Friday, September 12, 2008


In 2000 Al Gore ran for President on the coattails of the best 8 year record any President had since FDR. The country went from record deficits to a zero deficit, a balanced budget, the greatest economic expansion in history, the lowest unemployment in 40 years, two wars in Bosnia and Kosovo overthrowing a brutal dictator while keeping two ethnic factions with hatreds going back centuries apart, and did it without one single US combat casualty. And on top of all that the Clinton Administration left the country with a $5  1/2 trillion budget surplus.

With the politically astute Donna Brazile as his campaign manager, Al Gore, with had a record like that to run on, decided to run a campaign designed to distance himself from the White House. And he succeeded. Permanently. With Donna Brazile running his campaign, a funny thing happened on the way to the election --  he did what most thought politically impossible. With an 8 Clinton Administration record of landmark accomplishment to run on against a one term governor of a state where the legislature meets only twice he year, he lost to George W.Bush, a candidate who didn't know the name of the President of Pakistan.  That year Gore and Donna Brazile and her astute campaign management were the punch line to the joke "How are the Democrats going to blow it this year"?

In 2004 George Bush was up for re-election having gone through the worst 4 years of any President in history. It started with the 911 attacks which the record showed could have and should have been prevented but for Bush's gross negligence. Then there was the debacle in Iraq, which, like 911 resulted in Bush's ignoring warnings from people who actually knew what they were doing,( a pattern which repeated itself for the 3rd time with Katrina), the economy going into near recession, the blowing of the $5 1/2 trillion surplus, destroying a balanced budget and  the country descending into record deficits.

John Kerry decided to ignore all this and ran the second dumbest campaign in the history of Presidential politics, like Gore four years earlier showing a degree of political incompetence that staggered the mind. 

Kerry's decision to go skiing on the day Richard Clarke testified under oath at the 911 Commission Hearings giving evidence of the Bush Administration's gross negligence with regards to ignoring warnings of an impending Al-Qaeda attack against the United States, didn't help( the evidence of Bushs gross negligence as well as the irrefutable evidence that 911 could have and should have been prevented but for Bush's negligence and incompetence will be the subject of a future post). What we do know is Kerry thought he did pretty well finishing second and making it close.

Now after 8 years of Bush, the collective political wisdom of John Kerry, Donna Brazile, Mr. Yee Haw himself, Howard Dean, and Nancy Pelosi, someone with a lower job approval rating than George Bush and the rest of the DNC that went along, have produced another comedy act.

These geniuses of Presidential politics decided it was a good idea to corrupt Democratic Party rules and procedures and substitute their own brilliant political judgment for the votes of 18 million people, 800 super delegates and the rules and procedures of the Democratic Party by rigging the nominating process to produce Mr. Lipstick On a Pig himself,  a snake oil salesman  who during the primary was caught lying more times than Nixon during Watergate.

This was a year when 70% of the country was united in their displeasure of Bush. It was a year when 70% of the country was united in feeling the country was on the wrong track. It was a year when 70% of the country was united in feeling Iraq was a mistake. So naturally the leadership of the DNC decided to field a candidate whose campaign was based on how divided the country was.

But that was only the DNC playing straight man. The best was yet to come. Their candidate of choice first lied about, then tried to do damage control over his 17 year relationship with his spiritual mentor who said America got what it deserved on 911. Not a good thing for someone who wants to be President. But that didn't faze the geniuses in the news media or the DNC. They still wanted that punch line. So after repeatedly lying about his relationship with Wright, he was caught lying to the people of Ohio about getting rid of NAFTA after a memo was leaked where  his emissary told the Canadian government to ignore everything he was saying publicly, that it was just politics. Maybe the first time Obama told the truth to anyone about anything. 

You would have thought after that the DNC and the news media would have started to get a sense of humor about their candidate, but they just sat there deadpan.

As everyone knows Obama ran a campaign with the theme of change though he could never say what kind of change he was talking about.He said he was a new politician rejecting the politics of the past, accusing Clinton of taking corporate money and being in the pocket of lobbyists, then violated his pledge to use public campaign financing and started taking money from corporations and lobbyists. But the media and the DNC kept a straight face. 

