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Don Fowler's letter has been written about elsewhere and has received a reaction appropriate to its arrogance and stupidity, characteristics that seems to head the list of DNC transgressions in a year that was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Democrats. But at the risk of being redundant, there are some things worth repeating about his letter and other things worth pointing out.

His assertion that Barack Obama has "already won" the nomination is a microcosm of the larger chasm that exists between truth, reality, honesty, integrity, having a moral compass and what the DNC and people like Fowler currently represent.

Obama himself has proven to be the most untrustworthy politician since Richard Nixon and it seems that anything he touches becomes just as corrupt. Nowhere is that more apparent than with the actions of the DNC, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean during this entire process and this letter from Fowler, a former head of the DNC just re-enforces it.

Fowlers letter really does give one pause as to what exactly they are thinking at the DNC and his letter makes him sound like the latest victim in the DNC production of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Barack Obama as anyone remotely familiar with DNC rules and democratic procedures knows, has, as of now, won absolutely nothing despite the pronouncements of Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi, the Tokyo Rose of the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile and now Don Fowler and the usual compliant news media.

If Fowler wants to prove he and the DNC are right about their assertions let them quote the DNC rules chapter and verse that show unequivocally that Barack Obama has won the nomination.And since we know he can't, people should demand that he issue a public apology for his misleading and at times dishonest statements. As a former head of the DNC he should know better and probably does.

His claim that he was a Clinton supporter is also factually false. He publicly opposed the full seating of the Florida and Michigan delegations and spoke out against it both before and during the meeting of the Rules Committee of which he was a part. His reason for opposing their seating, according to him, were the "DNC rules". These are the same DNC rules he now chooses to ignore when it comes to his assertion that "Barack Obama has won" a statement contradicted by the DNC's rules.

Fowler then goes on to use as an analogy the Boston Celtics championship victory and Nadal's Wimbledon win that begins to become bizarre. He complains that the Lakers accepted the Celtics championship win "without demands or preconditions" as did Federer in accepting Nadal's victory so why can't Clinton supporters simply accept that Obama has won?

What he doesn't say is that the referees in both events didn't try to rig the rules in favor of the Celtics or Nadal. They didn't show favoritism or referee with a double standard in order to try and help them win. The referees didn't deduct points from the Lakers or Federer that they legitimately won, and didn't give points not legitimately won to the Celtics or Nadal. The referees also didn't declare the winner before the games were over.

If any of what happened to Hillary Clinton had happened to the Lakers or Roger Federer neither they,nor their fans, nor tens of millions of others would accept the Celtics and Nadal as champions. Instead the Lakers and Federer would be screaming bloody murder over the unfairness and so would tens of millions of fans.

There would surely be massive protests and both organizations would have their credibility in shreds. Their ability to function as credible organizations would cease. Officials of both organizations would be forced to resign, the referees would had been fired and neither championship would be recognized as valid.

By using Fowler's analogies and applying them to the current situation, he and the rest of the leadership of the Democratic Party can know what to expect in Denver if Senator Clinton's name does not appear in nomination and if there isn't an honest roll call vote according to DNC rules so super delegates can vote for either candidate and decide the nominee the way the rules provide. And they can know what to expect in November for Democratic candidates at every level if Clinton's name is not placed in nomination and the 30-50% of Clinton voters, disgusted with a rigged process decide to stay home (and that number may well be higher)

Since we know from the Fowler letter is that he and the DNC are feeling "fatigued" by the refusal of millions of democrats to accept someone as "the winner" who hasn't as yet won and since we know Gatorade won't help, if you want to contribute to Mr. Fowler's fatigue and that of the DNC, a $5 contribution to The Denver Group will do just that. You can give them gastronomical distress for $10 and $25 will probably give them a raging headache. And a contribution of $100 just might put them on the disabled list.

By popular demand Don Fowler's email address is:


democraticjack said...

Brilliant take on that arrogant screed by Mr. Fowler. I love the conclusive "call to arms". Thanks again Marc.

corage said...

Excellent post. Thanks to you and Heidi for all you do.

DWPforHILL said...

Bravo, Marc! Insightful and pointed.

Edgeoforever said...

Thank you! Well spoken!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for your new post.
As usual it's the best. I'll donate again.

suef4hil said...

