Saturday, April 6, 2013

Obama taken down by a federal judge, progressives and "by far the best looking attorney general" he ever saw.

This has not been a good week for Barrack Obama though not nearly as bad as it's been for his progressive and Democratic supporters during the last five years of his presidency.

This week a federal judge all but called Obama a political hack in reversing Obama's decision, through HHS Secretary Kathy Sieblus, to ignore the science and testimony of experts and put limits on who and how people could have access to the morning after pill.

In his 54 page ruling, Judge Korman accused Obama of "bad faith" in his decision not to make the pill universally available and accused Obama of being "politically motivated".

In 2011, Obama's Health and Human Service secretary Kathleen Sebelius in what was called an "unprecedented decision", overruled the recommendations of the FDA which was to make the pill available to all ages without a prescription.

The list of scientists and physicians recommending this action was a long one and included the American Medical Association, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In 2011 FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg issued a ruling that the morning after pill known as Plan B One Step which is designed to prevent pregnancy up to 24 hours after intercourse, was safe to dispense to all ages without a prescription, but she was overruled by Sebelius in what the NY Times reported as being the first time a countermanding of this kind as ever occurred.

Judge Korman's scathing ruling overturning Sebelius and Obama accused their decision  of "being politically motivated, scientifically unjustified and contrary to agency precedent".

It was clear that  this was another incidence of Obama's caving in, or in this case trying to avoid  criticism from the right wing because he didnt have the backbone, convictions, principles or sense of right and wrong to stand up to them and instead played politics.

Obama ignored the science and the FDA, and was more concerned about Republican and conservative backlash against the decision than in doing what was right.
Remember this is the same man who as a U.S. senator, supported Washington D.C.'s ban on handguns, then a year later supported the Supreme Court decision striking it down.

Ignoring science to make a political decision so he can avoid political heat, or avoiding any decision that would result in criticism from the opposition has been a hallmark of Obama as a politician for as long as he's been a politician. Ignoring science for the sake of politics has also generally been the hallmark of conservatives, exactly the group Obama was trying to appease.

Obama's bad week continued with progressive groups wringing their hands over the leak of Obama's proposed budget which also caves in to Republicans by offering Social Security and Medicare cuts.

Why these groups are unhappy now is hard to fathom. They were instrumental in his getting the nomination by looking the other way whenever Obama was caught in a lie or a subtrafuge during the 2008 primaries. You can generally identify a member of MoveOn,  the PCCC or Democracy for America  by the imprint of Obama's footprints on their backs. They've had them for five years. After weeks of sending out emails (rightly) criticizing Republican polices and using them to raise money with lines like " show president Obama you have his back. Contribute to help pass President Obama's agenda" they are now sending out emails convulsing over the fact that it's become apparent that President Obama's agenda includes the same cutting of social security and Medicare that they were ostensibly trying to raise money to stop. Maybe someone didnt get the memo. 

Obama himself characterized his budget as "not my ideal budget". He needn't have bothered. No one except those with vacation homes in the Okeefenokee Swamp expected Obama to do anything related to ideals.

This week progressive organizations started circulating petitions telling Obama not to cut social security or Medicare. Or else what? They wont vote for his re-election in 2016?

The week ended with Obama having to apologize for comments he made about Kamala Harris, California's attorney general as being " by far the best looking attorney general in the country". Women's groups immediately attacked him for making  sexist remarks and demanded an apology which he gave.  With the Supreme Court having heard arguments this week for same sex marriage had Obama said it about Eric Schneiderman of New York he might have made some political points.

The political question now is will Hillary Clinton supporters ever stop telling Obama supporters and the news media  " I told you so"? Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary supporters MUST continue to remind Barry supporters of their empty headed trick of dragging his sorry ass across the nomination line in 2008. They have caused us irreparable harm with their selfish and unrealistic views on how this country works. Once Obamacare goes into affect and people see what it really entails, Democrats will not be able to be elected dogcatcher.