Monday, March 14, 2016

Will Trump Ever End Up In An Orange Jump Suit?

NOTE: This article was originally written before the Sheriff's office in Cumberland county, North Carolina put out a statement by Ronnie Mitchell, the Sheriff's office attorney, that Trump is being investigated for incitement to riot over an incident that took place at one of his rallies in Fayetsville, North Carolina. Eventually the decision was not to charge. But that it was considered at all proves the article's speculation is not far fetched.

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We might not be too far away from seeing Donald Trump give his first jailhouse interview. Trump is getting dangerously close to crossing the line into inciting a riot. And being arrested. That's not fantasy but a legal possibility.
It hasnt happened yet, but with his statement that he is exploring the possibility of paying the legal fees for the Trump supporter who cold cocked a protestor walking by, other statements about punching people in the face, killing them and clearly getting carried away by the crowds he is attracting, their fervor, his influence on them and lets not forget his statement a few months ago that he could shoot people in the street and his supporters would still vote for him, Trump's head is swelling as big as his bank account, he is starting to feel invulnerable, and maybe even above the law, and that is the first step to the possibility of seeing Donald Trump in an orange jump suit.
Trump is feeling a sense of power he has never felt or experienced before. And there could very well be a moment at a rally where it all goes to his head and in a brief moment it all gets away from him.
It wouldn't take much. Another big rally, feelings at a fever pitch, and group of protestors showing up like they did in Chicago, Trump determined not to call off a rally a second time, and when the protestors interrupt the rally, he urges his supporters to "shut them up", and "do whatever you have to do" or some statement that encourages violence and a riot breaks out.
If that happened, and it could, all it would take would be for a local prosecutor unmoved by political considerations to feel Trump was responsible by inciting it, get a local magistrate or judge to issue a warrant for Trump's arrest on incitement charges, and Trump is in handcuffs, doing a perp walk,  fingerprinted,mug shot and wearing the orange jump suit. He's freed on bail and is given a court date.
Would it do a thing to change his supporters minds? No. But it would be the end of Trump at the Republican convention. Even if they had to draft rules that  stated any candidate arrested for a crime,felony or misdemeanor, and awaiting a court date scheduled beyond the dates of the nominating convention will be ineligible to have their name placed in nomination.
A reasonable rule that no one could argue against and it doesn't violate due process since the RNC is not a judicial or extra judicial body, and they could easily argue, if Trump tried to get an injunction,that if the charges havent been adjudicated it would throw the party and the electoral process for the country into chaos since if the accused were found guilty it would put the Republicans in an impossible situation with no candidate.  The rule would make sense. And no judge would block it.
Judging by the way Trump's rallies have been going and the trouble it's inviting, not just for rally goers but for Trump, the Republicans might do well to start drafting that rule.

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