He said he was going to reform the old ways of Washington then chose someone almost as old as the Washington Monument to be his VP. Pretty funny stuff .Really.

And the fact that he doesn't have a shred of accomplishment or a single original idea to show he was qualified to have the most important job in the world was pretty funny too, though it left the media and the DNC still not getting the joke.

Obama then played the race card in South Carolina accusing Clinton of diminishing Martin Luther Kings legacy when she said it took LBJ's experience and political arm twisting to get the Civil Rights Act through Congress. But the DNC and the media, playing straight man to Obama accused Clinton of playing the race card by even bringing up civil rights. They obviously have no sense of humor.

And despite running a campaign that featured speeches about how every vote must count and voices must be heard, Obama did everything in his power to stifle the voices of 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan for one very important reason -- because they overwhelmingly voted against him. All you heard during that period of time was the line about how all he was doing was following "the rules" and how important "the rules" were. Which didn't stop him from corrupting every rule and procedure the Democratic Party has when the roll call vote was rigged so he would win.

With material like this, Obama is really the funniest candidate to ever run for the Presidency. All you need is to add a laugh track to his speeches to appreciate just how funny he is. And I may do a video that does just that and post it here adding a laugh track to Obama's more humorous speeches. 

But what is almost the funniest thing of all is that this is the candidate the DNC rigged the nominating process to produce thanks to the Three Stooges of Democratic politics -- Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile.

The latest polls, which Democrats don't think are very funny, show McCain taking the lead against Obama in a year when a generic Democrat beats a generic Republican by 10 points. The gap is wider among registered voters.And party identification is now just about even when during the primary season the Democrats led by 10.

Given not just the utter stupidity of Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Fowler and most of the DNC who followed them off the cliff and how are now probably beating each other with rubber chickens, but the utter dishonesty and corruption with which they conducted the primary campaign and convention to produce this slapstick farce, no honest person can say they don't deserve to lose and lose big.

Obama doesn't deserve to be President and the numbers now show he will probably lose maybe even by landslide numbers. Which, when you think about it, is also pretty funny. Though the humor will probably go over the heads of Obama and his supporters. But hopefully in four years, with the DNC having learned its lesson and Dean, Pelosi and Brazile and the Obama wing of the Democratic Party long gone and doing their act somewhere else, the Democrats will nominate someone who will know how to tell a joke. Instead of being one.

NOTE: In his ongoing efforts to continue doing all he can to avoid being a joke, Obama announced that he is canceling his appearance tonight ( Sept.13) on Saturday Night Live.


susan h said...

I wish I did not know what went on during the primary and post season. Then I could just "fall in line" and vote democratic as usual. But having volunteered for Hillary and been following bloggers such as yourself who speak the Truth (none of it was coming form the main stream media), I cannot reward and/or condone this charade of a democratic process engineered by the former democratic party. By the time November rolls around, I think I will have lost all my friends and some relatives who are so upset that I cannot support the democratic candidate of choice - the emails I am getting from "friends" are not to be believed. John McCain may not be perfect but he understood enough that putting a woman on the ticket would enhance him, not detract from him, like Obama seemed to believe. Obama cannot stand competition and must be the one adored at all costs, so much so that he is willing to lose an election to prove it.

Susan petry said...

let's face it, Obama already has the smell of a loser. that's not a good thing when it's glaringly obvious that Bush is trying his best to f*&k things up for good before ge gets out the door, and McCain is gonna keep on doing the same stuff.

what people really need to hear is exactly *how* Obama would be better. we know how bad McCain will be. but it's not clear that you can get voters to affirmatively for Obama, either they'll pick McCain or stay home.

RockSpot said...

Sorry Mr. Obama, but you lost my vote after your zealots corrupted the Nevada primary and confirmed I made the right choice when you subsequently voted for FISA after you specifically said you wouldn't if it contained an immunity clause. You can't be trusted.

And as for you Mr. McCain ... I won't vote for you either. The Constitution and it's admendments may guarantee us freedom 'of' religion, but under an administration by you and Ms. Palin, it's obvious to me, it won't be freedom 'from' religion as you would impose your religious beliefs upon millions of women across this nation. Nope ... can't vote for you either.

