Friday, September 19, 2008


The best thing that can happen for the country and the Democratic Party this November is a massive defeat of Barack Obama.

While Obama is arguably the most unfit, unqualified, dishonest,dishonorable, deceitful and underhanded candidate ever to run for the Presidency on the Democratic ticket, a snake oil salesman who talks out of both sides of his mouth and will lie to anyone about anything, its also no secret that he wouldn't even be the candidate had the Democratic Party leadership not corrupted, devalued, and rigged the system in order to produce him.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and all those in the DNC and the Democratic Party who went along with this fiasco corrupted the party during the primaries in ways that hadn't been seen since the days of Boss Tweed. And they topped it off with a brazenly rigged roll call vote that violated every rule and procedure in the Democratic Party, throwing away 18 million votes, disenfranchising almost 1700 delegates, and disregarding the 800 super delegates who Democratic rules said were supposed to decide the nominee. And they did all this to produce a candidate that is the most unfit the party has ever put forward. This is why this is election will be studied in the years to come, not by political scientists, but by psychiatrists.

Not only is Obama completely unqualified to be President and on that basis alone should be defeated, but for those Democrats who have never wanted to see a Republican elected over a Democrat, they should be reminded that it was Obama who said earlier this year that the Republicans were the party of ideas. He has reversed himself on so many positions that now are aligned with Republican positions so he can pander to Republican voters in the general election ( FISA, gun control, off shore drilling) that John McCain is actually more at odds with the Republican Party than Obama. Another tid bit psychiatrists will find fascinating to study in the year to come.

A massive defeat of Obama, one of Reagan - Mondale like proportions will not only keep an unqualified and untrustworthy, and certainly undeserving candidate out of the White House, it would have the secondary, longer lasting, and immediate benefit of ridding the party of those who corrupted it in the first place and produced the coming fiasco.

It would not only be a huge defeat for Obama, but the entire Obama wing of the party, starting with Howard Dean and the wicked witches of the west and east, Nancy Pelosi,and Donna Brazile, and all the Munchkins in the Democratic Party who went along and supported this fiasco, from elected Democratic officials to the super delegates of the Lollipop League whose worthless declarations in June helped short circuit the process.

As for Dean, Pelosi, Fowler, Brazile and those in the DNC who sanctioned this dishonest and corrupt exercise in Democratic Party futility, their resignations should be and will be demanded and they will have no choice but to resign after engineering a humiliating defeat in a year the Democrats should have won in a cake walk. That will take the Democratic Party out of the hands of the dishonest brokers and back into the hands of those who respect its principles and processes.

To this end the Denver Group has created an off-shoot effort called Democrats For Principle Before Party, a group aiming at a two pronged attack -- one, running ads in the congressional media holding Dean, Pelosi and the rest of the leadership accountable and demanding their resignations in the face of a Democratic defeat, and secondly, running ads and commercials in battleground states aimed defeating Obama, and bringing about the change that's really needed -- keeping an unqualified candidate out of the White House and reforming the Democratic Party. After 8 years of an incompetent Republican the last thing we need is four years of an incompetent Democrat.

And now with the news yesterday that it will be Obama who will choose the next Chairman of the DNC ( in the best traditions of Boss Tweed and Mao) a massive Obama defeat at the polls is really the only way the Democratic Party can be reformed. Not a close defeat. A massive one.

For those who want to contribute to that end, and who believe a massive Obama defeat is not only necessary but what is best for the country and the party, you can do two things -- withhold your vote for Obama (vote for another candidate or don't vote the Presidential line at all) while voting for down ticket Democrats you feel deserve your vote and secondly, you can contribute to the Denver Group's new off-shoot, Democrats For Principle Before Party by clicking on the "donate" button at the end of this post.

There is really no amount too small. A $5 contribution from a thousand people buys as much advertising as $5,000 from one person and there are a lot more people with $5 to donate than there are with $5,000. Coming from Democrats these ads and commercials will have a lot more credibility and have more of an effect than attack ads coming from the sources you would expect. Secondly, the group will also be targeting Democrats in congress and the DNC to demand resignations and reform after an Obama defeat.

Any amount can help achieve those goals of a massive Obama defeat and restoring the Democratic Party to the kind of institution its supposed to be, run by people who understand what its supposed to be and who will protect its rules,procedures and democratic values. This is how a massive Democratic defeat will turn into a lasting Democratic victory.


susan h said...

Thank you Marc for all you are doing. Still there are those who have no clue what Obama is about, what the DNC did and how corrupt the democratic party has become. I am trying to tell everyone I can what I know about Obama, but so many will just not listen. I think these ads will help and I will contribute to it.

I get shivers of fear that someone who has no moral compass, will stoop to anything to win (while pretending to be a "change" candidate, different from all others), someone who has divided us up along racial lines while pretending to unify, is maybe only 6 weeks away from being one of the most powerful people in the world. All politics is dirty, but Obama & Co. have lowered it to a new level. I am ashamed of the democratic party and their candidate of choice.

