Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen and childish minds of all ages, step right up and plunk down your money then go right into that tent and see the sensational wonder packing them in from one end of these continental United States to the other, having just returned from a triumphant trip abroad where he performed his stupefying act to sell out crowds and heads of state alike, and not as some might tell you because he was giving away free food and a free rock concert, no don't believe a word of it, because this is an act hailed by the ladies and gentlemen of the press -- except by Der Speigel the German magazine who called him a total fake, but what do they know -- as one of the greatest attractions ever seen,playing to standing room only crowds, the one, the only, the amazing, Barack the Clown.

He flips, he flops he talks out of both sides of his mouth so fast your ears won't believe a word they're hearing. You'll see a quick change artist change so fast your eyes won't believe what they are seeing which is why we say its change you can believe in.

He will conduct feats of prestidigitation never before seen on this continent or abroad as the Israeli's and Palestinians themselves will testify, as will liberal groups who witnessed it to their utter amazement, and newspaper editors who watched in disbelief. You'll watch in disbelief too as Barack the Clown will use these feats of prestidigitation to make promises and pledges disappear right before your very eyes. He will reverse himself in midstream so fast you won't know if he is coming or going. Ask him a question and to your utter amazement he will tell you exactly what you want to hear and smile doing it. And you will roar with laughter at the sight of Barack the Clown putting not one, but both feet in his mouth at exactly the same time.

All this alone is worth the price of a contribution, a paltry $5, but no, that's not all. With just a wave of his hand and his patented smirk you''ll see Barack the Clown make the ladies and gentlemen of the press, famous names like Keith Olbermann, Jonathan Alter, journalists from the Nation and the New York Times, and special guest star Chris Matthews, jump through hoops, roll over, sit up and beg and eat right out of his hand even while keeping both feet in his mouth. You'll see his famous Presidential seals clap their fins and play "Feelings" on a set of cell phones provided by Verizon and AT&T, then swallow everything he throws their way.

Think I'm finished? Not by a long shot. To top it off you'll see the famous Barack the Clown Bus, you don't ride in it you get thrown under it, and you won't believe what Barack will throw under it right before your very eyes, including an entire church with a couple of pastors, the voters of Florida and Michigan, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, and last but not least, even his own grandmother, and a whole lot more, all for your own mirth and amusement.

Ladies and gentlemen there has never been an attraction like Barack the Clown or my name isn't Howard F for Fairness Dean. Just step right up and plunk down your money to our lovely Miss Pelosi looking lovely in her Barack the Clown nose and wig, who will be glad to show you to your seat. Prime seats are still available.

Now c'mon folks, this is your big chance to see the great Barack the Clown. Who's gonna be first to step right up and get their seat? No reason to hesitate this is a once in a lifetime chance to see a true clown at work, the best clown you'll ever see. Trust me folks you've never seen a clown like Barack the Clown. So who's gonna be first?

No point in looking over yonder at that other tent, there's nothing there folks. The big attraction is right here in Barack the Clown. Don’t believe that sign-- there is no Hillary in that tent. She's a big fan of Barack the Clown and said so. The lovely Hillary is going to be right here watching with the rest of you. She might even make an appearance as a guest star. Don't pay any attention to that sign they're putting up. Did I mention Barack the Clown will saw the lovely Miss Pelosi right in half before your very eyes? Hey, come back here...forget that sign...Hillary's gone...there's no show there...this is the only show in town....hey, we're you all going? Okay, we'll throw in the free food and a rock concert...who do you want to see? Bruce Springsteen? Keith Olbermann playing the kazoo? How about the synchronized marching of the famous Obamabots Marching Band? Hey, come on back here...we'll do the free food..


Anonymous said...

"except by Der Speigel the German magazine who called him a total fake, but what do they know" (the lede article)

Der Spiegel is quite a reputable German news magazine (in its German version at least). For it, to call Mr. Obama a total fake - I did not check the quote - does support your article.


MR said...

"Der Spiegel is quite a reputable German news magazine (in its German version at least). For it, to call Mr. Obama a total fake - I did not check the quote - does support your article."

Thanks for your comment.I went back and created a link to the Der Speigel article within my post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh. You make my day!

susan h said...

My brother lives in Portland, OR and he is convinced that 75,000 people came out just to listen to Obama at a mega-rally in May. It did not ring true to me since Obama sets everything up as a photo-op with smoke and mirrors to fool the easily foolable, but I had no proof.

I found an article by Oliver Burkeman ( dated July 28, 2008 entitled "Obama deploys cunning 'Decemberists' trick once again". The article says the right wing has done extensive research on this and finally was able to conclude that the large crowds in Portland actually came to see 'The Decemberists", a very in-band popular with young people.

Mr. Burkeman then drew the analogy that this same kind of smoke and mirrors was applied to the Berlin rally where German pop-rockers performed and that is why they had the 200,000 crowd, with Obama just using another event once again in his cunning and conniving way.

A blogger on PUMA PAC's site originally from Cuba wrote an article recently that Obama reminded her much of Fidel Castro in the 1950 era who promised CHANGE and the people of Cuba did not question what kind of change, they were simply attracted to a young, charismatic leader.