So, that leaves me with the choice of not voting or voting for an Independent party candidate and I've decided to vote for Libertarian Bob Barr. With the Hillary Clinton split in the Democrats, and the split in the Ron Paul Republicans, this could become the year of the Independent. Now that would be real 'honest to God' CHANGE if an Independent succeeded in capturing the White House vote this year!

Annie said...

In 2000 Al Gore ran for President on the coattails of the best 8 year record any President had since FDR. The country went from record deficits to a zero deficit

Great post Mac, but don't forget the Clinton budget surplus!! Beyond zero deficits, Clinton created a budget surplus. I remember everyone in Washington was arguing about how to spend it ! Well a way was found.

Let's be frank. The Dem leadership does not want to win. If they did, Hillary Clinton would at least be the VP nominee .
If the Dem "leadership" does want to win and this campaign truly reflects their ideas of how to get there; then they are more brain dead than even I thought.

God help us

Kibby said...

but,but,but,but --

You just don't understand! Obama has a PLAN - register every African American (dead or alive) in the USA and all those wonderful kids in college.

That's a guaranteed way to win ..... stop your worries, it's in the bag.

WaitingToBuy said...

Kibby, you joke but I fear there is truth in your comments. Obama's team had no trouble cheating in the primary's and using that tactic in the GE will not take a stretch.

It's sad to find or read comments by people who dislike Obama but still are falling for lies and misrepresentations of the Obama camp. You can be certain that neither McCain nor Palin has any desire to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of America.

Annie said...
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Annie said...

The Obama campaign will be cheating....They would not know a fair election if it bit them. Cheating is how they roll. But I'm expecting the GOP will put up a fight....unlike the Dems who were robbed in 2000 and 2004 and stood down...2004 particularly. Kerry caved in so fast he had friction burns....then he went off for a ten day skiing trip with Arnold and Maria. I wish that was a joke. Nancy getting in as speaker was the Dem elite's last chance to do something besides helping the GOP, tel the base to pipe down and still get our votes.

That's over

suef4hil said...

Marc- fabulous! I laughed through the whole thing until I realized it isn't a joke. How sad. It truly is amazing the democrats are this stupid! I kept saying it during the primary, wondering if Dean et al. were honestly looking for a victory- if they were- how could they have promoted such an unvetted, dimwitted, no-accomplishments-to-his-name candidate?
This democrat will be voting McCain/Palin in November and hoping that a slaughtering of the DNC will awaken or party back to smarter action!

Anonymous said...

Marc Rubin is beyond articulate and smart! This piece is the sort of work that should be published in the op-ed section of mainstream newspapers across America. Marc, you make me proud to be a member of this grassroots movement. Thank you for all that you do. When will you run for office so I can vote for you!!!


Anonymous said...

PS I wouldn't get too confident about Obama going down in the GE. Polls, like the America electorate, are a fickle thing and we have a long way to go and a very tight race between now and election day. We mustn't give an inch or feel too confident we've got this secured, at all. As Ricki Lieberman says: GO! GO! GO!

Anna (again)

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, Marc! I agree with Anonymous at 1:06 p.m. This should be run in mainstream media op-ed sections across the country. Bravo! Thank you! CK

bjb said...

Al Gore waits in the wings to save the day.

Details at under the cat My Gore Hypothesis.

The Dems would rise as One to see The One fall and the Green Gornet arise in his place. It will happen by the end of September.

Posts like yours are setting the stage.

CognitiveDissonance said...

Marc, if you had written this in January, we would have been rolling on the floor laughing at how ludicrous it was. And here we are yet again watching another disaster.

And I'm afraid it will be even worse. Gallup is now reporting a poll that shows 5% more republicans are likely to vote than democrats. And republicans are now back to within 1% of the total number of democrats. That is going to have serious consequences for downticket democrats. So not only will we lose our chance at the presidency, but we could even lose seats in the congressional races. Thanks to the brilliant machinations of Nancy, Brazile, Howie, and the Fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is the best piece of journalism I have read about this campaign, by far. I only wish I were reading it in the NY Times instead of some rather obscure website.

