Saturday, January 16, 2010

Limbaugh's sewer brain overflows over Haiti

Rush Limbaugh's sewer brain overflowed the 20 million brain drains that listen to him, his latest rant complaining about Obama's immediate response to the Haitian earthquake compared to his waiting 3 days to comment about the Christmas day bomb attempt.

Little Rushy took his thumb and his cigar out of his mouth long enough to complain that Obama took 3 whole days to reassure little Rushy and his listeners that their cribs were safe in the bomb attempt on flight 253 but only hours to make a public statement about the earthquake in Haiti. One can only imagine how many packages of Depends Rushy went through until Obama reassured him about the Nigerian bomber.

It seems that the "titular head" of the Republican party, the party of personal responsibility needs and wants a daddy not a president and that an event isn't an event until president daddy says it is.

Limbaugh also accused Obama of acting quickly to solidify his support politically among African Americans. It's understandable since Republicans do nothing or say nothing and believe in nothing unless its for political reasons and to solidify their support politically.

The underlying point of Rushy's temper tantrum is that Haiti is 95% black, Obama had a black father, and therefore according to Limbaugh it's nothing more than blatant racism motivating Obama in his response to Haiti.

Limbaugh followed up his asinine comments with more: He referred to the food coming in to Haiti as "meals on wheels" and then discouraged his listeners from donating by saying, "you've already donated to Haiti -- it's called income taxes".

But before anyone thinks Limbaugh's contempt for Haiti is anything new, in May of 2009 he descended as far into the sewer of his own being as possible when he commented on Bill Clinton's involvement with Haiti saying, " Clinton has no place in Haiti. You cant pick up a prostitute there without a real concern about getting AIDS".
This is the voice of conservatism in America. And the voice of Republicans.

The question is, when are people who know how to organize going to organize a national boycott of Limbaugh's advertisers until he is gone? And when are the Democrats, as politically incompetent as ever, going to hold the Republicans and conservatives' feet to the fire over Limbaugh and the fact that he has been embraced as their "titular head"?


barbara bf said...

I never listen to Rush. What bothers me is the announcement of $100 million US aid to Haiti...with the thousands dead , and the country in ruins...$100 million for Haiti..and $400 BILLION for Freddie and Fanny bailout.

Media Still Covering Up The $400 Billion Fannie And Freddie Scandal

Joe Weisenthal | May. 8, 2009, 3:39 PM | 5,439 | comment 33

This morning, Fannie Mae (FNM) announced that it had lost another $23 billion in the quarter, and would have to call down $19 billion more in taxpayer support. It also said that it would face losses as far as the eye can see.

Do you know how much we've committed to backstopping Fannie and its partner-in-crime Freddie Mac (FRE)? $400 BILLION! Back in February that was doubled from the original $200 billion.

But the news of the quarterly loss is getting hardly any attention. Nothing here at the NYT business section, for example. Nothing at the blogs that were going nuts when AIG
was revealed to have paid out bonuses back in March.

barb bf said...


Bill Quigley offers some other numbers to ponder:

. Haiti Numbers - 27 Days After Quake

890 million. Amount of international debt that Haiti owes creditors. Finance ministers from developing countries announced they will forgive $290 million. Source: Wall Street Journal

644 million. Donations for Haiti to private organizations have exceed $644 million. Over $200 million has gone to the Red Cross, who had 15 people working on health projects in Haiti before the earthquake. About
$40 million has gone to Partners in Health, which had 5,000 people working on health in Haiti before the quake. Source: New York Times.

1 million. People still homeless or needing shelter in Haiti. Source: MSNBC.

1. For every one dollar of U.S. aid to Haiti, 42 cents is for disaster assistance, 33 cents is for the U.S. military, 9 cents is for food, 9 cents is to transport the food, 5 cents to pay Haitians to help with
recovery effort, 1 cent is for the Haitian government and ½ a cent is for the government of the Dominican Republic.
Source: Associated Press.