Friday, August 1, 2014

The Israeli Gaza conflict images CNN doesn't show.

Hamas has started still another war and has been firing rockets into Israel for three weeks demanding that Israel open the border crossings from Gaza into Israel.  The pictures above show why the border crossings have been closed since 2006.

They show the aftermath of Hamas human bombers sent into Israel to kill and maim Israeli civilians and women and children at a time the border crossings were open.

While CNN continues to show the Hamas fed and authorized video that Hamas uses as propaganda showing the rubble and civilian casualties that Hamas itself does everything it can to cause for their own propaganda purposes, to listen to CNN journalists showing the footage over and over again and lamenting the civilian casualties you would think that nothing related to the Israeli-Hamas conflict occurred before last Wednesday. They forget the carnage that occurred in Israel a few years ago caused by Hamas and their human bombers which is what led to the border closings in the first place. It's ignored by CNN so they can bring you the up to the minute video of rubble and casualties taking place in Gaza now, the result of Israel going after the tunnels and rockets Hamas has been firing for three weeks in trying to cause mass casualties. And going after  Hamas fighters themselves.

CNN and other news outlets have conveniently ignored the carnage in Israel which was caused by Hamas that is directly linked to what is happening in Gaza now. And why? Because it happened years ago and doesnt make as good television as what's happening in Gaza now?  Or maybe because it gets in the way of their other storyline, that the rockets fired by Hamas are really not doing that much damage while the Palestinians who support the rocket fire are really suffering. So the intent of Hamas to cause mass casualties is, for the news media, besides the point. It's only success that counts. Keeping score.

Except the pictures above show the suffering Hamas caused in the past and would do again if it was able (there are images that are much worse than what you see here if youre inclined to do your own search).

Those pictures show what  Hamas did before the border closings and it's part of the reason the borders from Gaza into Israel are closed which Hamas has fired 2600 rockets to stupidly try and force Israel to re-open. But CNN forgets all that too. CNN also forgets that Hamas is in power in Gaza because the Palestinians who live there elected them, chose them in an election over the Palestinian Authority and Abbas knowing full well who Hamas was and what they do.

So while CNN  shows nothing but video of the casualties and rubble  in Gaza  they've forgotten about the casualties in Israel caused by Hamas and their human bombers  blowing up buses, a Sbarros crowded with mothers having lunch with their children, a Passover seder at a large Israeli hotel, or a crowded street, cafeteria, or school, in Israeli cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

For weeks CNN and some other news outlets having been showing the Gaza video either provided by Hamas or with their permission and  the civilian casualties, something CNN eats up judging by how many times they show the same footage over and over again until they get something new. They show destroyed homes in Gaza but barely giving passing lip service to the fact that Hamas uses those civilian homes and structures to build rockets, store rockets, fire rockets and also to dig their tunnels. All with the permission or help of the Palestinian civilians living in those homes.

And while CNN and others parade the casuality figures like it's a soccer match  (supplied only by Hamas and with UN cooperation though the UN has no way to confirm the truthfulness of the reports) they forget, as the photos above remind us,  that more than 1400 Israeli civilians were killed in those Hamas human bombings and tens of thousands more maimed and wounded.

For perspective in terms of deaths and injuries it would be equal to the United States being subjected to 1,000 Boston Marathon bombings in American cities across the country.  That would be one Boston marathon type  bombing  either at an event, or a shopping mall, or a school  or on a bus and the attendent deaths and injuries, once a day, every day 7 days a week for 3 years.

Now imagine it was all the work of  single a foreign government and we knew who that government was and where.  There would not be a U.S. president, not even Obama, would not be compelled to use all the might of the U.S. military to attack that country and not stop until that government and their capability to conduct those attacks were completely destroyed. We would not just have boots on the ground but all the boots necessary to get the job done. No doubt many of their civilians, most of whom supported or aided or abetted the government doing the attacking would be killed or arrested. Just as most of the Palestinians in Gaza support, aid and abet Hamas, a small issue the journalists bringing you the awful pictures in Gaza refuse to bring up with the Palestinians on the street they interview. Not once has any journalist in Gaza ever asked a Palestinian if they voted for Hamas.

As any expert will tell you, Hamas is conducting a guerrilla war. As any expert will  also tell you its impossible for a fighting force to conduct a guerrilla war without the complete support of the civilian population who aid and abet them. And most of the adult civilians in Gaza do.

