Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Who's Your Birther? Clinton Campaign Memo, 2007: "Attack Obama On Lack of American Roots".

So Who's Your Birther? It looks like Hillary Clinton even before the Tea Party lunatics and Donald Trump.

A Hillary Clinton campaign memo from 2007 anticipating a run from Barrack Obama talked about a line of attack against Obama based on his "lack of American roots". Which might also be called Clinton's Who's Your Daddy strategy.

It didn't stop there. The memo, written by Clinton campaign manager Mark Penn went on to say, " I cant imagine America electing a president during a time of war (Iraq) who is not at his center fundamentally American" (italics added). Anyone who thinks that didn't reflect a  personal discussion of a potential strategy with Hillary before it was memorialized in a campaign memo circulated to staff are in the same place as climate change deniers.

It's hard to know what the results in the South might have been had the Sanders campaign stumbled across this memo and used it,  but it does show just how accurate David Axelrod's assessments in an Obama campaign memo in 2008 were in talking about how duplicitous Clinton can be. And how what she says can never be trusted, its all politics.

It's this kind of two faced duplicity and  facade that is all the more reason there is a real need to see the transcripts of Clinton's Wall Street speeches. Or make the case they are too damaging to Clinton for voters to see. There is every reason to believe she said one thing to them and another in her campaign speeches about "standing up to Wall Street". Which no one believes anyway but she still needs to be pressed on her speeches. 

This isnt about whatever innate abilities Clinton might have though the Axelrod memo of 2008 saying Clinton "has no convictions" is why her judgement on the most important issues she's had to deal with has been horrible and in many ways disqualifying. But along with that is mounting evidence that politically Hillary Clinton is as dishonest and untrustworthy as polls show Americans believe she is.

Every day Clinton continues to prove to be every bit the political opportunist with "shifting positions and no convictions" a 2008 Axelrod campaign memo said she was.

Comparing the two memos, Clinton's from 2007 and Obama's from 2008 is almost political satire with both sides privately trashing each other and their character.And makes it even more amusing they are both now singing each other's praises. And why the singing sounds so off-key. And is so phony and hypocritical. And why the Democratic Party is in such a need of a political house cleaning 

Obama went on to become perhaps the single biggest sell out of Democratic ideas, values and the progressive agenda in the history of the Democratic party for no other reason that his own personal lack of conviction,along with his prolific serial dishonesty from his sell out of the public option to the health insurance companies and ridiculously inflated numbers on Obamacare to his Get Out of Jail for a Price policies for Wall Street executives who pled guilty to fraud. Not to mention the ACLU statement some years ago that Obamas record on civil liberties was "disgusting". 

Clinton, deciding it was to her political advantage, is now running on supporting those sell outs and failed polices. But as we have seen in the past only for political expediency, stealing Sanders ideas and shifting positions where she sees Sanders winning on things like income inequality,  TPP and  the XL Pipeline. 

Seeing how Obama and Clinton privately attacked each other in 2007 and 08, but  now present themselves as political allies could lead to the conclusion that it takes one to know one. And why the Democratic party needs a thorough house cleaning. It's a house cleaning only Sanders can affect. Its those opposing Sanders within the Democratic party and supporting Clinton for the sake of preserving establishment politics whose political hypocrisy is why Democrats lose elections. The more Clintons own hypocrisy is exposed, the more likely they are going to jump ship to Sanders.

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