Monday, April 21, 2008


Lets get right to the point. The candidate who has claimed to be a uniter, someone who can help people bridge the divisiveness that has existed in the past has proved to be the most divisive figure in the history of Democratic politics.

While his suporters claim he is the new "hope" and represents the "new politics" those who oppose him see Obama as the exact opposite of everything he claims to be. And with good reason.

Obama has lied so often about so many things its hard to keep up with it all. He has lied about his so called accomplishments of the past which no one including him can specifically name, he lied to the people of Ohio about getting rid of NAFTA only to send an emissary to the Canadians to tell them not to pay attention to what he says publicly and he lied no less than 6 times in one week about Wright and his relationship with him. And he is still lying about it.

This is the candidate who claims to be "the new politician", the candidate who was rejecting the politics of the past.

As a "new politician" during the last debate he tried to claim that he never talked about or brought up Clinton's misstatements on her Bosnia trip only to have it pointed out to him that his campaign sent out countless emails about it. Obama's response? That was his campaign not him. The dog ate his homework.

Only the most dishonest of politicians would try and pretend that he and his campaign are not the same thing but that was Obama's "new politician "response after getting caught in still another false statement.

The problem with Obama and his campaign is that they are living proof that he is the opposite of everything he claims to be.

Let's take his central claim, that he is a unifier, someone who can bring people together to unite and heal the divisions of the past.

It shouldn't matter whether you are for him or against, whether you are as blind as Maureen Dowd,as hypocritical as Olbermann or as inept and incompetent as Jonathan Alter, Jim Vanderhei, Roger Simon and E.J, Dionne. The one thing you have to admit no matter who you are for, is that Barack Obama is now the most divisive force in the history of Democratic politics.
Right now the party is divided right down the middle 50-50. between Obama and Clinton. It is the most divided the party has been in at least the last 100 years.Much more so than during Viet Nam. Obama and his supporters are viewed by Clinton supporters as hypocrites, liars and playing the same kind of dishonest politics that Obama supporters have accused the Republicans of playing in recent years. Obama supporters have called Clinton "a monster", divisive, and that she will say anything to win.

Clinton supporters accuse Obama and his supporters of trying to bully Clinton out of the race(and with good reason -- they have). Obama supporters also accused her of playing the race card in South Carolina when it was clearly Obama who played it, and Obama and his supporters accuse her of the very tactics they themselves employ which they call dirty.

Obama and his supporters also blame everyone but Obama for the revealing dismal performance he gave at the last debate. And finally 30% of Clinton voters say they would never vote for Obama in a general election. You can bet that if 30% are saying it, 60% are thinking it and would probably act on it.

Though Obama claims he is a unifier his baseless, juvenile, even infantile,and hypocritical and dishonest attacks on Clinton sounds like the stuff of someone who couldn't unify two ends of a shoelace much less a country.

As a unifier he has provem to be a total sham. He is virtually despised by Clinton voters,and many Obama supporters return the sentiments towards Clinton. But Obama is also mocked by Republicans as well as Democrats supporting Clinton for his weak and constatly changing answers about Wright and what he knew and when he knew it and what it really does say about his character and his beliefs. And the constant whinning of Obama and his supporters when things dont go his way has engendered contempt, snickering and derisive laughter by both Clinton voters, independents,and Republicans.

The proof as they say is in the pudding. And it doesn't matter whether you are for or against him. And it doesn't matter at all what you think the reasons are or what you think is the cause. The results are irrefutable.

Obama claimed from the beginning that he and he alone had the ability to be a a unifier. At that he has failed miserably and the attacks on Clinton by himself and his supporters in support of nothing more than his own amibtion is what is to blame. The cold hard truth is,no political figure has been as divisive than Obama. Not even Nixon. And it's only primary season.

So its become fair to ask that if the central premise of Obama's entire candidacy is so obviously a failure and a sham, brought on mostly by himself, if he is so obviously such an enormous failure at the thing he claims to be his biggest talent, then why wouldnt he be the same disaster and failure at everything else he claims he would do?

