Saturday, July 5, 2008


Anyone who has been married or lived with a significant other or had a domestic partnership has at one time or another heard the words "Honey will you take out the garbage"? And more times than not you begrudgingly answered "okay", dragged yourself off the sofa or away from what you were doing and took out the garbage. And with the July 4th celebration just yesterday and a lot of outdoor barbecues producing left over food and paper plates and cups, there was a lot of garbage to get rid of so there was a lot of "Honey, will you take out the garbage?" going on today across the country.

The other day Bill Clinton issued a one line statement from his office regarding Obama in which he said he would do what he was asked to help Senator Obama's campaign. It was Bill Clinton agreeing to take out the garbage.

Dishonest news outlets like The Disassociated Press, Bloomberg News, The LA Times and others who have had a history of making fools out of themselves by distorting the news in favor of Obama tried to portray this tepid statement as though Obama now had Bill Clinton's unbridled, enthusiastic backing and support and this was proof that the party was uniting behind Obama.

The headline from the article in Bloomberg News was "Bill Clinton Commits to Obama". I'm not kidding. They used the word "commit".

I sent an email to the reporter who wrote the story, Kristin Jensen, and pointed out ("pointed out" is putting it nicely), the dishonesty, bias and absurdity of her article and how obviously it was slanted and agenda driven and didn't even remotely reflect Clinton's statement which sounded like anything but a commitment when it was in fact nothing more than a man agreeing to take out the garbage.

It's hard to know if my email had anything to do with it but the next day the article was changed and the "commit" headline gone and the entire tone of the article was more honest and reflective and surprisingly, (or not surprisingly) attributed many of the original statements in the article to an Obama spokesman whereas the other day they were printed without attribution as if they were fact.

What was actually lost in the Bloomberg article and ignored either out of ineptitude or willful neglect was that Bill Clinton's statement said a lot about his lack of support for Obama, especially if you look at it in its entirety.

First, its obvious Clinton didn't want to make the statement himself in front of cameras and so he didn't. Had he wanted to, he could have held a news conference and commanded first position on the evening news with an enthusiastic backing of Obama. He also didn't want the statement to sound like it was coming out of his own mouth so it was issued from his office which brings us to the second point. He didn't even want an actual human being, any human being, not just himself, to be seen in front of a news camera with this statement emanating from someones actual mouth. So instead his office ( for all we know we can attribute it to the Xerox machine) issued a statement that consisted of one line that said he would do what he was asked to do to help Obama. It was Bill Clinton lying on the sofa saying he'd take out the garbage.

And the press screamed "unity".

After watching Obama the last few weeks and how he has been double crossing all his gullible snake oil drinking enthusiasts, even backing off his promises of withdrawing troops from Iraq and making fools out of Arianna Huffington, Keith Olbermann Jonathan Alter, Newsweek, Ben Smith, Politico, Michael Moore, Andrew Sullivan, The Nation, Daily Kos, the New York Times, John Kerry, Jesse Jackson Jr, Joe Klein, Eleanor Clift, ( I love naming names) and just about everyone else who cast a vote for Obama for what they thought was a rational reason, there are a lot of people who seem to be getting ready to replace Obama's bus with a garbage truck and take Obama to the nearest dump.

He'll have a lot of company ( and have a lot of reading material) with the LA Times, Bloomberg News, the Disassociated Press and any number of other news organizations who will be right there with him for their biased,dishonest irrational, dangerous, and inept reporting. Journalists who refused to see Obama for who and what he was from the very beginning when so many millions of others did.

But with the way things are going, it's starting to look like Bill Clinton might get to stay on the couch after all. It looks like others are starting to pick up after themselves and will soon take out the garbage for him.


Anonymous said...

Both Clinton's participation looks more to me like the difference between an all volunteer military and a draft. They will do what they are expected and asked to do, but they aren't ringing Obama's phone off the hook asking for assignments.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:

And why should they????

DWPforHILL said...

Excellent analysis and article.

I also love the analogy drawn by the commentor that it was a difference between volunteering for military service, and being drafted.

Anonymous said...

ooooooo, marc, this is sooooo cool. thanks!

democraticjack said...

