Monday, November 30, 2015

Colorado Clinic Killer No Different Than Paris Attackers.

When the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter opened fire he was doing nothing different than what the Paris attackers  did and was motivated by exactly the same things.

Those shot during the Paris attacks were murdered by people  trying to impose their religious ideology on others about what people can and cannot do, should and should not do and punish those who refuse. The Planned Parenthood shooter was doing the same.

The lunatic who shot 5 police officers killing one, then killing two civilians and wounding four others at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado was no different than the Paris attackers. He was acting on religious right wing conservative views and was largely motivated by the doctored fraudulent video put together by the bogus Center for Medical Progress.  Isis uses videos too for their  own purposes and to promote their ideology and the conservative right wing Center For Medical Progress did the same. Except their video was factually fraudulent. But judging from the reaction of Republicans in and out of congress including Republican presidential candidates  like Carly Fiorina, it was an effective recruiting tool. It even motivated a lone wolf to act.

The bogus video was promoted tirelessly by Carly Fiorina which she referenced numerous times during GOP presidential debates to validate her views even though the video was fraudulent. Which makes Fiorina herself fraudulent as a candidate along with other Republicans who validated the video.

Fiorina  was already feeling on the defensive  when during an appearance on Fox News, she accused anyone who tried to create a link between the killings and her views or previous statements as politicizing the shooting. Which ignores the fact that it was Fiorina herself referencing the videos during a Republican presidential debate who actually politicized it.

Which also didn't stop her from saying that anyone trying to create a link between the shooter and "those who oppose body parts" is using "typical left wing tactics."

So Fiorina and other Republicans  who all validated a dishonest and fraudulent video and didn't care that it was fraudulent because it furthered their political aspirations and ideology and so share responsibility for inspiring the lunatic shooter who, reports said, mentioned the content of the fraudulent videos and "body parts" as his motive for the killings, think they can use it in the presidential debate to pander to conservative voters and its not politicizing it, but when its pointed out that the shooter used it as motivation  it's "typical left wing tactics". Which is typical right wing tactics.  Or the pot calling the kettle black. Which of course exposes Fiorina herself as a fraud, a hypocrite and too dishonest for public office. Which is saying something.

Proof the videos were fraudulent went far beyond Planned Parenthood stating from the beginning they were fraudulent, dishonestly edited and made to look as if something was happening that wasn't. Which Fiorina, without any proof to the contrary, convieniently ignored.

But during a law suit filed  by Planned Parenthood against Center For Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood attorneys as part of discovery demanded all the original raw materials used by the Center For Medical Progress in putting together the video. The Center For American Progress filed a motion pleading 5th amendment protection against self incrimination to keep them from having to turn over the material. That's all you, Carly Forina, Donald Trump or any of the Republicans trying to defund Planned Parenthood  have to know about the validity and honesty of the videos. And the people that produced and disseminated them.

The Colorado shooter tried to punish those who didn't share his and right wing conservative beliefs as surely as the attackers did the same in Paris. In Paris the venues were restaurants, a concert hall, and a soccer stadium. For the lunatic in Colorado it was a clinic.

There is another  larger  lesson to be learned for Republicans and their presidential candidates. Its clear the Colorado shooter was acting on right wing conservative Christian beliefs no matter how twisted his actions. Based on Trump's ideas as a result of the Paris attacks should we now have the names of conservative  Christians in a data base? Do we need to vette them to make sure none are right wing crazy violent lunatics? The Paris attackers were anti- choice also. Only they were intent on stopping a different set of choices.

Is Carly Fiorina now an Isis like ideological  threat and terrorist inspiration since she more than anyone gave validity to the concocted manipulated dishonest video and false accusations against Planned Parenthood  that inspired the shooter?

The Planned Parenthood shootings should destroy the idea that over a billion Muslims are any threat to anyone and need to be put in a data base because of the actions of some radical lunatics who president Obama along with other world leaders up to this point seems to be either too befuddled or too weak to destroy.

But to hold Muslims accountable for what Isis does is as ridiculous as holding conservative Christians responsible for the murders at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Though its clear that many Republicans like Fiorina use language and make moral accusations against those who don't believe what they do which the killer then used to justify what he did.  Just like terrorists always do.

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