Thanks for the ongoing words of wisdom Marc. When I read the letter, my mouth hung open in disbelief. I have turned into a drooling idiot this past 6 months, watching the democrats behavior. I wrote back to him and Alice Germond, she signed her name to that pitiful letter too.
Well, they better drink a lot of red bull and starbucks because it looks like their fatigue is not going to get any better now that they have thrown their temper tantrum.

Anonymous said...

Will donate again today to support the Denver Group! Go Marc and Heidi! Go Denver Group!

untilthelastdogdies said...

I truly think that Fowler, Pelosi, Dean, have no concept of the term "Blowback". They feel it's fine to address their members in this manner. I guess they will continue to employ their "stick in your eye" strategy until the bitter end.

How fitting that Fowler/Fouler uses the NBA analogy when it's Refs (much like the DNC ) are being called into question regarding the integrity of the sport!

Anonymous said...

This is the same Fowler? from NO Quarter:

Mirlo said...

I wish condescending Mr. Fowler would read your post! Is there any way it could be sent to him?

I am so very tired myself of condescending, fatigued, egoblown-up, selfadoring and selfrightous male articles such as Mr. Fowler.

Fortunatly, the world is full of fun, intelligent, smart and respectful men and women. Like PUMAS, the Denver Group many Millions more! Here is to you!

Marc said...

"I wish condescending Mr. Fowler would read your post! Is there any way it could be sent to him? "

Responding to popular demand I've posted Don Fowler's email address after the peice on my blog. For those looking here its:

Halli said...

Clearly, we share the same pov. Halli Casser-Jayne

As Barack Obama embarked on what his campaign is billing as Barack Obama’s "listening" overseas tour and I was wondering why if Obama’s world tour was simply to listen he couldn’t have foregone the outrageously expensive trip that he says is not a political tour and telephoned world leaders and American generals (United States Senators have unlimited long distance, no?) my friend Myrtle was more interested in talking with me about another matter.

Myrtle, the only person I know in America who doesn’t have unlimited long distance as a feature of her phone service, signaled me to call her Sunday afternoon because I do pay for the extremely expensive feature.

She used her personal code: ring two times, hang-up, ring once, hang-up. The not very original Myrtle has to use this code because she has the service of caller id block and can’t ever remember the code that will unblock her code. And since we in this house don’t answer unidentified calls, Myrtle must resort to the code.

Ring…ring…hang-up…ring...hang-up…ring…I answer the phone not to the polite Hello, how are you? bit expected since we haven’t spoken in a while, but instead to an angst-ridden, extremely upset voice bordering the shrill at the other end of the line.

“I am PISSED OFF,” Myrtle screams into my ear. “Seriously, I am furious! This Democratic Party is taxing my patience. Who the hell do these bozo men who are controlling things think they are? And who is this Donnie Fowler, a relation to the Osmonds?” she asks across the wires. “Halli, do you know this guy? Come on, he has got to be kidding! They’ve all got to be kidding. What, do they think the women in the party are all a bunch of f**ing fools?” Blah…blah…blah!

Anyway, Myrtle’s colorful rant continued for a full seven minutes…honest…I timed it. And much of what Myrtle said isn’t repeatable even in the uncensored world of the internet. I’ll tell you, Myrtle is HOT under the good ol’ girl collar. In fact, I haven’t heard Myrtle this angry since her boyfriend of five years left her for a woman half her age and half her brain power. Like I said, Myrtle is furious!

So what’s the source of Myrtle’s incandescent rage?

Myrtle doesn’t like the tone in the missive addressed to “Dear Democratic Friends” that she received, signed by one Donnie Fowler, DNC Member At-Large, South Carolina and Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Before I share with you Myrtle’s problem with the letter, let me give you a bit of background on my friend Myrtle. Myrtle is white, Jewish, unmarried, a New Yorker born and bred, smart, well-read, well-educated, well-traveled, which she can afford to be because she has a great…well…high-powered job that affords her the luxury.

Moving closer to 60 with each passing day, Myrtle is a dyed-in-the-wool progressive Democrat. She is so far to the left in her political persuasion Fidel Castro would love her.

As this election cycle began, Myrtle was oh, so excited. Barack Obama was her candidate. He was the man to take the world into the future with all his progressive ideas. Myrtle was sure the Democrats could take back the White House and right all the wrongs of the past eight years and the Bush Administration.

We would engage in great political discussions in those early days of the campaign, some quite boisterous as I was an early Hillary Clinton supporter when Myrtle was not.

