Saturday, November 7, 2015

Who Needs Trump On SNL ? The Immigration Problem Solved By Our Leaders of Tomorrow.

No, these are not the editors and writers at MoveOn, ThinkProgress and Daily Kos. But what the video proves is that Tea  Party Left so called  "progressives" (as opposed to reality driven solution oriented liberals)  have bigger problems than Donald Trump.  It also proves that Republicans cutting funds for public education doesn't necessarily mean more Republican voters.


Anonymous said...

Who is this? what's the point? More infer, please, Mark.

Marc Rubin said...

The point was that while the right wing Tea Party exhibits ignorance and absurdity and even stupidity and hypocrisy in many of their beliefs and positions on most things, the left including groups like MoveOn and Daily Kos and others have their own Tea Party brand of stupidity, lunacy and ignorance when it comes to solving problems and policy. The people who demonstrated against Trump doing SNL for example, by calling him a racist over immigration, clearly don't even know what the word actually means since its obvious that Trump for all his other faults isnt a racist and there were parallels between that and the stupidity on the video of college students willing to sign a petition calling for an absurd solution to the immigration problem showing that there is ignorance and lunacy at both extremes of the political spectrum. As easy as it is to make fun of climate change deniers and anti-immigration fanatics, the left has their own brand of idiocy on this and other issues. The moral is that to get anything done,the lunatics on both sides have to be ignored.