Friday, December 5, 2014

Right to life conservative calls picture of pregnant woman pornographic.

The president of the city council of Jacksonville Florida, Clay Yarborough, a right to life family values conservative "furiously" demanded that a photograph by artist Angela Strassheim of a nude pregnant woman be removed from the museum immediately and  threatened to revoke the museum's $230,000 city funding if it didn't.

Obviously deeply offended by a picture showing part of the process by which life is created and families are produced, the right to life family values conservative said "as City Council President I take great offense that the city would accept this. Unless Mayor Brown supports this inappropriate pornographic display I insist that you cause (sic) to be pulled the museum's funding". Which makes one wonder what else the City Council president has been pulling lately unless it's been someone's leg,  if he is aroused by the photograph of a pregnant woman and assumes others are too. 

But  if Yarborough was grandstanding he found the ground he was grandstanding on giving way beneath his feet when Mayor Brown and the museum stood their ground and Brown refused  to order the museum to remove the photograph which Yarborough continued to call indecent and an assault on children. The museum also refused to remove it voluntarily .

The  city attorney stated that first amendment rights protected the artist and museum. 

So  Yarborough, perhaps thinking his knee jerk ( or is it just jerk? ) reaction would make him a hero with many supporting his efforts to spare the citizens of Jacksonville the pornographic sight of pregnancy,  instead  found himself largely ignored with nothing else to say, stuck in what can only be called a pregnant pause .

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