Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Libya history repeats itself: Obama still doesn't have a clue

As violence spreads in Libya and troops loyal to Gadaffi bomb oil fields and open fire on peaceful demonstrators and with silence coming from the White House for most of the first two weeks of the revolt, Obama finally ditched his "Where's Waldo" act and said something. Here are the latest statements coming from Barrack Obama on Libya:

" I am outraged at the appalling violence". "Gadaffi has lost his ability to lead". "Gadiffi must go".

Once again,Obama has resorted to statements that are the approximate equivalent of  "air is good".

As with Egypt and with Iran more than a year ago Obama seems to simply to not know what to do. And that comes from having no real convictions about anything beyond his own domestic political fortunes, to guide him.

Like with Egypt when I suggested Obama would do better to just shut up then to make his constantly empty and vacillating statements, Obama's recent statements concerning Libya haven't exactly caused Gadaffi to double over in remorse. Gadiffi is giving no indication that he is stung inconsolably by Obama's remarks and Obama standing at a podium and saying "Gadaffi must go" does not have Gadaffi looking for his travel iron.

As I wrote more than a year ago, accusing Obama of blowing the best opportunity the west had in 30 years to topple the regime in Iran because Obama, in his own words, "didn't want to meddle" in Iranian affairs while people took to the streets to protest a rigged election and were being shot and killed, Obama, as he did with Egypt, continues to show weakness and all the reasons that so many Democrats felt he wasnt qualified for the job both from the point of view of character and ability.

Now with the middle east boiling over as people take to the streets in a demand for democracy, something that only a year ago most would have thought impossible and the biggest blow that could be leveled against Islamist terrorism,  Obama seems unable to make decisions that could remake the middle east for all time.

And its not as if his advisors don't have a point of view. According to reports there are two sharply divided camps in the White House, each having their own convictions regarding a course of action, one side favoring military intervention and the other a more hands off approach. The merits of each can be debated but the real problem is that  Obama as president has to decide which way to go. And Obama is unable to do so.

If the statement of a Libyan foreign minister who has now turned against Gadaffi is true, that Gadaffi ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103, that is justification enough to try and find his whereabouts and drop a bomb on him. It doesn't seem to be that hard of a decision. Given all that is happening in Libya the timing couldn't be better.

But Obama seems caught in a quandary about what to do. The fact that, as the popular saying goes,  there are no good options, doesn't mean do nothing.

Hillary Clinton said the other day " there is confusion on the ground in Libya". She could have said exactly the same thing about the Obama White House.


Anonymous said...

Do? Obama do something? His specialty is doing nothing. Nothing regarding Egypt. Ditto the unions in Wisconsin. Ditto other unions in other states. Ditto Bradley Manning, whose treatment is nothing more than state-sponsored terrorism. Ditto Libya. He sits and cowers. Then puts his finger in the air after the fact.

Oh wait. He has a Motown fest, wherein he pretends he has soul. He has a bunch of hoopsters over and pretends he's an athlete.

He's not just a Manchurian Candidate; he's the Wizard of Oz. My word, he's despicable.

johnsmart said...

We need a count of how many parties, holidays, golf outings for him and his family since the middle east/north africa started erupting.

Sue said...

As usual, spot on.
My biggest concern is that there seem to be no viable candidates anywhere to get Obama out of the WH.
By this time next year, we should have a very clear picture and from some of the previews I have seen, we may be sitting in neutral for anither 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Not entirely sure about this as all I did was google the history on Libya as I do not have a clear understanding on what is happening!! I just want to know how is it Obama's or anyone else fault on the decission made by dictators/regime leaders. Obama did't ask them to do this don't go blaming other countries leaders for the selfishness and murder of their own people in their own country Obama may have power but did that stop Hitler did that stop all the other bad dictators in the world by killing their own people seriosuly look at it!! I am sure when the UN and the world leaders can come up with plan to stop this happening they will. Why is it up to an American leader to put a stop to what is happening in Libya it should be up to all of us!!! Don't know how but don't sit here pointing the finger at someone that just doesn't know what to do help the bloke help the people of Libya!!!! NOT FAIR on anyone!!