Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Libya France takes the lead, Obama goes to Brazil

Even before the U.N. passed its resolution authorizing any means necessary to prevent Gadaffi from killing his own people in response to the rebel uprising, French president Sarkozy had ordered French fighter jets into Libya.

Soon after the resolution was announced Canada announced that it was sending 12 fighter jets to Italy which it would use as a base to launch sorties into Libya.

Obama, who had waffled for weeks over Libya went to Brazil on a trade mission as the bombing started and announced that he supported the no fly resolution and signed off on American cruise missiles being used to take out air defense targets inside Libya.

But Sarkozy's actions underscored an American president who at his core is indecisive about everything largely because there are no convictions or guiding principles on which he acts.

There have been whispers that the United States was largely left out of the debate over what to do about Libya and wasn't even consulted by either Sarkozy or David Cameron of the UK and that the decision to intervene in Libya and to use military force was made by Sarkozy and Cameron without consultation with Obama or Hillary Clinton.

As French jets were hitting targets inside Libya, Hillary Clinton made a hurried appearance before the press in Paris and said that "the situation in Libya is fluid and fast moving and that to say the least is an understatement", causing one CNN correspondent to note that "even Hillary Clinton seemed stunned by how fast the French acted" giving every indication that France, the UK and other nations were not going to wait for the rest of Obama's hair to turn gray before making a decision and decided to act on their own.

And that impatience with Obama was not limited to foreign leaders. During a press conference a few days ago, Chip Reid of NBC news asked Jay Carney, Obama's new press secretary about Obama's seemingly chronic waffling and inaction, especially over Libya. Crowley's answer was that Obama wanted to weigh all the options, consider the consequences of all actions, hear everything everyone had to say, and mull everything over before making a decision. Crowley said, " I suggest to you that is what leadership is all about".

That is exactly what leadership is NOT all about which is why Obama is no leader. Leadership is about being decisive and making a decision when the decision needs to be made, not when its too late. Leadership is making the decision when making it is tough and hopefully the person making the decision has the insight, ability and foresight to make the right decision. Obama has none of these qualities and never did which is why he is always waffling, pandering to both sides, reversing himself or not acting at all. And if it appears that the U.S. has lost its leadership position and that foreign leaders are not really interested in what Obama thinks as long as he goes along with the program, its because its true.

Its also why it was Sarkozy of France, Cameron in the UK and Canada who decided to act before the UN vote was official. And why it was Obama who went off to Brazil.


Anonymous said...

Jay Carney, not Jay Crowley.

Marc Rubin said...

Thanks for the correction. He is still a lackey who seems not to know the difference between a press secretary and a campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should have said something about the post.

Yeah, no question. It is interesting that the CiC is MIA with his military resources being committed yet in another war.

sue said...

Well, now the whole world k ows that our "leader" can't lead, can't make a decision. This has been the Obama pattern all through history.
Hillary was right,he missed the 3 AM call.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the clueless, gutless wonder.

Do you remember during the primary campaign debates, in 2008, that Obama would wait to see what Hillary said in response to a tough policy question, and then he would say that he agreed with what Hillary said? The man had no clue then, and he has no clue now about the tough policy matters.

Well, Obama is, for better or worse, president now and he can't hide behind voting "present" anymore. The world is taking his measure and he looks like a clueless, gutless, party-boy jerk.

Furthermore, I cannot recall any president (until now) taking this country to war while he is partying in a foreign country.

What is so heartbreaking to me is that Obama's failures as a man and as a president leave this country vulnerable to electing another evil, predatory Republican as president -- and then I think we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Obama has repeatedly said that he DOES NOT WANT the U.S. to take a leadership role in all situations. He wants us to be "one of many countries around the world" and not Number One. So he PURPOSELY waited until someone else (in this case France and England who use more of Libya's oil than we do) took the lead and then we joined them as one of the crowd. He pulled a Bush in that he did this while NOT consulting Congress and acts like it is all A-Okay. I think the far-left must be splitting a gasket right about now. Obama subscribes to the doctrine of American UN-exceptionalism. UN-leadership, and UN-involvement.

sue said...

No, Bush went to cogress, the votes prove it.
Obama did what he always does, punts, turfs, whatever you want to call it