But slowly, ever so slowly, I, with the help of her man, Barack Obama, changed my progressive friend’s point-of-view. And she who had once despised Hillary Clinton came to admire and respect her, and finally to support her candidacy.

It wasn’t only Obama’s lack of political experience which turned Myrtle off to Obama as the Party’s eventual nominee. She will tell you that as the primaries ensued she started to question the sincerity of Obama’s words, and moreover, Obama’s conviction to his progressive ideals.

But with Hillary’s loss and Obama’s coronation because of what Myrtle calls “the machination of the Democratic Party” my friend Myrtle was left with the choice of who she would vote for come election day.

Having never voted for any but a Democratic candidate, Myrtle is left with the dilemma many Hillary supporters face. Should she vote for the inexperienced, insincere, candidate who is ideals challenged? Should she vote for the Republican John McCain whose ideals she doesn’t always share? Or should she simply sit this one out?

Apparently, Donnie Fowler’s letter helped my friend Myrtle come to her decision.

And here are the two lines that did it: “I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support,” Mr. Fowler wrote. “It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It's time to put the primaries behind us. It's time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.” (Emphasis mine)

Here is some more of what the letter said: “It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure [Barack Obama’s] election. It's time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands”

“How dare that Fowler guy speak to women with such disdain,” Myrtle bristled across the fiber optic highway. “What if the situation was reversed and it had been Obama who had been forced out of the race? Do you think the Donnie Fowlers of the Democratic Party would be sending out letters using words like ‘carp and complain’ to potential MALE voters? Of course they wouldn’t.”

Myrtle insisted: “It’s how the men who are controlling the Democratic Party, with the help of a few estrogen-challenged female surrogates like Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and Claire McCaskill, that is sticking in my craw.”

“How could you possibly vote Republican?” I asked Myrtle. “You’ve always been a Democrat. You believe in the ideals of the Democratic Party. The Republicans want to overturn Roe Vs Wade. They don’t believe in universal health care, Hillary’s pet project, but you do. There’s Iraq, there’s…”

And then my erudite female friend nearing a milestone birthday said the magic word as we spoke across the telephone lines:

“FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act),” Myrtle said. “He caved,” she reminded me.

She continued: “At least the Republican’s and John McCain stand for something. I may not always agree with what they stand for, but ya gotta stand for something, even if you sound like you’re ‘carping and complaining and criticizing.’”

And with that feeling better for having made her point Myrtle hung up the telephone that the Feds might be monitoring thanks to the highly resourceful vote of Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Fowler and the rest of the DNC it's time to spit out that kool-Aid and get a new life.
Great work Heidi and Marc.

waiting4hrc said...

Murder most Foul! The murder victim is the Democratic party. The guilty characters are Brazilnut, Foul Fowler, Dean the Mean, Peloose Cannon and, of course, Obamugabe.

I am coming to the conclusion that the Dem. Party doesn't deserve Sen. Clinton. She should dump the band of criminals and run as an Independent. I predict she'd win by a landslide.

Enjoyed comment by Halli about Myrtle.

Mirlo said...

Marc, I did send Mr. Fowler your post in an email. I even recommended him to read the comments and provided him with a link to your blog.

Halli, tell Myrtle that I share her wrath. I enjoyed the read about her phone call, thanks

Halli said...

Myrtle is happy to hear you enjoyed her POV. Come visit her. She can be found at

And Marc, great work you are doing!

Thanks, ~HCJ

Sarah Ferguson said...

Halli, I loved your story! Thanks. I want to have coffee with Myrtle. Ask her for me, ok?

Standing for something means a lot to me too. After listening to Obama's conversation with Katie Couric in Israel, I thought for the first time I may vote for McCain because it's possible that this act, as paradoxical as it may sound, is the ultimate rejection of George W.

It's clear to me now that Obama has co-opted George W's packaging from the last two elections. He wants, for strategic reasons, to remain unformed and uncommitted on specific policies and jump on every opportunity to talk about his philosophy, his morals, fatherhood, whatever. I had no idea that George W. would have such a transformative effect on how politicians speak to voters.

It dawned on me that all the references to the sublime in Obama's speeches are exactly that, only references. Like a pint of beer, his "talking art" goes right through me. It doesn't activate my head or my heart. It's art that does nothing for me, although at times, it insults my intelligence.

