Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Buy This Car or It's War With Iran!

There's a good way to tell if the Iran deal is worth buying. And that's by listening to the sales pitches being given by the people selling and how truthful they are.And the endorsements of the people buying.

One way to do that is imagine you're on a used car lot lookking at a car and the salesman gives you the same promises, arguments and assurances on the car you're looking at that Obama, Kerry and their salesforce give on a deal to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. And see if you'd buy.

Probably the funniest sales pitch comes from Tea Party Left groups like MoveOn, DFA, ThinkProgress and Daily Kos who will tell you it's  "buy this deal or its war with Iran"! That's right. WAR! They even set up a web site called " 60 Days to Stop a War."A pitch so dishonest it would make any sleazy used car dealer embarrassed.

There will be no war with Iran if the deal is rejected. Who would start it? Iran? Obama?  Who didn't have the backbone to stand up to his own promise of a missile strike against Assad if he used chemical weapons? The only one talking about war with regards to the deal is Obama himself  whose empty  promise to Jerrold Nadler to get him to buy was that he'd use military force if necessary to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon. What is more likely is that this deal will almost definitely lead to war when the deal ends in 10 years and Iran will be free to develop a nuclear warhead. 

No one  in America would  buy a used car based on the same arguments and assurances Obama, Kerry and their sales force are making. 

So  imagine youre on the car lot of Barrack and John's Best Deals Anywhere and you're looking at a car but are hesitant and tell the salesman you're just not sure. You don't think it's what you want . And the salesman says," what's the alternative"?

The salesman assures you ," its the best deal you can get anywhere" and that no matter where you go  you'll never get a better deal .

You switch on the ignition and it starts to backfire but the salesman tells you to ignore it, its a small thing that can be fixed.

You ask about the brakes and the salesman tells you they won't actually stop the car only slow it down.  He calls  it  "constraining" the car . But it won't stop it.

You say that's not good enough ,you think  it's too dangerous . But you're told you'll never get a better deal anywhere else. 

Barrack and John have seen buyers wavering before and so come out and personally assure you that you're getting the best deal possible and you can't get a better deal anywhere else.  John tells you despite the flaw with the brakes if you think you can do better deal you're living in a unicorn fantasy world. And they tell you your associate and neighbor Adam Schiff bought the same car and the same deal and so did your associate Bob Casey even though they said it had serious flaws too. But old Bob was willing to accept that the brakes will only constrain the car and not stop it. Because what's the alternative? 

Nancy Pelosi who works in the maintenance and parts department comes out and tells you the same thing.  That you'll never get a better deal anywhere else and if anything goes wrong they'll fix it. She shows you the maintenance  department and you see an Obamacare on a lift, an Isis on a lift, a Yemen on a lift,  a Ukraine on a lift,  a Syria on a lift. But Nancy assures you everything is fine. 

You ask about the warranty and what it covers. Big John explains the warranty is limited.  It only covers what they declare now and that doesn't include the motor. But if something goes wrong you have 24 days to appeal to a seven judge panel, two of whom are the dealers brother-in-law  and they will decide whether or not to fix the problem.

You ask if the car will pass inspection. And John says  he can't be sure . He says if they do the inspection it'll pass. Otherwise "we'll see what happens".

John tells you that another associate, Wendy Wasserman Schultz had the same concerns and was worried the car wouldn't pass inspection but  decided she would buy anyway. She asked to see the part of the contract that covered inspections but Barrack said she couldnt. It was secret. But Barrack  personally assured her that the car could pass inspection. 

You say the deal is not what you had hoped for and John says  "what's the alternative"? John points out the other Democrats who bought and that Senator Coons said it wasn't the deal he had hoped for either. Senator Casey was willing to accept brakes that only slow down and constrain the car but won't stop it but he thought it was worth taking the risk, so why not you? John says Senator  Mikulski  bought the deal even though she said "its flawed but the best deal available"  and Senator Wyden said, " this deal falls short of what I had envisioned " but he's buying anyway too. 

You say that the car and deal has too many flaws, there are no real brakes the warranty is full of loopholes and it might not pass inspection. You say you're  sure there is a better deal out there and John says you're living in a unicorn fantasy world.

Barrack and John tell you just sign on the dotted line and they point to all the Democratic customers who bought the deal even though they all had reservations and weren't happy either.  Because what's the alternative? You won't find anything better across he street. Those guys dont know what they're talking about.  So sign right here. And become the proud owner of a 2015 Unicorn Fantasy. A road hazzard on the road to peace. Made in Iran, the proud sponsor of Hamas and Hezbollah. And  the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism. 

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