Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why the U.S. should drop a bomb on Gadaffi.

Two weeks ago, a former member of Gadaffi's inner circle and part of his government who has turned against him during the Libyan protests said that it was Gadaffi who ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103.

Prior to 911 it was the worst terrorist attack against American civilians in history Hezbollah killed 200 Marines in Lebanon in a truck bomb terrorist attack that made Reagan, using the parlance of Republican conservatives when talking about Democrats, turn tail and run).

If this government official can provide details that make his account credible, the U.S. should try and locate Gadaffi and drop a bomb on him. The fact that killing him would benefit the protestors and put an end to his regime would be a collateral benefit and the timing couldn't be better. But if the U.S. was able to find international justification for trying to drop a bomb on Saddam before the Iraq invasion when Saddam had nothing to threaten or attack the United States, certainly evidence that Gadaffi ordered the Pan Am bombing which killed 200 people is justification for retaliation.

Of course we have Obama in the White House and its hard to imagine that someone who cant stand up to Republicans would order an attack that would kill Gadaffi. After all, he hardly raised his voice when he learned that al -Megrhai, the only person convicted in the Pan Am 103 bombing was going to be released and sent back to Libya.

But dropping a bomb on Gadaffi in retribution for Pan Am 103 would be entirely justified and given the timing, the revolt in Libya and Gadaffi's current threats of death against his own people, the time to do it couldn't be better. But it wouldn't be the first time Obama blew an opportunity to do what is right so people could reap the benefits, either in domestic or foreign policy.

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amy said...

no bombs. no wars. a well-thought out cia take out will suffice. justice must be done.