He has half the Democratic party not just disagreeing with him but despising him for his political tactics, and he has Republicans, conservatives and independents against him also. So if nothing else (and there is a lot else) we can say that judged on his most central claim, that he is a uniter, that he is able to help people overcome the things that divide us, Obama has been both a fake and a failure.

Except in one sense he has in fact succeeded. He has managed to unify half the Democratic party most of whom are liberals, with Republicans, conservatives and independents all who seem unified in their contempt for him, his dishonesty and hypocrisy, and his associations with Wright which many point out show his lack of character, courage and conviction, his lack of moral leadership, and his inability to stand up to an anti-white, anti- American and anti-semetic demagogue who has given support and space in a church newsletter to the suicide bombing terrorist organization Hamas .

So in a very real sense he has very much succeeded in helping bridge long standing divisions that have existed between people. Just not in the way he intended.


Anonymous said...

I predict a floor fight at the DNC convention in Denver that will make WWII pale in comparison. Another prediction: If Obama doesn't win the nomination, cities with a significant black population will go up in smoke; if Obama wins the nomination but loses the election, the same thing will happen. We'll see how much "love" the Democrats have for this country when their identity politics and substandard selection procedures put the country in grave danger. It will happen; I have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania will be the fourth attempt for Obama to knock Clinton out of the race. He’s been incapable of doing so, which demonstrates his lack of feasibility as a candidate.

Barack Obama is not ready for the post of the President of the United States of America. Many of his supports are beginning to question his ability to win if he is the Dem nominee. He was destroyed at Thursday's debate.

There are good reasons why the superdelegates should ignore the Obama Campaigns cries for all Superdelegates to swing for Obama and instead endorse Mrs Clinton.

The Clintonista Post

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. I have been absolutely mystified as to exactly how we got here. Just a year or two ago, Bill Clinton was viewed wistfully as something like a god by all of us disenfranchised and disgusted Democrats. During the Clinton administration, I wasn't worried about the makeup of the Supreme Court, abortion rights, the environment being threatened, or ever going to war again. I didn't give a rip about Oval Office blow jobs; the budget was balanced and the Constitution was intact! If that's what another Clinton administration will be like, bring it on.

Once upon a time during this election cycle, HRC was "inevitable," and not coincidentally it was also a foregone conclusion that the Democrats would easily win back the White House. That is, until, Barack Obama decided to break his pledge to serve out his Senate term and throw his hat into the ring. His candidacy has cleaved the Democratic party in half, exposing bitter factions that in past election cycles managed to hold tenuously together. Now we're white vs. black, men vs. women, blue collar vs. white collar, old vs. young, college educated vs. not--all as a result of the Obama candidacy. And a McCain victory in November is beginning to look more and more possible, even likely.

For the first time I can recall, one presidential candidate is flipping off the other, relying on ridicule as a major campaign strategy, using hip-hop gestures, and appealing on a frat-boy level to his real frat-boy supporters. Frankly, I find this behavior astonishingly puerile and embarrassing to us as a country.

Another Clinton administration is far preferable to what an Obama candidacy will likely bring: if not a McCain administration, then another Carter administration. Carter's ineptitude and inexperience paved the way for 20 years of Reagan and Bush. And HE was a grownup!

Anonymous said...

"Pennsylvania will be the fourth attempt for Obama to knock Clinton out of the race. He’s been incapable of doing so, which demonstrates his lack of feasibility as a candidate."

Do you realize how stupid this sounds?

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. Too logical for comprehension of Obamanistas. For their simple minds manipulated caucus means everything. If Hillary is not the candidate I will seriously consider McCain. I would never consider Obama who's proved he's incompetent and corrupt as Senator. Its very irresponsible to out the power of President of our country in the hands of novice, incompetent Senator. Our economy and military role will determine the state of world economy and world power balance. I am reasonably confident Obama will be defeated in a landslide if he gets the nomination. Once again competent Democrats will be loosing the opportunity to capture white house.

Anonymous said...

This is of course an extremely biased article and you're not fooling me. Obama will win the nomination and will also be exactly what he intended to be, bipartisan and unifier if he is President. Whatever his record shows it has nothing to do with the type of job you do as President.