Lifelong Democrat & former precinct worker in Oregon who still thinks Hillary will pop in to save the Party as the Punchline.

ainnj said...

Is it just me or is anyone else waiting for someone to scream out "APRIL FOOLS", and then we can all just shake our heads and say "phew, good one, you almost had me there for a minute"?

I vacillate between wanting to scream out "I TOLD YOU SO" to the Democratic Party and wanting to cry.

suef4hil said...


I vacillate between wanting to scream out "I TOLD YOU SO" to the Democratic Party and wanting to cry.


I feel the same way and I do still cry on same days. But the only way to get change is to completely implode the party and start to build it up again.

I was initially saddened by the thought of the down ticket democrats risking loss too but I truly believe the only way- as they like to say in AA (which I may need to become a member of soon with this election going the way it is)- You have to hit rock bottom before you can get better.

One would think the democrats hit rock bottom in 2000 or 2004, maybe 2008 will be the year they finally bottom out, hand both branches of the government to the Republicans- which will influence the 3rd branch- maybe just maybe then we can start to move forward.

justsaynotoBO said...

When HRC suspended her campaign in June, all hope for a revitalized America under the control of a new, smart, and inclusive Democratic Party disappeared as well. No matter what choice we make in November we face a train wreck. All we can do now is stand by helplessly and watch it happen. It's a national tragedy.

Shtuey said...

I was really looking forward to waking from our national nightmare. Looks like I'll have to wait another four years, no matter who wins. But defeat Obama we must if we're to have any hope of bringing down the junta that brought us this year's fiasco, which will only be the beginning of the work. We have a long row to hoe to get the Party back.

emca said...

First we get Bush, then we're on the road to Obama. Same cut of incompetence backed by different ideologues.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, Michelle Obama staying away from the 9/11 memorial ceremony spoke more than Obama ever can. Mark me another Dem voting for McCain.

CountryFirst said...

I love your style and your ability to paint pictures with words.

Rockspot, I hope you will decide to do more research on Palin and McCain. I'm convinced they are the real deal and would never attempt to force their religious beliefs on us. Palin didn't try to do that when she was mayor nor did she as Governor. I believe both will try to work across party lines to clean up some of the corruption on both sides of the aisle.

Please, listen to me! said...

Calling all miffed Democrats:

Please, listen to me, I beg of you. Print out my plea, take it with you to the ballot box in November, and read it at least once before casting your vote.

My name is Kate, and I'm a former Hillary supporter from Ohio who was just as upset about the ill-treatment of our candidate. I was disappointed to see Barack Obama win the nomination.

But I'm also a twenty-something girl from Ohio whose deeply concerned about the future debt my generation will be saddled with.

I'm also a rape victim who cannot believe the Republican platform that, had my assailant impregnated me, I should be forced to carry his child. Perhaps even prosecuted if I chose not to.

And I'm also a woman with a job and health insurance, and yet I can't afford to buy the pills I need for a long-term illness I have, because my for-profit insurance company has decided it's "nonessential."

I'm also a summa cum laude graduate from an excellent university with countless internships and qualifications, and yet it took me weeks to find a job in today's failing economy.

I know I'm not special in any of these ways, which is why I'm listing these facts. These are just a few of the reasons I'm voting for Barack Obama in November. I know his background doesn't match Hillary's pedigreed one, nor has his time matched hers in the Senate. I know it was an ugly primary race between them and they said many things to each other I'm certain they now regret.

But I know they still stand for the same things. I also know that I and others like me are "the little guy." From what I've seen in the eight years I've been a legal voter, the Republican party has not once stuck their necks out for the little guy. Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed. The Democrats, on the other hand, have gone to the mat countless times for "the little guy" in recent years ... for women's rights, for gay rights, for civil rights. They are the ones with the track record.

I may be dissatisfied with this year's Democratic party, but I am not going to throw away my country's one chance for healing from the damage wrought on our economy and our civil liberties for nearly a decade.

