Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama's serial lying catching up with him

If there was anything that anyone following the Democratic primaries could see if they were willing to see what was in front of them, was that Barrack Obama lied on a regular basis about many things.

He lied for 5 consecutive days about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright until new information kept coming out that made each lie unsustainable until he couldn't lie about Wright any further. That led to Obama, knowing his back was to the wall, to give his speech on race, something his supporters called his "Lincoln Moment" but I called his Eddie Haskell moment after the smarmy ingratiating character on Leave It To Beaver.

But Obama had told outright lies before. The previous year he had gone on the record as supporting the Washington DC gun ban. When, a year later, the Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional, Obama came out and supported the Supreme Court decision. When it was pointed out that he was reversing his position from the year before, he denied he had ever supported the ban even though it was easily proved that he did because his support of the DC gun ban was on the record. (exactly the same ruse he used over the public option two years after).

He was caught lying to the people of Ohio about his position on NAFTA saying that if he was elected he'd get rid of it. Ohio manufacturing had been hard hit by NAFTA and Obama was telling the people of Ohio just what they wanted to hear. But a memo was leaked showing that Obama had sent an emissary to the Canadian Embassy in Chicago telling the Canadians to ignore what he was saying about NAFTA that it was just politics and only for public consumption and he had no intention of getting rid of NAFTA.

That lie, preying on the fears and misfortunes of the unemployed in Ohio should have been enough to sink a presidential candidacy but not Obama's because the mainstream media decided to turn a blind eye to it and act like it was nothing.
Obama continued to lie about it for another 5 days, first claiming that the emissary was not from his campaign, then after proof surfaced that he was, tried to claim he was there on his own and not sent by the campaign, then after proof surfaced that was a lie, tried to claim he was part of the campaign and was there but was never told to say that. Then after that was proved to be a lie Obama changed the subject, lost to Clinton in Ohio by a landslide and the media just moved on.
The very people complaining the loudest now about Obama selling them out, people like Frank Rich of the Times, the Daily Kos, and Ed Schulz on MSNBC ignored all of Obama's lying during the campaign.

That emissary by the way, the one Obama tried to claim was not part of his campaign, was Austan Goolsbee, a current member of Obama's economic team.

Other Obama lies were his promise to filibuster the FISA bill if it contained retrocative immunity to the telecoms and a promise to vote against any such bill. He didnt' filibuster it and voted for it.

He promised verbally and in writing, to use public financing if he was the Democratic nominee as part of his pledge to change the way things were done in Washington and then reneged as soon as he became the nominee, outraising John McCain $500 million to $88 million because McCain also pledged to use public financing but stuck to it.

Now, in the face of Democratic anger for abandoning the public option, Obama has come out with perhaps his most bald faced lie only this time it seems his supporters aren't drinking the Kool- Aid.

Obama told the Washington Post in a recent interview that those supporters who feel that Obama had betrayed them for selling out the public option, are confused and their anger misplaced, that he had never campaigned for a public option. The problem is everyone knows he did and there is ample proof that he did.

Proving the lie was so easy in the age of YouTube that you have to consider there is more going on than just the lyng so many politicians do. In Obama's case it's not only blatant but so obvious that his lies seem almost sociopathic, like he can't help himself, maybe because he';s been doing it for so long.

Considering the President of the United States is the most scrutizined person in the world, and the healthcare debate the most contentious political issue in 40 years, one really has to ask how Obama thought he could lie about that and get away with it.

This is what he said on 7/17/08:

Essentially . . we're going to set up a public plan that all persons and all women can access if they don't have health insurance. It will be a plan that will provide all essential services, including reproductive services." (7/17/07)

This is what Obama's own campaign literature said in 2008:

(1) OBAMA’S PLAN TO COVER UNINSURED. Obama will make available a new national health plan that will allow individuals without access to affordable insurance coverage

Through the Exchange, any American will be able to enroll in the new public plan or purchase an approved private plan

The Exchange will require that all the plans offered are at least as generous as the new public plan and the same standards for quality and efficiency.

And some of his most ardent cheerleaders are not amused. The Daily Kos said this:.

"This revisionist history has to stop. President Obama DID campaign on the public plan, now known as the public option, and playing semantics with that is silly."

And now Obama is compounding his lie by saying the bill that was passed by the senate is 95% of what he wanted. Obama said in the interview with PBS that the idea that he compromised "is incorrect," that the bill might not have everything other people wanted but contains 95% of everything HE wanted.

