Monday, July 28, 2008


Someone who can only be considered a paid liar for the DNC by the name of Tom McMahon sent out a fund raising letter on behalf of Barack Obama and the DNC that is nothing short of being an out and out lie, inviting Democrats to "the first truly open Democratic Convention in a generation".

It was interesting that the DNC and Obama chose to use the key words that are in every Denver Group ad calling for "an open convention:" But in reality Obama and the DNC are inviting people to an open convention in much the same way they stood up for Florida and Michigan when it came to fulfilling democratic principles. And Obama wants an open convention the same way he kept his campaign promises of "every vote must count" and "voices must be heard" when it came to seating Florida and Michigan.

First the Fowler letter and now this. It seems there are no depths to which Obama and the DNC will not sink and no lie too shameless.

What the DNC deserves is a barrage of calls and letters demanding a true open convention since they have decided to use the term to dishonestly try and raise money unless of course they are willing to truly have an open convention which means only one thing -- Senator Clinton's name in nomination. If they don't have that truly open convention, or if Senator Obama is still the choice of super delegates after all his dishonesty, then they deserve one other thing -- the worst defeat in history of the party which Clinton supporters can accomplish if they refuse to vote for Obama. That will purge the party of all the dishonest players that seems to have taken over the party. They need to know it's going to be one or the other. Either way Clinton supporters will win.

Below is a copy of the blatantly dishonest letter being sent to Democratic party members. They deserve a response but maybe not the one they were hoping for. Below the letter is the Denver Group's response issued in a press release.

Dear ________ -- One month from today, more than 75,000 Americans will join Barack Obama at the first truly open Democratic National Convention in a generation. If you make a donation in any amount before midnight this Thursday, July 31st, you could join Barack backstage before he accepts the Democratic nomination. Watch this short video invitation from Barack and make a donation of $5 or more today: This year, the convention will be built around the participation of ordinary Americans. Democrats like you are opening up the political process like never before, and it is a bold and exciting time for our party. Free tickets to the convention will be available soon. But if you make a donation in any amount by Thursday, July 31st, you and a guest could be flown to Denver, spend a couple of nights in a hotel, participate in the convention, and then go Backstage with Barack before the big event.

Watch Barack's invitation and make a donation of $5 or more today to be part of this extraordinary opportunity: Your donation will not only support our party, but will build our 50-state strategy to secure victories up and down the ballot in November.
Thanks, Tom
Tom McMahon Executive Director Democratic National Committee

If you do not wish to make a donation, you can still be selected to join Barack at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Learn more here . Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee, .

This is the response issued in a press release from the Denver Group.

A statement was issued today on behalf of Barack Obama regarding what he is calling an invitation to "the first truly open Democratic National Convention in a generation". This statement is in fact blatantly untrue. The very fact that this statement parrots an invitation coming from Barack Obama himself is proof that this is willfully untrue.

A 'truly open convention" is not something that can be offered by Barack Obama . It is not something he has any control over. A "truly open convention" is something that is dictated by democratic principles and Democratic rules, not Barack Obama and not as a cheap pitch to dishonestly use the concept of an open convention to try and squeeze $5 out of unsuspecting Democratic supporters.

But if Barack Obama wants to really mean what he says, we welcome his support for "the first truly open Democratic National Convention in a generation" which will mean that Senator Clinton's name will be placed in nomination according to Democratic Party rules and that super delegates will have the opportunity to vote for either candidate as the rules dictate. It also means that Barack Obama is acknowledging that he is not the Democratic candidate for President and that there will not be an official nominee until the roll call vote August 27 in which both he and Senator Clinton will have their names in nomination and at which time super delegates will cast their votes to decide the nominee.This is what "a truly open Democratic National Convention" means and only means.

We are glad Barack Obama seems to understand that there is such a thing as a "truly open Democratic Convention". When he acknowledges what it really means, not what he tries to make it mean, then we will look forward to his statement of support for our efforts to secure that.


democraticjack said...

Bullseye. That's why we need you and the Denver Group to keep the light shining on the living hypocrisy that masquerades as the DNC.

sharmajee said...

May be they are referring to the 'open' air stadium, lol

Anonymous said...

At least now you know they have seen the Denver Group's ads! How they can call this convention " open" is beyond me. This isn't just drinking kool aid, this is snorting it dry from the package. Thank you for your efforts Mac! They are vital

Anonymous said...

