Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sanders Revolution Inspires Supporters in Lewes, UK, One Time Home of Thomas Paine Who Inspired the First American Revolution.


Lewes, UK, is a small town of 16,000. It also is a place where Thomas Paine once lived from 1766-1774 and who many credit with inspiring the American Revolution after moving to the American Colonies.

Paine,whose name is taken for this blog, was a revolutionary thinker and writer whose treatise "Common Sense" laid out the justification for a Revolution against the British and King George. It was the most widely read piece of printed literature in all thirteen colonies next to the Bible,aroused the colonists and led to the American Revolution. It also inspired the Founders who based many of the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution on many of Paines practical philosophical ideas,not unlike many of Sanders' ideas and were springboards for many of the principles on which the country is based. 

A group of passionate Bernie Sanders supporters in Lewes assembled for this photo in front of the house where Thomas Paine once lived and it was sent to me by a reader. And like many others in the United States and abroad, they see parallels between Bernie Sanders and his political revolution and the ideas and ideals that helped sparked the original revolution of Americans who felt oppressed and unfairly treated by an handful of elitists in Great Britain that eventually led to the establishment of the United States.

The inscription on the house behind them reads:" In this house lived Thomas Paine, writer and revolutionary".

Which might be why Bernie Sanders, a revolutionary in his own right,has so many supporters in the small town of Lewes and why Sanders won the Democrats Abroad primary ballot over Hillary Clinton with 69% of the vote.It shows that Americans overseas are as passionate about Sanders candidacy as those in the States.

And like the townspeople of Lewes where Paine once lived, Sanders call for a political revolution is being heard all over the country and giving the Clinton campaign and their presumptions fits. 

And in July at the Democratic convention ironically being held in Philadelphia, Bernie Sanders revolution and those who support it will become even more visible giving Clinton and the party elites even bigger fits by standing up to forces of elitism and their disdain for the kind of free, fair and honest representation that people stood up against in 1776 and,as a growing revolution could come to fruition this July in Philadelphia as it did once before,240 years ago.


Cat said...

Because he is real, fair, genuine and right, Sanders might inspire all people who don't want anymore to live with lies, corruption, sheming and who need to be governed by someone who will take care to their own interests, their own well-being and in complete respect of all their rights. I hope Sanders will inspire people of USA as well as Thomas Paine have done in his time and that they will come into a politcal age of reason.

e kadera said...

Thomas Paine's spirit of freedom and justice is a great example for us today. He cared about the average citizen and the poor, and worked for their prosperity and their voice in government.