if Pelosi did her job, we wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in today… this is off topic, but important…..

What I call Pelosi’s “flaccid bipartisanship”—I swear, sometimes I think the Democratic Party has been infiltratred by Rove via his buddy Donna Brazile….


Another Reason to be a “Disaffected Democrat”: Pelosi Letting Rove off the Hook as Time Runs Out on This Congressional Session (Add This to “Impeachment off the Table”)


Biden and the crew certainly aren’t inspiring…and Pelosi takes the cake!!! It looks like Karl Rove is going to get a “pass from Pelosi.” Read what fmr. gov. Don Siegelman has to say about the Democratic leadership…as they throw HIM and democracy under the bus!!!

Anonymous said...

And they want Mommy to make all better while they are throwing their cheerioes at her and screaming YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

2012 : Will it be the mother-of-all historical moments...Will it really be 2 women (Clinton and Palin) who will be the main contenders???


Anonymous said...


new video up!

Anonymous said...

Obama is toast, and he needs to leave the ticket ASAP so there’s a chance to nominate Hillary — if she’d even agree to it now.

The Repubs have the story that he’s not eligible, but they don’t want it to break until late October — when it will have max negative affect on other Dems as well (they’re the Super Dels who supported him in Denver) — that’s why this story needs to get out — maybe in college newspapers if MSM won’t cover it:


Woman Unbound said...

The recalcitrant toddler showed us another part of his personality yesterday. Seems like mommy (the MSM) came home with a new baby girl, named Sarah, and now Barky is worried that he's not the favorite anymore. For many months Barky's had the unconditional positive regard of his mommy, and he's been spoiled with attention. His every whine has been attended to. Suddenly, there's Sarah Palin, and now Barky has begun to suspect that he might not be the only human being in the world. Baby Barky doesn't understand. Baby Barky is confused and hurt. And Baby Barky is angry. So what does Baby Barky do? He lashes out at Sarah for taking the attention away from him. He calls her a pig. He calls her a stinking fish. He throws a temper tantrum. And later, when Mommy asks him what he did, he lies and pretends that he didn't do it. Barky didn't try to push Sarah out of her crib. It's Sarah's fault for getting more attention than Barky.
This trope is too real, and it's disgusting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Helping to defeat the Dems. is my way of letting the DNC know that corruption of the democratic process and sexism are not acceptable to me. They need to start fresh and rebuild the party on true democratic principles and honor. McCain/Palin '08.

Anonymous said...

OBama's Followers make me believe he must be the JIM JONES of the Democrat Party!