Saturday, November 15, 2014

Palestinians commemorating Arafat's death is the same as celebrating not having a state.

If there was any evidence to support the irrationality of Palestinians throughout 60+ years of futility in making demands they cannot get, have no right to,  and have no means to enforce while refusing to accept anything less than those demands in creation of a Palestinian state, (which is why the only state they have is the state they are in) its the recent commemoration of the death of Yasser Arrafat, father of Palestinian terrorism and maybe the single biggest reason Palestinians have no state.

Commemorating the death of Yassar Arafat as a hero is the same as Palestininans commemorating and celebrating that they have no state.

In 2000, in a last ditch attempt to forge an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians to create a Palestinian state before the end of his term, president Bill Clinton and his envoy Dennis Ross twisted the arm of prime minister Ehud Barak and convinced him to destroy his political career and become a willing target of contempt by many Israeli citizens, by agreeing to compromises with the Palestinians in a peace agreement to create a Palestinians state and make concessions that no prime minister before or since had been willing to make. This included the all important and most contentious issue of Barak agreeing to partition part of East Jerusalem as the capitol for a Palestinian state.

Clinton convinced Barak that for the sake  of peace, and to make an agreement that years from now Israelis and Palestinians alike would praise him for, if not at the moment, to accept Clinton's proposals.  He did. Arafat didn't.

When these unprecedented concessions were presented to Arafat he rejected all of them. Instead of accepting them and creating the longed for Palestinian state, Arafat not only rejected them including the partioning of East Jerusalem as the capitol of a Palestinian state because he wanted all of it, he launched the Infitada, a sustained terrorist attack against Israel that killed hundreds on both sides and lasted years. 

Had Arafat accepted the best deal the Palestinians will probably ever see, they would be in the 14th year of their own Palestinian state with part of East Jerusalem as their capitol. Instead they have what they have always had for decades, wars, many of which were started by Hamas in Gaza, the closing of borders in response to waves of Palestinians suicide attacks which in the end  strangled the Palestinian economy since 40% of Palestinians had jobs in Israel they could no longer go to, and thousands of Palestinians  killed in wars started by Arafat and Hamas which also destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure.

The one thing Abbas and the Palestinians ignore in their commemoration of Arafat's death, is that it was widely reported that on his death bed Arafat admitted that he made a mistake by not accepting the Clinton deal in 2000. 

Which for Palestinians who want their own state,  has to make some people wonder what it is they are commemorating. And whether that commemoration of a policy and decision that  hurt the Palestinians and kept them from having their own state means a continuation of all the things Palestinians and their leaders have done and will do that will keep them from having that state .

It will be up to them and their leaders to decide which Arafat they want to commemorate; the one who rejected the 2000 peace deal and instead launched the Infitdada that left them with the consequences they have now or the one who later admitted he  made a mistake.

NOTE: The Palestinian terrorist ax attack that killed four rabbis and a policeman in a synagogue on Nov.18 can be directly traced to their celebration of Arafat, the worlds leading terrorist when he was alive, by Abbas and the Palestinians. It is the same as celebrating the Infitada which at the time  guaranteed the Palestinians  they would have no state any time in the near future.  And they haven't. 

The Palestinians who carried out the attack and the thousands of Palestinians of all ages dancing in the streets, handing out candy, carrying axes in solidarity,  celebrating the attacks  and grisly murders were doing nothing more than finding another way to celebrate their own self inflicted futility in not having a state and doing what they can to insure for themselves that nothing  in the future  is going to change for them. And answers the question of which Arafat they want to celebrate. And guarantees that what  they will get in return are the same things  Arafat brought them. 

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