Susan said...

The most important change, however, is ridding the party of the nutroots which helped create the catastrophe in the first place.

I maintain, however, the DNC is deliberately throwing this election to McCain because they saw this economic meltdown coming and want to hang it around his neck ala Herbert Hoover and return to power in 2013.

democraticjack said...

While I generally agree with Marc 100% and I agree with every word he wrote here; I am having serious second thoughts about the way to handle it. As days go by, the very thought of Gov. Palin becoming President frightens me as much as the idea of a President Obama. I am really torn on this one and I lean towards the concept that a bad Democrat is better than another bad Republican. I won't vote for either one.

suef4hil said...

I just spoke w/ Shad Lyman at the DNC, who looked up the rules and tells me that a democratic president CANNOT appoint the chair of the DNC. I asked about Obama's proclamation of same, he states that the chair is elected by "certain members" of the committee and that a democratic president would really have a bully pulpit (I asked him to explain that term- he says "lead by example") so really, it sounds like a wink and a nod for this corrupt dictator.
I told Shad I have very deep concerns for the democratic party and that I thought they should consider dropping the term "democratic". Also mentioned I would not be supporting Mr Empty suit in Nov.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former DEM from Michiganistan and I will be voting for Republicans this year. Even Carl Levin went along with this hoax, he was helping them steal my vote. They have no idea of what DEMOCRACY MEANS. Take this Party back, defeat the DEMS, that is the only way this will happen.

Lucian said...

Obama hopefully will be defeated in a landslide. If he is elected, his corrupt socialist behavior will destroy the Democrat Party and put blacks back a generation.

Not to mention that the crooked socialist cronyism that typifies Obama's life will increase poverty in America and damage the world economy. His package of higher taxes and protectionism was already tried by Herbert Hoover.

The entire Stalinist wing of the Democrat Party must go!

bethtopaz said...

The entire Stalinist wing of the Democrat Party must go!

ainnj said...

Great post Marc! Keep up the great work. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me think this whole thing has been a set up from the get go.It's just too perfect.

I think Repubs wanted a Dem in the WH at this point in time. A weak, corrupt, thug of a Dem who will not only fail as a president (because really, who could get us out of the mess we're in?), but once he's in office, they can start working to bring him down, exposing finally his connections with thugs, crooks and terrorists. Then they can point their fingers at the Dems as massively inept fools who put this guy up as their best.

Polls were too close, so they put up Palin. A virtual unknown with zero experience to be qualified to take over the presidency should something happen to McC, who is currently under investigation for abuse of power.

I think this is all designed, years in the making, to bring down the Dem Party -- possibly for good. And what luck to find an arrogant, egomaniac who can see nothing beyond his possibly lifelong desire to be the first AA president of the U.S.A.

Annie said...

A massive defeat of Obama, one of Reagan - Mondale like proportions will not only keep an unqualified and untrustworthy, and certainly undeserving candidate out of the White House, it would have the secondary, longer lasting, and immediate benefit of ridding the party of those who corrupted it in the first place and produced the coming fiasco.

I hope you are right. But if massive defeats got Dems out of power, Donna wouldn't be there now. Losing never, ever seems to dislodge a Dem from the DNC.

But I agree with you. If one cares about the Dem party, one has to hope for an Obama defeat. Because if he gets in 2010, will be a bloodbath....say hello to GOP super majority.

Hillary Clinton, the most loyal of Dems is toting the party line right now for the sake of the party. If Barry gets in, I can see her running against him in the 2012 primaries, again for the sake of the party

Anonymous said...

Good post.
There is a part of me that thinks that the reason why the Repubs are not slamming Obama as hard as they could is because they want Obama to be the Carter-like 4-year president. They will then smear and destroy him to pave the road for the Palin/Jindal 2012 landslide. They don't call Palin "Reagab in a dress" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for what you and Heidi are doing. I will put (sorry to say ) a small check in the mail. It's pretty embarrassing to be from the state of IL. with all the corruption here. But the horror would only be compounded moving more of it to D.C. I won't be voting Dem at all this year. Enough is Enough. And it's time to take out the garbage: Dean, Pelosi. Reid. Donna, Kerry (yes I voted for him ) Durbin and all connected to the New UnDemocratic Party. I just pray we can defeat them in NOV. I worry about this even when I sleep.

Anonymous said...

great graphic Marc!

To the posters who are predicting what the 2012 race will be:
recall that 2008 was supposed to be the year of a Rudy - Hillary contest.
No one can predict what will happen four years out.

M. Sakel said...

Thank you Marc. I just read the NO QUARTER post where you were interviewed by Ani and you made some extremely prophetic comments!
From the Canadian perspective, losing the chance of implementing at last Hillary's Universal Health Care is one of the key reasons the (ex)Democratic Party should hide in shame! The Obamarama spectacle has deprived Americans of the greatest opportunity of this election to materialize Hillary Clinton's urgently-needed dream for improving the lives of 50 millions uninsured. It is shameful that the major cause for bankruptcy south of the border is none other than medical bills! Yet Hillary offered solutions that she has (and will continue to) dedicated her whole life to.
How can an arrogantly smug, anorexic resume-holder's megalomaniac ambitions fraudulently remove the one viable candidate who would have catapulted the country to progressive policies and restore its international standing?