For those complaining now, from Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone to Frank Rich in the New York Times, to Ed Schultz of MSNBC, the NY Times, The Nation and many others, they need to remember that the evidence of Obama's blatant lying and reneging on promises was evident long before he ever won the nomination and they chose to turn a blind eye. At the time, towards he end of the primaries I had written that Obama was the most deceitful and underhanded candidate for President since Richard Nixon. But the mass media didnt care. Their agenda was to elect a president with African features ( he isnt the first black president, he is half black, another fact the media likes to ignore) and they were willing to let themselves be conned. Which might make them think about the old adage that people get the government they deserve.

Nancy Pelosi whacked Obama a few days ago with an off hand remark when she was asked why the Democrats wouldnt open the conference comittee on health care to cameras. A reporter pointed out that Obama had campaigned on it. Pelosi said in a somewhat sarcastic way, " there were a lot of things he said he was for on the campaign trail".

Now it's starting to look as though Obama is going to be having a real Lincoln Moment. But this one has to do with Lincoln's line, " cant fool all of the people all of the time".


Anonymous said...

The first time I ever saw and heard Obama was at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and I was impressed. In the early months of the 2008 presidential campaign when there seemed to be so many worthy Democratic candidates, I held off on making a choice about whom to support. At that time, I liked most of them but especially Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

But, as time went by, I soon noticed that Obama was dishonest and either naive or stupid: no president could do all or even most of the things Obama so blithely promised to do. Hillary knew that; she had been in the White House for eight years and in the U.S. Senate for six -- she KNEW what the actual possibilities were and were not.

As more time went by, I was repulsed by the charges of "racist" directed toward anyone who had actually done any research about Obama's political and life record. I found such charges disgusting and extremely divisive.

I and many others tried to alert as many people as we could to what Obama REALLY had done in his political life and (if past is prologue) what he most likely would do if elected. I won't even try to list all the slurs directed at those of us who were trying to give the Obama true-believers the information they needed to be informed voters -- information the glassy-eyed media people refused to discover or pass along.

Now, the Obama supporters are finding out what we knew all along, and they are dismayed and disappointed. Maybe next time instead of being swayed by chants of "We are the ones we've been waiting for" or "Yes, we can," they will do their own research, and then they won't be so terribly let down by their candidate.

No one is perfect and certainly no politician is either perfect or inclined to please us every day with his policies and/or votes -- but at least voters would have a fighting chance of getting the president they thought they would get.

I believe Obama's campaign was greatly funded by the corporate interests and people who could not care less about the Democratic Party's values or even America's values and needs; those corporate donors to Obama's campaign cared ONLY about their own power and personal finances -- and Obama is their bought president.

I feel sorry for the Obama true-believers and their pain, but hopefully this will be a learning experience for them and next time they will do research instead of being hypnotized by scripted "charm" and some cheap snake oil.

PUMA.SF said...

So many lies and not enough time. What about the whopper about JFK and Selma? Or what about his uncle that freed the Jews? Rezko should have taken him down if the MSM had bothered to do their job. Your comparison to Nixon was spot on.

Where's Heidi Li?

Anonymous said...

Like anonymous I first saw Obama in 2004 speaking at the Democratic Convention where he showed great promise when he gains experience and knowledge about leadership of a great country such as ours. As I write this comment, I am deeply saddened to be reminded of how a young man could have made a better president if he waited and worked toward a more compassionate and integrity-driven path to presidency.

kenoshamarge said...

There are a few chinks in his armour here and there but I believe the majority of the media will continue to cover up for him.

He's "their" guy and the fact that he's a lying piece of crap doesn't bother other lying pieces of crap.

As for the Obots who are sad and disallusioned, tough. That's what happens when you elect a man to the single most important office in the world because Oprah told you "he's the one".

"Stupid is as stupid does", as Forrest's Momma always said.

BARB BF said...

I became suspicious of Obama when I sat in front of the TV (SOBU) for 2 hours waiting to see this new person who was campaigning to be the Democratic presidential nominee against Hillary Clinton. After 2 or more hours..Tavis Smiley announced that Obama was unable to attend, as he said he was too busy campaigning. Tavis later announced that Hillary Clinton would be attending that evening. Then, I read Larry Pinkney's article on Obama at the site. Everyone should have read it. Larry Pinkney was one of the few Blacks, who did not..and does not love Obama.