It must always be kept in mind that the adult civilians in Gaza are not hostages of Hamas. If the election results are valid ( and no one ever bothered to find out if they were), Hamas , a psychopathic group of killers and terrorists were duly elected as the  government of Gaza by the Palestinians in Gaza who knew just who they were. And this is the group they elected to represent them and act on their behalf.  That is about as innocent as the German people electing Hitler and supporting the Nazi party. Hamas has always and is now, acting for Hamas' own ends with the support and protection of the Palestinians in Gaza. Those civilians allow Hamas to store rockets in their homes. To build rockets in their homes. To fire rockets from their homes . And dig tunnels from their homes into Israel to kill Israelis and Israeli children. And now those Palestinian adults are having to deal with the consequences of who they chose to support. The children of course are innocent. Many of the adults are not.

When Wolf Blitzer interviews Osama Hamdan, the spokesman for Hamas and gives air time and equal weight and credibility to the people who caused the carnage in the pictures above and lets them lie as Blitzer always does, without challenge, (Don Lemon didn't ) he gives them legitimacy. And fuels their rocket fire. If he did that with a terrorist group who caused  equal damage in the U.S.  he'd be out of a job.  And probaby still should. Blitzer has proved to be a complete fool as a journalist, consistantly played for a fool by Hamas who uses him as nothing more than an official conduit for their lies and propaganda which he listens to, accepts, and can't muster the courage or integrity to stand up to or challenge during his interviews.

After looking at the pictures of what Hamas caused in Israel before the borders were closed, and watching the Hamas fed footage of casualties including tragically, the child casualties that Hamas loves and that  CNN runs on a loop, then watching Wolf Blitzer who thinks thinks he's being noble by giving the spokesman for the killers who caused whats in those pictures equal time for their point of view, repeating himself contantly as the video from Gaza plays, talking about the "horrible, horrible, terrible, terrible, awful awful,  " things happening in Gaza to ingratiate himself with Hamas so they'll do more interviews,  the Wolf Bltizer with a short memory, or maybe no memory at all or more likely no integrity, after having watched more video of the rubble and collapsed buildings in Gaza and  thinking yes, war is hell, now, after looking at those pictures above and remembering why the borders are closed and that Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel trying to cause mass casualites and demanding those borders reopen,  its easy to understand why 97% of Israelis support the military offensive and why every time there is a huge explosion in Gaza caused by the Israeli military, it gives a lot of people a reason to cheer. At least as big a cheer as the media reports of cheers going up in the streets from the innocent civilians in Gaza every time they see Hamas launch another rocket.

NOTE: In terms of truth and honest reporting, the UN had been reporting for weeks that 80% of the casualties in Gaza are civilian. At first blush, the number was always preposterous and probably dishonest for a number of reasons. First, the UN has no direct access to the IDF figures of Hamas fighters killed, which the IDF announces periodically. Second, there is no way for the UN to independently confirm the percentage of civilian casualties to Hamas fighters for precisely that reason. And third, the civilian casualty figures are given to the UN by the Hamas controlled Health Ministry.

 More than a week ago when the death toll was 600, the UN said 80% were civilians. That would mean the Israelis killed 120 Hamas fighters.  But the IDF said independently at the time they had killed 246 Hamas fighters twice the number the UN claimed. If the IDF number is accurate (and its probably more accurate than the UN since the UN has no access to the number of Hamas fighters killed)  then the civilian toll would be 60% not 80%. Yes, still high although as pointed out above, many civilians have been actively engaged in aiding and abetting Hamas in the fighting and Hamas has widespread support for the rocket attacks.

The UN is now backtracking to a degree on the percentage of civilian casualties and  now, instead of giving out that number as definitive they qualified it by saying they "think"  the civilian casualties are 80% no longer willing to give that percentage as a certainty.Which shows how  irresponsible the UN can be since if they weren't sure, if they couldnt really confirm the percentage of civilian casualites they had no business announcing inflammatory figures like that in the first place. And other figures say those numbers are wrong.


Anonymous said...

The flip-side:

Anonymous said...

From the Guardian, by Dennis Kucinich

Late last week, the White House decried Israel’s attack on a UN school in Gaza as “totally unacceptable” and “totally indefensible”, then proceeded to approve $225m in funding for its Iron Dome. On Monday, the US state department went further, calling the airstrikes upon a UN school “disgraceful” – and yet America provides Israel with more than $3.1bn every year, restocking the ability of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to hit more schools, and to wage total war against an imprisoned people, because of their nationality.

American taxpayers should not be paying for this. And the western world should stop rejecting serious inquiries about Israel’s moral inconsistencies, or allow it to benefit from cognitive dissonance and information overload amid the current crisis in Gaza.