Obama stole the election from his AA mentor Sen. Alice Palmer in Chicago l996 by knocking her off the ballot. Now, this arrogant recidivist stole the nomination from Sen. Hillary Clinton!

I witnessed with horror the misogynist frat-boys' antics pushing an incompetent megalomaniac from the political sewers of Chicago to a fraudulent 'finish line' of superdelegates. And I watched with shock and disbelief Mr. Obama Himself go on stage in N.C. the day after his inept Pa. ABC Debate to perform his insulting JayC rapper-wannabe act, now a Youtube mega-hit:

"Obama Gives HIllary the Finger"--where he dusts off and scrapes off (as if she were excrement!) his fellow female senator! What juvenile revenge and refuge this anorexic resume had taken in this ignominious, immature act of sexist vitriol! Now, he is attacking Sarah Palin, with the lipstic on the pig remark just one week after she had mentioned it. And, to add salt to the sexist wounds he's creating left and right, he made crude juvenile reference to a "stinking old fish"....

I would recommend the exDemocratic Party purchase a milk bottle for this juvenile sexist immediately, and enroll him at a Gender Sensitivity 101 course.

Come November Sweetie will be cured instantly of his obamyopic affliction and will see clearly through the ceiling that's going to be shattered by millions of cracks....

Anonymous said...

The DNC party is a disgrace and with Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazil (the worst), Harry Reid and all the rest who were voted in to correct the so called Bush mistakes have done NADA for the 2.5 years they have been in office. Their obvious promoting of Obama is scary, and more scary is how the media and news print is in the tank (deep) with Obama. I guess the rich do not have to worry as they have tax shelters, while we anti up more and more. If ever America is to remain a Democrach and not be George Soros dream of a socialist country, now is the time to vote in force for John McCain. Our nation faces perils and more perils and can we really afford an inexperienced Teleprompter in the White House? I will donate my $5.00 to this cause and pray that together we can stop the Obama gravy train.

Kibby said...

For the first time in 40 years of voting - I have been donating to political causes. I sent money to the Denver group and will to the new organization also, I'm also donating to similar groups that are disenfranchised by the RNC. Both parties are broken - they are over-run with Far Right/Left ideology that most of American public does not agree with.

2008 is the first year I've seen with a real chance to change that. We have never before seen 2 candidates that large numbers of their "party" totally disagree with.

The RNC does not support McCain - if they had their way, he would never be the candidate. The DNC (and far left media) have made sure that Obama is the candidate, despite the reality that half the Democrats don't want him, didn't vote for him and recognize the dirty trick played on them.

I don't worry about Palin for a couple of reasons. She went against the RNC and Republican machine in Alaska - she won, they underestimated her. She has strong personal convictions but has not tried to force them onto her constituency. McCain is in good health, good genes (check out his Mother), according to those who know him - he runs them all into the ground with his vitality and energy AND I fully expect him to serve out 4 years. Why is it that the conversation is all about electing a "dead" man? That's ludicrous.

McCain has fought the RNC forever and IF he wins this - I believe he will have a great effect on their policy. It's been their greatest fear and they are correct to be afraid. This is the chance he has fought for, to reform the Republican party and reform the way Government does business.

It's a historic election for many reasons - primary among them is a very real chance to bring political parties back in line with the American people.

Mark said...

I oh so very much agree. Both parties have gone off the rails and both need a very big dose of smack-upside-the-head. I think the Democrats have gone to the head of the line by pushing Obama to the head of the ticket. Certainly the Republicans are in many respects more worthy based on their disgraceful performance in six of the last 8 years. (They have been little better in the last two years but the blame has to fall to the Democratic majority.)

But the very weaknesses of Obama you noted make it important to deal with the Democrat's first. If we can get it done we also need to paste the blame clearly on the dishonest, manipulative process that put him as the candidate and address the tendency to appeal to the most extreme edges of the party instead of the mass of "normal" Democrats.

A small loss will not do that. A small loss will lead to the delusion that the issue was race or campaign tricks by the Republicans. It will be painful but I urge all people who love the Party to pull the lever for McCain. McCain has never been the whacky extreme of the Republican Party. I don't think McCain will take us where we need to go, but he will do a few good things and far less harm than the Obama.

We can then warm up for smacking the Republicans (who surely deserve it) in 2012.

Jake said... much for massive defeat of Obama. To have a chance in 2012 the Repubs need to boot the fascists running the party now. Despite their phoney patriotic rhetoric, Neocons and Evangelicals have little interest in democracy and no respect for the Constitution and thus most of America probably considered them a bigger threat to freedom than socialism. By the way nations everywhere celebrated the Dems win, the rest of the world certainly felt that way.

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