I am not going to throw away my vote on someone from the other party who claims he is a maverick (and hasn't acted like one in years) and promises "change I can trust" with absolutely no evidence to warrant my trust.

Please listen. Please think about what I've said, won't you? I'm on the edge of tears here ... you may teach the Democrats a lesson they deserve, but you'll be teaching the Republicans a lesson, too -- one they have NOT deserved.

You'll teach them that they can lie to us, lead us into an unjust war, ignore a woman's right to equal pay, destroy the middle class and drive the poor even deeper into poverty, impoverish young voters' futures, and still get their way. Please, don't let our country continue down this path. If McCain wins this year, he'll win the next election, so that's eight more years lost for "the little guy."

This is more than just an election. This is my future. This is your future. This is our future. Please, for our sake, don't give McCain what he hasn't earned.


Kate Watson

P.S. And for what it's worth, I've been watching Obama like a hawk for the past year and a half, and I've never seen him personally make a sexist remark, toward Hillary or otherwise. In my humble opinion, calling a reporter "sweetie" and saying Hillary was "likable enough" does not make the case for sexism. Call the DNC sexist if you really wish to, but please don't jump to the conclusion that the Obama campaign has somehow directed the ills of the party.

Anonymous said...

Kate Watson:

America will lose if Obama wins . . .it's as simple as that; go back and do your homework (obama is bad for America and has earned absolutely nothing; he's incompetent, weak, sexist, and dangerous).

Anonymous said...


If you haven't seen the misogyny of Obama and his campaign ( and you could start with the brushing off of his shoulders video), then I have to say, clearly, you haven't looked closely enough.

I, too, am a lifelong Dem. My credentials are much in line with yours, when I was younger.

But your plea falls on deaf ears. The lesser of two evils speech, buffeted at the end with an unresearched opinion that you haven't witnessed what many of us have doesn't move me at all.

I don't want to not vote Dem. But I can't in good conscience vote for a Dem.

So I'll follow Bill Clinton's sage counsel. I'll vote for the candidate that I may only agree with half of the time, but that I believe to be competent and able to get something done.

To do otherwise is to violate what the Dem party I knew held to be dear.

I have to go by avtions, not empty words.

Anonymous said...

Katie Watson: Get real. You are probably the type that will "WHAT IF" until your last breath. If you are going to what if -- I can think of a few really bad "what ifs" should bo (oh God -- that is too horrible to contemplate). Forget it! Move on troll!

1522Lafayette said...


Obama will never fight for health care. He will never fight for anything. He will just start running for his second term the day he takes the oath of office.

The Republicans will not push a social agenda under a McCain administration.

waiting4hrc said...

Kate, in your research did you come across an extremely vicious, sexist remark made by Michelle about Hillary's personal life? I knew then that MO was not First Lady material... or even an ordinary decent human.

The main thing is, I cannot ever support a candidate who wins by corruption, no matter how much I agree with the policies or platform.

I respect McCain's heroism and choice of a woman VP, Palin's record and Cindy's humanitarian work. I wanted HRC to win, but the DNC denied me by cheating. Now I want the DNC to be demolished and start fresh with integrity and adherence to democratic principles.

IKnowWhatYouDidLastPrimary said...

I really love this site. It's so logical, rational and very smart.

I keep thinking that all of this has to be a nightmare. We can't actually have an Obama/Biden ticket.

It's time to clean house.

Pelosi, Dean, Brazile and Obama must go.

Anonymous said...

" In 2004 George Bush was up for re-election having gone through the worst 4 years of any President in history"

Ah excuse me....Jimmy Carter fills the 'worst 4 years ' of ANY President.

Marc Rubin said...

"Ah excuse me....Jimmy Carter fills the 'worst 4 years ' of ANY President."

Allowing the 911 attacks to succeed,being asleep at the switch regarding terrorism, invading another country to protect us against WMD that hadnt existed in 10 years, then blowing the invasion and subsequent occupation, blowing a balanced budget and a $5 trillion budget surplus, makes Bush the all time loser. Add Katrina for his 5th year and he is the worst President in history killing more people on our own soil with his incompetence than our enemies have killed in our history.