Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bill's "Awful" Truth About Obama Exposes Hillary's Dishonest Deal.

Its hard to know if Hillary Clinton threw a shoe at Bill Clinton's head when he got home that night, but in a speech he made on behalf of Hillary's candidacy in Spokane,Washington, in a few words showed why an Axelrod memo from 2008 saying she has no convictions is true and why Hillary can't be trusted.

During a speech in which he tries to paint Hillary as the "agent of change", which as an aside is one more example of the blatant stealing from the Sanders campaign,he refers to Hillary and the Obama presidency as how Hillary can "take us out of the awful  legacy of the last 8 years".

Which makes it kind of funny along with illuminating since it's the "awful legacy of the last 8 years" that Hillary has been running on and pledging to continue. Which in one sentence not only revealed how politically dishonest Hillary is and has been and proved what David Axelrod said about her in 2008 is true -- that she has no convictions but only does what is politically expedient -- but Bill's blurting out the truth that just about every Democrat knows is true also made fools of everyone who voted for Hillary based on her pledge to continue Obama's "legacy" and everyone who still supports her.

Bill told the truth. As any real liberal or Democrat knows the last 8 years under Obama  have been awful. Obama has been the most underhanded, dishonest, duplicitious failed president the Democrats have ever had, from selling out the public option to the health insurance lobby and replacing it with his "bait and switch" failed Obamacare, to Wall Street and his too big to jail policies for executives who pled guilty to criminal fraud, his constant failures and bad judgement with Isis, and a hundred other things. 

Obama was also elected with the biggest congressional majority any president had in the last 60 years including a filibuster proof senate and did nothing with it .

Bill Clinton knows it and Hillary does too even though Hillary has been staking her campaign on continuing the horror show. It might be why when Sanders wins, he beats her by so much Sanders turns her into Lyndon LaRouche, a virtually irrelevant candidate most recently beating her by 57 points in Idaho and 60 in Utah. He's had similar wins in Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Oklahoma along with coming from 18-25 points behind two days before the Michigan primary and winning by 2.It hasnt gone unnoticed by the Clinton camp.(Note: Sanders added Washington,Alaska and Hawaii beating Clinton by margins approaching 4-1).

It also proves the obvious --  the sleazy backroom deal Hillary made with Obama, promising to praise him, praise his policies with nonsense like " President Obama doesn't get enough credit" and promising to continue them in return for his help.

It proves another point that was made in a David Axelrod memo in 2008:  that Hillary is willing to say anything to get elected, that she has no convictions and only does what is politically expedient for her at the moment.

What Hillary was promised in return for selling out whatever convictions she had was Obama's help, pulling strings for her in the South where it was Obama's influence alone that resulted in her big wins, and pulling strings at the Obama controlled DNC to provide phony superdelegate counts to make it look like she has a bigger lead than she does.

Bill Clinton knows that too. Referring to Obama's presidency as " the awful legacy of the last 8 years" was no accident. A slip of the tongue maybe, but he meant every word.

The damage control the Clinton campaign has tried is as laughably pathetic and transparent as her Wall Street speeches are opaque.

They tried to claim that what Bill Clinton was referring to as "awful"  wasn't Obama but was "GOP obstructionism". This shows that they either think they have a lot of dumb supporters, think their supporters have no integrity, or are willing to insult their intelligence with that kind of stupidity and assume Hillary supporters won't mind.

Bill Clinton knows what a "legacy" is. And it has nothing to do with political obstructionism. And anyone watching the clip can hear Bill in the same sentence add, "and the awful 7 years before that" referring to the the George W. Bush administration, rightly blaming them for the economic crash, lumping both Obama's presidency and Bush's together as "awful". And they are and were. Unfortunately it's the same awful presidency Hillary is running on and promising to continue.(In case you think the reference to "7 years" relating to Bush somehow is evidence that Bill "misspoke" or mixed up his years, the Democrats took over the House in 2007.)

What is also clear is that Hillary's message, continuing Obama's policies is not working elsewhere, its Sanders' message that is. So Bill was there trying to sell Hillary as the "agent of change" when everyone knows its Sanders who is that change. 

And finally admitting Obama has been awful isnt going to change that. No one is going to look to Hillary as a change from Obama. It's too late for that. 

There is little doubt that Hillary and Bill have had private discussions between themselves about how "awful" Obama's presidency has been. What Bill Clinton said didn't come out of thin air, especially since it's true. In fact at the beginning of the clip Bill makes reference to he and Hillary talking about it " just yesterday". Now we know what they talked about. And shows what both Bill and Hillary really think of Obama. 

But instead of running on her own qualifications and ideas she chose to ditch them in favor of political expediency and maneuvering by rolling over for Obama in return for whatever help he can give. Just as David Axelrod said she does.

It isnt the first time. Her preposterous politically motivated non-answer about George W. Bush and 911 was proof of how everything she says and does is politically motivated and the truth doesn't matter.  Which is why she is unqualified to be president. Along with her horrendous judgement motivated strictly by politics whether it was her awful decision on the Iraq war, her awful support of TPP and the Keystone Pipeline until it became more politically expedient for her to reverse her positions and her awful support of an awful healthcare law that was the biggest sellout to corporate interests -- the health insurance lobby -- in American history.

Bill's inadvertent truth telling shows what the polls say about Hillary is true. She can't be trusted. And what Democrats really need is a candidate who can be trusted, whose ideas resonate around the country and who will give the Democrats what they desperately need -- not only a victory in November but a thorough house cleaning. Bill could do it. But not Hillary. The only one who can now is Bernie Sanders. And that's the truth.


Alessandro Machi said...

um, once again, Sander's wins in caucus contests where lines are long and the distance between voting places is a lot farther. Hillary Clinton supporters tend to be moms and dads, small business owners and seniors, NONE of these groups have time to waste in really long lines after being forced to travel much farther distances to vote.

Your continued dishonesty about the math and voting totals borders on scandalous. But then again, you were in complete support of the child molesting pervert from Penn State, so why should I be surprised.

Dana Richards said...

Hillary is hiring hate groups to try and ruin trump. She wants to start a new world order and this is what america will look like

Marc Rubin said...

"Hillary Clinton supporters tend to be moms and dads, small business owners and seniors, NONE of these groups have time to waste in really long lines after being forced to travel much farther distances to vote."

Thats why he destroyed her in New Hampshire by 22 points and overcame an 18 point deficit in two days to beat her in Michigan. And if there was even a sliver of truth to what you are trying to rationalize how do you explain Clinton's narrow wins at the caucuses in Nevada and Iowa? Are those unemployed moms and dads or small businesses that went out of business? Clinton supporters tend to be over 50, the majority 65 and older, many retired who have time to go to caucuses. Bernie making Hillary a non-entity with voters under 45 is why she gets crushed and is continuing to get crushed by as much as 8-20 as she did this past weekend.