We think that it could not happen here - it may be already happening and the question is, can we stop it?

Anonymous said...

Marc, you're getting better and better.

bethtopaz said...

prestidigitation \pres-tuh-dij-uh-TAY-shuhn\, noun:
Skill in or performance of tricks; sleight of hand.


Great post!!! I was laughing all the way through.

Quick - someone make this into an ad.

Because if a Democrat gets elected POTUS, I'd much rather have it be Hillary than Barack the Clown!

Sarah Ferguson said...

Has anyone seen the new $5 bill?

bethtopaz said...

I just received this e-mail from Ben Caswell (someone I have never heard of before) in response to a comment I left at Israeli Insider (an article about Obama's Wailing Wall Prayer). I called both numbers and talked to his secretary and left a message for him that I would be glad to discuss the issues with him. I also added that if he was the kind of person supporting Barack Obama, then it was a pretty poor reflection on Obama.

Ben Caswell owns a production company in Santa Monica, California and does work for t.v. and digital signage.

I've never had someone personally send me an e-mail expressing hatred like this in response to my public response to an article or blog.

Feel free to copy this e-mail and send it to your friends, if you like. This is quite unusual and a little scary.
Ben Caswell wrote:

Some idiot wrote this email and signed your name. Thought you should know.

Ben Caswell
Office: 310-255-0470
Cel: 323-309-4128

On Jul 31, 2008, at 12:14 AM, wrote:

I am an American who supports and loves Israel and I think this is very important.

It points to character.

Since Obama has virtually no experience, accomplishments or qualifications for the job of U.S. President, all we have left is his character and judgment.

These are the two things he himself is touting as the reasons to vote for him.

The first time I heard this story I had a gut feeling that something was not quite right. We are on to Obama here in the states. He is a dirty Chicago pol who learned from the most corrupt - the Daley's and their spokesman and his chief strategist, David Axelrod.

There are some very naive people that believe the lies he says about himself. It's important for America and Israel that we know the truth about his man and not allow him to get elected.


This service is provided by israelinsider, the leading online newsmagazine about Israel.

israelinsider adheres to a strict privacy policy and will not make any supplied information available to third parties.

bethtopaz said...


I just received a phone call from Ben Caswell. He had received an e-mail from me and was just responding. I told him I never sent one, so someone, somehow, got my e-mail and sent him a copy of my comment. Hmmmm. I'm going to contact Israeli Insider and let them know there's some mischief going on.

It turns out Ben is a nice guy. He was a little nervous, too, that I had personally e-mailed him.

I sent him a link to this site and also to No Quarter so he can do some in-depth study on the presumptive nominee: Barack Obama.

NewOrleans said...

Absolutely brilliant post, Marc!

And thanks for the link to Der Speigel. Their writer, Gabor Steingart, nails Obama perfectly, particular in his latest article "Obama's Romantic Revolution.",1518,568121,00.html

NewOrleans said...

Grrr...I hate when URLS get cut off and you can't edit!

The rest of the URL is....


democraticjack said...

Funny stuff Marc. Whoever said you wouldn't want to meet up with a clown in the middle of the night must have been a seer.
After watching and listening to the Obama spin today, this will be construed as "racist". Clown is code for "minstrel" in the newspeak, like arrogant is code for "uppity". This candidate is running the most divisive presidential campaign in history.

diana said...

susan h,
That probably wasn't my post, but I'm from Cuba and I can smell the same acrid odor that swept through Cuba. Fidel Castro became famous for his LONG oratories - he still talks a lot. You just have to listen very, very carefully to understand that what he's saying is not what you had imagined.

Barack Obama says we need a fully-funded, government backed "CIVILIAN NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY". Now, what do you suppose that means?
Castro did this, and folks were targeted by neighbors who were paid to keep an eye on their goings and comings (we were such a family, though my father refused to be "political".) Children were encouraged to turn in their parents. Those with little or no education were assigned positions of power, overseeing others -also with no formal training or accountability - who would do the spying. This led to midnight or improptu searches, people coming around trying to find out where we had been, what we had in the kitchen pantry, and on and on.
In my town the guy that was selected as Mayor had two 'claims to fame' 1) his quarter horse tied in a race with a Jeep, and 2) he could eat a plate of food faster than any human being. (I saw him do this.)

Honestly, the truly powerful, the educated, the skilled, do not have to rely on hubris and lies.

Jen the Michigander said...

Bravo, Marc!!!!

georgia strait said...

Wonderful, Marc! I can smell the popcorn and cotton candy.....
Clowns know they are playing a part, usually sad, that makes them a laughing stock. That's Obama!

suef4hil said...

I have tears running down my face reading this, I have not laughed so hard since reading "The Baracky Horror Picture Show".
But then I remember, this really isn't funny, it is so sad.
Thanks for your clarity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc:

I love your posts. I make a copy and send to my sister who doesn't have a computer. Otherwise, she would not have a viewpoint other than the MSM usual stuff. Thanks for your insight, and your humorous way of presenting the subject matter. I am so happy I found your site and I appreciate what you are doing for our country (Denver Group) etc. Thanks again.
Bev Prothro

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