There is a land grab going on. The Israeli prime minister, Binjamin Netanyahu, has shrunk Gaza’s habitable land mass by 44%, with an edict establishing a 3km (1.8-mile) buffer zone, a “no-go” zone for Palestinians – and that’s quite significant, because a good part of Gaza is only 3 to 4 miles wide. Over 250,000 Palestinians within this zone must leave their homes, or be bombed. As their territorial space collapses, 1.8m Gazans now living in 147 square miles will be compressed into 82 square miles.

Gaza’s entire social and physical infrastructure of housing, hospitals, places of worship, more than 130 of its schools, plus markets, water systems, sewer systems and roads are being destroyed. Under constant attack, without access to water, sanitary facilities, food and medical care, Gazans face an IDF-scripted apocalypse.

read more at:

Marc Rubin said...

"... to wage total war against an imprisoned people..."

They are certainly imprisoned. Imprisoned by their own recklessness in voting for a psychopathic group of killers and terrorists to represent them and supporting them in every way. Their imprisonment is the product of their own lack of repsonsibility for anything. If they dont understand that Israel closed the borders because of Hamas who used them to send human bombers into Israel to kill Israelis or, if they do know it and they support it, then their self generated imprisonment will continue for as long as it takes until they choose something different and there are no more threats to Israel from Gaza.

As for the land grab, while the West Bank settlements have to stop and even be rolled back, the thinking Israel wants to own or take over any part of Gaza is too stupid to be taken seriously. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and forcibly removed Israeli settlers there precisely because they want no part of it and were only there for security measures. Since pulling out didnt give them more security but less, they closed the borders into their own country which they have every right to do to thwart Hamas from sending those human bombers into israel. Which is why Hamas built the tunnels. When Palestinians figure it out or when they give up the violence, things will change for them. One more thing. Keep in mind when Hamas talks about "the occupation" and ending it they are not talking about the West Bank or Gaza. To Hamas "the occupation" is the entire state of Israel and if Palestinians are waiting for that to end they can also count on nothing changing.

Marc Rubin said...

"The flip-side:"

I dont think we can call it the flip side. More the Iranian government side. For whatever that is worth to those who want to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Another significant read for those following this blog:

“Since the 1960s, Jews have come to wield considerable influence in American economic, cultural, intellectual and political life. Jews played a central role in American finance during the 1980s, and they were among the chief beneficiaries of that decade’s corporate mergers and reorganizations. Today, though barely two percent of the nation’s population is Jewish, close to half its billionaires are Jews. The chief executive officers of the three major television networks and the four largest film studios are Jews, as are the owners of the nation’s larg­est newspaper chain and the most influential single newspaper, the New York Times... The role and influence of Jews in Ameri­can politics is equally marked...

Marc Rubin said...

"...Today, though barely two percent of the nation’s population is Jewish, close to half its billionaires are Jews. The chief executive officers of the three major television networks and the four largest film studios are Jews.."

Which goes to prove two things: 1) there are a lot of Jews out there who are a lot smarter than you are and better and more successful at what they do than you, and 2) you can't tell the difference between a Jew and an Israeli which makes you cut dumber than Hamas.

Anonymous said...

A typical smoke screen response that ignorant readers will accept. Discriminating readers won't read this tripe anyway so enjoy the battle of wits with yourself.

The population of Israel in 2014 is approximately 8.2 million, about the same size as New York City, with 75 percent of the population being Jewish Israelis.

Marc Rubin said...

The population of Israel in 2014 is approximately 8.2 million, about the same size as New York City, with 75 percent of the population being Jewish Israelis.."

Thats everybody's information who knows how to use a search engine. The other 25% are Arabs, many of whom are Palestinians who live better in Israel than they do anywhere else. Which is why they stay.

As for a smoke screen, when you have no answer because you have no point, calling it a smoke screen is all you can do. Its why there is no battle of wits since that would require some wits on your end to battle with. But displaying ignorance arguing the other side makes the point as well anything else.

Anonymous said...

"Thats everybody's information who knows how to use a search engine."

Of course it is. You probably didn't recognize it as a fact. It likely startled you. Your offering of your twisted opinion as fact is a lot different.

Marc Rubin said...

"Anonymous said...
"Thats everybody's information who knows how to use a search engine."

Of course it is. You probably didn't recognize it as a fact. It likely startled you. Your offering of your twisted opinion as fact is a lot different."

If youre going to quote from the piece you might try quoting it accurately instead of screwing it up.As for what you call opinion, photographs aren't opinions in the real world and the only thing that's twisted is what's left of the bus and your support of terrorists.