It is looking more like a Bush 3rd term. Under Bush, clean air act means Bush is doing something to make air dirty, but his administration calling it clean air. There are other similar examples that one has to know they call it one thing, the real meaning is exactly opposite. "True open convention" coming out from DNC and the Obama camp is following the "Bush" definition.

tessa said...

As a realist and perhaps a naysayer, I do think Obama is going to take this election handily and that he can very easily beat McCain- partly because of his organization, partly because of the media overload and idolization, partly because of the Bush legacy and the fact that McCain is a weak candidate with a very poor campaign apparatus...(Ok,here come the counter- comments). That aside, I am not surprised at the latest addition to The Audacity of Arrogance campaign.
These people are an embarrassment and their tactics are disturbingly Republicanesque
Backstage with OBAMA the Crown Price of Hope? And for only 5 bucks!!OMIGOD!

minty said...

The DNC elite insult our intelligence with these child like promotional tactics. I am not biting on the gimmick unless they throw in a secret decoder ring.

An Open Convention with the requirement of taking an oath to elect the Chosen One. With each passing day, the hair is rising on the back of my neck. An entire manual complete with retreats to indoctrinate the faithful to be community foot soldiers. The gimmick is to get community organizers and lead them to believe that they are "being empowered". In reality they are only empowering Obama to get elected. I wonder when the Obama uniforms are going to be passed out among the faithful

untilthelastdogdies said...

An acceptance speech at Invesco Field does not an open convention make. They are manipulating perception as reality, which is indeed, as the above commenter stated , "Reupublicanesque".

Millions of Americans vote, but do not follow politics closely, if at all. They are what I refer to as the casual voter. It is they who are the target audience for this propaganda.

I don't know how many times I have had to explain to people that having one's name "on the ballot" does not equate to having one's name "placed in nomination".

By declaring The Invesco Coronation open to the general public (how inclusive!), the Obama campaign has intentionally muddied the waters and drawn attention away from the true meaning of an open convention.

It's smoke and mirrors time folks. Let the masses assemble downwind at Invesco while upwind at the Pepsi Center, the real business of
disenfranchisement is taking place! Why,we can't allow for democracy, the race was too damn close!

I call it Unity at the expense of History.

No Thanks, I want the real thing.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 of these today via email addressed from Michele Obama. One after I unsubscribed from the DNC emails (which have become nothing but bad sophomoric fundraising tactics since June). I do this for a living folks, these things are designed for people who buy $5000 worth of subscriptions to get TV Guide free for a year. The DNC is proving over and over again that their main concern is getting out the vote of the ill-informed by promising some free booze and pizza. Howard Dean found out that they don't like to come out for elections where no one is standing around patting you on the back for showing up. November is no caucus. It will be just the self-absorbed, alone, in a booth, with no cheering section. Bet they never show up.

Anonymous said...

"The gimmick is to get community organizers and lead them to believe that they are "being empowered". In reality they are only empowering Obama to get elected."
Well said, Minty. Obama is a pyramid scheme, might as well call him Amway -- or Obamway. But even he is not the top of the pyramid, only a patsy. Obamway is a figure-head for the big-money corporate greed who would reduce this country to a 4th Reich. And poor precious baby-boy doesn't have a clue.

Kelly said...

I hope the minimal number of comments to these posts do not demonstrate the number of people who are truly trying to make a stand against the DNC's corruption. Reposting and givine even MORE coverage to the corrupt letter unfortunatly will do little to help offset the blind followers who drank the kool-aid and prefer to live in their own blissful denial. They'll just get more gooxle results for Obambi and equate that to support. I'm sure they are hopeful that some new socialism "change" will take care of their lives and debts when mom and dad finally kick them out.

Anonymous said...

As much as I can admire the art of persuasion, Obama/DNCs tactics are beyond the pale. This is the nightmare future Orwell predicted. Truth, democracy, freedom - these things are all at stake if we don't beat back these monsters. It's about Democracy, not the economy or the war. Issues can be manipulated and used as another distraction to feed their ends.
Your posts continue to alert me and inspire me to act.

Anonymous said...

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Mary Beth said...

Thank you Marc!!! Your words and thoughts are right on, and cannot be misinterpeted (sp) I love the way you counter him.

vrajavala said...

Hi Group,
I just wanted to share an insight I had tonight about Hillary's "quietness"