Thursday, September 11, 2008


So Obama does it again. At least we know the lipstick on his feet isnt because anyone was kissing them, but from Obama putting his own foot in his mouth. The more you realize that this is the candidate Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi rigged the convention for, the more you know there is a lot of lipstick going around at the DNC too. Obama and Biden could open a cosmetics counter with the amount of lipstick they use in a week on Obama's candidacy alone. And Donna Brazile must be completely out of lipstick by now.

This is who Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry has been saying has the judgment to be President. And he doesnt even have the judgment to know that red isnt his color.By the time the election is over he will know that blue isnt his color either.

The lesson Obama still hasnt learned (you would have thought he would have learned it after attacking John McCain's military record as not being adequate to be Commander-in-Chief) is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And neither should pigs who wear lipstick

I wonder how many paper ballots are going to get marked for McCain now -- in lipstick.


susan h said...

I think if Obama would take this seriously and apologize, and say that he has a wife and two daughters who he respects so much and if he offended anyone, not meaning to, he is very sorry. If he sounded sincere (perhaps using a teleprompter), that would go a long way to alleviate the sitution. But that will never happen. And since it won't happen, Obama will continue to sink into quicksand.

suef4hil said...

Brilliant post Marc, my only critique today- too short- I look forward to my bi-weekly laughing fits I have while reading your sharp wit.

Obama is so scripted it is unbelievable. The whole "creative" crew, who must be so proud of themselves for all of their "witty" stunts- you know the writer's of the "pig in lipstick" speech were the same crew that came up with the presidential seal and the Grecian columns at the convention speech.

But I will say one thing for the Republicans- they don't tolerate the same level of s*** the democrats do, they don't stand around w/ their elbows on their a**** waiting to do something, they come out kicking and punching.

And the Obama campaign and the DNC don't know what to make of it.

media kingdom said...

McCain has become quite the politician since he got his party's nomination; he has proven time and again that his strategy for winning depends on personal attacks and distracting people from the main issues... i just hope people aren't as gullible as McCain seems to think they are

Anonymous said...

obama knew exactly what he said , take notice how he rubbed his forhead, he wasn't sure how it would go over( he was nervous) he did the shame shame, because he knows what he said was wrong. it was intent.

Anonymous said...

It's out of the bag, Obama likes red lipstick!

carpetride said...

this says it all

waiting4hrc said...

Marc, I love your title ("chauvinist pig"). It is clever, true and hilarious. As a woman, I appreciate how you, McCain and Guiliani are not tolerating sexism. It seems to be bugging Obama that someone else (a woman yet!) is getting all the attention.

I was relieved to hear Wolfson say that Hillary won't be attacking Palin. It would suit Obama just fine to have her destroy her reputation while doing his dirty deeds.