If we listen very carefully, we can hear the deafening silence coming from Bill Clinton since that little statement as well.
Great thinking and well written as usual, Marc.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

With respects to the reporter, a copy editor or someone else, not she, probably wrote the headline.

Regardless of who wrote that final copy, though, it was distortion to say that Bill Clinton "commits to Obama."

But, then what should we expect from the liberals'/leffists'/Democrats'/Obama's news shills?

Long ago, even before this election cycle, but certainly now, most of them forfeited the ethical right to call themselves journalists and/or the "mainstream news media," given that they do not and have not represented mainstream America.

Regrettably, though, those organizations control most of what passes for print and broadcast news.

Even so, what they said makes for great comedy and future embarrassment for them. The Clinton's participation is nothing but calculated, as well we all know. And they will move in their interests, when the opportunity presents itself.

By the way, just because you're a draftee or even volunteer, that doesn't necessarily mean you will do what is expected or asked of you to do.

It's situational. So doing things half-heartedly? Maybe. Begrudgingly? Maybe.

But maybe not at all--again, depends on the situation. Maybe just words to deflect and misdirect until someone else does it or the requester forgets what he asked.

suef4hil said...

Beautiful Marc. I have been on vacation so I haven't had a chance to visit (was in Washington DC and read a bit about Thomas Paine @ the Newseum- very relevant).

Anyway, hopefully it won't be long before Barry implodes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clinton is fairly easy to read.

Mr. Clinton was there for his wife, and his daughter Chelsea Clinton for her mother.

He is not going to take orders or lessons from a guy whose only or main achievement has been to be elected by his classmates to edit the Harvard Law Journal. It takes more than that to impress a lawyer and a former President.

Julianne B. said...

"...making fools out of Arianna Huffington, Keith Olbermann Jonathan Alter, Newsweek, Ben Smith, Politico, Michael Moore, Andrew Sullivan, The Nation, Daily Kos, the New York Times, John Kerry, Jesse Jackson Jr, Joe Klein, Eleanor Clift, ( I love naming names) and just about everyone else who cast a vote for Obama for what they thought was a rational reason..."

Sweet, sweet music to my formerly Democratic (35 yrs!) and now nonpartisan ears. Thank you, Marc!

bethtopaz said...

Perfect analogy!
Well done!

Virginia said...

Thank you, Marc. I can't figure out how either Bill or Hillary is able to go through the motions in supporting Obama at this point.

Taking out the garbage is a good way to put it.

fif said...

I wish Bill & Hillary didn't have to do a thing for him. He thinks he's God, let's see him perform a miracle and build the coalition he needs.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it John Edwards turn to shill for BHO? How about his pal Richardson--why aren't they taking their turns stumping for "THE ONE"

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

Why should Bill Clinton help Obama? Better yet why he shouldn't help Obama? I am sorry but as an African American when I saw Obama's campaign paint him as a racist. That upset me. I think that if Obama wants Bill to help him he needs to sincerely apologize. I will not accept Obama unless Bill has actually forgiven him. The thing is Obama is not man enough to apologize for being wrong so I do not see him doing it and I do not see Bill doing anything more then what he has too. Watch Bill have the flu a lot this year. I would if I were him.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I am tired of reading the "garbage" propaganda every day, misleading headlines. Good for you for calling Bloomberg News on their piece.

I will say in defense of the LA Times, they published an interesting piece April 27 by By Chuck Neubauer and Tom Hamburger. Too bad it didn't receive more attention.

jbjd said...

I keep thinking, all of these people you listed who Senator Barack is throwing under the bus, and the dozens more who could be added; need soothing to recover from their egobamabotomy, not chastisement. Being a mother, I never say, 'I told you so.' I figure, the pain of the experience is sufficient lesson to ensure the offensive conduct is never repeated.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant article! Hopefully, President and Senator Clinton will really be able to take out the garbage - and take the so-called leaders with him -right out of the DNP. What a sham this whole "election" process has been!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should join forces with 18Million Voices and TAKE IT TO DENVER!! More information at:

waiting4hrc said...