Here are the high-notes of Obama’s recent conversation with Katie Couric. You say, “Oh but you’ve taken these bits out of context!” No. This is what I can extract. This is what I hear. My ears grab on to these words. That's the whole point.

“keep in mind”

“my job as commander in chief”

“my goal is”

“the overarching strategy”

“that would be something that I would have to make the decision on, if I am President of the United States”

“or, alternatively “

“what I’m going to do is set a vision, a clear and”

“I’m going to continue to listen”

“all of which is going to contribute to”

“as I said before”

“I would not be doing my job if I didn’t pay attention to the facts”

“what I was referring to and have consistently referred to”

“let me finish”

“we have to recognize”

“those are the factors and issues that I will take into account as president”

“I believe my approach is the right one”

“There is no doubt”

“what I can say is that”

“I’ve said that not just today, not just yesterday”

“There is a growing”

“My hope is”

“It is absolutely critical to us”

“I have a track record that will assure”

“that we mean business”

“in a whole host of issues”

“ultimately, I think”

“It’s important that”

“a lot of folks”

“what I can do is provide leadership”

“first of all”

“it’s work that must be done”

“the challenges we face”

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!!!
VERY glad we have you on our team!!!!

Loved your post, too,
Halli about Myrtle.

off topic...but if anyone wants to thank Andrea Mitchell, found phone number where comments will be recorded for her by receptionist.

202 885 4835

(In case you missed it.

They said email not available.

minty said...

I am beginning to think that Fowler, Brazille, are actually republicans or they are in desperate need of a Dale Carnegie course.

Halli said...

Sarah...You forgot the "ahs" and "ums." BO doesn't do well without a Teleprompter. Here's another fun (hope not over-the-top) read:

susan h said...

Marc, this will change the subject slightly, but I have been hearing rumors about a leak to the Enquirer right before the Iowa caucus that John Edwards fathered a baby. Edwards was ahead in Iowa and suddenly Obama became the frontrunner. Obama "won" all his campaigns the same way: eliminating the competition. He certainly worked hard to try and force Hillary to an early withdrawal. In his run for junior senator he forced Alice Palmer off the ballot. In his run for the U.S. senator from Illinois, a scandal broke re: the republican front runner and Alan Keyes took his place, letting Obama run against a ridiculous candidate and win the U.S. Senate seat. If Axelrod/Obama ran the Edwards story to ruin his credibility before Iowa, it is sickening. Does anyone have any more information on this? I would not be surprised since that is Obama's style but it certainly is disgusting and explains his big sudden "WIN" in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

About this Michigan vote stealing, I am not sure how many of our Hillary supporters know that MICHIGAN IS HAVING A STATEWIDE PRIMARY FOR STATE OFFICES AND FOR CONGRESS ON AUGUST 5th. The DNC CONVENTION in Denver is AUGUST 25-28. There COULD have been a do-over on August 5th if the DNC wanted it to happen. But Obama's people would not tolerate any possible fair play. Any fairness and he would be out of this. Hillary won this state by a large margin and would have won in a re-do also.

The DNC and gang are up to something and we need to make plans for after the convention also. Convention web page has Obama's picture on the top and has picked out a stadium for another free concert and food to fill it up for the TV spectacle. Like all his other large crowd events.

I hope the press give proper coverage to Obama smubbing the injured troops in Germany when he found out he could not have press coverage. Perhaps people will see him for the hollow shell he really is and he goes south very fast.....Otherwise I think we all have to prepare for plan B.

The patriotic people, like the ones that come here must fight for democracy here in this country, otherwise the sacrificies of these vets as well as all those that came before will be for naught. This is the greatest threat we have faced in many years. The purchase of the Presidency by powers unsee by us is what't happening here and Obama is their front man. They did it with Bush and now they see the opportunity to have the Dems do it as well and the DNC is in on it. Nothing else I see makes any sense. Hillary would not have let that happen but can see it all over him.

I seldom Blog but I thought this was worth a think.

I'll sign myself Willowtree as I don't know how to creat an Identity just yet. My thanks to all of you for being here.

Anonymous said...

zljddqOOP'S! misspell, Should have been "Obama snubbing troops in Germany .....


suef4hil said...

Marc- looking for your address on this most recent preposterous act of BO. Leaking his prayer to the media. It sounded awfully suspicious and now I hear that he actually gave the prayer to the media.
And please also address these rock concerts and now free booze on top of it to draw 200K people.
Where the hell are the MSM??? Why isn't this being reported?