And Clinton supporters live in a world of their own. Superdelegates have no intention of going to a Convention fight, most of them, and they know Clinton is not all that. And if you actually pay attention to superdelegates they see the Clinton campaign as unorganized and very negative. Many are upset with the Clinton campaign, Bill Richardson for example is one who has said this explicitely. Clinton has now 58% unlikeability and they know that. And you have to wonder why so many of their political friends have turned to support Obama.

When Obama wins on May 6th both Indiana and North Carolina (both states he leads in polls at the moment, and NC by 20 to 25%) you will begin the see the downfall of Hillary. It is the May 6th primaries that are the turning point, everyone knew Hillary would win Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

"whatever his record shows, it has nothing to do with the type of job he will do as president" - THIS is the logic of obamaites? no wonder he's tanking.

i'm one of the 30% - likely to be 60%.

all obama had to do was learn a little something before running for president. but he doesn't like to learn. he's even afraid to debate. he thinks he can just smile and get the job then someone else will figure out how to do the job. wrong!

Anonymous said...

Sunday morning, McCain appeared on "SOFTBALL With George Stephanopoulos." George followed the line of questioning dictated to him by HRC and the GOP, but he still looked mighty intimidated by McCain. George must have read

before the interview. He was afraid that McCain would blow up on the spot, especially after McCain referred to George as “my friend.” Look out George, you’re in trouble now!

Best moment of the show was when George pointed out that McCain has been the recipient of government-run healthcare his entire life. McCain called it a cheap shot. The truth is like that sometimes.

Let's start talking about a real issue in the general election, McCain's unsuitability for the presidency. His well-documented, out-of control anger, complemented by rudeness, filthy language in public (even against his wife), physical intimidation, arrogance and vindictiveness cannot be ignored. How do these serious character flaws impact his judgment? How can someone this unstable and small minded be a serious contender for the presidency?

Anonymous said...

Obama is the scariest candidate I've seen in the 40 years I've been voting.

It isn't just a matter of disagreeing on policy or issues but a large part of my distaste for him is that he is arrogant and cocky.

Even worse, he hangs around and seeks out from his youth in HI communists, anti-Americans and seems to have continued those associations into adulthood.

He will still not leave his church even though it still stands for black liberation theology and support Hamas (published the Hamas manifesto in its bulletin).

He won't leave (we are left to surmise) because he believes in this stuff and he is rasing his children to beieve in it.

That alone should make people pause and seriously consider not voting for him but when you add in Bill Ayers the bomber who is still unrepentent (and out of prison on a technicality), Auchi, Hugo Chavez friend and sympatizer, etc., doesn't it paint of picture of someone of questionable character and patriotism?

Just in case it is what it looks like and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, I'd say everyone should be afraid of voting for him or supporting him, except of course his bedfellows who belief in Marxism, anti- Americanism, etc.

That lets me out! I'd love to have a philosophical discussion with him and debunk everything, but having him as President?


Peter said...

Obama never says anything. That's what makes him the way he is.

Opinionator said...

I liked this post so much I linked to it from my own blog. Everyone who realizes just how dangerously radical Barack Obama is needs to keep bringing it up over and over again.

But Hillary can't get the nomination. Obama has too big a lead and if the superdelegates go en bloc to her, they leave the party open to charges of bossism, so they won't.

John McCain is the only hope for America in 2008.

Anonymous said...

"Whatever his record shows it has nothing to do with the type of job you do as President."

Seriously?? Do you REALLY believe that?? No wonder our country is in shambles!

His record has EVERYTHING to do with the Presidency! He doesn't become a new person if he were to become President. He would still make lousy judgement calls, still tear people apart to get what he wants, still use race as a divisive agent if he needs to to get ahead.

His record as a Senator is a sad one. Where has he shown that he can unite with Republicans to get anything done?? He HASN'T! And he won't as President.

He's used some of the very same tactics that George W used. Thought the platforms are vastly different, they have similar personalities.

This democrat will NOT vote for him.

And to all the people that say so many democrats won't vote for him is because he's show your own bigotry. Color doesn't matter to me...experience and track records DO matter to me.

mansi said...

This is a very superb analysis of the whole primary ordeal. The most important point you made was that Obam did what Republican had never dreamed to achieve; spilit our Dems. in order for them to win the election.