Dear Marc,
You always tell it like it is and that's SO, SO refreshing! The image of Obamugabe being hauled off in a dumpster cracked me up.

Thank you for firing your e-mail salvo at Bloomberg news. Given your passion for the truth and writing talent, I bet you made them squirm over there resulting in a more accurate article.

Jen the Michigander said...

Thank you for another outstanding article, Marc! I wish we could know what the Clintons are really up to, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Marc, I love your style; the analogy you use in this article made me laugh. (I actally could see Big Dawg on the couch. I hope he decides to stay there for the whole election. He was called a racist and his family was ridiculed. Bill Clinton should not lift a finger to help the DNC and its Flim-Flam man.)

Mirlo said...

You know Marc, the press all over Europe commented on the "enthusiastic" Bill Clinton committment! What a sham. I'll email your post to a few friends who relayed the "beautyful" news to me.

Kim said...

I rather enjoyed Bill's first response to the 'To Do' note Obama left on the refrigerator, "he can kiss my ass!"

Anonymous said...

as a Senator Clinton supporter, i hope the Clintons turn their backs ont eh racist obamas, they are awful mistake for our country

chezmadame said...

I take my comfort where I can these days, and I am much assuaged by the spectacle Olberboyy has made of himself over the past few months. There he was all poised and ready for his own coronation as a 21st century Edward R. Murrow based on his pseudo-courageous special comments calling out Bush & Co. from a very safe distance.

He of the bombastic bluster was played, used, bamboozled and hoodwinked. No MTP, no Peabody award, no respect from anyone except the old boyyz club, and zero credibility

I've always found it interesting that MSM is fond of using the term "story line" regarding this election season and its unfolding narrative. While "narrative", calls to mind a story skillfully and cunningly woven by an author with a perspective at best, and an agenda at worst, when I hear "story line" I immediately think of soap operas and WWF wrestling. I'm not sure that I want either from my "news sources."

At any rate, it is great fun to see the panicked looks on the faces of the acolytes as they try to defend the indefensible with their "nuanced" explanations of the difference between waffling and flip-flopping. And it is good to reflect upon the Clintons current situation, firmly entrenched in the cat-bird seat enjoying the show.

Anonymous said...

I think of it more like cleaning out the cat litter box or like cleaning up the dog turds in the yard. Trash is too pleasant a task to equate with the thought of voting for a fascist racist.

GRL said...

Take a breather, PUMAs!!

Boardwalk Breather…My Favorites from the Jersey Shore to NM (Yes, There are Boardwalks in NM!!!)

Great pics, too!

Wind up the holiday weekend on a positive note to start the next week in fighting form!!

Chevalier said...

Considering we actually have proof that Obama said in public that all those bitter, xenophobic people who cling to guns and religion do so because they were left behind by the Clinton administration, maybe Bill should let Obama be. And then we can see how bitter Obama becomes when he is left behind by Clinton, and not administered to.

MsBluegrass said...

A great article, Marc. I listened to your interview with Heidi earlier in the day. It was a long interview, but very compelling...I just kept jumping out of my chair shouting, "Yes, Exactly!" Thank you for that as well.

susan h said...

Thanks Marc, for another inspiring article.

I do want to add one thing concerning what anonymous said about Obama: "...his only achievement is to be elected by his classmates to edit the Harvard Law Journal". I want to cross out the word "elected" and in its place put "selected", just like the DNC "selected, not elected" him. How do we know he was elected by his classmates? Because he said so? Perhaps Obama used the same muscling, strong-arm race-baiting (if you don't pick me you're a racist) techniques he used in this primary to become editor of the Harvard Law Review. How will we ever know? Just because you say so...I don't think so Mr. O.

Anonymous said...

What is Denver Group going to do if Clinton trades her delegates for payment of her debt.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on the "garbage" analogy! That is just too perfect. Bill and Hill are two smart ones. They did what they have to do and leave the doors and options open for others imaginations.

untilthelastdogdies said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Clintons are just going through the motions.
As ever, they are in it for the long haul whereas Obama is but a roll in the hay!

The simple statement released by his office was Bill's
"yadda yadda yadda" moment... he was the first one under the bus and he's bloody well going to stay there!